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									      August 21, 2011                         Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                    17th Annual Christ the King Golf Tournament
                                    The 17th Annual Christ the King Golf Tournament has been
                                    scheduled for Saturday, August 27 at Bobby Jones Golf
                                    Course beginning at 8 am, with sign in and breakfast
                                    starting at 7:15 am. The cost is $85 per player, which
                                    covers greens fees, cart, a sleeve of balls, lunch and
                                    beverages. Trophies and prizes will be given away at 19th
                                    hole festivities. Everybody wins a prize!

                                    The tournament, sponsored by the CTK Men's Club and the Knights of
                                    Columbus Council 660, is open to all parishioners and friends of CTK. All
                                    proceeds go to funding the annual Pancake Breakfast (held in November) and
                                    other Parish activities supporting fellowship, family and unity. Please contact
                                    Mike Penney at 770-457-5327 or Mike Vonck at 678-296-8465 for more
    2699 Peachtree Road, NE
     Atlanta, Georgia 30305
         404-233-2145               Music & Ministries
                                    This weekend, the Cathedral’s Liturgical Ministries and Music Ministry will
                                    be seeking new members interested in sharing their musical ability.
                                    If you think you might have an interest in participating, there is always a great
Around the Parish                   need for Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist, Ushers and
Page 2                              Altar Servers (Youth and Adult,) at ALL Masses. There are also several
                                    specialized and vitally important “Guilds” that support various aspects of
New Parishioners
                                    Christ the King’s liturgical life that always need new members….the Wedding
Page 3
                                    Guild, Linen Guild, Flower Guild and Sacristan’s Guild.
EDGE Ministry
                                    Likewise, the Cathedral’s Ministry of Music also supports the prayer life of the
Page 4
                                    parish and is always looking for those willing to share their talents. We
Translation of Mass                 encourage and welcome those willing to share their gifts and their talents with
Page 5                              the great family that is Christ the King. Come see us in the Gathering Space
                                    after all the Masses this weekend.
Bible Study for Women
Page 6                              On a similar note, it’s time for our annual Festival of Ministries. This is the
                                    time when we renew our commitment to serving in the various parish
Young Adult Retreat                 ministries. We have more than 4,300 families and 100 ministries and our
Page 7                              parish would not be what it is without the service of its parishioners.
Choir Sign-ups                      Ministry leaders and those interested in volunteering to help with the festival
Pages 8                             should attend the Ministry Leaders Meeting on Wednesday, August 24 at 7
                                    pm in Conference Room 1. For more information, please email

Prayers                                  Around the Parish
To submit a non-published prayer         Snack Bag-A-Thon
request for our parish Prayer Chain,
                                         We will have our monthly snack bag making session on Monday, August 28th
email cother@comcast.net or call the
                                         at 7 pm in conference room 2. Please bring pop top meals, individually
Church office, 404-233-2145.             wrapped crackers, applesauce or fruit cups to place in the bags. This
† Father Frank and the parish            is a great service project for kids of all ages. For more information,
  community of Christ the King           contact Bernadette Flowers at bflowers@ctking.com.
  wish to extend their deepest
  sympathy to: the LaFreniere            Fertility Care/Natural Family Planning
  family on the death of Debbie
  LaFreniere; the Malizia family on      This isn’t your parents’ old rhythm method! Learn more about your fertility, why
  the death of Dr. Anthony Malizia;      the Church promotes Natural Family Planning (NFP), why NFP is 99% effective
  the Orr family on the death of Larry   and how it can positively impact your marriage (3% divorce rate). The next
  Orr, husband of Betsy.                 Introductory Class is Tuesday, August 23 at 7 pm.
                                         To register or for more information on future classes, contact Ann LaBar at
† We ask that you pause a moment
                                         404-915-1685 or annlabar@hotmail.com.
  to offer a prayer for the sick of
  our community, especially:
  Father Joseph Peek, Father             Perpetual Adoration Guardians Needed
  Lawrence Schmuhl, Sr. Susan
                                         The Cathedral is in need of permanent guardians for the Blessed Sacrament
  Arcaro, Deacon Patrick O’Connor,
                                         Chapel for the following days and times: Mondays, 6-7 am, 7-8 am and 11-noon;
  Dave Cleveland, Elizabeth and Tom
                                         Fridays, 2-3 pm and 6-7 pm; and Saturdays, 6-7 am, 1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, 4-5 pm,
  Collentine, Marie Corrigan, Josh
                                         5-6 pm, and 6-7 pm. To inquire about guardian opportunities, please email Kathy
  Cooper, Kathryne Leonard, Mary
                                         Ledlie at 2adorehim@gmail.com or call 404-266-9040.
  Long, Mike Malloy, Dolores
  Matheny, Ralph McCurdy, Wilma
  O’Kelley, Helen Partridge, Evie        Mass Volunteers Needed
  Pearson, Elsie Phillips, Lauren
                                         The 4 pm Vigil Mass liturgy team is looking for a few good men and women to
  Savoy, Edward Paul Schillinger,
                                         help serve. We need lectors, Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion, and
  Vincent Sciotino, Mary Schmink,
                                         ushers to help round out our schedule. If you have not been trained, we can point
  Sarah Silverman, Charlie Staley,
                                         you in the right direction. If you have been trained and are ready to visit the 4 pm
  Alice Thibaudeau, Marian Tighe,
                                         Vigil Mass, please contact Lori Fenzl at lfenzl@christking.org.
  Michael Warren, Denny Webb.
† Congratulations and prayers for
  those who were married August          Communion to the Sick Training Session
  20: Heather Sinclair & Eric Wood;
  Paige Haukaas & Rob Sherwood.          If you are certified as an Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion and you
                                         would like to bring Holy Communion to parishioners who are in assisted living
† Congratulations, welcome and           facilities or hospitals, come to a training session on Tuesday, September 20 at 6 to
  prayers for our new members            6:45 pm, Conference Room 2. To register contact Dottie O’Connor 404-233-
  through baptism: Jackson Thomas        2145 (440) or doconnor@ctking.com.
  Conant; Emma Marie Conant.

 TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                               AUGUST 21, 2011

                                                                                                   We Welcome New
Around the Parish continued                                                                        Parishioners
Cathedral in Need of Car Donation                                                                  Ms. Elizabeth Daniel
The Cathedral is in need of a car for our new seminarian to use for the next year.                 Ms. Rania Daystar
Individuals interested in donating a car may contact Molly Kerr at mkerr@ctking.                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles de Coquet & Family
com.                                                                                               Mrs. Sally Dete & Family
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Fisher & Family
                                                                                                   Ms. Ashlee Foltz
Stewardship of Treasure                                                                            Mr. Robert Graney Jr. & Family
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Harper & Family
How shall I repay the Lord for his goodness to me?” Psalm 116
                                                                                                   Ms. Tiffany Hayman
In today’s reading, St. Paul reminds the Romans—and us—that all things come from God:              Ms. Shaylee K. Held
“For from him and through him and for him all things are.” Good stewards understand that           Mr. Michael Honan
all is gift and share generously the gifts of time, talent, and treasure with which they’ve been   Ms. Kelly Hurlimann
blessed.                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Paul Husken & Family
                                                                                                   Ms. Jodie Jostworth
“Second Collection This Weekend                                                                    Mr. James Kane
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ishtiaq Khan
This weekend is the annual Archdiocesan collection for the national university of                  Mr. Grant Lawson
the Catholic Church in the United States – The Catholic University of America in                   Mr. Kevin McGonigle
Washington, DC. Founded in 1887, CUA offers undergraduate, graduate,                               Ms. Amanda Modica
professional and doctoral degrees in more than 50 disciplines. The collection                      Ms. Jessica L. Monarchik & Family
underwrites scholarships to help financially deserving students complete their                     Ms. Susannah Monarchik
educations at CUA. Please give generously!                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jesus A. Sanchez & Family
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Casimiro Santiago & Family
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith & Family
                                                       E-Giving Update                             Ms. Lauren Taylor
                                                                                                   Ms. Fabiana Uballes
                                                       Electronic giving began in
                                                                                                   Mr. David Uscilowski
                                                       September 2007, and now more
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John Weldin & Family
                                                       than 500 parishioners use
                                                       e-Giving each month. It is a
                                                       convenient, secure and
                                                       environmentally friendly way to
                                                       support Christ the King.

                                                       Thank you to all of those who
                                                       use e-Giving!
                                                                                                    The flowers on the main altar, and
                                                                                                     the Mary and Joseph altars are in
                                                                                                            loving memory of

                                                                                                         John Rowland Wyant
 Offertory Income Budget Year-to-Date                                  $ 534,475
                                                                                                     Donated by Mrs. Lillian Roberts
 Offertory Income Actual Year-to-Date                                  $ 561,145                                Wyant
 Actual Over/(Under) Budget Year-to-Date                               $    26,670

 For your convenience, electronic giving is available at


EDGE                                      Life Teen Ministry                                               Grades 9-12

Ministry                                     Teens, make SUNDAY your favorite night of the Week!
Grades 7 and 8
Jessica Hodges • 404-233-2145 x414
• jhodges@ctking.com                      There is a special spot reserved just for you in the front right section near the Life
                                          Teen band! Join us afterwards for dinner and our exciting Life Nights from 6-7:30
                                          pm. All high school teens and their friends are welcome. Come join us in
                                          fellowship, song, prayer and fun!

                                          Sacrament of Confirmation
      Save the Date                       Attention all 9th Graders: Your Sacrament of Confirmation Registration will take
                                          place in March 2012 for celebration of the sacrament in spring 2013. To be
     EDGE & Life Teen                     certain that your name is on our contact list for the March 2012 meetings, please
                                          email candidate's and parents' names to Kathy Kehner, kkehner@ctking.com. For
         Fall Kickoff                     additional information, contact: Kathy Kehner, Confirmation Coordinator, at 404-
                                          233-2145 x676, or email, kkehner@ctking.com.
         Sunday, Sept.11

                 @ 6pm
       Bring the whole family
      out for food and games.
                                          Adrian Stevens • 404-233-2145 x405 • astevens@ctking.com

                                          Soccer Registration Is Open
           What is EDGE?                  Soccer and Enrichment registration is underway, and basketball
        Faith, Fun, Fellowship            registration will begin shortly. Enrichment programs begin in
               (& Food)!                  September. Soccer registration closes this week. Space is limited so
         CTK EDGE is our Catholic         register quickly by visiting www.cathedralofchristtheking.org.
       Middle School Youth Program
        that is designed to meet the
     educational, spiritual, emotional,
                                          Coaches Urgently Needed
       and social needs of the young
     people of the Cathedral of Christ    Recreation is adding Girls on the Run this fall, an after-school self-confidence/self-
        the King. CTK EDGE allows         esteem girls running club. Coaches needed. Please email Adrian Stevens
        students in middle school to      immediately at astevens@ctking.com. Training segments begin this month.
      experience and live their faith
         more fully through fun and              How would you like to get more involved with Recreation and
      interactive catechetical lessons,    Enrichment? Do you have a couple of hours a week to spare? Why not share
     discussions about issues relative
     to experiences at their age level,           them with the Lions? Volunteer opportunities are available!
      various forms of prayer, service
       to others, praise and worship,
     and social interaction with peers.
      Basically, we have FUN
     while growing in our faith!

     As an EDGE Core Member!
      Contact jhodges@ctking.com

TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                           AUGUST 21, 2011

                                               Liturgical Participation
The celebration of Mass is an act of the whole assembly            ordained to the ministry of deacon. In the celebration of the
gathered for worship. In the Mass, the Church is joined to the     Mass deacons proclaim the Gospel, occasionally preach the
action of Christ. We are joined to this divine action through      homily, and assist the bishop and priest in exercising their
Baptism, which incorporates us into the risen Christ. This         sacred duties.
action, which lies at “the center of the whole of Christian
life” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal [GIRM], no.         Other Liturgical Ministries
16), is initiated not by us but by God acting in and through
                                                                   In addition to the ordained ministries, some roles in the
the Church as the Body of the risen Christ. The Liturgy is
                                                                   Liturgy are exercised by lay people who place their time and
designed to bring about in all those who make up the
                                                                   talent at the service of the liturgical assembly as acolytes (altar
worshiping assembly a “participation of the faithful, namely in
                                                                   servers), lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion,
body and in mind, a participation fervent with faith, hope,
                                                                   cantors, choir members, instrumentalists, leaders of song, and
and charity” (GIRM, no. 18). To the extent that we are able to
                                                                   ushers. Others contribute their time and talent to planning
participate in this way, the work of redemption becomes
                                                                   and organizing the Liturgy; to keeping the church and the
personally effective for each of us. By such participation we
                                                                   vestments, vessels, and appointments clean and well ordered;
make the actions and prayers of the Liturgy our own; we enter
                                                                   or to providing decorations that reflect the spirit of the
more fully into our personal communion with Christ’s
                                                                   liturgical feast or season.
redeeming act and perfect worship.
                                                                   This variety of offices and roles is desirable and should be
“In the celebration of Mass the faithful form a holy people, a
                                                                   maintained. It is desirable that individuals function in roles of
people of God’s own possession and a royal priesthood, so
                                                                   service at Mass. For example, if a deacon is present, the priest
that they may give thanks to God and offer the unblemished
                                                                   celebrant or a concelebrant should not read the Gospel. The
sacricial Victim not only by means of the hands of the priest
                                                                   lector should not take on the role of a server or an
but also together with him, and so that they map learn to offer
                                                                   extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. A wide variety of
their very selves. They should, moreover, take care to show
                                                                   services needs to be performed, and it is preferable that
this by their deep religious sense and their charity toward
                                                                   different individuals exercise those services so that the talents
brothers and sisters who participate with them in the same
                                                                   and gifts God has placed within the Christian community are
celebration. . . . Moreover, they are to form one body, whether
                                                                   fully used and that these roles of service are not monopolized
in hearing the word of God, or in taking part in the prayers
                                                                   by a few.
and in the singing, or above all by the common offering of the
Sacrifice and by a participating together at the Lord’s            Those engaged in liturgical roles need to be well prepared for
table” (GIRM, nos. 95, 96).                                        those roles and to know how to carry them out with
                                                                   reverence, dignity, and understanding. Receiving the proper
The participation of each person in the Liturgy is important.
                                                                   preparation requires a further gift of time on the part of the
Each person needs to do his or her part.
                                                                   person being prepared as well as on the part of those in the
Ordained Ministries in the Liturgy                                 parish responsible for the training of liturgical ministers.
                                                                   Finally, the practical task of assigning individuals to particular
Bishops and priests are called to act in the Liturgy in the very   Masses and organizing the distribution of roles is another
person of Christ, on behalf of his people, pronouncing the         indispensable element in the fabric of well-ordered liturgical
most sacred prayers of our faith, presiding over the               ministry in a parish. All the baptized need to understand that
celebration of the sacred mysteries, explaining God’s Word         part of their duty regarding the Liturgy is to accept some
and feeding God’s people on the Body and Blood of Christ. A        responsibility for the Liturgy, to place themselves and their
bishop has the added responsibility of being the chief             God-given talents at the service of the liturgical community
shepherd, the principal liturgist of his diocese in his role as    whenever possible.                        Continued on Page 8
the successor of the Apostles. By God’s grace others are                                                                               5
    CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE KING                                               WWW.CATHEDRALOFCHRISTTHEKING.ORG

Adult Religious Education &
Keri Allen • 404-267-3691 • www.ctkevangelization.org
Have You Considered Joining the Catholic Church?
Adults interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and about the process of being initiated into the Catholic Church at
the 2012 Easter Vigil are invited to attend “Adult Inquiry” on Monday, August 22 at 6:30 pm in Kenny Hall.

Christ Renews His Parish – Save the Dates!
Is God calling you to take a break to have this renewal experience with Him? Do you desire to grow closer to God? Come on a
Christ Renews His Parish weekend in October. For more information, contact Teresa Vigil at 404-233-2145, x439, or email at
evangelization@ctking.com. Register online today at www.cathedralofchristtheking.org/CHRP.

Sponsor Ministry for RCIA
Parishioners are needed year-round to sponsor adults inquiring into the faith and preparing to come into full communion with
the Church. A sponsor is not required to have a degree in theology but rather a listening, active and open heart. When:
Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm (RCIA meetings). Orientation and support sessions TBA. Email milissalee@bellsouth.net.

     CBSW Cathedral Bible Study for Women
     Begins September 26, 2011
     Christ the King Kenny Hall, 9:30 - 11:30 am
     All women in the diocese are invited to join us. (Ezekiel study written and directed by Keri Allen!)

     Monday Sept. 26 - Dec. 12
     “Living without fear by being prepared” Ezekiel was called by God to tell the people that He is faithful in the midst of
     trials and in the fulfillment of His promises. Even though they rebelled against God in many ways, He would not abandon
     them. God appointed Ezekiel to watch over them and warn them what would happen if they didn’t repent and return to
     Him. Is God trying to tell you the same thing today? The book of Ezekiel will help you be prepared for whatever the
     future may hold. God does not want you to live in fear—He wants you to trust Him and know that He and He alone is
     your God. Join us for an exciting journey through the book of Ezekiel.

     Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
     Monday Jan. 9 - Apr. 23
     “Finding Intimacy with God in the business of life.” Like Mary, you long to sit at the Lord’s feet...Like Martha, you
     love Jesus and really want to serve him ...Jesus invites you to choose “the better part”—a joyful life of intimacy with
     him that flows naturally into loving service. ~~ Joanna Weaver

     Early registration fee is $45.00 (materials included), after 9/8/11, $55.00. No refunds; partial scholarships
     available. Nursery reservations must be received 2 business days prior to sessions.

                   REGISTER ONLINE TODAY or download a registration form at
TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                      AUGUST 21, 2011

Around the archdiocese                                                                  Pastoral
An Introduction to Just Faith                                                           Care
“Sowing the Seeds of Justice: A Practical Introduction to the JustFaith Program”
will be held on Saturday, August 27 from 8:15 am until 2:30 pm at Immaculate            Ministry
Heart of Mary, 2855 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta. This is an introduction to the 30-        Dottie O’Connor • 404-233-2145
week adult program, which focuses on a renewed commitment to serve the world            x440 • doconnor@ctking.com
through active and engaged social ministry efforts. For more information and to
register, visit www.archatl.com or call Meaghan Schroeder at 404-920-7345.              Stephen Ministry
                                                                                        We like to think of summer as being a
Road to Emmaus: Walking With Grief                                                      relaxing, enjoyable time.
                                                                                        But hurts, struggles, crises,
Come join us on Friday, Sept. 9 - Sunday, Sept. 11 for a retreat. Anyone dealing
                                                                                        and problems don't take a
with loss will find this retreat helpful, focusing on the relationship between the
                                                                                        vacation. If you are
Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the process of grief. For questions
                                                                                        experiencing a difficult
or to register online, visit www.ignatiushouse.org, or call 404-255-0503.
                                                                                        time, you don't have to suffer alone.
                                                                                        Stephen Ministers are ready to
Retreats at Ignatius House                                                              provide one-on-one Christian care to
                                                                                        help you through whatever it is that
Ignatius House, The Retreat Center is holding several upcoming retreats: Retreat
                                                                                        you are facing. It's free and it’s
in Spanish, September 2-4; Retreat on Grief and Loss, September 9-11; Silent Re-
                                                                                        confidential. It will make a difference
treat September 15-18; Married Couples Retreat, September 23-25. The Retreat
                                                                                        in your life! Contact: Dottie O’Connor
Center, located at 6700 Riverside Drive NW in Atlanta along the Chatahoochee
                                                                                        at doconnor@ctking.com or call
River. Retreats begin at 6:30 pm with a reception and end after the noon meal on
                                                                                        404-233-2145, ext. 440.
Sunday. For more information visit our website at www.ignatiushouse.org or call
                                                                                        Transportation Ministry
Young Adult Retreat                                                                     Drivers are needed to assist
                                                                                        parishioners with their transportation
The Saved in Hope Retreat for young adults in their 20s and 30s will be held            needs. This involves an occasional
Friday, October 14 - Sunday, October 16 at The Lodge at Simpsonwood—                    transportation service as needs arise:
Conference and Retreat Center in Norcross. The retreat is designed specifically to
help young adults grow deeper in faith and community. To register online, go to         Monthly Senior Lunch
                                                                                        Sunday Mass

Workshop for Religious Educators                                                        CTK activities

A workshop entitled, “Welcoming Children with Significant Learning and                  Volunteers to ride
Behavioral Challenges into Parish Religious Education” will be held for DRE’s,              the chartered Senior Adult bus for
Catechists, Parents and Parish Leaders at St. Peter Chanel, 11330 Woodstock                 the 10:30 am Sunday Mass.
Road, Roswell, on Thursday, September 22. Mass is at 8:30 am and the workshop
is from 9 am – 12 Noon, followed by lunch. Please RSVP to Jeanne Lyons at               For more information contact Jan
jlyons@stpeterchanel.org or 678-405-9498. All are invited.                              Riser, 404-267-3674 or at

                                                                                           “To Live the Spirituality of the
                                                                                         Beatitudes Through The Works of


Music      Roman missal...cont from page 5
department Whether one brings up the gifts at the Presentation; reads the Word of God;
           assists with the distribution of Communion and brings the Eucharist to those
Middle School                              unable to be present at Mass; serves at the altar; provides music that augments the
                                           joy, solemnity, and festivity of the celebration; or serves the assembled community
Handbell Choir                             as an usher, he or she is contributing to the worship of the community and
                                           fulfilling the responsibility that comes with Baptism.
The Cathedral of Christ the
King invites Middle School students        Not all members of the parish community will have the time, energy, strength, or
to participate in the Middle School        ability to serve in these roles. However, individuals must be careful not to excuse
Handbell Choir, beginning Monday,          themselves too easily. What is important is that all understand that the celebration
September 12. Practice will be held        of Liturgy is not just the responsibility of the pastor, although he is delegated by
on Mondays from 3 to 4 pm in the           the bishop to oversee the liturgical life of the parish. Pastors need the help of
Cathedral Music Department. Basic          people who are serious about living out their baptismal right and responsibility to
music reading skills are helpful. Please   worship.
contact Dr. Timothy Wissler if you are
interested in joining a handbell choir     The Role of the Baptized
at twissler@ctking.com or call Dr.
Wissler at 404-267-3685.                   This catalog of specialized roles might give the impression that those who are not
                                           exercising one of these roles are free to sit back passively and simply let the
Choir Program For                          Liturgy happen around them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who
                                           come together for Liturgy do not have the luxury of acting as spectators, waiting
Students in Grades K – 8                   for all to be done for them. “Full, conscious, and active participation” in the
                                           Liturgy (as commended by the Second Vatican Council) is not only their right but
Rehearsals are set to begin for the
                                           also their duty and their responsibility. That responsibility includes full
Cathedral choirs. The Cherub Choir,
                                           engagement throughout the liturgical celebration. The baptized faithful who form
open to children in grades K, Pre-first
                                           the congregation are called to join in praise and thanksgiving in song and spoken
and First, will meet on Mondays from
                                           word, to listen attentively to God’s Word, and to exercise their baptismal
3–3:45 pm or 3:30 – 4:15 pm. The
                                           priesthood in prayer for the Church, the world, and all in need during the General
first rehearsal will be held on Monday,
September 12. Preparatory Choir,
which is open to students in second        In the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the baptized faithful join their prayer to that of the
and third grades will be held on           priest celebrant, offering Christ the Victim, “not only by means of the hands of the
Tuesdays from 3-4 pm. The first            priest but also together with him,” and offer themselves as well GIRM, no. 95).
rehearsal will be Tuesday, September       Their participation culminates in the reception of the Body and Blood of the Lord,
6. Contact Mrs. Rebecca Shipley by         the sacrament that unites them more fully with Christ their Head and with one
email at rshipley@ctking.com or call       another. We need to be aware, therefore, that “participation” does not refer
404-233-2145x477 to arrange a choir        primarily to external activity or function during the celebration of Mass; rather, it
interview before the first rehearsal.      refers to a deeply spiritual, interior participation of mind and heart, filled with
                                           devotion and penetrating the very depths of the mysteries we celebrate.
 The Boys Choir—open to grades four
 through eighth—will meet from 2:30        In their sincere efforts to participate, those present minister to the priest celebrant,
 to 4 pm on Wednesdays. The first          to others who serve in liturgical roles, and to one another. Their attention and
 rehearsal will be held on Wednesday,      active engagement in the celebration can draw from the priest celebrant and the
 September 7. Girls Choir will be held     other ministers the best they have to offer. Their enthusiastic song and verbal
 on Thursdays from 3-4:30 pm for           responses made with conviction can encourage others to sing and respond; their
 girls in grades four through eighth.      very presence at the celebration of Mass when so many other enticing options
 The first rehearsal will be held on       might have been chosen instead supports and reinforces others who have made
 Thursday, September 8. Contact Dr.        the same choice. The Liturgy, then, is about the action of God’s own people, each
 Timothy Wissler, 404-267-3685, or         with different offices and roles. When we play our roles in the Liturgy with our
 email twissler@ctking.com to arrange      bodies, minds, and hearts fully engaged, we make to God a perfect sacrifice of
 a choir interview before the first        praise.
8                                          [Based upon Roman Missal Formational Materials provided by the Secretariat for
                                           the Liturgy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2010.]
 TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                   AUGUST 21, 2011

Stewardship -                                   Your time & talent                     Religious
Bernadette Flowers • 404-233-2145 x690 • www.ctkoutreach.org
Candidates Sought for CTKYAM Elections
Do you have time and talent to share? Do you have approximately 50 hours to
give over a span of a year?                                                            Families &
Did you know that you don't have to be Catholic or even a
member of CTK to serve on a chair or committee? You just have                          Children
to have a willingness to serve.                                                        Anne Boshinski • 404-267-3694 •
Elections and Board selection for the 2011-2012 CTKYAM Board will be held on           abosh@ctking.com
Sunday, September 18 following 5:30 Mass in conference room 2. The CTK
Young Adult Ministry provides numerous social, service, sports and spiritual           Religious Education
events form metro Atlanta area members from 21 to 40+ years of age.                    Registration
Elections for the executive office positions of (1) co-president and (1) treasurer/    Religious Education classes for
secretary will take place on Sunday, September 18. Considerations and                  children ages 4 years through 8th
appointments to chair one of the many committees will be made from now until           Grade begins Sunday, September 11.
September 13. Please refer to the Bylaws at www.ctkyam.org for qualifications to       Registration ends August 31. Notices
vote and to run for the executive board. Also, the Bylaws give a glimpse of the        for class assignments will be sent after
different chair opportunities. Please continue to check the website for more           September 1.
information. If you have any questions or are interested in serving as a chair or on
a committee, email presidents@ctkyam.org.
If you are interested in volunteering only, please email marketing@ctkyam.org to        Short Sermons to Live By
have your name placed on the volunteer list. You will be contacted when there is a      You have loved me, O God, without
need for volunteers. Have a great idea? Want to put a group together to go hiking,       reserve. I wish to love you without
attend a concert, see a speaker, go white water rafting, etc., Let CTKYAM help you                     reserve.
bring together a group. Email presidents@ctkyam.org.                                               Author Unkown

Welcome Committee Volunteers Needed
The CTK Welcome Committee members provide the first smiles and words of                 Rachel’s Vineyard
welcome that visitors and new parishioners see and hear on Sundays. Volunteers          Retreat
are needed to greet parishioners before Mass, to staff the Welcome Desk and
answer visitor’s questions, host the quarterly Welcome Receptions, and make             PATH (Post Abortion Treatment
welcome calls to newly registered parishioners.                                         and Healing) is offering a Rachel’s
Contact Hayes Swann at hayes.swann@colliers.com or call 404-877-9206 to                 Vineyard weekend retreat that
share your smile.                                                                       could lead to wholeness and
                                                                                        healing. Compassionate,
                                                                                        confidential care is available to
CTK Military Ministry                                                                   men, women, siblings,
The CTK Military Ministry is being formed. All veterans, family members and             grandparents, and friends, on
friends of our deployed troops are welcome to join.                                     September 16-18.

Please contact Allen Legel for more information at 404-822-8223 or email him at         Call Mary Ann McNeil for details at
allen.legel@gmail.com.                                                                  404-717-5557 or email her at
                                                                                        pathmcneil@gmail.com. Register
                                                                                        by September 7.

 CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE KING                                                      WWW.CATHEDRALOFCHRISTTHEKING.ORG

        2699 Peachtree Rd., NE
          Atlanta, GA 30305                       En el texto de la primera lectura Dios nombra un nuevo administrador para el palacio
                                                  del reino de Israel. Le da plenos poderes, pero él debe gobernar como un padre. ¿Qué
 MISIÓN CATÓLICA DE CRISTO REY                    aprendemos de este acontecimiento simbólico? El poder y la autoridad son una
        714 Lindbergh Dr.                         delegación de Dios; son un factor de la providencia de Dios en la historia. El poder y la
   (Entrada - Detrás del edificio)
                                                  autoridad deben dar cuenta a Dios, deben ser usados paternalmente.
        Teléfono 404-267-3696                     Dios es señor de la historia, pero la historia a menudo nos desconcierta. No la
                                                  entendemos. No vemos fácilmente en ella la voluntad y el amor de Dios.
     Lunes a Viernes 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
      Domingos 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM                  En el texto de la segunda lectura, San Pablo está diciendo que el dominio de Dios sobre
                                                  el mundo y la historia es sabio, amoroso y para el bien. Pero según sus propios términos
                                                  y caminos; por eso nunca entenderemos completamente.
Catedral   Martes            7:00 PM
                                                  Por lo tanto, desde nuestro punto de vista, el proceso de la historia y el mundo
           Sábado            5:00 PM
                                                  permanecen para nosotros misteriosos.
           Domingo           1:30 PM
Lindbergh Domingo            10:00 AM
                                                  El Evangelio de hoy estaba previsto por Isaías en la primera lectura. Pedro es nombrado
CONFESIONES                                       por Jesús cabeza de la naciente Iglesia. Delegado por Cristo, tiene plenos poderes
Catedral  Domingo             12:00-1:00 PM       pastorales, a ser transmitidos a sus sucesores, los Papas.

BAUTISMOS                                         Como “administrador” de Dios, el poder y autoridad espiritual del Papa es sobre todo
Menores de 6 años                                 paternal y misericordiosa. De modo misterioso, Cristo gobierna a su pueblo por medio
Horario para inscripción: Lunes, Miércoles y
                                                  de personas frágiles; su gobierno pastoral no es siempre perfecto, pero puesto que el
Viernes de 9 a 3 en la oficina del Ministerio
Hispano. Se requiere el certificado de
                                                  Espíritu de Cristo es el real gobernante de la Iglesia, la Iglesia permanece
nacimiento y un comprobante de domicilio.         substancialmente fiel al Reino de Dios, hasta el fin de los tiempos: “Los poderes del
                                                  infierno no prevalecerán contra ti”. Y el sucesor de Pedro es la roca de esta fidelidad.
Preparación obligatoria para padres y
   padrinos el cuarto viernes de mes de 6-9 PM.   A veces el Papa aparece como una persona lejana. Lo vemos en TV, y eventualmente en
Bautismos – Cuarto sábado de mes a las 9 AM.    algún viaje, pero a veces nos preguntamos qué tiene que ver con nuestra vida cristiana
Deben estar inscritos en la Parroquia.          diaria. En nuestra parroquia, nuestro grupo o comunidad cristiana, en nuestra familia,
Iniciación Cristiana para adultos                 parecería que no necesitáramos al Papa.
Para adultos que les falte algún sacramento
  (Bautizo, Comunión y Confirmación)              Esta impresión no es verdadera. La Biblia que leemos, los sacramentos que recibimos, la
  Las clases son los lunes de 7 a 9 PM            Misa que escuchamos y la comunión que recibimos, los sacerdotes que nos enseñan,
Para más información llamar a María             ¿cómo podemos estar tan seguros que verdaderamente son de Dios, que nos llevan a
  Goretti, 404-267-3696.                          Dios? ¿Cómo podemos estar tan seguros que representan la voluntad de Cristo y la
MATRIMONIOS                                       presencia de Cristo entre nosotros? En último término, el Papa es la garantía de todo
 Se requieren seis meses de preparación.        esto, asistido por el Espíritu de Cristo. Si él no existiera, a la larga la seguridad de
 Primera entrevista comunicarse con la Hna      nuestra fe y la unidad de nuestra Iglesia se desmoronarían.
   Florentina 404-267-3696.
GRUPO JUVENIL                                     Por lo tanto, aunque vida muy lejos, el Papa es la última roca e inspiración de nuestro
Adolescentes (12 a 17 años)                       cristianismo.
 Catedral: Sábados de 3:00 a 5:00 PM
Jóvenes Adultos
Catedral Domingos luego de la Misa de 1:30
                                                  CATEQUESIS 2011-2012
PM. Para información llamar al 404-267-
                                                  Continuamos con las inscripciones para el curso de
                                                  Catequesis de este año. Todos los niños desde los 4 años
2do y 4to Domingo del mes, inscribirse al         están invitados a participar. Estaremos inscribiendo luego
404-267-3696, indicando el nombre del niño        de todas las Misas en español los sábados y domingos. Si
que será presentado. Los niños de tres años       desea tener más información por favor comunicarse con la
que van a ser presentados deben estar             Sra. María Guzmán al 404-267-3697.

 TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                       AUGUST 21, 2011

                                                                                      Se necesitan voluntarios para adoración al
En la lectura de hoy, San Pablo, recuerda a los Romanos y a nosotros, que todas las   Santísimo Sacramento. Apuntarse en la
cosas provienen de Dios: “Todo viene de Él”. Los Buenos Administradores entienden     mesa de información o llame a Carmen
que todo es regalado y comparten generosamente los regalos de tiempo, talento y       Gutiérrez 770-366-1487.
riqueza con los cuales han sido bendecidos.                                           GRUPOS DE ORACIÓN
                                                                                      Si deseas formar parte del grupo de
Catedral:         $1,354            Lindbergh:         $537                           oración, este se reúne todos los sábados
                                                                                      de 6 a 8 pm en el Salón de Conferencias I.
                                                                                      Para más información por favor contactar
RETIRO PARA CATEQUISTAS                                                               a la Hermana Florentina al 404 267 3696.

Reflexión sobre el tema del año catequético para todas las                            I MAGEN P EREGRINA
catequistas. El retiro será el día 10 de septiembre desde las 9 AM
en el Hyland Center. Para mayor información por favor                                 Si desea que la imagen Peregrina visite su
                                                                                      casa, por favor comuníquese con:
comunicarse con la Sra. María Goretti al 404-267-3697.
                                                                                       Hna. Florentina 404-267-3696, Catedral
VIRGEN DE LA CARIDAD DEL COBRE                                                         Margarita Hernández 404-228-7441,
El Comité de la Virgen de la Caridad le invitan a la celebración de la Santa
Misa en honor de La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, Patrona de Cuba. La                Hortensia Reyes 404-355-8497
Misa será el 10 de Septiembre a las 7 PM en la Catedral. Luego de la Misa
habrá una procesión con la imagen de la Virgen y una recepción en el                  QUINCEAÑERAS
Kenny Hall.                                                                           Si desea agradecerle a Dios el don de la vida
                                                                                      en sus quince años, por favor inscribirse con
                                                                                      tres meses de anticipación a las clases de
FELICIDADES AL PADRE JORGE                                                            preparación obligatorias. Le recordamos que
                                                                                      es necesario haber recibido la primera
El 15 de Agosto el Padre Jorge celebró 17 años como sacerdote, y por primera vez      Comunión, asistir los domingos al grupo
                                                                                      juvenil de crecimiento o Confirmación y
estuvo compartiendo esta fecha tan importante con nosotros.                           tomar el curso de quinceañeras.
                                                                                      Inscribirse en la oficina 404-267-3696
                                                                                      MINISTERIOS ECLESIALES
                                                                                      Si desea ofrecer sus servicios a la comunidad Le
                                                                                      invitamos a participar en alguno de los Ministerios
                                                                                      eclesiales de nuestra parroquia. Llame al
                                                                                      E DUCACIÓN R ELIGIOSA
                                                                                      Catecismo para niños de 3 a 16 años y
                                                                                      Escuela para Padres de Familia y Adultos.
                                                                                      Los Sábados a las 3:00 PM. Más
                                                                                      información con María Goretti Guzmán al
                                                                                      HÁGASE MIEMBRO DE NUESTRA
                                                                                      PARROQUIA Inscribirse en la
                                                                                      parroquia es una manera de afirmar:
                                                                                      ¡Esta parroquia es mi familia!
                                                                                      Mayores informes llamando al 404-267-
                                                                                      PORTAL EN EL INTERNET
                                                                                      Lo invitamos a visitar nuestro portal de
                                                                                      internet www.catedraldecristorey.org
                                                                                      SERVICIOS DE C ONSEJERÍA

                                                                                      Ofrecemos consejería a bajo costo para
                                                                                      individuos o familias. Consejeros
                                                                                      profesionales están disponibles en el área
                                                                                      metropolitana de Atlanta, el costo es basado
                                                                                      en el salario que recibe la familia. Llame al
                                                                                      404-885-7266 o al 404-321-2900 de
                                                                                      Servicios Sociales Católicos.
 CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE KING                                                    WWW.CATHEDRALOFCHRISTTHEKING.ORG

ADULT INQUIRY: Adults interested in
learning about the Catholic Church can        MASS INTENTIONS                              THIS WEEK
attend meetings most months on the            MONDAY, August 22, 2011                      MONDAY,    August 22, 2011
fourth Monday at 7:00 pm. Please see          Ps 149: 1-6,9    Mt 23:13-22                  7:15 am   Confessions (CA)
inside the bulletin for upcoming               6:45 am Anne McCormick (d)                   1:00 pm   Legion of Mary (CR2)
sessions. No further obligation or             8:00 am Bruce Hafley (d)                     6:00 pm   Confessions (CA)
commitment is required. Call Keri,            12:10 pm Teresa Ikimi (l)                     7:00 pm   Monday Bible Study (HC)
404-267-3691.                                  5:30 pm Rose A. Sovulla-Petrella (d)
ANNULMENT: To help couples establish                                                       TUESDAY,   August 23, 2011
permanent and sacramental marriages, the      TUESDAY,      August 23, 2011                 5:00 pm   Legion of Mary (CR2048)
Church encourages divorced and                Thes 2:1-8            Mt 23:23-26             6:15 pm   Rosary Group (D’Y)
remarried persons to pursue the                6:45 am      Mike Malloy (l)                 6:30 pm   CHRP Men’s Weekly Meeting
annulment process. Contact 404-233-            8:00 am      Dr. Joe Kurtz (d)                         (KH)
2145 for information on arranging a           12:10 pm      Marilyn Obenshain (d)
confidential discussion with a trained case    5:30 pm      Deacon Patrick O’Connor (l)    WEDNESDAY, August 24, 2011
sponsor.                                                                                    7:15 am Confessions (CA)
BULLETIN ADDITIONS D EADLINE is 6am,          WEDNESDAY, August 24, 2011                    6:00 pm Confessions (CA)
Thursday, ten days BEFORE the                 Rv 21:9b-14     Jn 1:45-51                    6:30 pm AA (D’Y)
bulletin date. All new notices need            6:45 am Joseph Lampe (d)                     7:00 pm SVDP Meeting (HC)
prior approval; submit one week before         8:00 am Marilyn Obenshain (d)
this deadline. Fax to 404-233-9711 or         12:10 pm Bruce Hafley (d)                    THURSDAY, August 25, 2011
email to bulletin@ctking.com.                  5:30 pm Michael Warren (l)                   7:00 pm CHRP Women’s Weekly Meeting
CHANGE OF NAME/ADDRESS/PHONE                                                                        (HC)
NUMBERS: Please notify the Parish             THURSDAY, August 25, 2011                     7:15 pm Thursday Evening Prayer Group
Office at 404-233-2145 x432 of any            Thes 3:7-13     Mt 24:42-51                           (CR1)
change in your member information.             6:45 am Eugene Schroeder (d)
                                               8:00 am Connie Killeen (l)                  FRIDAY, August 26, 2011
FERTILITY CARE / NATURAL FAMILY               12:10 pm Marion Fichter (l)                   5:30 pm Baptism Class—Hispanic (KH)
PLANNING: For more information,                5:30 pm William Edwards (d)
contact Ann LaBar at 404-915-1685.                                                         SATURDAY, August 27, 2011
MARRIAGE RENEWAL: Rediscover your             FRIDAY, August 26, 2011                       8:30 am Rosary (CA)
marriage through Retrouvaille. Visit          Thes 4:1-8      Mt 25:1-13                    8:30 am Confessions
www.retrouvailleofatlanta.org or call          6:45 am Edward Paul Schillinger (l)          3:30-5 pm Confessions
770-495-8592.                                  8:10 am Richard T. Malinowski (d)            6:30 pm PSR Catechist Dinner (HC)
NEW PARISHIONERS: Registration forms          12:10 pm Rev. John Stapleton (d)
are available in the back of the Church.       5:30 pm Larry Orr (d)                       SUNDAY, August 28, 2011
Drop them by the Reception Desk or in
the Collection Basket at Mass.                SATURDAY, August 27, 2011
                                              Thes 4:9-11 Mt 25:14-30
                                               8:00 am Mary McQueen (d)
children who do not attend Catholic
                                               4:00 pm Ann McCaffrey O’Brien (d)
School and are the age for Preschool
                                               5:00 KH Special Intention
(4 years old) through 8th grade.
                                               5:00 pm Hal O’Halloran (d)
Registration forms are available in the
Religious Education Office.
                                              SUNDAY,      August 28, 2011
STEPHEN MINISTRY: Are you going               Jer 20:7-9            Mt 16:21-27
through a difficult time? Stephen              7:30 am      Bruce Hafley (d)
Ministers are caregivers trained to provide    9:00 am      People of the Parish
confidential Christian care. Contact          10:30 am      Harry Perrigo (d)
Dottie O’Connor, 404-233-2145 x440.           10:30 KH      Steven Kelliher (l)
NURSERY                                       12:00 pm      Jim Adams & Family (l)
Nursery is available for children 6 months     1:30 pm      Special Intention              CA-Cathedral
to 4 1/2 years of age at the 9 am, 10:30       5:00 L/T     William Gregg (l)              CR-Conference Room
am, 12 noon, 1:30 pm and 5:30 pm               5:30 pm      Sue Schwerdt (d)               D’Y-D’Youville Chapel
Masses on Sunday. Please provide               7:00 pm      Cameron Patrick Crawford (l)   GS-Gathering Space
supplies (i.e. diapers, bottles) to the                                                    HC-Hyland Center
nursery worker for your child. Mark all                                                    HG-Hyland Ctr. Gym
personal items with your name. Donation                                                    KH-Kenny Hall
suggested.                                                                                 NU-Nursery


 ARCHBISHOP OF ATLANTA                                           WELCOME FROM THE PASTOR AND
 Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory                                 CATHEDRAL STAFF
 AUXILIARY BISHOP OF ATLANTA                                     Dear Friends in Christ,
 Most Reverend Luis R. Zarama
                                                                 On behalf of Archbishop Wilton Gregory, the Clergy and
 PASTOR                                                          staff, I welcome you to the Cathedral of Christ the King. I
 Reverend Francis G. McNamee
                                                                 hope and pray that you feel welcomed by our parish
                                                                 community and that your spiritual and pastoral needs will
 Reverend Jorge Arevalo Alzate
                                                                 be met.
 Reverend Richard Morrow
 Reverend Jaime Rivera                                           We are a very active parish with 4,300 families and over one
 Reverend Michael Silloway                                       hundred ministries. We encourage our members to share
 Reverend Monsignor Richard Lopez (in residence)                 their gifts of time, talent and treasure.
 Reverend Pedro Poloche (in residence)                           Our mission statement is to “Know, Love and Serve as Jesus
 DEACONS                                                         Did”. This is the mission of each disciple of Christ and, if
 Reverend Mr. Ron Comeau
                                                                 you are new, I hope and pray that you will join us and be
 Reverend Mr. John McManus, JCL
 Reverend Dr. Scott J. N. McNabb                                 part of the community of Christ the King. If you are passing
 Reverend Mr. Whitney Robichaux, Jr.                             through or visiting the city of Atlanta, I hope you enjoy your
 Reverend Mr. Gerald J. Zukauckas                                worship experience and please visit us again.
 SISTERS OF HANDMAIDS OF THE SACRED                              If you would like to know more about our parish, you can
 HEART OF JESUS                                                  visit our website at www.cathedralofchristtheking.org or
 Hna. Florentina Iruretagoyena, ACJ                              email us.
 MASS SCHEDULE                                                   May we, this day and all the days of our lives, know, love
 Sunday Masses:                                                  and serve as Jesus did.
 4:00 & 5:00 pm Saturday Vigils, 7:30 am, 9:00 am,                                         Prayers and Blessings,
 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm Life Teen (Kenny Hall),
                                                                                           Father Frank McNamee, Pastor
 5:30 pm (Cathedral), 7:00 pm
 En Español:                                                     THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM
 5:00 pm Sábado (Salon Parroquial)
 10:00 am Domingo (Lindbergh)                                    Parish families who wish to have a child baptized should be
 1:30 pm Domingo (Catedral)                                      registered in the parish for 3 months and take the pre-
 7:00 pm Martes (Catedral)                                       baptismal class as early as 3 months before the birth of their
 Weekday Masses:                                                 child. Classes are offered monthly. Please contact Gail
 Monday–Friday: 6:45 am, 8:00 am, (Fridays, 8:10 am during       Gaboardi at 404-233-2145 x694 to register for the class.
 school year), 12:10 pm & 5:30 pm (D’Y), Saturday: 8:00 am       All scheduling information is given at the class. (Note:
 Holy Day Masses:                                                Baptisms are scheduled after the class is completed.)
 5:30 pm Vigil, 6:45 am, 8:00 am                                 THE SACRAMENT OF FIRST EUCHARIST
 9:15 am (School), 12:10 pm, 7:00 pm                             Preparation is a two-year process. Enrollment in Catholic
 LITURGY OF THE HOURS                                            school or Parish School of Religion is required the year
 Mondays at 6 pm                                                 prior to receiving the Sacrament.
 ROSARY & DEVOTIONS                                              THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE
 After all 8:00 am & 12:10 pm Masses                             A minimum of six months preparation is required. Call the
 Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
                                                                 Parish office, 404-233-2145 x673 for information and to
 PERPETUAL ADORATION                                             register for the preparation process.
 Spend an hour each week in adoration in the Blessed Sacrament
 Chapel. Call Kathy Ledlie, 404-266-9040, 2adorehim@gmail.com    THE SACRAMENT OF PENANCE
                                                                 Monday and Wednesday, 7:15 am and 6 pm. Saturday, 8:30
 Parish Office: 404-233-2145; Fax: 404-233-4984                  am and 3:30-5 pm, in the Cathedral.
 Archdiocesan Catholic Information: 404-888-7801                 En Español: 12 - 1 pm Domingo (Front Desk Parlor)
 Parish Enrichment & Evangelization: 404-267-3691                Todos los demás dias previa cita.
 Hispanic Ministries: 404-267-3696                               SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING OF THE SICK
 Music Ministry: 404-233-2145
 Pastoral Care: 404-233-2145 x440                                Please inform Pastoral Care Ministries of anyone homebound,
 Religious Education: 404-267-3694                               shut-in or hospitalized so that they may receive the
 Christ The King School: 404-233-0383; Fax: 404-266-0704         Sacraments. Please call 404-233-2145.
 St. Vincent de Paul Hotline: 678-892-6163

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