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					      EMO Paris 99
                      press file
dates :                        from May 5 to 12, 1999
place :                        Paris-Nord Villepinte - France
opening time :                 from 09 h 00 to 18 h 00 –
every day
exhibition area :         191 000 m²
exhibitors :              1 600 for more than 50 countries
expected visitors :            200 000 from more than 70
web site :      
                                         April 99

EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999          2

editorial - EMO Paris 99, the "user-friendly" show .................................. 3

EMO Paris 99: the four faces of machine tools ....................................... 5

EMO Paris 99 knows what the word "service" means .......................... 10

thinking of the future of the profession : EMO Paris 99 is backing the
and training of youngsters .................................................................... 13

the machine tools manufacturers' trade associations from all over the world
united in the international centre........................................................... 15

French manufacturing technologies ..................................................... 20

an exceptional site worthy of EMO Paris 99 ......................................... 25

EMO Paris 99: a network of partners .................................................... 28

EMO Paris 99: all aspects of metalworking .......................................... 31

                           EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                                  3
   EMO Paris 99, the "user friendly" show

EMO Paris 99, the exhibition devoted entirely to machines tools and machine
components, has opened its gates at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition park.

This new EMO exhibition is running in the only island of global growth. The 14 European
countries of the CECIMO are banking on a growth in demand of about 5%. The CECIMO
is the world's leading producer, leading consumer and leading exporter of machine tools.
It alone represents 45% of world machine tool production and 40% of world machine tool
purchases. Although the European forecasts are encouraging, the situation is not as
favourable everywhere in the world. Asia, one of the largest buyers of machine tools
behind the CECIMO members countries is living through a persistent crisis which does not
favour short-term investments. The MERCOSUR for its part is going through a difficult
period. But a recovery is announced for the end of 1999. Finally, even though there is a
possibility of a slackening of demand in North America in 1999, the level of investment
should remain high. So from a macro-economic viewpoint, EMO Paris 99 is bound to
attract many visitors, either because their local economy is good, or because they are
planning their investments in preparation for the recovery.

The world is changing. The machine tool industry anticipates the trends. In our sector,
environmental protection is leading to machines that are less polluting and make less
noise. Today one talks of zero waste, machines standing on carpets. Dry machining is
developing and even if this more environmentally-friendly technique does not solve all the
problems, significant progress is being made. EMO Paris 99 will give the state of the art in
this domain.

Moreover, globalization imposes its constraints. The increased competition between all
manufacturers results in a greater need for market responsiveness and flexibility, which
are closely related with the fluctuations in products to manufacture tomorrow. The
machine tool industry is reacting to this new situation. In the last two or three years it has
regained a high level of activity which is enabling it to resume its forward movement, which
had slowed due to the various crises experienced at the beginning of the decade. Agile
machines combining high speed with very high dynamic capacities constitute an
innovative response to demands for flexibility and gradual investment. Today, high speed

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                             4
machining has made way for high speed working which takes into account the
management of unproductive time.

All the machines of tomorrow are at EMO Paris 99. The exhibition presents ideas and
concepts that foreshadow the products of the future, rather like the "concept cars" at the
motor shows. From this point of view, EMO Paris 99 is perfectly fulfil its role as the
leading exhibition in this field: you are going to discover innovations, a lot of innovations,
far more than in other exhibitions.
Today everything is ready. All the machine tool producing countries will be there. We
have been all over the world to incite as many companies in the profession as possible to
attend. Like the machine tool sector it represents, EMO innovates. The general
commissariat has done everything in its power to make this exhibition a "user friendly"
event, our prime mission being first and foremost to promote the European and world
machine tool industry.

    Welcome to EMO Paris 99. It is a pleasure to have you with us to
              celebrate this great machine-tool festival!

                                                                     Jean-Paul BUGAUD,
                                                    General Commissioner of EMO Paris 99

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                             5
                                       EMO Paris 99:
                     the four faces of machine tools

At the dawn of the third Millennium, the EMO Paris 99 unveils a preview of the
machine tool of tomorrow: more productive and faster cutting and forming machines
equipped with linear motors and controlled by PC-based numerical controls, with
extremely short non-productive times; faster tool and part changes, automated or
robotized loading.

A large part of the EMO Paris 99 is set aside for forming. In this domain, part types made
by deformation are becoming increasingly diverse, and the main innovations on machines
are related to improved productivity, precision and quality of parts.
High speed is given special attention in sheet metal working. The emphasis is placed on
axis displacement speed. Many machine manufacturers have thus redesigned their
punching installations and their cutting tables to better integrate linear motors.
Displacement speeds of 160 to 180 m/min, and accelerations of the order of 3 g (30
m/s/s) are now being used.

Manufacturers are also interested in the development of laser sources in order to improve
productivity. Some combine independent cutting heads connected through optical fibers
to two 800 W Yag sources. In CO2, the use of higher power sources (from 3.8 to 5 kW)
can also increase cutting speeds for thick parts, while improving reliability.
Another method consists of putting laser sources onboard (usually Slab type with
continuous emission) on a sliding portal frame, in order to create a very short optical path.
Note also the development of laser diodes that have the advantage of being compact and
which can be installed at the end of a robot arm.

Manufacturers have also made special efforts to reduce times for changing from one
series to another, for example panel folding machines in which changes are made
almost immediately. All these machines can be integrated in genuine flexible sheet metal
workshops. Concerning safety, the use of robots to feed presses-folding machines
(which are listed in the appendix to the machine directive for high-risk equipment) can
significantly reduce risks.
                                                 130 exhibitors on 15 000 sq meters.

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                            6
components of the machine of the future
Almost all manufacturers of milling machines and machining centers now include high-
speed models in their range.
Compared with what was presented at the EMO Hanover, HSM machine tools presented
at the EMO Paris 99 have been designed for high speed with special attention paid to the
machine structure and its combination with the numeric control. Manufacturers have not
hesitated to modify the architecture of machining centers to achieve this. Thus for five-
axis centers, the portal architecture can give better stiffness coefficients and very high
natural frequencies. The dynamics of control systems enables working speeds in milling
greater than 10 m/min on all axes and accelerations of 4 m/s associated with trajectory
precisions of less than 15 microns. 15 000 and 24 000 rpm spindle motors are used for
rough machining, and for finishing and super finishing machining.
Note also that the solutions offered follow a consistent pattern: fast displacement speeds
80 m/min, 1 g acceleration, but also tool change times of 5 seconds and 8 seconds for a
pallet change. We have come a long way from the conventional machines on which we
were pleased to be able to insert a high-speed spindle.

The other main development is the integration of linear motors in high-speed machining
machines to make high-speed machining centers.                 European manufacturers are
particularly well positioned in this field. In the past, these technologies remained isolated
in the domain of 450 x 450 mm pallet machining centers. At the EMO Paris 99, the linear
motors technology will be on display on large milling machines (parts up to 12 meters).
According to the manufacturer, accelerations reach 0.5 g and axis advance speeds reach
40 m/min and can be increased to 60 m/min depending on the final use.

The advantages no longer need to be demonstrated for making parts with very complex
shapes and small dimensions, when the machine is continuously accelerating or braking.
In this case the linear motors solution provides a time saving estimated at 20 to 40% for a
limited extra cost. Another use is to reduce non-cutting machine times that occupy an
important proportion of the cycle (application in large production series to replace transfer
This linear axis motor drive technology replaces the entire mechanical transmission by a
magnetic circuit fixed between guide rails. The main advantage lies in the increased
acceleration: the self-inertia of the motor and the ball screw is eliminated. Conventional
transmissions are limited to 10 m/s/s, whereas the linear motors technology enables up to
100 m/s/s. Displacement speeds are also doubled (100 m/min instead of 50 m/min on
conventional machines), and the positioning precision is increased due to the simplified
dynamic system. The drawbacks (apart from the price) are the low thrust (for which some
manufacturers compensate by using several linear motors together) and the magnitude of
magnetic fields (which are a nuisance for swarf). Note that some manufacturers offer a
compromise solution using high-speed cooled ball screws to limit the temperature

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                            7
On high-speed machining machines and on high-acceleration machines, manufacturers
have been concentrating on minimizing unproductive times. Initial efforts have focused on
tool changers in order to reduce cut-to-cut times. Manufacturers are developing very
efficient solutions with tool change times of 1 second, which reduces cut-to-cut tool
change times from 3 to 4 seconds.
Another area of interest to manufacturers is the supply of unprocessed parts. The EMO
Paris 99 will include part feed systems called injectors; the word itself emphasizes the
speed of some systems.

The trend to eliminate spraying or to use a minimum quantity of cutting fluid can be seen
on many stands at the EMO Paris 99. This is in response to a strong demand from the
automotive industry due to the high cost of fluids. For a machining operation, the cost of
tools is estimated at 50% and the cost of spraying at 30% for typical line type equipment,
plus the cost of collection and treatment of effluents (F 500 to 600 per tonne).
Solutions considered include depositing tool coatings (like molybdenum bisulfide) which
modifies the nature of the friction between the tool and the material, the use of materials
with improved machineability, (controlled inclusions of sulfides and silicates) or the search
for other materials. For example in the automotive industry in Germany, the change to dry
machining has taken place at the same time as material changes have been made: the
changeover from cast iron to aluminum with high silicon content. The tool works dry and
swarf is drawn in by suction.

The micro-spraying technique consists of sending a minimum quantity of cutting fluid
onto the tool/part contact by blowing through a nozzle. The small quantities consumed
(between 10 and 100 ml/h) enable the use of very high quality fluids like vegetable oils or
synthetic oils. The advantages are now becoming clear: reduction in operating costs,
improved productivity, dry swarf, cleanliness at workstations and elimination of washing
stations. The disadvantage is that dry machining or micro-spraying have an influence on
the design of machine tools.         Some manufacturers, in cooperation with spindle
manufacturers, have announced spraying by fine atomization of high-pressure lubricants
through the spindle, others have redesigned the swarf entrainment and evacuation system
since the swarf is no longer carried by the cutting fluid (inclined bench, swarf suction
intake, etc.). Further work is necessary for operations in non-through holes.

The main emphasis for cutting tools is to reduce tool costs; indexable inserts (round or
square) with 8 cut stops, cutters and drills with interchangeable carbide tips to replace
single-piece carbide drills. In the high speed range, the range of coated single-piece
carbide drills is expanding quickly: PVD-CVD type deposits are used for high-speed, dry
machining or low lubrication.
New basic materials are now being used for drilling tools, to make bi-carbide drills: a
tough carbide grade is used at the center of the drill and a hard carbide grade is used at
the periphery with central spraying for better swarf evacuation.

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                            8
It is also worth mentioning tool fasteners, in which the HSK hollow chuck solution
developed for high-speed applications is becoming widespread. All European machine-
tool manufacturers use this chuck whenever the spindle rotation speed exceeds 10 000
rpm. For high speed machining, chuck manufacturers recommend hydraulic or sintered
tool holder/cutting tool connections. Similarly, the use of balancing machines is strongly

Optimization of turning operations depends on reduced part loading times and on
increasing the number of milling and drilling operations that can be carried out on multi-
function turning centers. Thus, turning centers can double production by simultaneous
machining on 4 axes. The result is obtained by using tools with lower and upper turrets
that can thus machine the inner and outer diameters simultaneously. Turning cells can
include a 3-axis high-speed portable robot with CNC that manipulates parts. The machine
automation may include a number of functions such as automatic control, detection of
broken tools, life management, detection of torque variations, etc. This solution can give
two identical machinings, or machining for the first and second sides by turning over
outside the machining area.

In turning, high-speed machining is applicable to materials such as treated steels that are
difficult to machine. Hard turning offers an alternative solution to grinding. For high-
speed machining with conventional materials, limits are directly related to the difficulties in
clamping a part gripped in a mandrel turning at high speed. Specialists now assume that
it would be difficult to exceed a cutting speed of 1 500 m/min.
Some of the latest products that are worth seeing are a lathe with a tool carrier carriage
mounted on linear motors that can reach 75 m/min, a cutting machine with a standard
spindle turning at 10 000 rpm, or 15 000 rpm as an option.

Cylindrical grinding may be very much influenced by the advantages provided by
increased cutting speeds. Machines capable of carrying out grinding operations of 80 m/s
and up to a maximum of 230 m/s have been announced.
All (or almost all) grinding wheel manufacturers offer CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding
wheels and diamonds with metallic or ceramic binders, or with electrolytic deposits
capable of grinding at more than 120 m/s. Thus a new range of CBN molds combines the
advantages of CBN and a binder structure enabling finishing by a shaped roll with
embedded diamonds. The diameters of grinding wheels vary from 3 to 1 000 mm. They
can cover the entire range of grinding applications including cylindrical grinding, in-body
cutting, profiling, double-disk and central-disk grinding. Large production series of
cylindrical grinding applications can be improved by using centered high-speed carbon
fiber grinding wheels. Double-disk grinding in particular facilitates making large series on
hard steel or mild steel. Other technological advances concern controls, safety and

                          EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                             9
Three-dimensional measurement machines are now capable of satisfying high-speed
measurement and control needs in machining workshops. This is done making use of a
rigid, open-architecture structure that damps workshop natural vibrations and frequencies
close to 24 Hz. All mobile elements are fitted with special linear rollers with ball
recirculation and move along work- hardened and ground-rolling tracks. The stiff and
precise drive is controlled by large ball screws used with roller bearings with a double row
of preloaded balls with inclined contact. The maximum positioning speed per axis reaches
0.3 m/s with a maximum acceleration of 1 m/s/s. These machines are robust like a
machine-tool, protected against ambient pollution, are less sensitive to temperature
variations and vibrations, and satisfy constraints related to high production rates in a
workshop environment, while providing a measurement precision of 5 microns.
                                                     455 exhibitors on 22 000 sq meters.

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                          10
robotics / automatic controls
Automatic controls are integrated directly into machines or may be used as complements
in the production line, and make a large contribution to the advent of high speed. At the
same time, the appearance of new tools such as CNC, CAD/CAM or digitization, all help
to reduce non-productive times.
All 32-bit and 64-bit numerical control manufacturers are now working on the theme of a
PC-based open architecture. The advantages are related to the success of the PC in
office automation: ease of use with Windows, possibility of easily configuring the
man/machine interface, easy use of various tool management and process management
software from different manufacturers, network link with other PCs belonging to the
company, ease of repair with Internet, production of daily or weekly reports about the
number of parts, spindle speeds stating production data and the condition of the machine
in real time.

In robotics, new materials have been announced from the very small (parallel robot) to
the very big (portal robot) and including cells that can be supplied as turnkey products:
cutting installation, arc welding cell, etc. This very fast equipment (120 articles per minute)
has carbon fiber arms so that the moving mass is as small as possible. When associated
with a viewing system and PC control software, there is no longer any need to program
the robot; the user defines the object and teaches the viewing system to recognize it.

3D simulation tools on an NT PC for assembly robots are also coming. An Engineer will
be able to use them to program a virtual cell directly, in other words, without the need for a
real robot and without an environment. The user can thus anticipate programming errors,
detect collision risks and calculate cycle times.
                                                        111 exhibitors on 7 800 sq meters.

at the dawn of the XXIst century
Automotive industry, aerospace, armament, mechanical engineering industry, household
appliances. All these markets are undergoing fast changes that require adapted and
innovative machining methods. Machine architecture, tool changes, transfer of parts,
spindles/tool positioning, evacuation of parts, etc. If the performance of the machining
center is to be optimized, it must now take account not only of the machining time itself,
but also and especially of time outside machining, which alone occupies 85 % of the total
production cycle time.

"At the dawn of the XXIst century" is not one particular face of the EMO Paris 99. In
fact, it is THE face of this new EMO. The sole ambition of the EMO Paris 99, which
occupies 120 000 m², is to show what tomorrow's production process will be like
through the design and architecture of machines and systems. You will step into
the XXIst century the moment you enter EMO Paris 99.

                          EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                            11
                               EMO Paris 99 knows
                     what the word "service" means

Thanks to its vast range of services, EMO Paris 99 constitutes a true professional
tool for French and foreign exhibitors and visitors alike, who will thus be able to
optimise the time they spend at EMO both during and after the show.

 Permanent contact with EMO Paris 99
The first Internet site dedicated solely to EMO: Just one click
gives access to information such as the list of exhibitors, addresses and contact numbers
of the partners, new technologies, access plans, etc., immediately available and

The hotline: + 33 1 48 13 29 94, an exclusive telephone line providing information in the
five official languages of EMO (French, English, German, Spanish and Italian).
These two new aids enable exhibitors and visitors to have direct contact with EMO Paris
99 at any time.

 Practical information documents
The EMO Paris 99 catalogue, a vital working aid, is on sale at the show for 120 FrF.
Published in five languages, it comes with a CD-ROM in French and English.

The EMO Paris 99 visitors guide indicates all the facilities available to visitors. Its handy
format means you can have it with you at all times.

The EMO Paris 99 Daily gives readers the day's news, the programmes of conferences,
official visits, miscellaneous information, practical tips, etc.

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                           12
 Services that make life easier.
Constantly striving to simplify EMO Paris 99, the show organizers have made service their
watchword. Numerous services have thus been centralized in the Business Centre (or in
its immediate vicinity) located in the Reception Hall between halls 3 and 4 (Tel: +33 1 48
63 32 67 / Fax: +33 1 48 63 32 76)

EMO Paris 99 provides office facilities, with a photocopy service, sending and receiving
of faxes, Minitel terminals, Internet or e-mail, typing of documents, franking of mail, etc.
The EMO Paris 99 partners are also present in the Business Centre, offering their
services in translation and interpreting (4T), catering (Carle Organisation),
reservations for shows and restaurants in Paris (Travel Expo), etc. A special service is
provided on site for VAT recovery (foreign exhibitors only, Tel/Fax: +33 1 48 63 36 89)
and the exhibition insurance (French exhibitors only).

Other services are available near the Business Centre, such as:
laundry, bank (Tel: +33 1 48 63 32 23), tobacconist, newsagents (Tel: +33 1 48 63 32
11), groceries, DIY, hardware, stationary, pharmacy, restaurant (Tel Restexpo: +33 1
48 63 32 99 / +33 1 43 95 39 31,        Tel: Rosell: +33 1 48 63 32 10).

From 9 am to 5.30 pm at the Air France counter (Tel: +33 1 48 63 33 99 - +33 1 46 63
33 97 /               Fax +33 1 48 63 32 61) it is possible to:
- make reservations and buy tickets for long, medium, short haul and domestic flights,
- change or reroute tickets,
- register luggage,
- reconfirm and revalidate tickets,
- make group reservations,
- make hotel and car-hire reservations,
- purchase subscription cards,
- join the Frequency Plus programme
- make visa requests.

From 9 am to 5.30 pm, the SNCF office (Tel: +33 1 48 79 61 18 / Fax: +33 1 48 79 61 19)
is open to meet your travel needs for TGV high-speed train journeys (tickets for individual
or group travel, chartering TGV) or RER regional express train journeys (single or return
tickets, special travel passes such as the weekly work pass, weekly Carte Orange pass,
Formule 1 or Paris Visite)

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                          13
 A team to help you

Of course the entire team of EMO organizers will be present at the Paris-Nord Villepinte
exhibition centre, doing its utmost to ensure that the exhibition runs without a hitch.

Hall 5 - mezzanine
General Commissariat - symap
Marie Gironce
Tel: +33 1 48 63 35 00 - Fax: +33 1 48 63 35 01

Public relations - communication
Danielle Larrivière
Tel: +33 1 48 63 35 08/20 - Fax: +33 1 48 63 35 21

Press office
Annie Blin
Tel: +33 1 48 63 35 30 - Fax: +33 1 48 63 35 31

Hall 6
Technical Commissariat
Sylvie Amand
Tel: +33 1 48 63 35 10 - Fax: +33 1 48 63 35 11

                        EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                       14
 thinking of the future of the profession:
                 EMO Paris 99 is backing
the informing and training of youngsters

The mechanical engineering industries are currently experiencing a worrying situation: the
students leaving technical colleges are not enough to satisfy the needs of the companies.
One of the main reasons for this situation is the lack of information given to youngsters
about the job prospects for people who have been through the technical education
system. This is why EMO Paris 99 creates a special Youngsters' Forum covering
more than 200 sqm in hall 2 (stand J 40). Thus the many French and European college
pupils and students who come to EMO with their teachers is reserved a special welcome
to make their visit as useful and as rewarding as possible. To date almost 2,000
youngsters from the technical colleges, polytechnics and engineering schools have
expressed interest in the show.

Technical careers - a difficult situation
Pupils in France tend to spurn technical careers. Although this is not a new phenomenon, it
nevertheless becoming more pronounced each year, resulting in a shortage of qualified
candidates in this sector today.
The French school pupil will by nature favour a general Baccalaureat rather than a
technical or technological Baccalaureat. Similarly, he will feel that working in a technical
domain brings less esteem than a liberal profession. It seems that in the collective
subconscious, we still have an image of bygone days. Few people have integrated the
change in the industrial trades. They often do not realise that mechanics is involved in all
aspects of our daily life, not just in the products we use every day but also in the
manufacturing processes. And without mechanical engineering and machine tools, none
of the most common consumer products could see the light of day.

                         EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                          15
The mechanical engineering trades will be present at the Youngsters
From the 5th to the 12th of May, youngsters are received at the EMO Paris 99 Youngsters
Space. High school pupils and students are able to discover four facets of the machine
tools of tomorrow: Forming, Robotics/automatic control, the components of the machine of
the future, "at the dawn of the 21 st century". Continuous events, specific information,
video films, display panels, documentation, etc. present the different mechanical
engineering trades.

                        EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                        16
EMO Paris 99 is establishing a direct dialogue between youngsters and

specific forums
The introduction of new technologies in the mechanical engineering sector is radically
changing trade profiles. Based on the theme of "Companies - Youngsters, let's develop
together", the managers of large companies in the mechanical engineering industry are
running forums where they inform the youngsters of their needs in terms of employment
skills. Twice a day (on the 5th, 7th, 10th and 11th of May), in the morning from 11h00 to
12h00 and the afternoon from 15h00 to 16h00, the speakers explain to the students how
in terms of employment and therefore recruitment, the changes and latest innovations
oblige them to redefine their needs. These debates will give the youngsters and the
companies a chance to meet and initiate fruitful exchanges.

a job exchange
EMO Paris 99 is not stopping at that. A job exchange is going to operate at the
Youngsters Forum throughout the show. It centralizes all the requests for training courses
(paid and unpaid), day release training, fixed-term training contracts, jobs (fixed-term and
unlimited term contracts), this job exchange will enable the students' and companies'
demands to be matched up. All the exhibitors have the possibility of making known their
short and medium term employment needs. Their offers are displayed anonymously with
an identification code. Students interested in an offer shall give their CV and an
application letter which will be forwarded to the company in question at the end of the


Date                Hour                  Company             Name

wednesday 5. May 11.00                    Farman                     Patrick Farman
                 15.00                    Marwin                     Michaël     Bayes     /
Duncan Wolley

friday 7. May       11.00                 IMAL Group        Livio Diatto
                    15.00                 FTP Industrie SPA Luigi Gaggero

monday 10. May              11.00                CNC Systèmes              M. Guéraud

                           EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                        17
tuesday 11. May    11.00                Renault Automation

                  EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999     18
  the machine tools manufacturers' trade
     associations from all over the world
        united in the international centre

The international centre located on the mezzanine of halls 3 and 4 is hosting the trade
associations from thirty-one countries. Open to visitors and exhibitors alike, this area
provides the opportunity to become better acquainted with the markets of the different
countries, to exchange ideas and meet in a pleasant atmosphere.
The CECIMO - European Machine Tools Industries Cooperative Committee - will of
course be there, as will its member countries, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark,
Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom ,Sweden
and Switzerland.
Trade associations from many other countries, including Argentina, Australia, Belorussia,
Brazil, China, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Slovak
Republic, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, the USA, etc., have also made the trip all the
way to Paris.

symap - French manufacturing systems and automated processes
A coherent and supportive professional body, the symap unites all the strongpoints of the
national machine tools manufacturers.          Made up by companies, and primarily
manufacturers, the symap is a member of the FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industries).
The sector brings together some 650 companies which represent a total turnover of
16 billion FRF (1998); with one machine in two being sold abroad and one machine in
three being sold in Europe. The sector also represents 15,000 employees (of whom 10%
are engineers and 75% are technicians or managerial staff).
The main mission of the symap is to enhance the product offer in France, help companies
sell better in France and abroad, improve knowledge of current and future markets,
promote industrial solutions proposed by the member countries, form "proposal
groupings", monitor the competition (especially foreign competition), etc.
In 1999, it is the General Commissariat of the EMO Paris 99.

                   symap - Maison de la mécanique – FR-92038 Paris-La Défense cedex

                        EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                        19
                                      Tél. : + 33 1 47 17 67 17 - Fax : + 33 1 47 17 67 25
                        - e-mail :

CECIMO - European Machine Tool Industries Cooperative Committee
The CECIMO brings together the experience, projects and objectives of the European
machine tools manufacturers, which represent more than 45% of the world's production.
The CECIMO exercises a recognized representative function with the supranational
organizations and maintains constant contacts with the European Union.
It organizes meetings with qualified experts to whom it submits the technical and
economic problems of the sector, supervises the organizing of EMO and has created a
network of interactions in which the most efficient companies participate. The CECIMO
encourages and supports the technological and economic development in the sector of
machine tools and production technology.

                                      CECIMO - Avenue Louise, 66 - BE-1050 Bruxelles
                                        Tél : + 32 2 502 70 90 - Fax : + 32 2 502 60 82
                                                          e-mail :

                       EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                          20
the trade associations at the international center – mezzanine halls
                               3 and 4

Argentina                        +33 1 48 63 36 14   Tél. : +375 17 227 31 86 / Fax : +375 17 227 89
Asociación Argentina de Fabricantes de               94
Máquinas-Herramienta Accesorios Afines -
Alsina 1609 6°Piso. Of 33
AR-1088 Buenos Aires
Tél. : +54 11 4372 38 33 / Fax : +54 11 4372 56
E-mail :                          Brazil                           +33 1 48 63 36 23
                                                     Association Brasileira de Industria de Maquinas e
Australia                               +33 1 48     Equipamentos - ABIMAQ
63 36 12                                             Av. Jabaquara, 2925
Australian Machine Tool Association - AMTA           BR-04045-902 Sao Paulo (SP)
P.O. Box 141                                         Tél. : +55 11 5582 6366 / Fax : +55 11 5582 6379
AU-NSW 2064 Artarmon                                 E-mail :
Tél. : +61 2 9417 6825 / Fax : +61 2 9417 5739
                                                     China                            +33 1 48 63 36 17
Austria                         +33 1 48 63 35 93    China Machine Tool & Builders’ Association -
Fachverband            der         Maschinen-und     CMTBA
                                                     26 South Yue Tan Street
Stahlbauindustrie                                    CN-100825 Beijing
Österreichs - FMS                                    Tél. : +86 10 685 959 56 / Fax : +86 10 685 959
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63                               94
Postfach 430                                         E-mail :
AT-1045 Wien
                                                     Croatia                          +33 1 48 63 36 15
Tél. : +43 222 502 25 / Fax: +43 222 505 10 20       Croatian Association of Manufacturing Technology
                                                     - ALSTRO
Belgium                                  +33 1 48    Zitnjak, c/o Inas
63 35 95                                             HR–10000 Zagreb
                                                     Tél. : +385 1 240 58 31 / Fax : +385 1 240 58 31
Syndicat des Constructeurs Belges de Machines-
Outils pour le travail des métaux - SYCOMOM          Czech Republic                           +33 1 48
FABRIMETAL ASBL                                      63 36 06
Diamant bulding - BO A. Reyers 80                    Svaz Vyrobcu a Dodavatelu Strojirenské Techniky
BE-1030 Bruxelles                                    - SST
Tél. : +32 2 706 79 81 / Fax : +32 2 706 79 88       Politickych Veznu 11
E-mail :                          CZ-113 42 Praha 1
                                                     Tél. : +42 2 24 21 16 23 / Fax : +42 2 24 21 49 63
Byelorussia                   +33 1 48 63 36 16
Association Of Machine and Toolbuilding -
STANINCOM                                            Denmark                                +33 1 48
16, Oktyabrskaya Str.                                63 36 02
BY-220801 Minsk

                             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                                    21
Foreningen af Danske Værktøjsmaskinfabrikanter         E-mail :
                                                       Indonésia                        +33 1 48 63 36 22
Postboks 19                                            Indonesian Machine Tool Industries Association -
DK-7171 Uldum                                          ASIMPI
Tél. : +45 75 893 311 / Fax : +45 75 893 725           Sentra Mulia 9th FL, Suite 901 JL. Hr. Rasuna
                                                       Said. Kav.X-6,n°8
Finland                                 +33 1 48       ID-12940 Jakarta Selatan
                                                       Tél. : +62 21 252 0656 / Fax : +62 21 252 5069
63 36 03
Federation of Finnish Metal, Engineering and           Japan                            +33 1 48 63 36 21
Electrotechnical Industries - FIMET                    Japan Forming Machinery Association - JFMA
Eteläranta 10                                          Kikai Shinko Bldg., 5-8 3, Chome, ShibaPark
FI-00130 Helsinki                                      Minato-Ku
                                                       JP-105-0011 Tokyo
Tél. : +358 9 192 31 / Fax : +358 9 624 462            Tél. : +81 3 34 324 579 / Fax : +81 3 34 324 804

                                                       Japan                             +33 1 48 63 36 20
                                                       Japan Machine Tool Builder's Association -
France                           +33 1 48 63 35 94
                                                       Kikai shinko Kaikan 5-8, Shibakoen 3-chome,
systèmes, moyens et automatismes de production         Minato-Ku
français - symap                                       JP-105-0011 Tokyo
Maison de la mécanique                                 Tél. : +81 3 34 34 39 61 / Fax : +81 3 34 34 37 63
FR-92038 Paris-La Défense cedex
Tél. :+33 1 47 17 67 21 / Fax : +33 1 47 17 67 25
                                                       Korea                            +33 1 48 63 36 19
Germany                                +33 1 48        Korean Machine Tool Manufacturer's - KOMMA
63 35 92                                               4th Floor, Tower Crystal Building 1008-1 Daechi-
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken             Dong, Kangnam-Gu
e.V. - VDW                                             KR-135-280 Seoul
Corneliusstraße 4                                      Tél. : +82 2 565 27 21 / Fax : +82 2 564 56 39
DE- 60325 Frankfurt am Main                            E-mail :
Tél. : +49 69 756081 0 / Fax. +49 69 756081 11
                                                       Macedonia                        +33 1 48 63 36 24
Italy                             +33 1 48 63 35 97    Macedonian Association of Machine Tools and
                                                       Tooling Builders - MZT "FAM"
Associazione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Utensili,   ul. "Pero Nakov" bb P.O. Box 646
Robot e Automazione - UCIMU - SISTEMI PER              MK-91000 Skopje
PRODURRE                                               Tél. : +389 91 611 427 / Fax : +389 91 522 507
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E-mail :                                Centro de Cooperaçáo dos Industriais de
                                                       Máquinas e Ferramentas - AIMMAP - CIMAF
India                            +33 1 48 63 36 18     Rua dos Platanos, 197
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturer's Association -       PT-4100-414 Porto
IMTMA                                                  Tél. : +351 2 610 71 47 / Fax : +351 2 610 74 73
17 Nangalraya Commercial Complex
IN-110046 New Delhi
                                                       Roumania                          +33 1 48 63 36 25
Tél. : +91 11 559 28 14 / Fax : +91 11 559 98 82

                              EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                                   22
12, Carol I Blvd.                                    Postfach
RO- Bucarest                                         CH-8032 Zürich
Tél. : +40 311 01 83 / Fax : +40 312 01 50
                                                     Tél. : +41 1 384 48 44 / Fax : +41 1 384 48 48

Russia                           +33 1 48 63 36 10
Russian Machine-tool Building Open Stock Cie -
20, Tverskaya Str.
RU-103789 Moscou
Tél. : +7 095 209 56 69 / Fax : +7 095 200 02 75
E-mail :

Slovakia                                +33 1 48
63 36 09
Slovakian Association of Machine Tools and
Nám. Slobody 17
SK-81231 Bratislava
Tél. : +421 7 359 6551 / Fax : +421 7 397 810
E-mail :

Spain                            +33 1 48 63 35 91
Asociación Española de Fabricantes de
Máquinas-herramienta - AFM
Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián
P° Mikeletegi 59
ES-20009 San Sebastián
Tél. : +34 943 30 90 09 / Fax : +34 943 30 91 91
E-mail :

Sweden                                   +33 1 48
63 36 05
Föreningen      Svenska      Verktygs     –    Och
Verktygsmaskintillverkare - FVM
Storgatan 5
Box 5510
SE-11 485 Stockholm
Tél. : +46 8 782 08 00 / Fax : +46 8 660 33 78

Switzerland                 +33 1 48 63 35 99
Verein Schweizerischer Maschinen-Industrieller -
Kirchenweg 4

                             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                                   23
Taiwan                           +33 1 48 63 36 11
Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry - TAMI
110, Hwai Ning Street
TW-100 Taipei
Tél. : +886 2 2349 4666 / Fax : +886 2 2381 3771
E-mail :

Turkey                            +33 1 48 63 36 08
Makina Imalatcilari Birliği Association of Machine
Manufacturers - MIB
And sokak No.8 Daire 10 Kat: 1.
TR-06680 Çankaya-Ankara
Tél. : +90 312 468 39 17 / Fax : +90 312 468 42
E-mail :

United Kingdom                          +33 1 48
63 35 96
The Machine Tool Technologies Association -
62, Bayswater Road
GB-London W2 3PS
Tél. : +44 171 402 6671 / Fax : +44 171 724 7250
E-mail :

USA                              +33 1 48 63 36 13
The Association For Manufacturing Technology -
7901 Westpark Drive
US-MC Lean, VIRGINIA 22102-4206
Tél. : +1 703 927 52 16 / Fax : +1 703 893 11 51
E-mail :

                              EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999   24
    French manufacturing technologies

Metal – working machines

       production figures 1998
       After a modest increase in production in 1997 (+2.3% up on 1996), 1998
       was marked by strong growth. Even at the end of 1997, one could
       already see a significant increase in orders. In spite of irregular
       performance levels (first half of the year "flat", second half more active),
       1998 ended with productivity 14% up on 1997, to reach a global turnover
       of 6,285 million FRF. It is worth noting the faster growth of forming
       machines (+20%) than metal removal machines (+10%).







                                   1990 1992 1994 1996 1998

                                          France   Cecimo

                       French production compared with Cecimo
                                 (index 100 = 1990)

       Variations during the year
       Forecasts during the year predicted a growth rate of 7 to 8% taking into
       account the various economic events shaking the world: continuation of
       the Asian crisis with its serious consequences and share of uncertainty
       for European company bosses, induced difficulties in Latin America,
       economic problems in Russia and other Eastern European countries.
       In spite of this pretty dark picture, the French companies managed to
       take advantage of opportunities on certain markets that remained
       buoyant (North America, European Community).              Obviously the
       Europeans (and therefore the French) had to face up to increased
       competition from the Asian countries (Japan in particular but also South
       Korea). Asia was in effect seeking to compensate for the slump in its
       domestic market through exportation, and was helped in this by its weak
       currencies which gave it a real price advantage.

                    EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                      25
EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999   26
    in Europe
    The other Cecimo countries, apart from the United Kingdom, showed
    trends similar to France. Production in the UK has dropped severely
    (stagnant domestic market and fall in exports due to a strong pound at the
    beginning of the year). This situation means that France has regained its
    position as 4th European producer of machine tools.

                     European production in 1998

               millions of       billions of          millions of US   98/97
                Euros              francs                    $
  Germany        6,900             45,63                   7,739       + 15%
       Italy     3,329             22,02                   3,794       + 10%
Switzerland      1,947             12,88                   2,184       + 11%
    France         958               6,34                  1,075       + 14%
     United        912               6,03                  1,023       - 6,5%
     Spain        850                 5,62                  953        + 18%

                             average change rate : FF vs Euro : 6.6137 / $ vs Euro : 1.1217

    As regards exchanges with the exterior, French machine tool exports
    showed a +15% increase in 1998 (compared with 22% in 1997), thanks to
    good sales in Europe and the USA. The car manufacturing industry
    installations in China and Latin America also bring opportunities in spite of
    the economic difficulties facing these countries.







                                   1990 1992 1994 1996 1998

                                             France    Cecimo

                French exports compared with those of the Cecimo
                               (index 100 = 1990)

                 EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                                 27
Imports and consumption
Imports, for their part, increased strongly (+26%) whereas they had
dropped by 2% in 1997. This leads one to assume an apparent
consumption that is also rising (+22 %), whereas it was down in 1997 (-
7%). The real recovery of productive investment in France is an
encouraging sign, but the vitality of the domestic market seems to
have benefited the importers above all.

the uncertainties …
The main worry for the manufacturers is still the price war which, in the
current context of globalization, is becoming increasingly ruthless. It
obliges companies to constantly cut their margins, thereby jeopardising
the profitability of their companies and their ability to finance the
modernisation of their means of production and the research and
development of innovative products, which are the key to success.

the prospects 1999
The growth of orders (+4% compared with 1997) does not allow one to be
over-optimistic for 1999; a development of the order of +5 to 6% can be






                           1990 1992 1994 1996 1998


                               French orders

Caution is the watchword, because today nobody can predict the exact
consequences of the crisis in Latin American, a region where many
machine tool manufacturers have committed themselves alongside car
and car equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, the US economy has
been showing signs of slackening for a few months and this is being felt
in machine order volumees. And in Europe, although the euro will
simplify exchanges it will also bring increased competition with the
elimination of currency exchange risks. As regards the user markets, civil
aeronautics is still running with the wind, whereas the automobile
industry should slow down a little after a record year in 1998. But on the

             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                    28
        whole the prospects remain good. The European countries, with the
        exception of the UK, are also banking on positive development.

Welding / Cutting

        production and its development
        In 1998 the welding/cutting profession did not reach the two-figure growth
        results of 1997, but nevertheless saw a very healthy increase of +8.7%. It
        was the 4 successive year of growth since 1994, which had ended with
        the worst results of the decade. Levels of activity in virtually all the sectors
        (gas and electric cutting/welding equipment, products) were contrasted,
        with good results for the first six months, carried by the impetus of 1997,
        followed by a serious drop in the second half of the year. The figures
        show a slight peak of activity in June and then again in October, with a
        significant drop at the end of the year. The global turnover for 1998
        amounts to 3,354 million FRF (507 millions of Euros or 568 millions of
        US $).

        The sector's export activity suffered from the effects of the various crises,
        especially the Asian crisis. Export sales fell by 24% in 1998. It seems
        that in spite of a dynamic internal market, Europe did not make enough of
        an effort to maintain the level of welding exports. Here too the year end
        saw a fall in activity, especially in Germany.

        imports and consumption
        Import volumes also fell, but in a far less brutal manner, with -2.3%. And
        yet the French market seems to have been healthy since consumption
        rose by 26%. The French made big efforts to meet the needs of their
        domestic market, but often to the detriment of profitability.

                      EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                         29










                            1990 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998

                                 pro ductio n    expo rtatio n

                     production and exports 1990-98
                           (index 100 = 1990)

the prospects 1999
1999 could register a continuation of the growth. However, lacking reliable
information on orders in this sector it is difficult to make forecasts.
Companies questioned about the 1999 prospects remain prudent,
invoking the lack of visibility, their margins which are being eaten away
by the merciless price war, and the general wait-and-see policy of order
givers where large investment decisions are concerned.

EMO Paris 99 is coming at just the right time to assess the
morale of the profession on a global scale. The show
already has its full quota of exhibitors. The numbers of
visitors and where they come from will provide a good
indication of the prospects of the various markets of the

             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                     30
an exceptional site worthy of EMO
                          Paris 99

An infrastructure that is unique in France, and is exceptionally well served
by all means of transport. These were the two major plus points behind
the choice of the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre as the venue for
EMO Paris 99. Moreover, to accommodate EMO Paris 99 the centre has
built the new hall 7, a new-generation structure providing 26,000 m² of
pillar-free floor space.

An infrastructure that is unique in France
the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre allies intelligence and power.

Intelligence, since with its seven contiguous halls entirely on ground
floor level the centre remains on a human scale, with a maximum
distance of 800 metres between the two stands situated furthest apart.

Power, with 305,000 m² of total constructed surface area, of which
191,000 m² is useful exhibition area divided among seven halls. The most
sophisticated technical facilities mean that Paris-Nord Villepinte has the
largest hall air renewal system in France, and all seven halls are
provided with optical cables. The Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre
has the infrastructures of a town of 50,000 inhabitants, namely:
- 20,000 electrical connections per year,
- a telephone exchange with 4,000 lines,
- 22 km of technical trenches,
- 3.5 km of underground cable chases,
- 5 km of fire hoses,
- 10,600 fire-fighting sprinkler heads,
- 60 medium-voltage electric power transformers,
- 44 restaurants (5,000 seats) and bars.

Lastly, the huge car parks (15,000 places), practical access for lorries,
and large storage areas (8,000 m² for EMO) make the Paris-Nord
Villepinte exhibition centre the ideal partner.
Visitors travelling by RER are able to use a constant shuttle service of
buses (100 seats) and small trains (50 seats) providing a transport service
to the entrances of each of the 7 halls. Visitors coming by car will find new
car parks P8, P9 and P11 with a more user-friendly and practical layout.

             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                          31
        exceptionally well served for transport
        Whether you travel by train, car or plane, getting to EMO Paris 99 could
        not be easier.

Air     Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (5 minutes from the exhibition centre)
        - EMO shuttles every 10 minutes, from 8.15 am (departure from Roissy)
        through till 7.15 pm (departure from centre): 30 FrF
        - RER train towards Paris, get off at the Parc des Expositions station.
        EMO Paris 99 staff will be there to greet you personally.

        Orly Airport
        - EMO shuttles every 20 minutes. 12 buses daily: 6 morning services
        leaving Orly (from 8 am to 9.40 am), 6 afternoon services leaving the
        exhibition centre (from 5 pm to 6.40 pm): 50 FrF.
        - Air France shuttle service to Roissy Charles de Gaulle then take RER
        train towards Paris, get off at the Parc des Expositions station.
        EMO Paris 99 staff will be there to greet you personally.

        Le Bourget Airport (5 minutes from the centre)

Train   TGV
        At the "Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2" TGV-RER station: special stops
        for the TGVs from the United Kingdom and northern Europe. Then take
        the RER towards Paris and get off at the Parc des Expositions station.
        Gare du Nord railway station in Paris: EMO Paris 99 staff will be there to
        welcome you off the main morning trains (between 8.30 am and 11.30 am)

        RER Parc des Expositions station (Tel: +33 1 48 67 66 61 or 62)
        Continuous shuttle service between the RER station and the exhibition
        centre (100 seats) and small trains (50 seats) serving the entrances of
        each of the 7 halls

Car     From the North by the A1
        take the A104 towards Soissons, then the Parc des Expositions exit

        From Paris
        exit at the Porte de la Chapelle and take the A1, or at the Porte de
        Bagnolet and take the A3 towards Lille. Then take the A104 towards
        Soissons, and the Parc des Expositions exit.

        From the South by the A6
        take the periphérique Est (Eastbound ring road) to the Porte de Bagnolet,
        then take the A3.

        Taxis (Tel: Terminal 1: +33 1 48 63 33 01 / Terminal 2: +33 1 48 63 33

                     EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                    32
Visitors coming by car will find new car parks P8, P9 and P11 with a more
user-friendly and practical layout.

             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                   33
How the exhibition is laid out
The world of machine tools is divided among the Paris-Nord Villepinte
exhibition halls according to the exhibitors' specialities:

   accessories, components: hall 5
   assembly: hall 7
   automatic control systems: halls 5 - 7
   metal removal: halls 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
   forming: hall 7
   automatic production systems: halls 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
   quality control: halls 1 - 2
   tooling: halls 3 - 4

              EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999              34
EMO Paris 99: a network of partners

   Travel Expo: the guarantee of a successful stay in Paris
  Travel Expo is offering a selection of hotels in three geographic sectors for
  the EMO Paris 99 exhibitors, visitors and journalists: inner Paris, near the
  exhibition centre, and the Paris region. Most of the selected hotels are
  accessible by metro or RER train, and some of them provide a special
  shuttle bus service to the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre.
  In addition, Travel Expo offers services such as the hire of cars,
  commercial vehicles and coaches, reservation of seats for shows and
  restaurants, or the organizing of private evenings.
                                    Contact: Pascale Brignoli - Reception Hall
                     Tel: +33 1 48 63 30 48 / Fax: +33 1 48 63 30 77 / E-mail:

   The 4T charter for quality translation and interpretation
  Partner of EMO Paris 99, 4T guarantees the reliability, quality, rapidity and
  confidentiality of its work. Whatever the sector of activity, 4T offers several
  1 - translating by highly experienced freelance professionals, selected in
  France and abroad, translating exclusively into their mother tongue and in
  their own specialist fields. The internal Quality Assurance department
  reviews and checks the translated texts in their entirety prior to delivery.
  Typed up on PC or Macintosh, the translations are supplied to you in the
  software of your choice.
  2 - transcription of conferences, press conferences, audio or video
  3 - simultaneous, consecutive, or liaison interpreting
                                      Contact: Claudia Unseld - Reception Hall
                               Tel: +33 1 48 63 36 85 / Fax: +33 1 48 63 36 85

   Carle Organisation
  Catering organization consultant, Carle Organisation offers EMO Paris 99
  exhibitors tailored services such as:
  - designing the restaurant area on your stand,
  - organising your stand's restaurant service,
  - organising cocktail parties and receptions,
  - hire of reception equipment: public address system, lighting, cutlery and
  crockery, tables, chairs, etc.
  - organising theme evenings, gala evenings, cocktail parties, musical
  entertainment, shows at the exhibition centre or in Paris, hire of halls, etc.
                                                           Contact: Guy Carle
                                      Tel: 06 07 02 24 42 and 06 60 40 42 92

                EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                        35
 Air Liquide, official supplier of industrial gas for EMO
Paris 99
Air Liquide is supplying EMO Paris 99 with the industrial gas for flame
cutting and heating applications, arc welding, laser cutting and welding,
and deploying extensive resources on a daily basis:
- 2000 cylinders containing 20,000 m 3 of gas are delivered to the show for
the exhibitors,
- dedicated logistics for the daily deliveries and installation during the show
as well as during setting up and dismantling before and after the show.
- a team of specialists on site to assist the exhibitors,
- gas-handling equipment is provided to the exhibitors.
The exhibitors are made aware of the essential safety rules concerning
the handling and utilisation of gases.

To supply all its customers in France with gas in cylinders or in liquid form,
Air Liquide has a fleet of 500 lorries, which represents one delivery every
minute. This service supplements the ranges of products and services for
welding and cutting applications that Air Liquide provides to its customers:
LASAL for laser applications, ARCAL for arc welding, FLAMMAL for flame
applications. World specialist in industrial and medical gases, Air Liquide
is established in 60 countries and employs 28,600 people. Its 1998
turnover was 39.9 billion FrF, of which 75% was made outside France. Air
Liquide supplies oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases to
widely varying sectors such as the iron and steel industry, oil refining, the
chemical and glass industries, electronics, metallurgy, the food industry,
space, etc.
Combining new technologies and services, Air Liquide develops gas
application solutions that help improve both the performance of its
customers and the environment.

 Castrol and EMO Paris 99, partners once again
Castrol, the world lubrication specialist established in 150 countries offers
companies in the "metal working" sector a unique range of high-tech
products and services for industrial processes.
Chosen once again to be the official partner of EMO, Castrol Industrial has
the opportunity of demonstrating its service coordination know-how by
offering the exhibitors:
- an information desk on the mezzanine of hall 2, where a technical team
is ready to answer your lubrication problems,
- a structure for the storage of lubricants and the production of soluble
machining fluids,
- a team of specialists to fill the machines with the appropriate fluids,
respond to on-the-spot requirements and empty the machines at the end
of the show,
- the processing of the waste products at the end of the show, which EMO
Paris 99 has contracted exclusively to Castrol.

Each day at its stand (hall 5 - stand D89), Castrol will be celebrating the
company's one-hundredth anniversary. You are invited to come and help
blow out the candles!

              EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                        36
 Printemps: the department store that is mad about
Printemps, the department store with a passion for fashion, proposes
prestigious makes of clothing for men, women and children, perfumes and
cosmetics, home decoration and tableware. It offers numerous services
for its international clientele: a reception service, fashion shows
throughout the year, a special 10% discount for EMO Paris 99 visitors, tax
deducted from exports, products sent anywhere in the world, five FLO
restaurants, etc.
                  Printemps - 64, boulevard Haussmann – FR-75009 Paris
                                                 Metro: Havre Caumartin

 Air France
The Air France group is the Official Carrier for EMO Paris 99. With more
than 200 destinations in France and the rest of the world, exhibitors and
visitors have all the advantages of a major airline. Indeed, Air France has
formed numerous alliances, partnerships and cooperative arrangements in
order to be accessible throughout the world and better serve its
customers. These result in the coordination of timetables, facilitating of
connections, mutual assistance at certain stops, flight sharing, twinning of
customer loyalty programmes, cooperation in technical areas, etc. To
date, Air France has nearly 30 partners.
                                       Contact: Air France - Reception Hall
                           Tel: +33 1 48 63 33 97 / Fax: +33 1 48 63 32 61

 Hertz
Hertz, the world's leading car-hire firm is offering EMO Paris 99 exhibitors
and visitors special daily hire rates for cars and commercial vehicles.
                                                          Hertz reservations:
                                   Tel: +33 1 39 38 38 38 for the Paris region
                 Tel: 0 803 861 661 for the provinces (0.99 FrF per minute)

 DHL: an immediate response
Meeting all you requirements for the express delivery and reception of
documents and parcels.
                                         Contact : DHL - Reception Hall
                                                 Tel: +33 1 48 63 36 86

 Vicky Desmot Promotion : multilingual hostess agency
                                                      Tel. +33 1 40 69 24 44

 Radio Classique : Classical music and economic and
financial information

             EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                        37
            Frequency in the Paris region: 101.1 FM - Tel. : +33 1 40 08 50 00 - Fax:
                                                                    +33 1 40 08 50 25
            To listen to prerecorded broadcasting of the radio station's programmes:
                                            Tel: +33 836 68 12 80 (2.23 FrF/minute)

                      EMO Paris 99: all aspects of

01- Lathes                                   24- Shearing, nibbling and notching
02- Automatic lathes                         machines
03- Drilling machines                        25- Electro erosion machines
04- Boring machines                          26- Machines for unconventional
05- Milling machines                             and other operations
06- Gear cutting and finishing               27- Welding,cutting and gas cutting
machines                                     machines
07- Screwing and threading machines          28- Hardening and heating machines
08- Planing, shaping, slotting               29- Flexible manufacturing
     and broaching machines                  30- Machines and systems for use
09- Sawing and cutting-off machines              in surface technology
10- Grinding machines                        31- Micro machining
11- Special purpose grinding machines        32- Measuring and testing instruments
12- Tool grinding machines                   33- Measuring machines
13- Abrasive products                        34- Testing machines
14- Honing, lapping, polishing,              35- Image data processing
    and deburring machines                   36- Quality assurance software
15- Special production machines              37- Assembling machines and systems
    and unit head machines                       - industrial robots
16- Mechanical presses                       40- Computer systems and peripherals
17- Hydraulic, pneumatic                     41- Software
     and hydropneumatic presses              42- Control and drive systems
18- Presses for special applications         43- Electrical and electronic equipment
19- Forging machines                             for machine tools
20- Bar, section and tube working            45-     Assembling,     mounting    and
machines                                     industrial robots
21- Wire forming machines                    46- Automation for storage and
22- Machines for the production of           transportation
bolts,                                       50- Finishing tools
     screws, nuts and rivets                 51- Forming dies
23-     Sheet     working     machining      52- Clamping devices
equipment                                    53- Tool systems

                       EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999                     38
54- Hand held power tools
60- Lubricants and coolants
61- Disposal
62-      Mechanical      components,
63- Materials
65- Services

                     EMO Paris 99 / Press file / April 1999   39

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