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					          ACC PARK CITY
   Lifelong Learning & Wellness
          Class Schedule
                                                 Fall 2011

          aqua aerobics**offered in the FALL
                                                                doll making                          computer classes

             hula dance                                           tai chi                              cooking demos
                                                  New Dance Classes this Fall!
                 Free demo class on Belly Dance , La n Dance Movement, and Jazz Dance
                                               Thursday, September 22, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
                                                             ACC Park City
                                                          7375 Park City Drive
                                                         Sacramento, CA 95831
                                                        See class schedule on page 9

      REGISTRATION FORM                        FALL 2011 CLASSES & PROGRAMS                                              FREE
                                                                                                                      PHONE BILL
 Name:                                                   Phone:                                                      REVIEW CLINIC
 Address:                                                                                                           Do you ever look
                                                                                                                    at your phone
 City:                                                   Zip:
                                                                                                                    bill and wonder
 Email:                                                                                            why you are paying so much? Do
 6-Digit Class                                                                                     you wish you could cut your costs?
                                               Class Name                           $ Fee          Did you know that WirePro is a
    Code #
                                                                                                   type of insurance on your phone
      11F000                                    Sample Class                         Free          line? Bring a recent phone bill
                                                                                                   (residential of wireless) and we
                                                                                                   can review it to see if we can save
                                                       Total Amount Due $                          you money. Tuesday, September
Clip this registration form and make a check payable to ACC for the total amount due shown above   28, 3:00-5:00 p.m. at ACC Park City,
      and send to: ACC Park City, Attn: Lucy Chao, 7375 Park City Drive, Sacramento, CA 95831      7374 Park City Drive. For more
 Received Date: _________________________ Check # __________________________ Amount $ ________
                                                                                                   information, please contact Susan
 NOTES:                                                                                            Sarinas, 916393.9026 x339.

              Appreciations go to Area 4 Agency on Aging for your support of the Drop-In Respite Program and ACC Rides.
         Appreciations go to Kaiser Permanente Foundation for their support of the ACC Lifelong Learning and Wellness Program.
               Appreciations go to the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation for their support of Caregiver Workshops.
                                                                            LEARN TO MAKE A SCARF                                                          WINDOWS XP (INTERMEDIATE)
                                                                            Instructor: Nancy Wai-Watanabe                                                 Instructor: Bill Fong
                                                                            This is a class for beginners. We will have small group instruction led
                                                                                                                                                           Learn ways to modify the looks of Windows by changing the desktop,
                                                                            by experienced instructors to teach you the techniques for knitting and/
                                                                            or crocheting scarves. Students will be responsible for bringing their         color scheme, and style. Create shortcuts, change margin settings,
                                                                            own yarn and crochet hooks and/or knitting needles to the first class.         and change page orientation. Covers Windows Explorer, use of the
                                                                            (Supply list for first class will be provided when you register for the        recycle bin, capturing and printing images, and much more! Students
                                                                            class.) Class size: At least 4 students, with no more than 9 students.         must have taken Windows I (XP) or have working knowledge of
                                                                               11F018        Th 10:00a-12:00p        Sept 29, Oct 6 & 13        $18        Windows XP, be adept on the use of a mouse, or have instructor’s
                                                                                                                                                           approval. Limited to 10 students.
                                                                            HOLIDAY TAGS
                                                                            Instructor: Audrey Seo                                                            11F202           W 1:00p-2:30p            Oct 19-Dec 7         $55
                                                                            Need some cute tags for your holiday gifts? Come ready to create your
                                                                            supply of gift tags for this season using stamping and paper crafting
                                                                            techniques. Class participants please bring your tool kit (scissors,           INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER
                                                                            double-sided adhesive and glue stick). Materials fee: $10 payable to           Instructor: Heman Lee
                    ARTS & CULTURE                                          instructor.                                                                    For those who are competent with a mouse and have access to a
                                                                               11F019       SAT 10:00a-12:00p                Nov 19              $6        computer, you will learn basic Windows techniques using the latest
Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all Arts and
Culture classes, except for Global Travelogue.                                                                                                             version of the Windows operating system. Start programs in a variety
                                                                            JAPANESE CONVERSATION
                                                                                                                                                           of ways, customize your desktop, and understand new File Hierarchy
                                                                            Instructor: Nora Bachus-Dressler
CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING                                                                                                                                     (list of folders). Learn how to create icon shortcuts, customize your
                                                                            This class focuses on Japanese conversation and vocabulary building.
Instructor: Han Moy                                                                                                                                        Windows environment, and basic computer maintenance. Limited to
                                                                            Word order, particles, and grammar in simple sentences will be taught.
Students will learn brush strokes, then gradually begin drawing simple
                                                                            Hiragana script is also included.                                              10 students.
pictures of bamboos, orchids, chrysanthemums, etc. Required
materials (brush, paint, and paper) must be purchased by students.                                            Level I                                         11F203           M 9:00-10:30a            Oct 17-Dec 5         $55
    11F001         F 1:00-3:00p          Oct 7-28                  $28         11F020             M 1:00-2:00p                Oct 3-31          $25
                                                                               11F021             M 1:00-2:00p                Nov 7-28          $20        LEARNING BASIC WINDOWS 7
    11F002         F 1:00-3:00p          Nov 4-18                  $21
                                                                               11F022             M 1:00-2:00p                Dec 5-12          $10        Instructor: Leonard Lew
    11F003         F 1:00-3:00p          Dec 2-16                  $21                                                                                     This 8 week’s class of Window 7 is the perfect beginner’s class for
                                                                                                              Level II
                                                                               11F023           M 11:15a-12:30p               Oct 3-31          $25        those who want to get started using computers. The class walks you
Instructor: May Cheung                                                                                                                                     through the basics of the operating system Windows 7 in an easy step-
                                                                               11F024           M 11:15a-12:30p               Nov 7-28          $20
Learn the phonetics of Mandarin Chinese using Hanyu Pinyin.                                                                                                by-step manner. Learn alongside your computer as you perform the
                                                                               11F025           M 11:15a-12:30p               Dec 5-12          $10
Students should be able to grasp the basics and have a better                                                                                              tasks laid out in each chapter. Students are encouraged to bring their
understanding of the forming of the sounds upon completion. Single          PASTEL PAINTING                                                                own laptops and mouse to class. LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS. $15
and compound words are introduced through pronunciation drills.             Instructor: Alice Guo                                                          CLASS BOOK FEE (Optional)
Minimum of 4 students.                                                      Learn techniques and develop skills working with pastel. Bring flowers,
   11F004       W 9:00-10:00a             Oct 5-26                  $40     animals, and landscapes to life! Students will compose a variety of               11F204            T 1:00-3:00p            Oct 18-Dec 6         $55
   11F005       W 9:00-10:00a             Nov 2-30                  $50     paintings. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Limited to 10
                                                                            students.                                                                      LEARNING INTERMEDIATE WINDOWS 7
   11F006       W 9:00-10:00a             Dec 7-14                  $20
                                                                               11F026             W 3:00-5:00p                Oct 5-26           $28       Instructor: Leonard Lew
INTERMEDIATE MANDARIN CHINESE                                                  11F027             W 3:00-5:00p                Nov 2-30           $35       This 8 week class of Intermediate Windows 7 is a sequel to the
Instructor: May Cheung                                                                                                                                     Learning Basic Windows 7 class. This Intermediate Windows 7 class
Continue pronunciation drills with more single and compound words.             11F028             W 3:00-5:00p                Dec 7-14           $14
                                                                                                                                                           handles some of the most useful, practical and fun components of
Grammar and development of sentences from simple to complex will
                                                                            ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL)                                             Windows 7. Step-by-step, you will learn everything you want to know
be introduced. Students must have completed and passed Beginning
                                                                            Instructor: Barbara Fox
Mandarin Chinese or have instructor’s approval. Minimum of 4                                                                                               about computer security, creating user accounts, burning CDs and
                                                                            Conversational English in a non-competitive supportive setting. Basic
students.                                                                                                                                                  DVDs, and setting parental controls. You will also learn how to
                                                                            English grammar principles, reading of news articles and other
   11F007         W 10:00-11:00a               Oct 5-26              $40    materials applicable to daily life. Instructor is a Master level health care   organize your photo collection and how to view your photos with
   11F008         W 10:00-11:00a               Nov 2-30              $50    professional with experience in teaching basic English reading and             Windows Photo Viewer; and learn how to use Windows Media Player
                                                                            understanding skills.                                                          to play music CDs and movies. Students are encouraged to bring their
   11F009         W 10:00-11:00a               Dec 7-14              $20
                                                                               11F030        M 11:00a-12:00p               Oct 17-31             $5        own laptops and mouse to class. LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS. $15
COOKING DEMONSTRATION @ ACC GREENHAVEN TERRACE                                 11F031        M 11:00a-12:00p               Nov 7-28             $10        CLASS BOOK FEE (Optional)
1180 Corporate Way, Sacramento CA 95831
Learn the preparation of delicious Asian and other cuisines. Held once         11F032        M 11:00a-12:00p               Dec 5-12              $5           11F205         Th 10:45a-12:15p           Oct 20-Dec 15        $55
a month from 12:00-1:30p. Includes featured dish, lunch, instructions,
                                                                            BEGINNING UKULELE
and recipe(s). Requires pre-registration and pre-payment (no later than                                                                                    INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL CAMERAS
                                                                            Instructor: Glenn Watanabe
one week before class starts) to reserve space and get an accurate
                                                                            Did you ever want to play the popular ukulele? Now’s your chance!              Instructor: Leonard Lew
count of lunch orders. An extra $2 will be charged for late registration
                                                                            ACC’s Beginning Ukulele Class will teach you the basic chords and              Learn about the features and settings of digital cameras before you
on the availability of space. Limited to 40 students.
                                                                            strumming patterns necessary to play many of your favorite songs in
                                   Iraqi Cooking -                          as few as one or two classes. So, beg, borrow or buy a ukulele and             buy. If you already have a camera, bring your manual, cable, and
  11F010          Oct 6                                        $10                                                                                         camera to learn how to transfer your photos. Also covers the use of
                                          Dolma                             come join the fun at ACC’s Beginning Ukulele Class! Class will meet
  11F011         Nov 3            Holiday Cooking              $10          on eight Tuesdays, 1 to 2:30 p.m., October 4 through November 29,              USB memory devices and card readers. Students must have taken
                                                                            2011, with no class meeting on 11/23 (Thanksgiving week). Limited to           Windows I (XP) or have instructor’s approval. Limited to 10 students.
              Dec 15 TH                                   ACC Park City     8 students.
  11F012                         End of Year Potluck                                                                                                          11F210        T/Th 9:00-10:30a             Oct 4-13            $25
             11:00a-1:00p                                    Free
                                                                               11F033            T 1:00-2:30p            Oct 4-Nov 29         $40
GLOBAL TRAVELOGUE                                                                        COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY                                               LEARN PHOTO EDITING USING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS
Presenter: Setsuko Chiba
                                                                            Space is limited in all Computer Technology classes. Pre-registration          Instructor: Leonard Lew
You will be going to Africa this time. First, you will visit Cape Town,
                                                                            and pre-payment is required in order to reserve space. No refunds are          Learn how to eliminate red eyes, crop and remove unwanted objects,
the most beautiful city in African continent. Then, Johannesburg,
                                                                            issued for missed classes. Make-up classes may be arranged during
Victoria Falls in Zimbabue. You will see a family of elephants crossing                                                                                    adjust colors, etc. Students must have completed Windows XP (Basic)
                                                                            lab hours based on coach/instructor availability. Students will receive a
Chobe River in Botswana, and other unique animals from safari                                                                                              and Introduction to Digital Cameras or have instructor’s approval.
                                                                            manual and exercise CD/disk for all computer classes.
pictures. Free of charge.                                                                                                                                  Students must also purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements (approx.
   Date                   Time                            Topic             OPEN HOUSE: LIFELONG LEARNING COMPUTER CLASSES                                 $80). Limited to 6 students.
  Oct 26           W 10:30-11:30a                         Africa            ACC will be having an open house where instructors for the Lifelong
                                                                            Learning Computer Classes will be available to present and answer                 11F211          T 9:00-10:30a            Oct 18-Dec 6          $55
DRAWING                                                                     any questions about the class offerings. You may also ask about your
Instructor: Yoshiko Castleberry                                             capabilities and/or specific problems you might have. You can meet             FUN WITH DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY
This class introduces and uses various mediums and techniques for           one-on-one to determine if the class you are thinking about is                 Instructor: Leonard Lew
drawing; pencils, colored pencils, inks, crayons, charcoals,                appropriate for you. You can visit the classroom and even try them out.
                                                                            Tuesday, September 27; 10:00-11:00a.                                           Learn more in-depth use of editing tools; color and lighting corrections;
watercolors, and more. You use graphite pencils in this class. So you
                                                                                                                                                           scratch removal; and preparing images for printing. Students will be
will see how to create your own pictures in black and white. It is very
simple, but you will see our world is composed of complex lights and        MOUSE OPERATION                                                                asked to bring photos of their own for special projects. Students must
shades. Join us, and let’s work together.                                   Instructor: Bill Fong                                                          have completed Digital Photo Editing. Limited to 6 students.
                                                                            Especially designed for inexperienced students and those who may be
   11F013        T 10:00a-12:00p            Oct 4-25               $28      fearful of information technology. Learn computers in simple terms                11F212         Th 9:00-10:30a           Oct 20-Dec 15          $55
   11F014        T 10:00a-12:00p            Nov 1-29               $35      covering system components, software and hardware, etc. Students
                                                                            must have their own computer with Windows XP and an eagerness to               WINDOW PHOTO GALLERY
   11F015        T 10:00a-12:00p            Dec 6-13               $14
                                                                            learn. Limited to 10 students.
                                                                                                                                                           Instructor: Heman Lee
KIMEKOMI DOLL MAKING                                                           11F200         M/W 10:45a-12:15p              Oct 3, 5, 10        $10       Windows Photo Gallery is FREE software from Microsoft. You can
Instructor: Masanori (Isako) Wasano                                                                                                                        import photos from your digital camera, organize them into albums,
Isako graduated from Tokyo Mataro Doll Academy in 1967. Ever since,         WINDOWS XP (BASIC)
                                                                            Instructor: Bill Fong                                                          and clean up photos, removing blemishes, red eye, adjust exposure
she has taught the Kimekomi doll making class to numerous men,
women, and children. Students will select their own model and be            Learn basic operation and features of Windows XP, including use of             and more. Tag and organize photos using face recognition. Create
taught individually by the instructor. Material fees vary by choice of      the floppy disk drive, opening programs, etc. Basic word processing            stunning panoramas, movies, slide shows, and more. When you’re
dolls. Classes are held every third Saturday of each month. New             will be covered. Students must know some basic computer operations:            ready to share, publish your photos and videos to your favorite
session starts September 17 through January 21, 2012. $20/single            using the mouse, opening programs, etc. Students must have also
                                                                            taken Introduction to Computers or have instructor’s approval. Touch           websites like Facebook and Flickr directly from Photo Gallery.
class (3 hours) or $68/5 classes.
                                                                            typing ability is helpful. Limited to 10 students.                             Windows 7 or Vista computer highly recommended.
 11F017      Sat 9:00a-12:00p & 1:00-4:00p           Sept 2011 - Jan 2012
                                                                               11F201           M 10:45a-12:15p              Oct 17-Dec 5        $55          11F213          W 9:00a-10:30a             Oct 19-Dec 7         $55

   8                                                                                                                                                                                                 ACC NEWS FALL 2011
INTERNET AND E-MAIL WITH WINDOWS 7                                          BALLROOM DANCE                                                            DANCE FITNESS FOR CHINESE SPEAKERS
Instructor: Heman Lee                                                       Instructors: Minh Tehang/Assistant: Eddie and Annie Nakashima             Instructor: Le Min
Learning to use the Internet and e-mail with your computer in Windows       (Level I) and Frank Fong (Level II)                                       Dancing for exercise and health benefits, increasing your social skills
7. You will learn how to: surf the World Wide Web; search the Internet      Learn basic steps and variations of the Fox Trot, Waltz, Rumba, etc. in   or just plain fun, Le Min has the dance knowledge and speaks both
effectively to find information; send and receive e-mails using Windows     a casual and friendly atmosphere! No experience necessary. Partners       Cantonese and Mandarin to help you on your way. Don’t wait! Join the
Live Mail; contact other Internet-users; download free software from        preferred but not required.                                               class for only $3/class
the Internet; and protect your computer from intruders such as spyware         11F400          W 6:00-7:30p              Oct 5-26           $20          11F426            F 4:00-5:00p               Oct 7-28           $12
and viruses. Students are encouraged to bring their own computer                                                                                         11F427            F 4:00-5:00p              Nov 4-18             $9
                                                                               11F401          W 6:00-7:30p              Nov 2-30           $25
laptop and mouse to class with Microsoft Office (2007 or 2010
version) installed. PREREQUSITES: Provide the Instructor with                  11F402          W 6:00-7:30p              Dec 7-14           $10          11F428            F 4:00-5:00p              Dec 2-16             $9
Certificate of Completion on Windows 7 or Basic Computer Skills.
                                                                            LOW IMPACT AEROBIC BELLY DANCE                                            JAZZ DANCE
Limit to 10 students. $15 CLASS BOOK FEE (Optional)
                                                                            Instructors: Patrice Jansen                                               Instructor: Chloe Poon
   11F220          W 10:45a-12:15p           Oct 19-Dec 7          $55                                                                                This class is energetic and fun, it is full of rhythm, syncopation, passion
                                                                            Easy flowing feminine movements and lots of shimmies keep our
                                                                            bodies flexible and toned. Shaking your hips, shoulders and hands         and personality. The routine will include stretching, cardiovascular
MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 AND 2007                                                                                                                        warm up, and basic combinations of dance moves along eith basic
                                                                            releases tension and quickly improves circulation. You will love the
WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT                                                                                                                                 body isolations and coordination exercises using upbeat and popular
                                                                            music and the drum rhythms will energize you to move and have fun!
Instructor: Donna Tanaka                                                                                                                              music that will energize and move you.
Learn how to work with the most essential features in Word, Excel and                          T 1:00-2:00p              Oct 4-25           $16
                                                                               11F403                                                                    11F450            F 5:30-6:30p               Oct 7-28           $16
PowerPoint. Create professional looking documents in Word by using                             TH 5:15-6:15p             Oct 6-27           $16
                                                                                               T 1:00-2:00p              Nov 1-29           $20          11F451            F 5:30-6:30p              Nov 4-18            $12
Quick Styles and document themes. Use Artistic Effects to apply
special effects to images in your documents. Choose from different                             TH 5:15-6:15p             Nov 3-17           $12          11F452            F 5:30-6:30p              Dec 2-16            $12
templates to create your own cards or booklets. In Excel you will learn                        T 1:00-2:00p              Dec 6-13           $8
how to keep track of your finances by creating a budget spreadsheet.
                                                                                               TH 5:15-6:15p             Dec 1-15           $12                          HEALTH & FITNESS
Learn to use formulas to calculate and analyze data. Also learn to use                                                                                Health & Fitness classes listed below are on a drop-in basis, except
Excel maintain lists of your hobby collections. In PowerPoint you will      LATIN DANCE MOVEMENT                                                      where noted. Drop-in is $4/1 hr class and $5/1.5 hrs. Fees payable on
learn how to create a slideshow using pictures from a recent vacation.      Instructor: Patrice Jansen                                                the day of the class. Fees listed below are per month.
Liven up your presentations by adding text, illustrations, audio clips,     This is a fun class for anyone who likes Latin music and wants to learn
video clips and voice messages to your slides. Share your presentation                                                                                YOGA 101
                                                                            Latin dance moves without a partner. We will learn simple dance
                                                                                                                                                      Instructor: Kerry Kashiwagi
with family or friends by sending it in an e-mail, burning it to a CD, or   steps to get in shape using moves from salsa, cha cha, and samba.         Learn the fundamentals of yoga poses to increase flexibility, balance,
copying it to a USB stick. Students are encouraged to bring their           Every ten minutes of cardio will be followed by 5 minutes of stretching   and endurance. Yoga mat is required. A large towel is also
own computer laptop and mouse to class with Microsoft Office                and relaxing.                                                             recommended.
(2007 or 2010 version) installed. PREREQUSITES: Provide the                    11F406          T 2:00-3:00p              Oct 4-25           $16          11F600         M 6:00-7:00p               Oct 3-31              $20
Instructor with Certificate of Completion on Windows 7 or
                                                                               11F407          T 2:00-3:00p              Nov 1-29           $20          11F601         M 6:00-7:00p              Nov 7-28               $16
Introduction To Computer. Limit to 10 students. $16 CLASS
BOOK FEE (Optional)                                                            11F408          T 2:00-3:00p              Dec 6-13           $8           11F602         M 6:00-7:00p              Dec 5-12                $8
   11F221           Th 1:00-3:00p            Oct 5-Nov 30          $55
                                                                            HULA DANCE (BEGINNER)                                                     BODHISATTVA YOGA
                                                                            Instructor: Francine Kehaula’i Hutcheon                                   Instructor: Joaquin Ngarangad
SKYPE CLASS                                                                 Learn basic hula steps and dance to choreographed music. Have fun         Calm the mind, enhance concentration, improve flexibility, and cope
Instructor: Leonard Lew                                                     learning about the Polynesian culture while you dance! Get a CD of        with life’s stresses. Bring your own mat, block, strap, etc. Pre-
Use your computer to make free calls to other computers. Skype is a         music used in class (small fee; optional).                                registration and pre-payment secures your space. Drop-ins are
free software that will allow your computer to call telephones and other                                                                              welcome if space is available and/or with instructor’s approval.
computers. Calls made to other computers with Skype are free and               11F410           F 9:00-10:00a             Oct 7-28          $16       Morning classes are held at ACC Greenhaven Terrace. Evening
can be voice only or voice and video. Calls to telephones cost about           11F411           F 9:00-10:00a             Nov 4-18          $12       classes are held at ACC Park City. Limited to 12 students.
2.5 cents a minute. This class will include how to download and install        11F412           F 9:00-10:00a             Dec 2-16          $12                                   October Classes
Skype on your computer. You will learn what the computer and                                                                                                           M 10:00-11:30a                Oct 3-31            $25
equipment requirements are to use Skype. To successfully run Skype,                                                                                     11F603
                                                                            HULA DANCE FOR MEN (BEGINNER)                                                              F 10:00-11:30a                Oct 7-28            $20
a computer must have speakers and a microphone, either built-in or          Instructor: Francine Kehaula’i Hutcheon                                     11F604      T 6:00-7:30 evening              Oct 4-25            $20
connected. Video calls require a webcam. The class will cover how to        Learn basic hula steps and dance to choreographed music. Have fun
make and receive calls, as well as how to create a contact list.                                                                                                                November Classes
                                                                            learning about the Polynesian culture while you dance! Get a CD of
Conference calls for up to 25 participants can also be made with            music used in class (small fee; optional).                                                 M 10:00-11:30a              Nov 7-28              $20
Skype. Limited to 8 students.                                                                                                                                          F 10:00-11:30a           Nov 4-18 (no 11)         $10
                                                                               11F413           F 10:15-10:45a            Oct 7-28          $12
   11F222          T/Th 10:45a-12:15p          Oct 11 & 13        $15                                                                                   11F606      T 6:00-7:30 evening             Nov 1-29             $25
                                                                               11F414           F 10:15-10:45a            Nov 4-18           $9
                                                                                                                                                                                December Classes
EXCEL (BASIC)                                                                  11F415           F 10:15-10:45a            Dec 2-16           $9
                                                                                                                                                                       M 10:00-11:30a               Dec 5-12             $10
Instructor: Bill Fong                                                                                                                                   11F607
                                                                            HULA DANCE (ADVANCED)                                                                      F 10:00-11:30a               Dec 2-16             $15
Learn the basics of Excel. Learn how to identify the components of a
                                                                            Instructor: Francine Kehaula’i Hutcheon                                     11F608      T 6:00-7:30 evening             Dec 6-13             $10
worksheet/workbook and inserting, editing, and formatting data. Learn
                                                                            Learn more hula steps and integrate learned skills in beautifully
how to use simple Excel formulas and calculations. Students must be
                                                                            choreographed pieces. Gain appreciation of the Polynesian culture         YOGA + PILATES
proficient in Windows I (XP) or have instructor’s approval.
                                                                            and each other. A great class to meet friends and socialize! Receive a    Instructor: Joanne Chew
   11F223            M 1:00-2:30p            Oct 17 - Dec 5        $55      CD of music used in class (small fee; optional).                          Stretch, relax, improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Incorporates
                                                                                                                                                      pilates moves to strengthen and flatten the abs and improve muscle
                                                                                                      October Classes
COMPUTER ONE-TO-ONE LESSON ON MAC                                                                                                                     tone. Pre-registration and pre-payment secures your space. Drop-ins
Instructor: Setsuko Chiba                                                                      M 9:00-10:30a              Oct 3-31           $25      welcome if space is available and/or with instructor’s approval.
Learner’s choice in any topics, such as e-mailing in Japanese or               11F416         Th 9:00-10:30a              Oct 6-27           $20      Limited to 12 students.
English, iMovie making in Japanese or English, etc. Participants must                         F 11:00a-12:30p             Oct 7-28           $20
                                                                                                                                                         11F609           W 10:00-11:00a              Oct 5-26           $16
bring their own laptop to instructor’s home. Instructor may go to                                    November Classes
                                                                                                                                                         11F610           W 10:00-11:00a          Nov 2-30 (no 23)       $16
participant’s house depending the location and an additional 50¢/mile                          M 9:00-10:30a             Nov 7-28            $20
will be charged. Meeting dates and time are by appointment only.               11F417         Th 9:00-10:30a             Nov 3-17            $15         11F611           W 10:00-11:00a              Dec 7-14            $8

  11F240             Oct                         $15/hour                                     F 11:00a-12:30p            Nov 4-18            $15
                                                                                                                                                      AQUA AEROBICS
  11F241             Nov                         $15/hour                                            December Classes                                 Instructor: Joaquin Ngarangad
  11F242             Dec                         $15/hour                                      M 9:00-10:30a             Dec 5-12            $10      mprove your muscular endurance and overall strength. The water
                                                                               11F418         Th 9:00-10:30a             Dec 1-8             $10      provides buoyancy and therefore less stress on your bones, joints and
                                                                                              F 11:00a-12:30p            Dec 2-16            $15      muscles. These exercises incorporate a variety of rhythmic body
                                                                                                                                                      movements and dance steps along with toning and stretching
If you are having problems making your computer do what you want it
                                                                            LINE DANCE (BEGINNER)                                                     segments for a fun and complete workout. Held at ACC Greenhaven
to do, try one-on-one tutoring. Work with an instructor to help you learn
                                                                            Instructor: Vickie Camblin                                                Terrace.
how to solve your problem using your computer or your software.
                                                                            Learn the basic steps used in line dancing. Simple dances will be            11U615        T & Th 10:00-11:00a            Sept 1-8           $12
Meeting dates an times are by appointment only. $20 per first 1 ½
                                                                            learned. No experience necessary. Held at ACC Greenhaven Terrace
hour; $5 per each additional ½ hour.
                                                                            (1180 Corporate Way, Sacramento).                                         FITNESS FOR LIFE
  11F243             Oct                        Fee varies                     11F420          M 12:00-1:00p             Oct 3-31           $20       Instructor: Joaquin Ngarangad
  11F244             Nov                        Fee varies                     11F421          M 12:00-1:00p             Nov 7-28           $16       Fun, low-impact dance routines combined with yoga and tai chi
  11F245             Dec                        Fee varies                                                                                            movements. Highlights balance, flexibility, and weight training. Pre-
                                                                               11F422          M 12:00-1:00p             Dec 5-19           $12       registration and pre-payment is required to reserve space in the class.
                              DANCE                                         LINE DANCE (INTERMEDIATE)
                                                                                                                                                      Drop-ins welcome if space is available and/or with instructor’s
                                                                                                                                                      approval. Limited space; class fills up fast. Held at ACC Greenhaven
Dance classes listed below are on a drop-in basis, except where             Instructor: Vickie Camblin                                                Terrace.
noted. Drop-in is $4/1 hr class and $5/1.5 hrs. Fees payable on the         Dance to a variety of beats: Waltz, Cha-Cha, Western, Ballroom, etc. A
day of the class. Fees listed below are per month.                                                                                                                                October Classes
                                                                            fun class with great people and excellent music! Held at ACC
                                                                            Greenhaven Terrace (1180 Corporate Way, Sacramento).                                           M 8:30-9:30a               Oct 3-31           $20
                                                                                                                                                         11F620            W 8:30-9:30p               Oct 5-26           $16
                                                                                                      October Classes                                                      F 8:30-9:30p               Oct 7-28           $16
                                                                                               M 1:00-2:30p              Oct 3-31           $25                                 November Classes
                                                                                               W 12:00-1:30p             Oct 5-26           $20
                                                                                                                                                                           M 8:30-9:30a             Nov 7-28             $16
                                                                                                     November Classes                                    11F621            W 8:30-9:30p          Nov 2-30 (no 23)        $16
                                                                                               M 1:00-2:30p             Nov 7-28            $20                            F 8:30-9:30p          Nov 4-18 (no 11)        $8
                                                                                               W 12:00-1:30p         Nov 2-30 (no 23)       $20                                 December Classes
                                                                                                     December Classes                                                      M 8:30-9:30a               Dec 5-12           $8
                                                                                               M 1:00-2:30p              Dec 5-19           $15          11F622            W 8:30-9:30p               Dec 7-14           $8
                                                                                               W 12:00-1:30p             Dec 7-21           $15                            F 8:30-9:30p               Dec 2-16           $12

   FALL 2011 ACC NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                                      9
ZUMBA FITNESS                                                                concepts taught in class, the class is closed to new participants              HEALTHY TEAS
Instructor: Pamela Wong                                                      after the second class.                                                        Instructor: Jan Polin, Certified Academy of Medical Qi Gong Instructor
The Zumba fuses Latin dance rhythms, international steps and easy-                                                                                          An introduction to incorporating healthy, and good tasting, tea into your
to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will                                       Beginner Class                                    busy life. Come with a friend to drink tea and learn about the healing
make you to love to work out and get hooked. The routines feature               11F656        M & W 11:00a-12:00p             Oct 3-26            $40       properties of White, Green, Oolong teas and their herbal blends which
interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance                                                      Oct 31-Nov 28                    enhance weight loss, help digestion, support heart & immune system,
training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.           11F657        M & W 11:00a-12:00p                                 $40       balance blood pressure & sugar. Handouts allow you to enjoy tea
                                                                                                                                (no 23)
                  M 5:30-6:30p               Oct 3-31              $25                                                                                      instead of taking notes.
   11F623                                                                                               Intermediate Class
                  W 7:30-8:30p               Oct 5-26              $20                                                                                         11F7010          W 1:30-3:00p           Dec 14        $15/$18 at door
                                                                                11F658          M & W 12:15-1:15p           Nov 14-Dec 7          $40
                  M 5:30-6:30p              Nov 7-28               $20
   11F624                                                                                                                                                                      ACC SOCIAL CLUBS
                  W 7:30-8:30p           Nov 2-30 (no 23)          $20                     WELLNESS WORKSHOPS                                               ARTS & CRAFTS CLUB
                  M 5:30-6:30p               Dec 5-12              $10       FOOD AND HERBS FOR SENIOR                                                      Club Leader: Helen Okamoto
                  W 7:30-8:30p               Dec 7-14              $10       Instructor: Mamie Woo                                                          This club facilitates creativity in an informal, friendly, small group
                                                                             What are the right diet elements for a good health to seniors? The             setting. Participants share ideas and tips on a variety of arts and crafts
MOVEMENT THROUGH MUSIC                                                       instructor will prepare some dishes and drinks you can taste and take          projects. Bring your unfinished project or learn something new! Some
Instructor: Patricia Ehnisz, Dance/Movement Therapist                        recipes home. Learn to identify the herbs from samples and take some           donated materials are included. Tuesdays, 1:00-3:30p Free of
Our bodies are meant to move! A wide assortment of music energizes           home with you, too.                                                            Charge.
and brings joy to the moving experience. Beginning on chairs, we
stretch and deepen the breath, gathering momentum until we are using            11F701          W 10:00-11:30a           Sept 28      $16/$19 at door
                                                                                                                                                            MAHJONG CLUB
the whole floor and space to bring about balance between the Physical        DO YOU HAVE COLD AND NUMB HANDS / FEET?                                        Club Leader: Lilly Lee
and Mental. $28-$32 monthly pre-payment required. No refund or               Instructor: Mamie Woo                                                          Gathers individuals with interests in learning, playing, and teaching
credit on missed classes.                                                    Lots people have cold hands and feet even in the hot summer days.              others this game from China. Everyone is welcome! Club will be held
                      ACC Greenhaven Terrace                                 The numbness in fingers and toes can sometime loss the sensation               on Fridays, 1:00-4:00p. Free of charge.
   11F626           W 10:00-11:00a             Oct 5-26         $28-$32      and has difficulty in picking up small object. There are many reasons          ACC CROCHET CLUB
                                                                             make you so uncomfortable. Come and learn how to improve them.                 Instructor: Nancy Wai-Watanabe
   11F627           W 10:00-11:00a         Nov 2-30 (no 23)     $28-$32
                                                                                11F702          W 10:00-11:30a           Oct 12       $16/$19 at door       The ACC Crochet Club offers a place for you to relax and meet new
   11F628           W 10:00-11:00a             Dec 7-28         $28-$32                                                                                     friends. During these meetings, you will meet interesting people,
                                                                             THREE KEYS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH                                                   practice crocheting, learn from each other, and work on different
TAI CHI: MOVING FOR BETTER BALANCE                                           Instructor: Mamie Woo                                                          projects. Free of charge.
Instructor: George Hom                                                       The three keys to your optimum health are maintaining sufficient blood,        Group I: 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month from 1:00-3:00p at ACC
This is a Simplified 8 forms derived from the traditional Yang style 24-     energy and body fluid. Sometimes, you do not feel well - fatigue,              Park City.
forms. The program is designed for older adults and can be adaptable         shortness of breath, persistent pain in some part of your body,                Group II: 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month from 1:00-3:00p at
and modifiable (in seated position) to accommodate individuals with          insomnia, etc. which may be due to the low level of above key                  ACC Greenhaven Terrace.
varied physical conditions. Studies have shown various benefits              components. In this class, you will learn how to achieve the optimum
including: improved physical health and mental well-being; improved          level by identify and incorporate the herbs in your diet. You will also        ACC KNITTING/CROCHET CLUB
balance and daily physical functioning; reduced risks of falling and fall-   sample some drink/soup prepared with these herbs.                              Instructor: Gloria Louie
related injuries; improved overall health and quality of life.                                                                                              Join the fun and learn some new stitches. The club meets on the 2nd
                                                                                11F703          W 10:00-11:30a           Oct 26       $16/$19 at door
   11F630            Th 1:00-2:00p             Oct 6-27           $16                                                                                       & 4th Fridays of each month from 1-3p at ACC Park City. Free of
                                                                             QI GONG MOVEMENT & MEDITATION                                                  charge.
   11F631            Th 1:00-2:00p             Nov 3-17           $12
                                                                             Instructor: Jan Polin, Certified Academy of Medical Qi Gong Instructor
   11F632            Th 1:00-2:00p             Dec 1-8             $8        For thousands of years Qi Gong movements (tai chi is one form) have            CHINESE SINGING CLUB
                                                                             been used to help keep people healthy, and when combined with                  Instructor: Lei Min
EASY TAI CHI                                                                 breathing exercise & meditation these movements are even more                  Lei Min will lead a club for people with interest in learning Chinese folk
Instructor: George Hom                                                       effective in creating a sound body and calm mind. The instructor will          and popular songs both in Cantonese and Mandarin. Fridays, 2:30-
Learn 24-form Yang Style Tai Chi in a slower pace. Experience the            teach both sitting and standing healing movements which can be                 4:00p. Free of charge.
gentle flowing of Tai Chi and treat your whole body to a gentle and          easily incorporated in your life to enhance health. You will also learn        ACC ACOUSTIC GUITAR CLUB
relaxing workout. Held at ACC Greenhaven Terrace.                            simple meditation and breathing exercises to help lower blood                  Instructor: Glenn Watanabe
   11F633            T 9:30-10:30a              Oct 4-25           $16       pressure, increase blood oxygen, and strengthen the immune system.             ACC Park City is hosting an Acoustic Guitar Club to determine interest
   11F634            T 9:30-10:30a              Nov 1-29           $20          11F704           W 1:30-3:00p            Oct 26       $15/$18 at door       in such a fellowship. Acoustic guitar players could meet like-minded
                                                                                                                                                            musicians, jam, demonstrate and share playing styles and techniques
   11F635            T 9:30-10:30a              Dec 6-27           $16       WHAT CAUSE YOUR ARM AND LEG SO PAINFUL?                                        and practice performing before their peers. This is not intended to be
                                                                             Instructor: Mamie Woo                                                          an instructional class. Participants should already know how to play
TAI CHI/QI GONG                                                              You are tired of taking pain pills. You know taking too much medicine          one or more acoustic guitar styles such as folk, blues/jazz, chord
Instructor: Lu Ming Mei (Tuesdays) at ACC Park City, David Tam               may have side effect which in turn may cause another discomfort. In            melodies, etc. Virtuosity is not a prerequisite. Club meets on the first
(Thursdays) at ACC Greenhaven Terrace                                        Chinese medicine, most pain is caused by imbalance of internal                 and third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30pm at ACC
Teaches the simplified 24-forms of Tai Chi, plus Qi Gong exercises, a        energy. Learn the alternative way to address the problems.                     Park City location.
healing art combining movement, meditation, and visualization. Ideal
                                                                                11F705          W 10:00-11:30a            Nov 9       $16/$19 at door
for students new to Tai Chi. Tuesdays classes are held at ACC Park                                                                                          ACC BRIDGE CLUB
City. Thursday classes are held at ACC Greenhaven Terrace.                   TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH                                                    Instructor: Bill Grant
                           October Classes                                   IPresenter: MyKim Tran, certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant            The club is for beginners and review players. You will get a handle on
                                                                             and Health and Happyness writer on                              the beginning concepts of bridge. Play as you learn. Pre-registration
   11F636            T 8:30-9:30a              Oct 4-25            $16
                                                                             For nutrition, discover the essential tools to a healthy diet, techniques      required. A $25 per year club membership fee is due on the first
   11F637          Th 9:00-10:00a              Oct 6-27            $16       to avoid craving and temptation, and how to get all recommended food           meeting - October 4, 2011.
                          November Classes                                   groups into your diet. For exercise, learn correct techniques to lose          Group I: Tuesdays, 3:00-5:00p.
                                                                             weight, build fitness level, and motivational tips to stay active daily. For   Group II: Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30p.
   11F638            T 8:30-9:30a              Nov 1-29            $20
                                                                             sleep, discover physical, mental, and spiritual tips to develop a healthy
   11F639          Th 9:00-10:00a              Nov 3-17            $12       sleeping habit. You will come out with a booklet with all the information              ESPECIALLY FOR CAREGIVERS
                          December Classes                                   presented in the workshop with additional fun and simple facts to keep         DROP-IN RESPITE
                                                                             your life healthy and happy.                                                   Provides up to 5 hours of respite or “break” to family members who
   11W640            T 8:30-9:30a              Dec 6-13            $8                                                                                       care for loved ones with functional or cognitive disabilities. Participants
                                                                                11F706           W 3:00-5:00p             Nov 9       $15/$18 at door
   11W641          Th 9:00-10:00a              Dec 1-29            $20                                                                                      enjoy physical, recreational, and social activities. Wednesdays &
                                                                             SELF-ACCUPRESSURE & REFLEXOLOGY                                                Fridays, 9:00a-2:00p. For inquiries, call Judy Fong Heary at (916)
TAI CHI GONG                                                                 Instructor: Jan Polin, Certified Academy of Medical Qi Gong Instructor         393-9026 ext. 323.
Instructor: Janny Wu                                                         Self Acupressure points are the same body points used in
These exercises use the principle of chi flowing properly throughout         acupuncture, but self-acupressure is a preventive modality used in an          FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP
the body to maintain the equilibrium of yin and yang. Regular practice       attempt to avoid conditions that may require more serious medical              Facilitators: Alzheimer’s Association Staff and Volunteers
of these forms will develop better balance and flexibility, gain strength,   interventions. During this class, you will be given a personal                 Provides assistance to families and individuals living with Alzheimer’s
promote deep relaxation, and improve health. Beginning Tai Chi Gong          acupressure chart designed for you to learn the five or six simple             Disease or a related dementia. Learn how to live and cope with
class is also learning 24 Yang Style Tai Chi. Intermediate Tai Chi           meridian points which can be used to help you stay healthy. The                memory loss; meet with other in similar situations; work with
Gong class starts learning Yang style Tai Chi Fan which is practiced in      instructor will provide a summary of Self-Acupressure points and some          compassionate facilitators. For more information, please contact the
its health and exercise form.                                                simple techniques to stimulate pressure points to unblock the flow of          Alzheimer’s Association at (916) 930-9080. Meets the 3rd Saturday
                   Beginning Tai Chi Gong Classes                            energy to your body and awaken body and soul.                                  of each month (Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17), 10:00-11:30a. Free of
                                                                                11F707           W 1:30-3:00p            Nov 16       $15/$18 at door       charge.
   11F650          T & W 4:00-5:00p             Oct 4-26           $32
   11F651          T & W 4:00-5:00p        Nov 1-30 (no 23)        $36       TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH                                             CAREGIVER SUPPORT MEETING SPONSORED BY TRIPLE R
   11F652          T & W 4:00-5:00p             Dec 6-14           $16       Instructor: JMyKim Tran, certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant           ADULT DAY CARE PROGRAM
                                                                             and Healt hand Happyness writer on                              Facilitator: Misa Takagi
                 Intermediate Tai Chi Gong Classes                           Mental health is all about keeping your mind young and active so you           A chance to get together and talk about pressing issues and concerns
   11F653        T & Th 11:00a-12:00p           Oct 4-27           $32       can do the things you want to do in life. Come discover effective              in aging, as well as share experiences. Learn from the experts in the
                                                                             techniques to control anger, frustration, conflict and stress. You will        field. Light refreshments will be served. Oct 20, Nov 17, and Dec 15
   11F654        T & Th 11:00a-12:00p      Nov 1-29 (no 24)        $32
                                                                             learn activities on how to keep the mind young and active. Simple and          from 3:30-5p. Free of charge.
   11F655        T & Th 11:00a-12:00p           Dec 1-13           $16       practical techniques to enjoy life are also provided. And most
                                                                             importantly, come learn why it is never too late to do the things you          PARKINSON’S ASSOCIATION SUPPORT GROUP
BALANCE AND MOBILITY TRAINING                                                love to do and how to accomplish them. You will come out with a                Facilitator: Casey Jones
Instructor: Kelly Ward, The Fall Prevention Lady                             booklet with all the information presented in the workshop with                Provides resources, counseling, and support to family caregivers of
This class is ideal for older adults, whom are physically de-conditioned     additional fun and simple tools to keep your life healthy and happy.           individuals with Parkinson’s. Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8 from 1-2:30p.
due to lack of consistent physical activity, had a recent fall or an                                                                                        Free of charge.
                                                                                11F708           W 3:00-5:00p            Nov 16       $15/$18 at door
illness. With the consent of physician, adults who were released from
physical therapy and did not continue an exercise program will benefit       WHAT HERB / FOOD COULD HELP THE PAIN IN ARMS AND                               TRIPLE R ADULT DAY PROGRAM
from class participation. Older adults that do not or have not attended      LEGS?                                                                          Provides a full day of social and recreational activities to older adults
exercise class can feel comfortable learning these exercises while           Instructor: Mamie Woo                                                          with physical and cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s,
increasing endurance levels. This class is also appropriate to the           In Chinese medicine, we believe “the wetness, coldness, fire, and              Parkinson’s, and dementia. Provided by the City of Sacramento. Held
caregiver who accompanies the adult participant. Class instruction will      wind” are trapped in the body causing pain in different part of the body.      every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:00a-6:00p. For inquiries
concentrate on proper form, flexibility training, strength training,         Learn the pain conditions can be helped by some common foods and               about the program and fee information, please call Misa Takagi at
endurance training and evidence-based Fall Proof balance and                 herbs.                                                                         (916) 433-4003.
mobility training techniques. Max: 15 participants. Pre-registration
and Pre-payment required. Due to progressive challenges and                     11F709          W 10:00-11:30a           Nov 23       $16/$19 at door                                                      Continued on next page

   10                                                                                                                                                                                                  ACC NEWS FALL 2011
                                                                             HOW TO LIVE A BRAIN HEALTHY LIFESTYLE                                        A VISIT TO LOCAL NURSERY AND ORCHARD
                     SPECIAL EVENTS                                          Presenter: Bridge to Healthy Families Staff                                  High Hand Nursery located at Loomis offers a unique experience in
HEALTHY LIVING – LIVE A BETTER LIFE BY MANAGING                              The health of the brain plays a critical role in almost everything you do:   many areas. You can tour their beautiful greenhouse, the home of
CHRONIC DISEASES                                                             thinking, feeling, remembering, working and playing - even sleeping.         High Hand grown plants. Unwind in a world of unusual plants, pottery
Co- Instructors: Kay First & MyKim Tran                                      The good news is that we now know there’s a lot you can do to help           and inspiring garden art. Relax next to the koi ponds and wander
This six session series of workshops is developed by the Stanford            keep your brain healthier as you age which may reduce your risk of           through uniquely landscaped venues. You may also want to visit the
University Patient Education Research Center and Kaiser Permanente.          Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. This program offers tips for          Art Gallery, along with the Blacksmith Shop, presenting inspired
It is for people with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood           what you can do to keep your brain healthy and active. Pre-                  sculpture, ceramics, paintings, textiles, art glass, jewelry and mixed
pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Learn strategies to take control of your    registration required. Thursday, October 27, 2:30-3:30p. Free of             media.
chronic conditions, lower your stress levels, and communicate better         Charge.                                                                      Otow Orchard spans about 40 acres in Granite Bay and has become
with your doctor. These workshops are also for caregivers. Pre-                                                                                           surrounded by urban growth. The family grows a diverse assortment of
registration required. Thursdays, September 15 -October 20, 1-               EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR ASSETS                                               fruits and vegetables on their land. In Early November, Maru
                                                                             Presenter: Jennifer Corona, Senior Financial Consultant                      Persimmons (chocolate), Hachiya Persimmons (soft), Vodka
3:30pm. Free of Charge.
                                                                             You will learn to asses your current investment strategies, how to work      Persimmons (treated), Fuyu Persimmons (apple), Late Asian Pears
                                                                             with your advisor to create and execute strategies that will meet your       and Pomegranates are available for your enjoyment. You may also be
                                                                             long term financial goals. Pre-registration required. Tuesday,               able to watch the process of making Hoshigaki: The Art of Japanese
Presenter: Jennifer Corona, Senior Financial Consultant
                                                                             November 1, 10:00 – 11:00am. Free of Charge.                                 Hand-dried Persimmons.
You will learn ways on how to create retirement income that can
                                                                                                                                                          We will be traveling to both places in a 7, 12 and/or 15 passenger van
provide you life time income security. Pre-registration required.                                                                                         depending on the number of participants. Deadline to register is
                                                                             HOW TO BALANCE YOUR WORK AND PARENTS CARE
Tuesday, October 4, 10:00 – 11:00am. Free of Charge.                                                                                                      October 17; 2011. Please arrive at ACC Park City by 8:00am.
                                                                             Presenter: Blair Golart, Home Instead Senior Care Business
                                                                             Development Director                                                            11F801      W 8:15a-4:00p         Nov 2              TBA
                                                                             In this workshop, we talk about how to balance work and in-home care.
Presenter: Pam Patterson, Client Relations Director, Geriatric Home
                                                                             This workshop is designed for anyone who is caring for an elderly
Care Specialists                                                             person; be it a parent, other relative or friend. The information in this
The workshop will discuss the In-home care industry, Important               workshop will give you some tools to use in caregiving, at work, and for                  AARP Mature Driving Class
questions to ask before having a caregiver in your home, The purpose         yourself in order to help you find balance in your life. Pre-registration
of the assessment, Reasons people need home care, Benefits of                required. Tuesday, November 8, 1:00-2:00p. Free of Charge.                                  Instructor: Jessie Lee
home care. Questions & Answers will follow. Pre-registration
required. Wednesday, October 5, 1:00-2:00p. Free of Charge.                  NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY
                                                                                                                                                                 This 8 hour course is open to anyone
                                                                             Presenter: Susan Sarinas                                                           who has either attended the class before
CARING FOR YOUR PARENTS WITH COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT                            Are you constantly bothered by calls from telemarketers? Join us for a
Presenter: Blair Golart, Home Instead Senior Care Business
                                                                                                                                                                           or by the first time.
                                                                             FREE workshop to learn about the National Do Not Call Registry and
Development Director                                                         the related rules that may reduce the number of telemarketing calls
In this workshop, we inform anyone who is caring for an elderly person;      you receive. Find out how to register and how to file a complaint, if          You will be given a workbook, a current copy
be it a parent, other relative or friend. Attendees will learn how to        necessary. Are you already registered, but still getting calls? You will          of the DMV Booklet and be awarded a
recognize symptoms of cognitive problems, learn what might be                also learn why you may still get some calls and what organizations are
causing them, and methods for how to cope with a loved one who is            not covered by the Registry. In addition, you will find out why you
                                                                                                                                                              certificate of completion at the end of the
suffering with these problems. Pre-registration required. Tuesday,           should never say “Yes” to telemarketers. Pre-registration required.            course. This certificate is sent to AARP and is
October 11, 1:00-2:00p. Free of Charge.                                      Wednesday, November 9, 2:00-3:00p. Free of Charge.
                                                                                                                                                                 good for your automible insurance
LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE                                                     PROTECTION PLANNING – LIFE INSURANCE BASICS                                              discount for three (3) years.
Presenter: Derek Seo, CFP® - Certified Financial Planner® practitioner       Presenter: Derek Seo, CFP® - Certified Financial Planner®
“My kids will take care of me when I’m old,” is what many people think,      practitioner                                                                   Fee:   $12 for AARP member | $14 for non members
but are you sure this plan is the best for all? Even if you already have a   While in most cases we cannot anticipate unfortunate life events such          Where: ACC Park City
long term care policy or if you have been wondering if LTC is                as an illness or injury that keeps you off the job without regular income             7375 Park City Drive • Sacramento, CA 95831
something you should consider, this discussion will help. We will talk       or the family’s primary breadwinner passes away, there are steps we            When: Oct 7 and 14, 2011
about whether your existing coverage is sufficient, trends in costs,         can take to prepare. We’ll discuss types of insurance like disability,
                                                                                                                                                            Time: 12:00 noon - 4:00p
types of coverage, strategies to pay for premiums, and the best time to      whole life, term life and universal life. Pre-registration required.
apply. Pre-registration required. Thursday, October 13, 10:00 –              Thursday, November 10, 10:00 to 11:30am. Free of Charge.                          Pre-registration and pre-payment is required! Checks
11:30am. Free of Charge.                                                                                                                                      should be dated for the current session and made out to
                                                                             DO-IT-YOURSELF HOME ENERGY ASSESSMENTS                                              AARP. Space is limited to the first 25 applicants.
MEDICARE 101                                                                 Presenter: Tisha Arzaluz
                                                                             Learn how to use the energy in your home more efficiently. Energy-
                                                                                                                                                                       For more information, please contact
Presenters: Raul Baeza & Roy Chao                                                                                                                                           Virginia Campbell-Wieneke,
This presentation will assist seniors “new to Medicare” with knowledge       efficient improvements not only make your home more comfortable,
                                                                             they can yield long-term financial rewards. In this workshop you will              Transportation Manager, at (916) 393-9026 ext. 342.
they will utilize as they compare plans and ultimately make their final
                                                                             learn how to identify which parts of your house use the most energy
choice. Current Medicare recipients can benefit from valuable
                                                                             and how to cut your energy costs. You will also be introduced to the
information they will be able to use for changing the plan during the
2011 Open Enrollment period (from October 15 to December 7, 2011).
                                                                             “CHANGES” (Community Help and Awareness with Natural Gas and                        SOUTHSIDE PARK CLASS SCHEDULE
                                                                             Electric Services) pilot program. This program can help you                                William Land Elementary
Pre-registration required. Session held at ACC Greenhaven
                                                                             understand your natural gas bill or resolve a problem with your natural
Terrace, 1180 Corporate Way, Sacramento. Thursday, October 13,
                                                                             gas company as well as help you manage energy costs through
                                                                                                                                                                 2120 12th Street • Sacramento, CA 95818
1:00-2:00p in English with Chinese translation if needed. Free of
                                                                             discount programs that can save you up to 20% on your PG&E bill .
Charge.                                                                      Pre-registration required. Tuesday, November 15, 1:00-2:00p.
                                                                             Free of Charge.
                                                                                                                                                                  MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY:
TEN TIPS FOR BUYING CELL PHONE SERVICE                                                                                                                                 Adult ESL 9:45-10:15a
Presenter: Susan Sarinas                                                     UNDERSTANDING TAX SAVING STRATEGIES                                                         Class Fee: $30 per
If you are thinking about buying a cell phone or changing your cell          Presenter: Jennifer Corona, Senior Financial Consultant
phone service provider, this class is for you! Join us for a FREE            You will learn ways to minimize or reduce taxes on interest, dividend
workshop to learn what questions to ask when choosing a service,             income and capital gain taxes. You will also learn how to effectively                         Contact Information:
what you should know before you sign a contract, and how to cut your         minimize or eliminate estate taxes for you and your heir. Pre-                           Anna Su: (916) 393-9026 ext. 330
cell phone costs. Find out what phones and plans are recommended             registration required. Tuesday, December 6, 10:00 – 11:00am.                                   or
by Consumers Reports. Also, learn about telephone fraud and what             Free of Charge.                                                                     Funded in part by Asian Pacific Rim Foundation
you can do to avoid it. Pre-registration required. Thursday, October
13, 3:00-4:00p. Free of Charge.                                              ESTATE PLANNING 101 – LEAVING YOUR LEGACY
                                                                                                                                                                    Registration and Payment Policies
                                                                             Presenter: Derek Seo, CFP® - Certified Financial Planner®
PG&E BILL REVIEW CLINIC                                                      practitioner                                                                    ACC reserves the right to cancel, add or change any
Presenter: Tisha Arzaluz                                                     A well thought-out estate plan is one of the best gifts you can give your       class contingent upon registration. A full refund will be
This free service is offered as part of the “CHANGES” (Community             family. Learn what you can do to dis-inherit the IRS and ensure your            issued or can be requested.
Help and Awareness with Natural Gas and Electric Services) program,          legacy is passed to your beneficiaries in the way you intend. Pre-              Registration and payment requirements for each class
sponsored by the CPUC. Bring a recent PG&E bill for a quick review           registration required. Thursday, December 8, 10:00 – 11:30am.                   vary. Please read each class description carefully for
to see if there are ways we can save you money. Pre-registration             Free of Charge.                                                                 details of individual class requirements.
required. Tuesday, October 18, 1:00-3:00p. Free of Charge.                                                                                                   Credits will be issued for canceled classes due to
                                                                             LONG DISTANCE CAREGIVING                                                        instructor absence, emergencies, etc.
HOSPICE CARE: HELPING PEOPLE TO LIVE WELL AS THEY                            Presenter: Blair Golart, Home Instead Senior Care Business
                                                                                                                                                             All Arts & Culture and Computer Technology classes
COMPLETE THEIR LIFE                                                          Development Director
                                                                                                                                                             require pre-registration and prepayment to reserve
Presenter: Cori Deck, Community Liaison for VITAS Innovative                 This workshop will introduce a number of strategies and ideas to                space in class, unless noted. Students are registered
Hospice                                                                      support the long distance caregiving process. We will help you to               on a "first sign-up, first served" basis. Students will be
During this educational presentation learn about your choices and            determine if your senior loved ones are exhibiting signs that they need         notified if they are on a waiting list. No credits/refunds
available care for terminally ill patients. Hospice programs provide         care or just a little assistance. Pre-registration required. Tuesday,           will be issued for student absences.
support for the terminally ill, their loved ones and caregivers. Join us     December 13, 1:00-2:00p. Free of Charge.
                                                                                                                                                             All classes listed under Dance and Health & Fitness
in an easy listening environment to learn what benefits are available to                              FIELD TRIPS                                            are on a drop-in basis, except where noted. Priced at
you and yours. Learn about what choices you have and how to voice                                                                                            $4/1 hour and $5/1.5 hour class payable on the day of
the type of care you request for self and loved ones when life is            THE DE YOUNG MUSEUM – PICASSO: MASTERPIECES FROM                                the class.
ending. Pre-registration required. Tuesday, October 25, 10:00a –             THE MUSEE NATIONAL PICASSO, PARIS
                                                                                                                                                             First time students in classes listed under certain Dance
                                                                             San Francisco, CA
11:30a. Free of Charge.                                                                                                                                      or Health and Fitness get 1 class Free of charge as a
                                                                             The de Young hosts an extraordinary exhibition of more than 100
                                                                                                                                                             trial (with approval from ACC/instructor). Fees will be
                                                                             masterpieces by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) from the               assessed and collected from students who wish to
                                                                             permanent collection of Paris’s world-renowned Musée National                   continue with the class.
Presenter: Cori Deck, Community Liaison for VITAS Innovative
                                                                             Picasso. The once-in-a-lifetime exhibition, made possible only because
Hospice                                                                                                                                                      All class/program participants must have an updated
                                                                             of the temporary closure of the Musée Picasso until 2012 for extensive
An educational workshop that discusses your rights and medical                                                                                               liability release and emergency information form in file.
                                                                             renovations, comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints
decisions .California and federal law give every competent adult, 18                                                                                         If you have not done so, please call Anna Su at (916)
                                                                             drawn from every phase of the artist’s career.                                  393-9026 ext. 330.
years and older, the right to make their own health care decisions,          We will be traveling to San Francisco in a charter bus or 7, 12 and/or
including the right to decide what medical care or treatment to accept,      15 passenger vans depending on the number of participants. Deadline             VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTORS NEEDED. Volunteers
reject, or discontinue. Learn about a free legal document which gives        to register is September 16; 2011. Please arrive at ACC Park City by             may take most classes. Free of charge on the same
your medical decisions a voice when you may not have the ability to          8:00am.                                                                         month you are teaching (subject to space availability).
express them. Pre-registration required. Thursday, October 27,
                                                                                11F800        T 8:15a-6:15p         Oct 4                TBA                 Call Lucy Chao at (916) 393-9026 ext. 322 for details.
10:00 – 11:00a. Free of Charge.
   FALL 2011 ACC NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                                    11
                DONATIONS RECEIVED (05/16/11-08/11/11)
$5,000 or more                       Candy Mar and Ken Philipson           Timmy Yee                            Dr. Janet Wong’s Retirement     Florence Misao Itaya
Fred and Rose Nagao                  Karen Morisaki                        Edwin Yee                            Henry and Margo Sugiyama        Robert and Joanne Ichimura
David Nickelson                      Kinuye and Linda Muraki               Richard and Audrey Yokoi                                             Derek and Cynthia Ikami
                                     John and Yuri Murata                  Hiroshima, Jacobs, Roth and Lewis    Dr. William Henry Chan’s        Kaye Kato
$1,000 - $4,900                      Yoshiye Nakagawa                                                              Retirement                   Keith and Shirley Kato
                                     Bernice L. Ng                         Car Donations                        Henry and Margo Sugiyama        Rose Oda
Ted and Mollie Oto
Shoji Sakauye                        Jerry and Gail Nishimoto              William Gee                                                          Ted and Mollie Oto
                                     Kenneth Okawara
                                                                                                                Memorial                        Sam and Fumie Shimada
Vincent Svilich                                                            Nancy Kaneho                         Sadao Baishiki
                                     Helen Okumura                         Wei Kuo                              Roberta Gee
$500 - $999                          Mary Olden                            Honey Lum                            Alice Kurotori
                                                                                                                                                Roy Iwata
Lori Hara                            Kiyoshi and Violet Ono                                                                                     Joey Ishihara
                                                                                                                Nancy Namba
Clement and Melinda Kong             Yosh and Irene Onoyama                In Kind Donations                    Margaret Saito
                                                                                                                                                Sue Kashiwagi
David and Connie Wright              Robert and Joyce Sahara               ACC Pocket Pickers                                                   Rita Nikaido-Yuke
                                                                                                                Henry and Margo Sugiyama
William and Judy Yee                 Charles and Kayoko Sakamoto           ACC South Sac Strummerz                                              Bert and Florence Shikasho
                                                                                                                Hideko and Tracy Tsuetaki
City of Sacramento                   Rebecca S. Singleton                  Aragon’s Custom Constuction, Inc.
Sacramento Consolidated Charities    Norman and Flora Spalding             Baldwin and Patricia Wong                                            Stanley F. Johnson
                                                                                                                Joe H.Y. Chan
Kikumoto Real Estate                 Nellie F. Tom                         Carol J. Higashi                                                     Les and Maureen O. Johnson
                                                                                                                Sid and Jean Arase
SJUMC, United Methodist Women        Chris S. Tomine                       Chris Yun and Denise Chew            Joseph and Catherine Chan       Mitsuko Mitzie Kato
                                     Marlene Tonai                         Frank’s Quality Meats, Inc.
$250 - $499                                                                                                     Phillip and Julie Chew          Peter Kato
                                     Robert and Nytee Young                Mr. and Mrs. George Mori
William and Jane Chan                                                                                           Richard and Carolyn Hashimoto
                                                                           Grace H. Nitta                       Beverly Hing
George and Eva Chiu                  Up to $49                             Henry and Winnie Kwan                                                Kathy Kawano
Jean Chong                           Winston and Loretta Ashizawa                                               George G. and Amiko Kashiwagi   Mr. and Mrs. Gene Muramoto
                                                                           Hiroko Kowta                         Michael and Joanne Mastalski
Rudolph and Lilly Loncke             Mae S. Chan                           Irene Tsujimoto
Susie Low                            Joyce Cheung                                                               Paul R. Precour                 Emiko Rose Kimura
                                                                           Jack A. Carter                       Bert and Florence Shikasho
George Okabe                         Frank and Ruby F. Chew                James and Jean Chew                                                  Nelson and Nancy Akabori
Robert and Akiye Shimada             Elaine T. Chiao                                                            Teri Shikasho-Boyle             Sid and Jean Arase
                                                                           Jeannie Voong                        Nina Tom
Craig and Lucienne Wong              Brian and Jean Chin                                                                                        Willie and Nancy Fong
                                                                           Jeff and Evelyn Lee                  Lawrence and Cynthia Won
                                     Phillip and Evelyn Chin                                                                                    Aldo and Joyce Fujii
$100 - $249                                                                Supervisor Jimmie R. Yee             Cheryl L. Wong
                                     Shue Chinn                                                                                                 Robert and Jo Ann Fujita
Helen Adachi                                                               Kat Shimoum                          Gary and Linda Wong
                                     Rita Donahue                                                                                               Henry and Justine Garibay
Arbee and Reise Chambers                                                   Kimland and Ellen Yee                Lance, Irene & Tyler Chi
                                     Mitzi and Mori Eiri                                                                                        Art Gee and Judy Takeuchi-Gee
Carol Chan                                                                 Margie Self                          Roy and Kim Yee
                                     Betty Fong                                                                                                 Abu and John C. Guilday
Kenneth and Irene Chan               Jana Fong                             Marsha Y. Murata                     Robert and Linda Yuen           Rose Guro
James and Jean Chew                  Yoshio and Sandie Furuike             Nancy Wai-Watanabe
                                                                                                                                                June Hayashi
Franklin J. and Lily L. Chinn        Riichi Fuwa                           Paul and Betty Lee                   Lun Chan                        James Hirakawa
Bill and Becky Clearwater            Eric Gerstung                         Pizza Guys                           Lily Foon Ong                   Alice Ichiho
John and Karen Dowdell               Seiko Hara                            Primrose Special Alzheimers Living                                   Lily Ikami
Roger and Florence Fong              Fred TNovher and Paula Higashi        Scott A. Louie                       Sun Oy Chan                     Art and Gloria Imagire
Aldo and Joyce Fujii                 Ronald and Joyce Hilke                Sharon K. Sano                       Harry and Leila Sen             Grace Ishimoto
Art and Judy Gee                     Richard Hom                           Teleflora                                                            Robert and Norma Ito
Howard C. Harris                     Park and Florence Hom                 Terry Nakashima                      Yin Xiao Chen                   George G. and Amiko Kashiwagi
Ernest and Virginia Hashisaka        Alan and Linda Ikeda                  Glenn A. and Thelma Wong             Jennie Lee and Joe Lim          James and Jean Kawano
Donald and Kathleen Henry            Louie and Molly Imada                 William and Virginia Soo Hoo                                         Keith and Mary Komure
Yosh Hirota                          Takuhei and Kathy K. Iseri            Winnie Kwan                          Fred Cullincini                 Ard Kozono
Dick and Lucille Hitomi              Chewy Ito                             Yoshio, Yuki and John Ebisu          Jo D’Alessandro                 Michiko and Ronnie Kubo
Cheung and Kit Huang                 Joseph and Joyce Jamilosa                                                                                  Wayne and Lynn Kurahara
Masashi and Teruko Itano             Jennifer Jenkins                      Workplace Giving                     Michiye I. Czoch                Dennis Kurlander
Frank and Ellen Ito                  Violet Jew                            Bristol-Myers Squibb Company         Joseph A. Czoch                 Frances M. Lee
Barbara and Robert Jones             Sanford and Rose Kam                  Joann Strnad                                                         Leonard and Grace Lew
Peter Kato                           Amy Kanemoto                                                               Franklin Dong                   Raymond and Marilyn Louie
Mas and Shizuko Kawasaki             Jane Katayama-Wong                    Community Health Charities           Marjorie Dong                   Gordon, Elaine & Mari Low
Kenneth Kishida                      Judi Keen                             Eugene & Linda Moriguchi             Lily Yee Jow                    Emmie Makishima
Paul C. and Anita S. Kwong           Lucile S. Kramer                                                           Lilly O. Lee                    Akito and Emi Masaki
Tokuo Masuda                         Thomas and Alice Kunibe               IBM Corporation                      Fan and Viola Yee               Jean Matsuura
Dale Minami and Sandra Mori          Jeff and Evelyn Lee                                                        Robert and Roselyn Yee          Bill and Joan Meredith
Frances Nakahara                     Wallace and Georgiana Lee             Kaiser Permanente - Community                                        Masanobu and Faye Miyagi
John and Beverly Nakamura            Simon S. M. Lee                          Giving Campaign                   Momoye Alice Enkoji             Edwin and Janet Mizutani
Robert and Patti Oshita              Tony Lewis and Lori Lee               Tracy Nagao                          Midori and Rio Sunahara         Jan Morikawa
Marc H. Ross                         Jane Louie                                                                                                 Joann Muramoto
Teddy and Helen Sekikawa             Betty L. Mar                          Morgan Stanley                       Harold Fenocchio                Edward and Setsuko Nagao
Bert and Florence Shikasho           Kenneth and May L. Mar                Esther Mar                           Kathryn Ishimoto                Sue Nakahira
Randy Shiroi and Lillie Yee-Shiroi   Susan and Marcel Marcale                                                                                   Thomas and Judith Nishimura
Rodovico Squaglia                    Chiyeko Masuoka                       PG&E Corporation Campaign for        Harold and Young Fong           Mike and Aileen Nishio
Kirk Stauffer                        Frank and Hanaye Menda                   the Community                     Marlene Fong                    Norman Nishio
Henry and Margo Sugiyama             Nana Meyer                            Joy M. Vandell                                                       Richard Nishio
Midori and Rio Sunahara              Tony and Joyce Mihanovich             Thomas Yee                           Nancy L. Fong                   Stanley and Fumiko Nishio
Catherine Taketa                     Harry and Yukiko Miwa                                                      Frances Sato                    Julie F. Nishite
May Ukita and Clarence Saika         Helen Miyata                          SAP Matching Gift Program                                            Yukie Okasaki
Stanley and Christine Umeda          Don and Sheri Morishita               Gordon I. Muraki                     Shirley Fong                    Robert and Janet Okino
Teruko Umemoto                       Margo and William Muller                                                   Frank S. and Elaine Lock        Helen Okumura
Winston and Pam Wong                 Nabil A. Musallam                     Truist                                                               Dilford and Edna Onodera
Albert and Gloria Wong               Michael and Junko Nakahira            Miles Nakatogawa                     Masao Fujikawa                  Teruko Orite
Bucky and Janet Wong                 Emma Nakamura                         Erin Vonada                          Larry Matsumoto                 Tsuto and Jean Ota
Kathy Wong                           Teruko Nakao                                                                                               Mary Otani
Mickey Yamadera                      Gary and Mitzi Nakashima                                                   Amie A. Fujimoto                Bernice Ouye
                                                                           United Way - California Capital
Mitsuo and Jayne Yamamoto            Susumu and Alice Nishihara                                                 Kaye Kato                       Lloyd and Lynne Ouye
Leo Yasukawa                         Edmond Yee and Sandra Nishimura-Yee                                                                        Elaine T. Saika
Alan and Helen Yee                   Terry and Cathy Nishizaki                                                  Mrytle Furukawa                 Heidi Sakazaki
                                                                           United Way of San Joaquin
Victor and Sherri Yee                Craig and Debbie Okabe                                                     Nancy Namba                     Harry and Leila Sen
Betty Yoshizuka                      Peter Okamoto                         Terrence Young                                                       Shirley Shimada & Helen Okamoto
                                     Brenda Page                                                                Richard Goto                    Henry and Margo Sugiyama
$50 - $99                            Steven and Eileen Park                Honor                                James Hirakawa                  Midori and Rio Sunahara
James and Sadako Abe                 ACC Pocket Pickers                    Mirry Fujita’s 90th Birthday         Richard and Susie Okamoto       Hiroko Takamoto
Bryan K. and Lida Chew               Mario Ruiz                            Naomi Miyao                                                          Rose Takata
Wayne Chin                           Ben Sakakihara                                                             Katsumi Hashimoto               Ben and Eiko Takeuchi
Lily Chinn                           Wayne Shimizu and Shirley Opie        Setsuko Nakashima                    Chiyo Aiso                      Misako Takeuchi
Howard K. Fong                       Jean M. Shiomoto                      Sharon Yamamoto                      Mike and Mary Ann Kashiwagi     Richard Tamai
Jim and Toyoko Fujii                 Ralph and Pearl Sugimoto                                                   Elsie Matsumoto                 Yosh and Laura Tanaka
Banard K. and Eiko Fujiwara          Rose Takata                           Melvin and Norrine Okamoto’s         Gregory and Phyllis Miyata      June H. Tanihana
Ted and Betty Fukushima              Richard and Matsumi Uyehara             50th Wedding Anniversary           Nancy Namba                     Betty Tanimoto
Wesley and Lynne Hiratsuka           Lois B. VanBeers                      Melvin and Norrine Okamoto           May Takeuchi                    Cliff and Julie Toyama
Allan and Meriko Hoshida             Chiang and Ruth L. Wang               Neal and Charisse Landsburgh         Mitsuo and Miyoko Yamada        Shigeru Tsujita
Carol A. Ichiho                      David Watanabe                        Andrew and Patrisse Nakamura                                         Frank Uchida Family
Gerald and Vickie Ito                Jeff and Jenny Wong                   Denise Okamoto                       Susie A. Imai                   Marcia M. Watanabe & Ferris Yayesaki
Robert and Dorothy Joe               Kenneth and Jeannie Wong              Charles Owyang’s Birthday            Nelson and Nancy Akabori        Edwin Willey
Naomi Kido                           George Yamashiro                        Memorial                           May Law                         Chizuka Yamada
Patty Koyama                         Toru and Chiyoko Yamashita            David and Lorna Reinecke             Larry Matsumoto                 Mitsuo and Miyoko Yamada
Falcon Lee                           James Yamauchi                                                             Helen Okumura                   Mickey Yamadera
Eileen and Raymond Lee               Joseph and Daphne Yee                 Reynold Owyang’s Birthday                                            Amy Yamazumi
Chung-Hsin and Ching-Chih Lin        Peiton and Rose O. Yee                  Memorial                           George Ishimoto                 Linda and Walt M. Yip
Melvin and Marilyn Maeda             Judy F. Yee                           David and Lorna Reinecke             Nelson and Nancy Akabori        John and Elaine Yoshikawa
  12                                                                                                                                                    ACC NEWS FALL 2011