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					 Spring 2012 | Vol 41, Issue 1

In Full Bloom
See page 3 for details

                       JLS Family Fun Fest
                       Saturday, April 28th
                       See page 16 and 30 for details

                                        JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SACRAMENTO 2011-2012
                              Junior League of Sacramento, Inc. Phone: (916) 921-1096
                                            778 University Avenue     Fax: (916) 921-1261
                                   Sacramento, California 95825       E-mail:
                                   Website:      Blog:

                                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                            Amy Wister, President     Carol Shellenberger, Finance Development VP
                                  Aimee Gillum, President-Elect       Vicki Robinson, Sustainer VP
                               Kristen Oliver, Administrative VP      Melissa Munno, Recording Secretary
                                Dawn Graham, Membership VP            Sheri Chow, Parliamentarian
                          Nancy Stebbins, Communications VP           Susan Maples, Treasurer
                    Kristen Krueger, Community Programs VP            Laurie Green, Treasurer-Elect
                                 Amanda Merz, Fundraising VP

                                                           THE LINK STAFF
                 Kerube Caporusso, Internal Communications Chair • Kari Fisher • Mel Caines, Graphic Design

                                                      JLS VISION STATEMENT
                          The vision of the Junior League of Sacramento is enhancing the well-being and
                      future of the Sacramento community through the dedicated action of trained volunteers.

                                            COMMUNITY ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS
David Ballard, Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento • Fred Teichert, Executive Director, Teichert Foundation
       Kelly Brothers, Partner at Genovese, Burford & Brothers and Financial Expert for KCRA-TV and News Talk 1530 KFBK
  Cheryll Cochrane, Non-Profit Community Leader & JLS Sustainer • Rick Fowler, President & CEO Community College Foundation
    Melissa Crowley, Anchor News10’s Sac & Co • Rosemary Jones, Teacher Davis Unified School District & Community Leader

                                                    JLS PROGRAMS 2011-2012
CHILDREN’S THEATRE                             IMPACT SACRAMENTO                               COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP
The oldest committee within Sacramento’s       This committee coordinates valuable             The committee’s primary focus is to
Junior League is dedicated to providing        volunteer opportunities throughout the          maintain the relationship between JLS and
a free, live theatre experience for local      Sacramento area. Activities vary month to       our partner community organizations in the
elementary school children.                    month and include Done-in-a-Day                 greater Sacramento area.
                                               projects, providing lunch to homeless
SACRAMENTO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM                                                                   KIDS IN THE KITCHEN
                                               children and distributing food to low
This committee’s focus is on development                                                       This committee is part of a nationwide
                                               income families. With our partners in the
of the Sacramento Children’s Museum.                                                           initiative to empower youth to make
                                               community we are able to make a
The Children’s Museum will provide the                                                         healthy lifestyle choices and help reverse
                                               local impact that meets the mission of JLS.
Sacramento region with a world class,                                                          the growth of childhood obesity and its
play-based environment where children are                                                      associated health issues.
nurtured, respected and celebrated.
                                          STATE PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (SPAC)
                    This committee is a non-partisan education and advocacy organization charged with promoting
                          volunteerism and legislation favorable to JLS community projects and focus areas.

                                                      Spring 2012
                                     President's Letter
                                               SUBMITTED BY AMY T. WISTER, PRESIDENT

                                               In Full Bloom

Spring is almost here and the 2011-2012 JLS term is at its half- way mark. There have been many
blooming events to celebrate:
    • President Elect, Aimee Gillum, and President Elect-Elect, Amanda Merz, have just returned from the AJLI Winter
      Leadership Conference full of fresh ideas and innovative ways to continue the JLS community impact legacy

    • The Nutrition Ad-Hoc Committee has completed the community Request for Proposal and narrowed down the top 3
      programs where JLS resources and the community needs best align

    • Over 5,000 hours of mission-driven work have been completed by JLS members and leaders

    • The Grant Writing Committee has exceeded their goal by $6,000

    • The 2012-2013 Board of Directors has been announced

    • A JLS Endowment Advisory Board has been established

    • An active and lively social media program has been established, growing in popularity and numbers each month.
      Our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter activity is creating a buzz

It’s only with the effective leadership of trained volunteers that these accomplishments could be achieved. The second half of
the year is sure to bring a growing list. I invite you to fully engage in your League role as spring approaches. This is the perfect
time to utilize the lessons from the first half of the year (the learning curve months) to continue to improve the organization. Your
dedication and participation translates into dividends for our community.



                                                                                                                     SPRING 2012       3
JLS Community Impact

Community Programs Update

Community Programs is off to a great start for 2012. The committees continue
to work hard to integrate our nutrition focus into existing projects while the Nutrition
AdHoc Committee has been working to select a new nutrition program for Commu-
nity Programs to support. In October, a community needs assessment was distrib-
uted, followed by a Request for Proposal in November. The proposals have been
reviewed and the list of potential new projects has been narrowed from 11 to 3. We
are excited about the potential partnerships that could be formed with the American
                                              Heart Association, Sacramento Library
                                              Foundation and Sacramento Food Bank
                                              and Family Services. The RFPs are available for your review on your member home
                                              page. We have invited representatives from the three organizations to present their
                                              program proposals at the February 6th General Meeting. The general membership
                                              will be voting to choose our new program in March. Please join us and learn about
                                              the potential future projects Community Programs could be supporting. If you would
                                              like more information about what Nutrition Ad Hoc is working on please contact
                                              committee chair Wendy Buckley-Stokes at

Kids in the Kitchen continues to support the Teichert Boys and Girls Club with two of our four events completed. In Dece-
ber we had real live cowgirls from Colorado visit the Boys and Girls Club. They partnered with the Beef Check-off to promote
healthy cooking with beef and a program about life on the cattle ranch. They presented three kid friendly cook-off recipes that
can be prepared in under 30 minutes. The children also participated in beef bingo, a “Beef Bowl” quiz. Prizes and recipe books
were handed out. They showed a video on modern ranching. The committee is busy planning the remaining two events as well
as a kids “cook-off” to take place at this year’s Family Fun Fest. They are recruiting local celebrity chefs as judges and plan to
have kids from the Raley and Teichert Boys and Girls Clubs competing against one another for prizes. If you would like to learn
more about the KiTK program, please contact co-chairs Apryl Hanson at or Stephanie Rice at

                                              Impact Sac teamed with Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services for their
                                              annual Turkey Drive and Thanksgiving Meal distribution. Over 8,000 turkeys were
                                              donated and then handed out by volunteers. This spring brings many more oppor-
                                              tunities for us to support SFB & FS. They have broken ground on their teaching gar-
                                              den and have many ongoing needs for volunteers to plant and maintain the newest
                                              community garden in Sacramento. Work shift opportunities are sprouting frequently,
                                              so check the website often and dig in. If you have questions about SFB and FS,
                                              please contact Impact Sac Committee Chair Kelly Siefkin at

                                                                             Community Impact JLS

                                             We have completed our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sacra-
                                             mento Children’s Museum with the purchase of the “Gear-up” exhibit. The commu-
                                             nity response to the SCM has been phenomenal and far exceeded all attendance
                                             expectations. Dates are being finalized for an afterhours JLS members “Night at
                                             the Museum.” Check The Hot Link for more information. The Junior League will
                                             continue to offer volunteer work shifts and special events at the museum. If you
                                             have questions about how to be more involved with SCM, please contact Amber
                                             Wiley at

Children’s Theatre Presents: “The Tale Spinner” Come and join us for our 2012 Children’s Theatre Production. For over 60
years, Junior League of Sacramento’s Children’s Theatre program has brought free, themed, live theatrical performances to all
greater Sacramento area public, private, and home-schooled children. This year’s production of The Tale Spinner promises to
be another year of fun, laughter, and learning. The play focuses on important topics for children, including literacy, making good
choices, and using one’s imagination.

The Tale Spinner synopsis:
“One rainy night, when a thunderstorm knocks the power out to both the television and computer, two bored children go ex-
ploring and find a big, beautiful, mysterious book on a shelf. It is a book they have never seen before; it is called The Magical
Book of Tales. As they open the book, a shower of glitter brings the Tale Spinner herself to life. Through three tales of inter-plan-
etary comedy, derring-do, and long-lost love, she opens the children’s’ eyes to a world beyond electronics… a magical world of
imagination found only in books.”
         There are 16 scheduled performances, with the dates as follows:
                  Tuesday, January 31st-Friday, February 3rd
                  Tuesday, February 7th-Friday, February 10th
                  Tuesday, February 14th-Friday, February 17th
                  Tuesday, February 28th-Friday, March 2nd
*Please note there will be no performances the week of February 20th-24th.
**All performances start at 10:00 a.m. and are held at Hiram Johnson High School Auditorium.
For reservations, please contact Pat Boyd at (916) 961-0241 or

SPAC has been busy gearing up for the upcoming legislative session of the State legislature. We’ve wrapped up this year’s
There Ought to be a Law contest and will be submitting our league’s winning submission to California SPAC for consideration.
In the meantime, we are busy planning for California SPAC’s Day at the Capitol event, hosted by the JLS. Day at the Capitol will
take place on Monday, May 7, 2012, at the State Capitol. Be sure to read The Hot Link for ways that you can participate in this
annual event. If you would like more information about getting involved with SPAC, please contact Patrice Broussard at

                                                                                                                    SPRING 2012     5
JLS Focus On Nutrition

Healthy Eating On the Go

                                Quick Tips On Eating Healthy While Out
                              So every year we are ready to start fresh or turn over a new leaf and come up withthese great big
                              resolutions that are hard to follow for the long term. Resolutions like “I am not going to eat fast food
                              once this year and never slip” or “I am going to workout every day this year.” When we set unre-
                              alistic goals for ourselves we cannot help but fail. Setting realistic goals is a very important step in
                              creating a healthy lifestyle. By trying to eat mostly healthy whole foods and watching our portion
                              control, we would be on the right path to a sustainable goal. Getting started now, at the beginning
                              of a newyear, is a great time to start fresh. According to a survey conducted by Women’s Health,
                              these days the average woman is in the car on average 15 hours per week.

That’s almost 2 full work days! Because women and families are busy, and always on the go, eating healthy can be a challenge.
However, with rising child and teen obesity, comes increased risk for health problems that are typically only seen in adults, like
Type 2 Diabetes and elevated blood cholesterol. In order to keep our families strong and healthy, we must rise to the challenge!

When you are on the go, either running your daily errands, in between home and soccer practice or ballet, or heading to the
gym, eating healthy isn’t always easy. It is too convenient to stop at your favorite fast food joint to pick up a burger, fries and a
soda to call lunch or dinner. Not exactly health food. Or, even worse, not eat at all. But there are quite a few options if you and
your family want to eat healthy while on the go. We have put together a selection of “Quick Tips” that can help you gain control
of your family’s nutrition and health.

Always Have Food Available. Keep healthy food stocked in your pantry and refrigerator at all times, so you can pack your own
snacks and lunches. It is the best way to avoid fast food restaurants or that box of fundraiser candy just steps away from your
desk. And, not only is it healthy, but it saves money! So think ahead.

 Here are a few tips to get you armed and ready for healthy choices:
  • Be prepared with containers. Gather and purchase (if needed) containers such as glass containers with lids, plastic bags,
    foil, wax paper, and a portable cooler that can be used to carry and keep food cool in the car. Stow a basic picnic set in
    your car containing a set of flatware, a small Swiss Army knife, napkins, wipes, a glass, a couple of plastic storage bags
    and a garbage bag.
  • Research food products at home and plan your meals for the week.
  • Play favorites. Earmark several favorite, quick & healthy recipes and always have the ingredients ready. This is great for a
    quick dinner after a night of after-school sports. My favorite is spinach frittata and lightly salted steamed red potatoes with
    green onion
  • Create a list of healthy foods that you would like to always keep in the house,work and in the car, like carrots, sliced fruit,
    whole wheat bread, energy bars, etc. Make sure there is plenty of variety so you won’t get bored of the same items.

                                                                               Focus On Nutrition JLS

  • Is convenience the key? Buy pre-washed salads, prepared carrots, coleslaw, celery, and pineapple. Whole Foods and
    Trader Joe’s have great selections. Check out your local grocer’s produce aisle.
  • Keep a grocery list on your refrigerator and always write down when you are out of something.
  • Organize your fridge and pantry so you can easily see when you are out of stock.
  • Mail order produce. Try an organization like Local Harvest which delivers organic, farm fresh produce to your doorstep.
  • Make Grab and Go’s. Wash and prepare fruit and veggies into single-serving size plastic bags or containers. You can also
    do this with other snacks, like pretzels or trail mix. Or, for convenience, purchase products that are already divided into
    single serving sizes. Trader Joe’s has a great Trail Mix in single-serving snack packs.
  • Stock up. Keep snacks and even lunch items anywhere you and the family might get hungry like the car, your gym bag,
    your purse, your desk, or even in the office fridge or freezer.
  • Make meals on the weekend that can be used as leftovers or frozen in single-serving sizes to freeze and reheat during the
  • Make the kids a list of quick and healthy after school snacks that they can prepare. Post it in the kitchen for easy access.
    Include things like low fat mozzarella sticks with multigrain crackers.
  • Hydrate. Toss aside the coffee cup and always carry a filled water bottle with you everywhere. Thirst can be misunderstood
    as hunger.

                                     Schedule meal and snack times. Most of us are better with a food routine than not, and
                                     kids especially benefit from it. If your kids know they will only get food at certain times, they’ll
                                     eat what they get when they get it. Begin by starting your day off right with a balanced break-
                                     fast. Forget about skipping it, as you will do yourself more harm than good and may overin-
                                     dulge at lunch time. Then, eat your snacks and meals throughout the day.

Fuel Up Before You Leave. Curb your appetite and have a healthy snack like a piece of fruit, yogurt, glass of milk or even a
handful of trail mix or raisins before you walk out the door. You will be less likely to become so famished that you over indulge
simply because you have no other option.

Keep An Emergency Stash. Keep an emergency stash of healthy snacks everywhere you or the family may need them, like in
your purse, your desk at work, your car, and your gym bag. I usually always carry two Balance Bars and a few Grab and Go,
single servings snack packs of trail mix or multigrain crackers and a reduced fat string cheese. This usually satisfies me until I
can get to a more healthful, fulfilling meal at home.

Sometimes you have no other option than to eat out while you are on the go. When that is the case, try to find a grocery store
or large convenience/drug store where there is a lot of variety. If a grocery store isn’t available, opt for a restaurant.

                                                                                                                        SPRING 2012     7
JLS Focus On Nutrition

Grocery Store dining. While you are on the road, you should be able to find a grocery store close by, or a convenience store. A
grocery store will offer you the most variety andmore healthful choices than a convenience store or restaurant.

 Here are some tips:
  • Plan your attack. Always have a plan when you go into the grocery store and avoid shopping on the inner aisles (which usu-
    ally contain only processed foods)
  • Avoid eye contact with the mega marketing end caps. Go past the end caps and be wary of bargain bins where smartly
    placed sweets and treats grab your stomach's attention
  • Never go to the grocery store starving! Before hunger strikes, plan to hit the store to get your meal or snack. Otherwise, it
    may be twice as hard to resist the convenience of M&Ms
  • Research food products at home and create a list that can be tucked into your purse or wallet of ideal snacks and meals
  • Read the label. If you purchase something processed, get familiar with the nutrition label. Avoid items with high sodium, fat
    and hydrogenated oils
  • Head for the deli case. Many stores these days also offer deli sandwiches (skip the mayo and opt for mustard) and freshly
    prepared salads to go. Add a bottle of water and lunch is served
  • Check out the produce. Look for prepared fruit and veggies in the produce section
  • Don’t forget a snack for later. While at the grocery store, pick up an afternoon snack

Restaurant dining. Though much of the food that is served in restaurants isn’t exactly healthy, many restaurants now have
healthier menu options. Subway, Wendy’s, Jamba Juice and Applebee’s are a few. And by making smart choices, you can eat

 Here are some restaurant survival tips:
  • Eat before you go. If you are out and about, and have an extra snack with you, like a handful of almonds, eat it. When you
    arrive at the restaurant and order, you won’t be starving and will be more able to control portion size
  • Start small. Begin with a salad, cup of non-cream based soup or baked potato first. Then, if you are still hungry, place an
    order for more
  • Eat your sandwich open-faced. By eating only half the bun, you can eliminate unnecessary calories
  • Ask for a wheat bun. Some places offer a wheat alternative, but some don’t. It never hurts to ask
  • Order baked, broiled, or grilled lean meats including turkey, chicken, seafood, or sirloin steak. Opt for grilled chicken sand-
    wiches instead of hamburgers
  • Avoid double meat and bacon
  • Skip the high fat add-ons like mayonnaise, butter, sour cream, dressings, sauces or cheese, and opt for a healthier alterna-
    tive like a low fat dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, salsa or mustard. Ask for olive or canola oil instead of butter, margarine, or
  • Can I have that on the side, please? If you choose to splurge on a high fat sauces or dressings, ask for it on the side and use them
    sparingly. One trick is to dip your fork into the dressing then the salad. You use a lot less dressing without sacrificing the flavor
  • Drink nonfat or low fat milk instead of whole milk or cream
  • Choose fresh fruit instead of sugary, high-fat desserts
  • Skip the fries or other unhealthy sides. Most of the big chains offer side salads or fruit on their menu. If you can, skip the
    side all together. Often, the entree is enough by itself

                                                                              Focus On Nutrition JLS

  • Skip the soda. Drink water instead. Regular sodas, juices, and energy drinks usually contain “empty” calories that you don’t
    need — not to mention other stuff, like caffeine and sodium
  • Go for balance. Choose meals that contain a balance of lean proteins (like fish, chicken, or beans if you're a vegetarian),
    fruits and vegetables, and whole-grains (like whole wheat bread and brown rice)
  • Subside to the craving. If you have a craving for something unhealthy, try sharing the food you crave with a friend. This way,
    you get to have what you want, in a controllable amount
  • Pass on the “value-size” and be aware of portion size. Be mindful of portion sizes. Most restaurant portions are way larger
    than the average serving of food at home. The portion sizes of American foods have increased over the past few decades
    so that we are now eating way more than we need. The average size of a hamburger in the 1950s was just 1.5 ounces,
    compared with today's hamburgers, which weigh in at 8 ounces or more
  • Share. Share an entree or smoothie with a friend. Most restaurant portions are adequate for two people
  • Ask for half portions or take half of your dish home. Don’t even let the extra food hit your plate. If half portions aren’t avail-
    able, ask for a box before you start eating and half it yourself

Remember, moderation is the key. The best way for you and your family to have a nutritious diet is to follow a balanced plan
that you can stick to for the long term. Indulging once in a while in a double-double cheeseburger fries and a shake is ok. But, it
shouldn’t be routine. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to completely eliminate foods you enjoy to have a healthy
diet. The long-term goal is to feel good, have more energy and reduce the risk of cancer and disease. Don’t let your missteps
derail you—every healthy food choice you make counts.

   HEALTHY SNACK TIPS Quick Tip: Post a list of your favorite healthy snack choices in the kitchen. When you or your
  family are hungry and needing some healthful energy you know just the place to look first, instead of scouring the cabinets
  for a quick fix and ending up eating the delicious, but not always the most healthful: chips, cookies or cake.

  Some of our favorite healthy snack choices include:

    • Fresh fruit (oranges with their tough protective skin are        • Pretzels or popcorn
      great for the car)                                               • Milk, water or 100% fruit juice
    • Dried fruit                                                      • Sugar free hard candies (may not fill you up but will
    • Canned fruit in light syrup in flip-top single servings            subside a sweet tooth)
    • Pre-cut raw veggies                                              • Reduced fat cottage cheese
    • Yogurt with almonds and fruit or whole grain cereal              • Instant oatmeal mixed with a small amount of dried
    • Almonds                                                            fruit bits and slivered almonds
    • Mini bagels                                                      • Peanut butter and jelly on light whole wheat bread.
    • Flavored mini rice cakes                                         • Crudités with hummus
    • Reduced fat string cheese                                        • Half a turkey sandwich with low-fat mayonnaise
    • Apple with low-fat cheese                                        • A low-fat granola bar
    • Apple or banana spread with peanut butter                        • A cup of bean soup
    • Whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese                          • Grilled corn tortillas with honey and cinnamon
    • Graham crackers, gingersnaps, or fig bars                        • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana
    • Baked tortilla chips and salsa                                   • Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins
  For more information please visit or call 916.595.3329

                                                                                                                      SPRING 2012        9
JLS Fund Development

Annual Fund Update

In the Winter LINK, we discussed what the Annual Fund is and why you should give. The heart
of the Annual Fund focuses on giving, not because you are required to under our membership
obligations, but because you have a passion for our mission! Giving to the Annual Fund provides
essential support to our programs, membership training, and operational costs. The more our
members give, the more we can accomplish in our community and towards our mission.

As of December 30 2011, JLS members have contributed nearly $10,000 to the Annual Fund. We are almost half-way to our
goal of $21,000. Remember, these contributions will be utilized in the upcoming League year (2012-2013). Donations to the An-
nual Fund are easily made with a credit card online or by sending a check to the office. You may designate your donation to one
of three areas:
         1. Junior League Programs
         2. Training and Education
         3. Greatest Need (designated by the JLS Board of Directors)
If you want to give more to the Annual Fund but are unable to financially…ask your employer if they will do a charitable match or
have a family member donate on your behalf in lieu of a birthday gift. Be creative.

The Finance Development Council acknowledges and thanks the following individuals for their Annual Fund support so far this year.

  Liz Welsh Abad                              Jana Cuneo                                  Susan Haltom
  Joyce Adamson                               Sommer & Cody Della Bitta                   Apryl Hanson
  Simone Alger                                Valerie Dichiara                            Diane Harleaux
  Sharon Aprea                                Jennifer Dicker                             Linda Hayward
  Jean Artz                                   Bonnie Elliott                              Patricia Ingoglia
  Lisa Baraya                                 Nancy Elorduy                               Barbara Jack
  Jennifer Barsanti                           Carol Feenstra                              Kathi Jacoway
  Carol Bennett                               Lori C. Ferguson                            Elisa Hansen
  Tracy & Scott Best                          Molly Finnegan Pollock &                    Carolyn Johnson
  Erin Bjork                                  James Pollock                               Muriel Johnson
  Janelle Brown                               Renee Friedrich                             Brenda Kirian & the Hyatt Sales Team
  Wendy Buckley Stokes                        Catherine Geraty Hoag                       Margaret Koewler
  Rachele Burton                              Kristie Gong                                Hellen Lee-Keller
  Happy Callis                                Karen Gossard                               Gina Ketcher
  Kerube Caporusso                            Dawn Graham                                 Patricia Lentz
  Laurie Powers                               Laurie Green                                Stefanie Loop

                                                                             Fund Development JLS

 Megan Mac Nee                                Annette Picetti-Grosjean                     Lynn Swanson
 Martha MacBride                              Lisa Pryor                                   Gloria Takagishi
 Martha B. MacLaughlin                        Vicki Robinson                               Sarah Talach
 Susan Marsh                                  Mary & Tom Rotelli                           Nancy Tate
 Jennifer McCarl                              Alee Rudis                                   Lynda Taylor
 Andrea Fowler                                Karen Sakala                                 Barbara Thomas
 Karen Mier                                   Betsy Dozier Salomon                         Angela Thompson
 Mary Miller                                  Carole Schauer                               Linda Tochterman
 Jocelyn & Peter Mitchelmore                  Elizabeth Schnuelle                          Maria Reid Vail
 Danielle Mole                                Lisa Sellers                                 Jennifer Waldrop
 Kailen Neff                                  Carol Shellenberger                          Patricia Ward
 Mary Niello                                  Nikki Smaglik                                Maryellen Weber
 Kristen Oliver                               Diana Spencer                                Amy Wister
 Deanna Orr                                   Cherri Spriggs-Hernandez                     Marjorie Witt
 Christine Owens                              Nancy & Dan Stebbins                         Merrily Wong
 Melanie Park                                 Mindi & Troy Stewart                         Jennifer Reed Rexroad
                                                                                           (In memory of Jeanette Reed)
 Elizabeth Payette                            M'Lisse Stone
 Julie & Gene Pendergast                      Kia Kapci Sundberg

Note: Contributions received after the office closed for the Christmas holiday may not be reflected here.

In addition, this year we have been the fortunate recipient of numerous gifts in memory of Sue Popp – nearly $7,000. Sue was
JLS President 1976-1977 and was always a strong advocate for the League and her community. Her legacy continues through
the many donations received in her honor. These gifts will be used in this year’s Children’s Theatre production. We are grateful to
Sue, her family, and her many friends.

 Liz Welsh Abad                               Jacqueline Devine                            Jean Hunt
 Sharon Anapolsky                             Donna Dunn                                   Patricia Ingoglia
 Frank Borgia                                 Bonnie Elliott                               Laurie Jacobes
 Julie Bugatto                                Jane Finger                                  Mary Ann James
 Happy Callis                                 * Joanne Fletter                             Diana Kearney
 Cheryll Cochrane                             Beverly Geremia                              Gina & Keith Ketcher
 Nancy Comstock                               Sue Gould                                    Carol Kious
 Patrick & Anne Conway                        Caroline Gwerder                             John Lagomarsino
 * Sandra Cook                                Carla Hansen Hills                           Sherry Levi-Ames
 Jana Cuneo                                   Cheryl Holben                                Syida Long
 Elinor DeCristoforo                          Sally Huffman                                Martha B. MacLaughlin

                                                                                                                   SPRING 2012   11
JLS Fund Development

 Polly McGilvray                             Richard Partee                                 Mary Lou Stone
 Patricia McIntosh                           Susan & Curtis Popp                            Bryan Turner
 Mary Miller                                 Susie Rauzy                                    Moni Van Camp-Kondos
 Eleanor Mitchell                            Carol Reba                                     Sue Vitiello
 Marlyn Mott                                 Carolyn Reid                                   Carolyn Willey
 Marilyn Murphy                              * Vicki Robinson                               Mary Beth Williams
 Mary Niello                                 Wendy Ross                                     Betty Williamson
 Kathleen O'Connor                           Gwyneth Ann Sheldon                            Susan Yeates

* Donation in memory of Marilyn Witter as well.
If you have any questions regarding the Annual Fund, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

                                                                               Fund Development JLS

                                    Endowment Fund
                           ENSURING A LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE
                                         SUBMITTED BY JULIE BUGATTO, JLS PRESIDENT 2007-08

                             As members, we know the invaluable impact the Junior League of Sacramento has had on the
                             community for almost 70 years. We have trained thousands of women to be strong volunteers and
                             leaders, and functioned as a key venture capitalist of the non-profit sector, founding organizations
                             such as the Children’s Receiving Home, Crisis Nurseries and the Sacramento Children’s Museum.
                             So how do we ensure this legacy of excellence?

                             Create an endowment. Donations to an endowment create a principal fund that cannot be invaded.
                             Only the interest earned from the fund can be spent, not the principal. Usually, only a portion of the
                             interest or earnings from the endowment (typically 5%) are spent annually to support the organiza-
tion’s mission. Any interest or earnings over 5%remain in the principal fund to ensure that the fund will grow over time.

Ensure financial stability. Many non-profits have limited resources (fees, dues and/ or fundraisers) so they only plan for the
current fiscal year or a few years beyond. An endowment helps augment an organization’s income and reduces the financial
dependency on annual fundraisers, whose revenues can vary from year to year. Creating an endowment is an important step in
ensuring the financial health of an organization.

Promote giving. An endowment is different from an annual fund. The annual fund solicits donations in a current year to be used
in the following year. The endowment fund donations will exist in perpetuity; only the interest will be distributed.

It is exciting to announce the Junior League of Sacramento has formed an endowment advisory committee to lay the ground-
work for establishing a viable Junior League of Sacramento endowment. We will be providing you with updates in each issue of
The Link. This is new territory for our league and we look forward to sharing more with you. If you have any questions, please
contact Julie Bugatto, Endowment Advisory Board Chair at 916-202-7084 or

                        THE FUTURE
                          ALL ITS

                                                                                                                       SPRING 2012   13
JLS Fundraising


Looking for a romantic menu worthy of your special Valentine . . . . Look no further! Our very own
Celebrate holds the answer! Indulge in the menu below and you are sure to win your Valentine's

Baby Lettuce and Brie with Walnut Port Wine Vinaigrette (p. 115)

                                      This salad has very few ingredients; however, the vinaigrette is what makes it a real
                                      showstopper! If you’re short on time, I would make the vinaigrette the night before
                                      as the port takes a little time to reduce. This salad would be delicious with pears,
                                      apples or anything else you would pair with brie.

Medallions of Beef with Wild Mushroom Cabernet Sauce (p.160)

                                      This dish is as beautiful as it is delicious! A hot heavy bottomed pan is the key to the
                                      seared crust on the outside and tender goodness on the inside. The red wine sauce
                                      takes a little time to reduce; otherwise it comes together very quickly. The mush-
                                      rooms give the sauce an earthy taste.

Creamed Spinach with Fresh Parmesan (p. 164)

                                      A steak house staple, this creamed spinach is simple and delicious. Throw every-
                                      thing into the food processor, pop it in the oven and you are 30 minutes away from
                                      creamy, buttery goodness!

Potato Soufflé (p. 171)

                                      This side will look incredibly impressive; however, it is surprisingly simple. Admittedly,
                                      the word soufflé sounds intimidating; however, it was uncomplicated and not at all
                                      intimidating. It was easy, airy and full of flavor. Also, since other people are intimated
                                      by the word soufflé, you will look like a Goddess in the kitchen!

                                                                                      Fundraising JLS

Rum Chocolate Mousse (p. 215)

                           Even after all this delicious food you must save room for dessert, it is Valentine’s Day after
                           all. This dessert is perfect to make the night before and leave to chill in the fridge. With only
                           fifteen minutes until completion, you might be inspired to whip this up any night of the week.
                           There is just a hint of rum and the coffee in the chocolate really brings out the chocolate’s
                           intensity. It is delightful by itself; however, it would also be delicious served with fresh whip
                           cream, ice cream or berries.

                           Turn to your copy of Celebrate for the recipes. If you do not have Celebrate you can purchase
                           it online or stop by the league office and pick a copy for $26.95.

                                                                                                              SPRING 2012      15
JLS Fundraising

Family Fun Fest 2012

                           We are excited to announce the date for this year's Family Fun Fest! Save
                           the date of Saturday April 28, 2012 and join us for a magical evening of
                           live entertainment, children's crafts, carnival games, food, beer and wine
                           at Fairy Tale Town. This year you will not be able to buy tickets at the
                           door of Fairy Tale Town, we will be selling tickets before each General
                           Meeting starting in February. In addition, we will have them available
                           on the JLS website. Ticket prices will remain the same as last year, $10
                           for ages 13 and up, $5 for children age three to twelve, and children two
                           and under are free. Family packages will also be available. If you are
interested in selling tickets for your Fund Development requirement, please contact Mary Cuccia or Megan McMahon We are currently
looking for sponsors for the event; please let us know if you are aware of any prospects we should
be reaching out to.

Last year's event was an exciting evening with live music from Mother Mahem and healthy
cooking demonstrations from Celebrity Chef Tyler Stone. The committee is hard at work bringing
back some of the favorites and new fun for all. We are hoping to have the Kapeoera Society and
Fencing Demonstrations return, and are connecting with some different local musicians to
keep you dancing through the night. The Community Programs Committee and Fundraising
Committee are working closely together to bring back the Food Pyramid Amazing Race and
the finals for the cooking competition with the Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento. There will
be plenty of great items in the raffle, and many of the greatly loved carnival games will return.
Everyone is a winner so bring your princes and princesses out for a great evening where we support
Junior League of Sacramento and the wonderful work we are doing in the Sacramento Area.

             Party Angeles can assist in serving food, bartending and cleaning up at any event.
                         Choose Party Angeles to help make your party truly heavenly.
                          Phone: (916) 956.2663 • Email:

                                                                                            Fundraising JLS

               We Cracked the Crab Feed Season
                 Thank You to Our Sponsors, the Community and Our Members
                                           SUBMITTED BY KASSIE FRASER, CRAB FEED CHAIR

                                 Every year, at about this time, the Sacramento area is all a-flurry with crab feeds to go along
                                 with the Dungeness crab season. At our 7th Annual Junior League of Sacramento Crab Feed,
                                 we are thrilled to say that we were a bright light shining out from the middle of the hustle and
                                 bustle. None of our success could have been accomplished without the rally of the community
                                 who came together with fabulous donations and products. Three cheers to our 2012 sponsors
                                 for such an amazing event that is sure to be remembered. Everything was picture perfect right
                                 down to our fabulous photography (coming soon).

All of the endless pasta, salad, antipasto, and (of course) crab was washed down perfectly with a drink from our bar. We had
quite the response from our beverages ranging from wine on behalf of William Hill and the Naked Grape; and bottled beer from
Markstein and Hoppy from the keg. To round out the evening and satisfy those with a sweet tooth, some of our members put
on their aprons and baked up a storm from cake and cookies to pies and cupcakes. Now, that’s a storm front I don’t think
any of us would mind coming through often! We also had wonderful donations from area bakeries and restaurants that were
snapped up in a flash.

To work off all that sugar we had our DJ rock the house! From the mellow music at dinner to the dance party afterwards, we are
thankful for his services. For those on the more chill side of life, our outdoor cigar lounge and new offer of scotch at our bar was
a fantastic alternative. The outdoor patio area decorated with lights and heaters against the winter air was a very festive place to
gather and mingle. We also had a great turnout at our Silent Auction, which was a tremendous success.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event to make it a big success. We are already looking forward to next year. Cheers to
our attendees and sponsors, and get ready for our 8th Annual Crab Feed in 2013!

                                                                                                                  SPRING 2012       17
JLS JLS Members

                Nominating Committee Welcomes
                        Amanda Merz, President Elect-Elect

The Nominating Committee is happy to welcome Amanda Merz into leadership,as our President
Elect-Elect for 2013-2014. I recently had a chance to interview Amanda to discuss her new role and
her vision for the Junior League. In addition, I learned a few interesting and fun details about her

                            What are some of the visions you have for our League in the future?

                            “I am so thankful for what the League has provided me. I want our members to feel a sense of com-
                            munity, opportunity and empowerment that enables them to receive what they are searching for
                            from the League. I want the League to be a place that provides the member a plan that they can
                            be proud of; a path that enables them to learn something new, meet a great friend and feel like they
                            made a difference.”

                            If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?

                            “Jackie Kennedy has always been my idol. I love her style but more importantly I admire her confi-
                            dence and ability to read people's needs. I love that she always put her children first and believed in
                            using all of her womanly talents to be successful.”

                            What is your favorite candy bar?

                            “I really do not like candy bars but I will eat a dozen cookies if I thought I wouldn't pay the price!”

                            What is your idea of a perfect day?

                            “My perfect day includes the following: my husband, my children, and some quiet time with God, a
picnic, a great book, and a fabulous bubble bath with a glass of Rombauer. If all of this could happen back in the village in Swit-
zerland we used to live in, I would be a very happy lady!”

We are thrilled about Amanda’s upcoming role as President for 2013-2014, and will enjoy getting to know her even better over
the coming years. Welcome Amanda Merz! We tip our Rombauer to you!

                                                                                   JLS Members JLS

                      Announcing the 2012 - 2013
                                      Board of Directors
                                    SUBMITTED BY NIKKI SMAGLIK, NOMINATING CHAIR

The Nominating Committee is delighted to announce the 2012-2013 Board of Directors who will
be serving with incoming President, Aimee Gillum. We thank these ladies for stepping up and
leading us in the coming year.

                        Please join us in welcoming the 2012-2013 Board of Directors!

       • President – Aimee Gillum                             • Membership VP – Laurie Powers
       • President-Elect – Amanda Merz                        • Community Programs VP – Kristen Krueger
       • Treasurer – Laurie Green                             • Communications VP - Angel Thompson
       • Treasurer-Elect - Karen Sakala                       • Sustainer VP - Elizabeth Payette
       • Administrative VP - Melissa Munno                    • Fundraising VP - Renee Friedrich
       • Recording Secretary - Stephanie Rice                 • Fund Development VP - Carol Shellenberger
       • Parliamentarian - Wendy Buckley-Stokes

                                                                                                     SPRING 2012   19
JLS JLS Members

                   Members' Advocate Column

                                                           Hello JLS Members. It is hard to believe the 2011-2012
                                                           League year is more than half over. I hope you are all
                                                           enjoying your committee roles and making the most
                                                           of all the great training and service opportunities the
                                                           League has to offer. Remember, I am always available if
                                                           you have any questions or concerns about your League
                                                           experience. I want to make sure you feel successful in,
                                                           and rewarded by, your League involvement.

There are a few exciting upcoming items to note:

  1. Placement! It’s almost that time again. The MAP Committee has been working to up-date the Placement Handbook
     for the 2012-2013 year and will be notifying everyone when the new version is ready for viewing on the JLS website. Do
     yourself a favor and start thinking NOW about where your unique skills and gifts will fit in next year. And please, as always,
     reach out to me or your designated member advisor if you have any questions or would like any advice about placement.
     We are here to help!

  2. Family Fun Fest is right around the corner. This is a great opportunity to get your fundraising work shifts done and com-
     plete your fund development obligations. Don’t leave your obligations until the end of the League year.

Affinity Groups:

Affinity Groups are a great way to cement your connections and discover other inte ests you have in common with League
members. Join, or better yet, lead an Affinity Group! If you’d like to start an affinity group, it’s easy. Contact Members’ Advocate,
Jan Gehlen ( or Angel Thompson for more information. For a more detailed description of each Affinity
Group, click on the Members’ Advocate Link on the JLS website.

                                                                                                 JLS Members JLS

Heart Award Recipients

                                                Congratulations to the following October, November and
                                                December 2011 HEART Awardees. If you know someone
                                                who has gone above and beyond, let them know they are
                                                appreciated with a HEART award. Submit using the link
                                                under Members' Advocate on the JLS website.

Meredith Abby
        Meredith has been a great addition to the PR/Marketing team this year! As part of the committee's goals to feature
        League members each month, Meredith kicked off the JLS year with some great interviews. Her interviews have been
        featured on the blog as well as in the upcoming LINK. Meredith also contributed to the committee by creating a stan
        dard list of sample questions for the entire team to use. In addition, you can see her enthusiasm and sparkling person
        ality in her write-ups as well as on camera. Thank you Meredith!

Melissa Munno
        Melissa went above and beyond in helping to prepare the new discussion cards we'll be using at general meetings.
        She laminated the cards on her own time, which turned out to be a very labor intensive task. Thanks, Melissa, for your
        hard work!

Kari Fisher
        Kari Fisher is a hard-working and dedicated member of the Internal Communications Committee. Each quarter she works
        with Kerube Caporusso to develop and create the content and theme for The LINK. It's a big job and Kari is always up to the
        task. She is creative, fun, inspirational and hard working. Congratulations to Kari for her dedication to JLS.

Gloria Takagishi
        Gloria is an outstanding member advisor and is also responsible for processing all members transferring into or out
        of the JLS. She has been working tirelessly to serve her advisees and also to keep our transfer process running
        smoothly. The MAP committee is lucky to have her on board and we appreciate all the investment of her time and effort!

Jean Frioux (Sustaining Member)
        Thanks to Jean for starting the JLS book club, Bookends, and remaining as chair for 17 years.

Debbie Rubens (Sustaining Member)
        Thanks to Debbie for providing the article for The LINK regarding the benefits of being a member of AJLI.

                                                                                                                         SPRING 2012   21
JLS JLS Members

               Community Stars Celebration
                                 Saturday, May 19, 2012

Save the date for Community Stars 2012 at the beautiful Arden
Hills Resort Club & Spa in Sacramento. Please join us in congra-
tulating this year's chairs Laurie Powers and Melissa Munno.
These two are busy planning this year's spectacular event.

Community Stars 2012 will once again highlight the following
awardees: New Member of the Year, First Year Active of the Year,
Active of the Year, President's Award, Sustainer of the Year and
Community Star of the Year and we will also honor our annual
sponsors. Start thinking about the outstanding JLS women you'd
like to nominate for the 2012 awards.

Last year’s 2011 award recipients:

    • New Member of the Year – Melanie Barnes and Bethany Chavez
    • First Year Active of the Year – Kelli Boehm
    • Active of the Year – Laurie Green
    • President’s Award – Keri Case
    • Sustainer of the Year – Diane Grenz and Linda Scott
    • Community Star of the Year – Ruth Fields Messersmith

Back by popular demand is the annual Purse Auction.
                                We love our purses and this event is an opportunity for you to expand your collection. Last
                                year’s purse auction brought in $3,510 which went directly back JLS programs. Purchase a
                                purse for a good cause—how perfect is that? Also, don’t forget to set aside your new or gently
                                used purses as a donation. JLS will begin collecting purses at the General Meetings and will
                                accept donations at the JLS Office.

                                If you should have any questions about Community Stars 2012 please contact Laurie Powers
                                at (916) 281-7218 or Melissa Munno at
                                (916) 916-708-8450. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event.

                                                                                            JLS Members JLS

Membership Expectations

                            Spring is almost here and we are more than half way through our Junior League of Sacramento year.
                            Spring is typically a time of renewal and cleaning out, a time where flowers bloom and the leaves
                            start returning to the trees. The weather is a little nicer and nicer each day heading into summer.
                            Just as spring approaches, the Junior League of Sacramento has been working on revising our out-
                            dated Dues and Obligations. Dues have not been raised since 2000 and with AJLI raising their dues
                            we must also increase ours. By the time you receive this article you, the Membership will have voted
                            at the January General Meeting on the dues option that makes the most sense to the Junior League
                            of Sacramento membership.

I personally can say the Board of Directors has spent a lot of time and thought on the best direction and the input everyone in
Membership has put into this discussion, and your final vote, is very much appreciated. You are each very valuable to the Junior
League of Sacramento and your membership is what makes the organization what it is. The Junior League of Sacramento is a
terrific volunteer organization with amazing members that go above and beyond in the Sacramento community.

With that being said, it will be time to discuss the Non-Financial Expectations (formerly called Obligations). Please take a mo-
ment to share with me, Dawn Graham, or your fellow members what you would like your experience with the Junior League to
be. Currently we have Non-Financial Obligations that fall under Community Service, Fundraising, Other (can either be a Com-
munity Service or a Fundraiser Shift), General Meeting attendance and Training. It is time to refresh these expectations and we
will be voting as a Membership in the spring for the 2012/13 year. The Board of Directors will be looking at and taking feed-back
from Membership very seriously as to what makes the most sense for these Non-Financial Expectations and ultimately giving
you the Membership the final vote. That being said, as Membership VP this year with the Junior League of Sacramento, I really
appreciate each and every member’s contribution to the League and Community. There are so many of you and the impact
made in the community is far and wide. With winter coming to an end and spring approaching, I hope you all feel a sense of
renewal in your Junior League career and overall experience.

                                                                                                                  SPRING 2012      23
JLS JLS Members

                            Dues and Obligations
                                 Planning Ahead for 2012

                                         It is the time of year to start planning ahead and thinking about next year and your path
                                         in the Junior League. Is your status changing, have you fulfilled your obligations or do
                                         you have more to fulfill before the end of the League year? By now you should have been
                                         introduced to your advisor and received a few emails about your obligations and how to
                                         fulfill them. If you have any questions or issues, just log into your JLS home page where
                                         you can find your advisors name and send her an email. The Membership Advisor &
                                         Placement Committee is here to serve you and ensure that you have a successful year in
                                         the Junior League. We appreciate any feedback and would love to hear from you.

Now that you are thinking about next year, please take a moment to read the following about Status changes and obligations.
Now is the time to let us know if you plan to go Sustainer or have any questions about your status and/or obligations.

 Change of Status Requests 2012

From January 15 – March 1, 2012 we will be accepting Change of Status requests online. The only status change that requires
a request is the change from Active, Honored Active or Honored Active Gold to Sustainer. The change from Active to Honored
Active will be made automatically if the member has completed at least 4 years of fully placed active service. Honored Active
Gold is no longer an available status.

Leaves of Absence during all status periods will affect eligibility. Please contact your Membership Advisor if you have taken
a Leave of Absence and are interested in changing your status. All status changes will be reviewed for eligibility before being
granted. Your advisor will be contacting you shortly to let you know if you are eligible for change of status this year.

To submit your Change of Status request online, please go to and log into the Member Home section. Please go
to JLS Essentials. Once in JLS Essentials, click on the Change of Status Application under the Membership section. A Change
of Status form should appear. Once you complete it, it will be sent to the Corresponding Secretary.

If you have any questions regarding the submission form, please contact Corri Gran, Corresponding Secretary at

                                                                                               JLS Members JLS

 Per the JLS Bylaws, below are the categories of status:

An active member is a member who has completed provisional training and demonstrates volunteer service to the community
and the league.

 Honored Active:
Special Note: Honored Active status will be automatically granted to all members who have completed at least 4 fully-placed
active years of service. Your advisor will llet you know if your status will be changed this year.
*Special Note:
To become an Honored Active for 2012-2013, a member must have become Active on 5.1.08 or earlier and at no time have
taken a Leave of Absence from the League. If you have questions regarding your Active date, please contact your
Membership Advisor.

A Sustainer is a member who has completed at least seven (7) fully placed active years of service. This member has fulfilled ac-
tive membership requirements and continues to support the community and the league.
*Special Note:
To become a Sustainer for 2012-2013, a member must have become Active on 5.1.05 or earlier and at no time have taken a
Leave of Absence. If you have any questions regarding your Active date, please contact your Membership Advisor.

 Sustainer Emeritus:
A sustainer who is eighty (80) years old may become an emeritus member.

Member obligations are subject to change each year. The new 2012-2013 member obligations are not yet available. Please
check back with your Membership Advisor.

                                                                                                               SPRING 2012    25
JLS JLS Members

Spotlight on First Year Active

                        Melissa Murrell Epperly joined JLS in 2011. She attended a new member meeting during the sum-
                        mertime and was hooked after hearing more about it. Now that she has started to get to know many of
                        the members, she has taken a big interest in getting more involved in the League. Thank you Melissa for
                        joining, we are so glad you're enjoying your time. Here are a few fun questions and answers to help you
                        get to know her.

                         Why did you decide that you wanted to be in the Junior League?
                         I decided to join the Junior League because I wanted to become directly involved in the Sacramento
                         community. The Junior League has been a vessel for helping the community and enriching the lives of
others. I’ve always believed in giving back and the Junior League is the perfect organization for making a difference.

What are you most excited about since learning what we do?
I’m most excited about the incredible opportunities that the Junior League has to offer. If you have a passion or if you’ve ever
thought about a new endeavor, the Junior League has an avenue to pursue it. Whether it is fundraising, grant writing or social
communication the Junior League is the ideal platform to become involved and see if this is one of your strengths.

What event or outreach activity have you enjoyed the most since you started?
I really have enjoyed getting to know people through Junior League. I have lots of favorite events so far, but one of my recent
favorites was the Junior League New Member Ornament Exchange. The reason I loved this event is because I really connected
with some new ladies. It was fun to relax and spend time with them and get to know some new faces. I am also looking forward
to many of the Impact Sac events I have registered to attend.

What is your favorite hobby?
I’m an avid reader and I love to read. I read everything from fiction, non-fiction basically anything that sparks my interest. I have
a Nook Color but I still buy paper books and cannot pass a bookstore without venturing in.

What’s your favorite TV show and movie?
I’ve always enjoyed Law and Order (the original and spin-offs), I even watch the reruns. There are so many great movies but I’m
going to have to go with the movie I’ve watched the most times which is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I still laugh every time I watch
it. It’s a classic to me.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
My super power would be a superb photographic memory. I could read anything and recollect it, word for word. The knowledge
obtained would be incredible. Come to think of it, this super power would have been ideal in my college days!

Why do you think the Junior League is a good fit for you?
The Junior League is a good fit for me because I enjoy working as part of a team. There’s something to be said about a group of
women taking action and contributing to a cause they believe in.

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                                                                                                              SPRING 2012   27
JLS Sustainer Update

                                          Sustainer News
                                           SUBMITTED BY VICKI ROBINSON, SUSTAINER VICE PRESIDENT

                         As I look at the calendar, I realize we are more than half way into our year and we still have much to reap
                         from the seeds we planted last summer. Thanks to Bev Geremia and Carol Bennett (Bridge Chairs) and
                         Sue Gould and Marybeth Williams (Dom Chairs), we have 100 members playing Bridge and Domino,
                         and we are looking forward to end of the year Tournaments (Playing-Luncheons). Remember - anyone
                         can join in the fun of the End of the Year Tournament-Luncheons, even if you did not play in the Year-
                         Long Tournament. You will need to sign-up with a partner. The sign-up form for the Domino Luncheon,
April 25th, is included in this issue. The information for the Bridge Luncheon, May 2nd, is in this year’s Player-Packet and will be
sent out in an E-Blast as the date gets closer.

         The JLS Spring Domino Play-Day and Luncheon at The Sutter Club
         Address: 1220 9th Street • Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 (Please sign up as partners)
         Time: Arrive at 9:15 A.M. Play begins promptly at 9:30 A.M.
         Phone:                                                             Email:
         Partner’s Name
         Partner’s Phone:                                                   Partner’s E-mail
         Checks for $45 (per player) should be made payable to “JLS” and sent to: Marybeth Williams
         at 3711 17th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 • Make your reservation by April 13, 2012.

We have more than 50 members reading books for the monthly Bookend meetings. These members get to share their ideas
regarding selected books and connect with friends every month.

Our Sustainer Council will be meeting to finalize a Field Trip. We are hoping to go to the De Young Museum for “Bouquet to
Arts” in March. Watch for a firm date and information regarding this event to come in E-Blasts and The Hot Link.

We need to congratulate Nancy Tate and the Poinsettia Luncheon Committee on the Spectacular 25th Anniversary Event. Diane
Grenz and Linda Scott produced a Fashion Show that we will remember for years to come. Nancy’s entire committee worked
their magic to make the event a great success. Now, they will start preparing for next year’s event December 5th 2012.

We have some wonderful news regarding the Sustainer Cocktail Party. Past-President Gina Ketcher has volunteered to host the
event at her home on May 2nd located at 1035 42nd Street, Sacramento. Husbands and guests are welcome. To attend please
send a check no later than May 2nd for $25 per person made out to Junior League of Sacramento. You will be receiving an invi-
tation and reminders about this event as the date approaches.

                                                                                      Sustainer Update JLS

When your annual dues letter arrives, you will see an increase in Sustainer dues. Our National Organization AJLI has raised their
dues and by-laws require that when that happens, we raise our dues. After crunching the numbers and considering the increase
of office expenses, along with the increase in AJLI, it was decided that we would raise our Sustainer Dues to $100. After review-
ing our activities and opportunities for “Fun-Raising” I hope you will realize this is still a bargain.

Events are blossoming within the Sustainer Membership. I encourage you to participate in as many activities as you can. See-
ing friends, old and new, will provide you many happy hours in the months to come Remember to “Stay Connected,” read my
E-Blasts and the The Hot Link sent to your email. If you change your email address, or any personal information, please contact
the JLS office to have your membership profile updated. I hope to see you at our upcoming events. Please contact me if you
have any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll connect you with someone who does!

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                      Please contact Kerube Caporusso at for more information.

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                Full Page  6 3/4” by 9 1/2”            $310.00            $560.00            $780.00       $960.00
                1/2 Page   6 3/4” by 4 1/2”            $220.00            $400.00            $540.00       $640.00
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                                                                                                                    SPRING 2012   29
JLS Fundraising