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									        BUCKS COUNTY FIRE NEWS
                                    October 2010
The next meeting of the         Ground breaking for the           Fire Alarm Systems
Chiefs’ & FireFirefighters’     Lower End Training Center is      presented by Tom
Association will be held at     scheduled for Oct. 20th at        Hammerberg of the AFAA
Station 19, Doylestown, on      approximately 12:00 Noon.
October 18, 2010.                                                 Registration information can
7:00 PM Dinner                  Brian Dubree reviewed the         be found at
7:45 PM Meeting Start           Federal Recruiting Grant. It is   http://www.paco-
                                for 4 years and includes TV       71.org/registration_nov.php
The November meeting will       time, signs, commercials and
be held at Dublin, Sta. 23 on   a hot line phone number.          Good Advice – Treat
November 15th.                                                    everyone as you would like to
                                The Home Land Security            be treated and never ask
                                Task Force is working on a        anyone to do something that
Highlights of the Sept.         standard accountability that
Meeting –                                                         you would not do yourself.
                                will be free to the county fire
                                service.                          FEMA’s Private Sector
Don Konkle - reviewed the                                         Division released two
goals of the PA Fire &          Radio changes – All cover         Tabletop Exercise
Emergency Service Institute.    companies will be notified on     presentations, free for
He suggested visiting the       dispatch that they are to         download and use by any
website for all updates.        respond on the “emergency         organization as tools for
                                band”.                            continuity planning,
Bucks EMS is interested in                                        preparedness and resiliency.
establishing a standard Rehab                                     They’re designed so you can
Policy.                         Training - Monday
                                November 15, 2010: Gas            gather a group of employees
                                Suppression and Kitchen           or any team for a few hours
The Bucks County                                                  and review an emergency
Scholarship committee has       Hood Extinguishing Systems
                                presented by Jimbo Schifiliti     plan, using these PowerPoint
received 13 applications.                                         presentations and exercise
                                of FSCI, Inc.
                                                                  “news” videos to add realism
A letter reminding the                                            and spur discussion. We put
Training Center that no         Tuesday November 16,
                                2010: Fire Alarm Plan             a lot of work into this, and
classes are to be held on the                                     these are different than many
first Sunday in October in      Review presented by Tom
                                Hammerberg of the AFAA            others you have probably
remberance of the Bucks                                           seen because:
County Memorial Service
and Bucks Line-of-Duty          Wednesday November 17,                   They are free and
deaths.                         2010: Testing Inspection and      simple to use
                                maintenance of
 2                                                       BUCKS CO. FIRE NEWS
      We filled in the notes     Incident Reporting System          Fireman’s Hall Fire Safety
pages so you can facilitate on   (NFIRS). According to the          Expo, Sunday, Oct. 24th at the
your own                         report, an estimated 9,000         Philadelphia Fire Academy, 9
                                 smoking-related fires in           to 4PM.
       The Virtual News          residential buildings occur
Network (VNN) injects make       annually in the United States,     The U.S. Consumer Product
them compelling and              resulting in an estimated          Safety Commission, in
interesting                      average of 450 deaths, 1,025       cooperation with Siemens
                                 injuries, and $303 million in      Industry Inc., of Alpharetta,
       They are scalable to
                                 property loss.                     Ga. announced a voluntary
meet the timeframe and needs
                                                                    recall of about 2.2 million
of your organization             While smoking-related fires        Siemens and Murray Circuit
                                 account for 2 percent of all       Breakers, Load Centers and
      We have posted both a
                                 residential building fires, they   Meter Combos
Hurricane Scenario and a
                                 are the leading cause of fire
Chemical Accident
                                 deaths, accounting for 17          Hazard: The recalled circuit
Scenario (more scenarios to
                                 percent of fire deaths in          breakers have a spring clip
                                 residential buildings. In          that can break during normal
       We didn’t do it in a      addition, cigarettes are, by       use, leading to a loss of force
vacuum – we vetted these         far, the leading type of           to maintain a proper electrical
with many of you and             smoking material involved in       connection in the panelboard.
incorporated your great ideas    residential smoking fires and      This can lead to excessive
(we listen)                      account for 87 percent of          temperature, arcing or
                                 these fires. Finally,              thermal damage at the
Download from our Website:       residential building smoking-      connection point, and damage
http://www.fema.gov/privates     related fires peak in the          to the panelboard's electrical
ector/exercises.shtm             afternoon and early evening        insulation and can result in a
                                 between 2 and 7 p.m. This 5-       fire, property damage, or
The Federal Emergency            hour period accounts for 27        personal injury. anufactured
Management Agency’s              percent of all residential         in Mexico.
(FEMA) United States Fire        building smoking-related
Administration (USFA)            fires, however, the smoking        As you may/may not realize,
issued a special report          fires that occur in the late       Firefighters are exposed to
examining the characteristics    evening and early morning          potentially dangerous levels
of smoking-related fires in      tend to be the most deadly.        of ultrafine particulates at
residential buildings. The                                          the time when we are least
report, Smoking-Related          Station 55, Newtown, has           likely to wear our SCBA.
Fires in Residential             taken delivery of a Pierce         Because of this, researchers
Buildings, was developed by      Velocity PUC Rescue                believe we may face an
USFA’s National Fire Data        Pumper. It features a Detroit      increased risk for heart
Center.                          Series 60, seats 7, 500 tank,      disease from exposures
                                 1500 pump Husky 12 foam            during firefighting and
The report is part of the        system with Hercules CAFS,         overhaul.
Topical Fire Report Series       30 gallon foam tanks, 15 kw        In a study conducted
and is based on 2006 to 2008     Harrison.                          collaboratively by the
data from the National Fire
 3                                                    BUCKS CO. FIRE NEWS
University of Cincinnati        Safety Management."            exposure to key elements of
(UC), Underwriters               Register at:                  soft target awareness,
Laboratories (UL) and the       http://www.surveymonkey.co     surveillance detection, and
Chicago FD, researchers have    m/s/SEPARTF-                   improvised explosive device
found that more than 70         TECHNOLOGY-SUMMIT-             (IED) recognition. The
percent of particulates         REGISTRATION                   workshop training materials
released during fires are                                      enhance and reinforce
"ultrafine," invisible to the   FEMA’s Private Sector          participants’ knowledge,
naked eye but able to be        Division is releasing two      skills, and abilities related to
inhaled into the deepest        Tabletop Exercise              preventing, protecting
compartments of the lung.       presentations, free for        against, responding to, and
CLICK HERE for more             download and use by any        recovering from terrorist
details:                        organization as tools for      threats and incidents. This
http://tinyurl.com/2wfa2hj      continuity planning,           workshop reviews the current
                                preparedness and resiliency.   development of strategies
THE SOUTHEASTERN                The downloads are available    requiring collaboration of
PENNSYLVANIA REGIONAL           at:                            numerous agencies across
TASK FORCE AND OUR              http://www.fema.gov/privates   multiple localities, disciplines
TRAINING PARTNERS ARE                                          and level of government. The
PLEASED TO PROVIDE YOU                                         workshop outlines specific
                                Information from the Eastern   counterterrorism awareness
INFORMATION:                    Region Training Coordinator    and prevention actions that
The First Annual Technology     at the Center for Domestic     reduce vulnerability and
Summit for the region is        Preparedness and the current   mitigate the risk of domestic
being held October 6 and        resident catalog is attached   terrorist attacks.
October 7, 2010, at the         for reference.
Montgomery County Public                                       October 27, 2010, 9:00am to
Safety Training Campus in       Delaware County Community      4:00pm, Montgomery County
Conshohocken, PA. This          College is offering a number   Public Safety Training
Summit will feature             of Public Safety and           Campus, 1175 Conshohocken
presentations on GIS in         Emergency Preparedness         Road,
Planning, CAD to CAD            courses at no cost to the      Conshohocken, PA 19428
Communications, Law             participant. Please check      Registration:
Enforcement Justice             their website for additional   http://www.surveymonkey.co
Information System (LEJIS),     information:                   m/s/private-sector-
Communications Systems,         http://www.dccc.edu/emerge     counterterrorism
Training Simulations            ncyinstitute/
                                                               META-LEADERSHIP SUMMIT
systems, and much more.                                        FOR PREPAREDNESS
                                DHS- PRIVATE SECTOR
Vendors will be on-site
demonstrating the latest in                                    The Meta-Leadership
                                AWARENESS COURSE
technology. Leonard                                            Summit for Preparedness is a
Matarese from ICMA will be      This workshop is designed to   learning and networking
delivering the keynote          improve the knowledge of       opportunity designed to
presentation, "Data Driven      private sector security        prepare business, government
Decision Making in Public       professionals by providing     and nonprofit leaders to act
 4                                                       BUCKS CO. FIRE NEWS
together in times of crisis.     during a multi-jurisdictional   Kristopher Mattson
When you participate in a        response.                       kmattson@montcopa.org
Meta-Leadership Summit,
you will gain effective          November 8, November 9,         The National Transportation
problem-solving skills and       and November 10, 2010           Safety Board is offering an
build connections with other     8:30am to 4:00pm                excellent 3 day course,
leaders who may be critical to   Montgomery County Public        "Transportation Disaster
you and your organization in     Safety Training Campus,         Response - A Course for
a disaster.                      1175 Conshohocken Road,         Emergency Responders," at
                                 Conshohocken, PA 19428          the NTSB Training Center in
October 28, 2010,                Pre-Requisites: ICS100,         Ashburn, Virginia (near
8:30am to 4:00pm,                ICS200, ICS300, IS700,          Washington, D.C.) on
Radisson Valley Forge,           IS800b Registration:            November 16-18, 2010. Case
1160 1st Avenue,                 Email completed application     studies will include:
King of Prussia, PA 19406        (attached) to Keith Simpkins
Information: www.meta-           at ksimpkins@chesco.org         * Crash of Colgan Air Flight
leadershipsummit.org                                             3407, Clarence Center, NY
                                 CRITICAL EMPLOYEE               * Collapse of the I-35W
Registration:                    EMERGENCY PLANNING              bridge in Minneapolis, MN
https://www.cvent.com/EVE        (CEEP)                          * US Airways Airbus crash
NTS/Register/IdentityConfir                                      landing in the Hudson River
mation.aspx?e=4c87c20a-          The one-day training
                                                                 * Parking Garage Collapse in
3ca5-4751-9571-                  provides key information that
                                                                 Hackensack, NJ
e08a6c49f948                     employers, employees and
                                                                 * WMATA Red Line Metro
Contact: Edward                  their families must have to
                                                                 Crash in Washington, DC
Wurster                          prepare for any of the 15
ejwurster@co.bucks.pa.us         Department of Homeland
                                                                 The complete course
                                 Security planning scenarios
                                                                 description, agenda, and
ALL-HAZARDS TYPE III             which include natural
                                                                 information on the
COMMUNICATIONS UNIT              disasters and nuclear,
                                                                 registration process and the
LEADER (COML)                    biological, chemical,
                                                                 cost are available at:
                                 radiological, and cyber
The All-Hazards Type III                                         http://www.ntsb.gov/Academ
Communications Unit Leader                                       y/CourseInfo/TDA402_2010.
(COML) Class is available to     November 18, 2010,              htm
provide DHS-approved             8:30am to 4:00pm,
National Incident                Montgomery County Public        Most Americans
Management System (NIMS)         Safety Training Campus,         Live In
compliant Communications
                                 1175 Conshohocken Road,         Housing . . .
Unit Leader (COML)                                                  Pennsylvania’s        very
instruction to ensure that       Conshohocken, PA
                                 19428Information:               qualified building trades
every county has trained                                         people        are       being
personnel capable of             http://www.gsrcpi.org/index.
                                 php?src=gendocs&ref=CEEP        shortchanged      by     their
coordinating on-scene                                            Association’s      leadership
emergency communications         _Resources Contact:
                                                                 across          Pennsylvania.
                                                                 Pennsylvania’s Emergency
 5                                                         BUCKS CO. FIRE NEWS
Services have been actively        codes. They cannot be              Lancaster County Fire
engaged in developing a            believed when they suggest         Assn.
statewide standard code since      that its a local option, no they
the 1980’s. While the Fire         fight it whenever it comes up      On Thursday, Oct. 14th the
Service was focused on             attempting to deny citizens        PA Senate voted to delay the
Safety         Issues       The    access to sprinklers. It is a      implementation of residential
Pennsylvania           Builders    fact that in communities that      sprinklers for one year. A
Association (PBA)           was    have taken the initiative, in      vote by the House will not
focused on increasing profits      Pennsylvania        and    other   occur until after the
by reducing quality of basic       states, that the same fire         November elections. It is
home construction while            departments responding in          thought that the House will
increasing size and cost of the    the same neighborhoods,            not support this vote. Please
extras. No builder I ever met      whether older homes that           contact you Representative to
tried to talk me out of a          have been upgraded or newly        insure their support NOT to
$30,000 kitchen or bathroom        built residences the same fire     delay the implementation of
but hedged when I suggested        department and same fire           the entire Building Code.
a sprinkler system.                crews are reporting “routine
    It’s a cruel irony that a      fires”, cooking, smoking,          Hayride for Heroes, Oct. 14,
group like PBA, represented        dryers, electrical, in sprinkled   21, 27, 28 & 31. Phoenox
by Lou Biacchi, for more           residences are averaging           Sports Club, 301 Bristol Rd.,
than 20 years has participated     $2,000 $3,000 in damage            Feasterville. On-Line tickets
in promoting a standard            while the same incidents in        sales only on this date.
statewide code and helped to       unsprinklered homes the            www.valleyoffear.com
create the law that led to         damages are in the $35,000 to      Username: Bucks Password:
legislation that implemented       $45,000 range.                     Hero Supports Police, Fire &
the        1999        Uniform     The icing on the cake is that      EMS Scholarship Fund.
Construction Code and its          the PA FIREMAN has just
automatic updates as an            been informed that a               There will be a preliminary
acceptable process, while          “duplex”, two single family        organization meeting of all
they were winning, could           homes, are being built and the     interested Bucks and Montco
now have the audacity to           price of sprinkler hardware for    fire company photographers
claim in court that a part of      each unit is less than $500        at the BCESTC on Nov. 8,
the state’s updated 2009           plus labor. We plan to             2010, at 1930 hours. The
Uniform Construction Code          photograph this construction       intent is to start an
was      approved      in     an   and publish the results in the     organization for education,
unconstitutional        manner     coming months and most             support and cooperation
because it did not come from       certainly will provide             among area fire company
the General Assembly. The          documentation to the               photographers and
PBA        has       continually   Commonwealth Court.                videographers.
exaggerated the costs and          Meanwhile we Thank The             Please contact Larry Browne
fought to block sprinklers in      Court for their prudent            at firepix1979@gmail.com
the code and aggressively          decision. Printed with             with any questions, or if you
                                                                      can't make the meeting but
went      after    jurisdictions   permission from the
around the state that tried to                                        are interested.
add sprinklers to their local
 6                                                      BUCKS CO. FIRE NEWS
From The Memorial               Station 11 on Wednesday          medic responder at Station
Committee. We would like        October 20, 2010 at 10:00        46. This is an effort to
to thank all the participants   Hours. Station 11 is located     reduce response times to the
that came to the memorial       at 911 State Road, Croydon,      New Hope Solebury
service on Oct 3rd at the       PA.                              Community. The unit runs as
Courthouse Courtyard. It                                         Medic 135R and is up only
                                Afterwards, the                  during daylight hours for
was a great turn out again,
                                Groundbreaking Ceremony          now. Their first day was Oct
and shows that we are truly
                                for the Lower Bucks Fire         12th.
a family of fire fighters in
                                School will take place. This
Bucks County. Thanks
                                should be approximately at
Again, Paul Kreuter (BC19)
                                11:30 Hours.                     This is your newsletter and
and Robert Hedden (Past
Chief 30)                       The location of the Lower        it needs your input to be
                                Bucks Fire School is 2912        successful. Please send your
Commissioner Cawley             River Road , Croydon             news to Pfiffle@verizon.net
                                (Bristol Township), PA. All      anytime during the month.
presented a proclamation the
Perkasie Fire Company,          companies are invited and
declaring a day in honor of     encouraged to attend. If
the company, which includes     planning to attend the
more than 50 members            Commissioners meeting, all
dedicated to community          will depart to River Road at
service. Perkasie Fire          the conclusion of the
Company is a valued partner     meeting. Those who are
in the Bucks County Juvenile    planning to attend only the
Firesetter Intervention         groundbreaking ceremony,
Program (otherwise known as     please be at the site by 11:00
Fire Professionals Aiding       Hours. Any questions can be
Children, or FIRE PAC). The     directed to Robert Hedden.
company serves the residents    heddenr@bucks.edu
of Perkasie Borough, East
Rockhill and Hilltown           Bensalem Fire Rescue
townships, as well as           Department has placed
Sellersville Borough,           Engine 222 in service.
Silverdale Borough and West     Thursday October 14th. The
Rockhill Township . “The        officers and members of the
Perkasie Fire Company has       Nottingham Fire Department
always been a leader in fire    are proud to see the former
prevention and suppression,”    Engine 65 serve as the first
stated county Fire Marshal      firefighting career unit in
Nicholas Rafferty.              Bensalem's history.
                                Battalion Chief John Izak
The next meeting of the
Bucks County                    Station 46, New Hope, in
Commissioners will take         cooperation with Squad
place at Croydon Fire Co.,      125/135 is now hosting a

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