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brochure Private Jet Charter Service


									Simply Remarkable

                Every Time
                     We make traveling easy.
                  Just sit back, relax, and let
                us take you above the crowd
                   and beyond expectations.

Setting the new standard for Charter Services

          Aethereal Aviation is a full service, on-demand
          private jet charter service providing personalized
          seamless travel tailored to meet your individual
          needs: to any destination worldwide on any type

          We cultivate loyal customers by maintaining
          trusted relationships and providing superior,
          uncompromising service through professionalism,
          promptness and diligence.

          As an air charter broker, we are not constrained
          with a managed fleet of aircraft. We work for
          YOU. We negotiate on your behalf to find the best
          aircraft, scheduling, support services and price.
          Providing you with endless luxury travel options,
          we are a private jet charter service second to
          none. Our mission is not to be the biggest private
          jet charter broker, but to be the best.

Personal service from beginning to end.
            Aethereal Aviation is proficient in handling all aspects of air charter service
            coordination including managing trip details, ground transportation, flight
            following, international permits, after-hour requirements and any other
            specific requirements. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience
            of the managing team, from experience in dealing with aircraft operators,
            crew requirements, international taxes & fees and price analysis, to diligence
            in maintaining constant communications with vendors/operators to ensure
            proper execution.

            We stay in close communication with you to ensure that each on-demand air
            charter trip is a hassle-free experience.

                                     Choose the aircraft that suits your needs.

No matter where you want to go, we provide a               Small
wide range of aircraft to meet your every need.
Small cabin jets are used most often for shorter
ranged flights. Offering jet performance, small
cabin jets typically fly faster and farther than           Midsize
non-jet aircraft. Mid-sized aircraft expand your
options in non-stop ranges, number of passengers,
performance and cabin amenities. Super
mid-sized category affords larger cabin and                Super Midsize
luggage space plus an extended range. Large
cabin jets take a significant step up in both size
and performance. Large cabin jets accommodate
up to twice as many passengers and have double             Large
the effective range as mid-sized jets. Executive
jetliners offer exceptional space for up to 24
passengers with long-range (inter-continental)
performance, offering maximum comfort. Turbo-              Executive Jetliner
prop aircraft are typically used for shorter ranged
flights, offering the cost efficiencies of piston
aircraft. Helicopters provide excellent short
                                                           Turbo Prop
commute solutions, offering both flexibility
and cost efficiencies.

Learn how you will benefit from our personalized attention.
Let us be your air charter services provider.

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