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									BRAD BAKER
Nationality     - Australian
Phone USA - + 1 954 512 0642
Email         -
Date of Birth - 31/01/1970

USA GREEN CARD – Pending. To be issued March / April 2012


Internationally experienced and certified Yacht Captain with highly confident seamanship and a passion for
delivering outstanding on-board conditions for crew and passengers, whilst maintaining the highest safety
standards. Hands-on approach to vessels operations, combined with a strong commitment to personalized
customer service.

       16 years experience within the Boating and Yachting industry.
       Sound knowledge of ship’s engineering, including management of refits and paint programs all
        with a meticulous eye for detail.
       Able to set and maintain consistently high standards of ship presentation, services, catering, and
        ship’s ambiance.
       Solid team building and professional leadership skills, with the ability to motivate crew and foster
        cooperative team efforts.

Sound accounting skills, with experience in budgeting, expense monitoring, tracking costs in a range of
currencies and preparing operating budgets, accounts and reports.
       Experience as a Captain, and Engineer operating in State and International waters, including the
          North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas and throughout the East, West and North
          Pacific, and Australia.
       Extensive knowledge of small ships, with an ability to assess vessels for safety and overall condition
          of hull, superstructure, mechanics, electrical and equipment.
       Certified PADI Dive Master; leading dive excursions and conducting best practice and marine safety
          lectures to up to 100+ guests.

      Extensive experience in the international yachting and hospitality industries. Have an excellent
        understanding of on-board conditions and requirements during extended cruising and diving
      Assisted interior crew during the preparation and presentation of on-board dinner parties and
        functions for up to 150 guests, including silver service, buffets and intimate dining.
      Organized travel, entertainment and sporting activities for owners and guests, including land
        excursions, sea plane and helicopter operations and a range of water activities.
      Excellent record for maintaining a high standard of Workplace Health and Safety policies and
        procedures, with a commitment to safe work practices and duty of care at all times.
      Inducted and trained crew in safe equipment operation, ship safety, fire fighting and use of ship
        safety equipment.

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                                   MCA Master of Yachts 3000T
                             Marshal Islands Officer of the Watch 3000T
                           Master Class 5 – Commercial Vessels (Australia)
                                 S.T.C.W. 95 Basic Safety Training
                                 Marine Engine Driver 3 (Australia)
                             Occupational Health and Safety at Sea
                         Advanced First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administration
                          PADI Dive Master and SSI Dive control Specialist


CAPTAIN, USA, Bahamas, Mediterranean Sea
M/Y UNREEL – 102’ Falcon                                                 Febuary 2011 – Present
Commenced in New Orleans, then re-located the vessel to Bahamas for one month of cruising. After
which I conducted a 2 month minor re-fit to the vessel in Fort Lauderdale before shipping her to the Med
for Summer cruising. The vessel is currently being marketed for sale and was presented at the Fort
Lauderdale Boat Show.

Cruising areas – USA, Bahamas, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Montenegro, Croatia

CAPTAIN, Mediterranean Sea                                                     March 2009 – November 2010
M/Y 5FISHES - 115’ SBF Shipyards
I joined the vessel in Malta to finish a post sale re-fit and then cruised for the Summer of 2009 and 2010
throughout the Mediterranean privately and for charter. The vessel carries 8 crew, most of which have
been heavily involved in the re-fit of the vessel to bring it back to a very high standard. It is in DNV
class and has appointed IYC as its central charter broker. We presented her at the Genoa Boat show in
2010 and were welcomed with very positive feedback on the vessel and the standards of crew service.
This was followed by a successful trackside Monaco Grand Prix charter which saw over 500 people on
board in 3 days. I have taken great pride in her restoration and I have operated her efficiently, and
without incident throughout this time.

Cruising areas – Central and Southern Italy, Cote D’Azur, Corsica, Sardinia, Tunisia, Malta, Balearics

CAPTAIN, West Coast USA, Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea                  Jan 2008 – August 2008
M/Y UBIQUITOUS – 112’Wesport Motor Yacht
I returned to Ubiquitous as Captain after 3 years away on other vessels. The vessel has 5 crew and a busy
private itinerary, cruising California and Mexico coasts, through the Panama canal to Florida, and on to
the Mediterranean. The vessel is self managed therefore I maintained full responsibility for the vessels
operation, management, and finances.

Cruising areas – Cote D’Azur, Balearics, California, Mexico, USA

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IST OFFICER, Australia, North Pacific, USA
M/Y SORCHA – 152’ Northern Marine Motor Yacht                               Feb 2007 – Dec 2007
 Completed 9 month expedition from Sydney to Palau and across the North Pacific. The vessel towed a
33’ contender and the journey included over 150 dives as well as fishing and exploring in remote atolls of
Micronesia, The Marianas and Marshall Islands. As 1st officer I was in charge of the vessels on board and
ashore activities as well as provisioning and clearance procedures in very in some very remote locations.

Cruising areas – Australia, North Pacific, USA, Panama

FREELANCE CAPTAIN / 1st OFFICER                                               July 2006 – October 2006


Cruising areas – Central and Southern Italy, Cote D’Azur, Sardinia, Corsica


1ST OFFICER, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea                              Nov 2005 – June 2006
M.Y. CUOR DI LEONE – 165’ Bennetti Motor Yacht
      Leading a Bosun and 2 Deckhands cruising on a Charter Yacht in Caribbean and Mediterranean
    waters. Whilst on board, the yacht completed a yard period in Florida, cruised 2 Atlantic crossings
    and was used privately and for charter.
      I was the vessels safety officer and implemented the ISM and SMS systems on board to MCA
    standards and carried out Camper & Nicholson fleet instructions. I was also the vessels Dive Master
    and carried out regular crew training and conducted drills for the vessels 12 crew and carried out
    regular safety maintenance.

Cruising areas – Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean

2ND OFFICER / RELIEF 1ST OFFICER, Mediterranean Sea                       May 2005 – Oct 2005
M.Y. LADY MARINA – 210’ Feadship Motor Yacht
 OOW on very busy private yacht cruising Mediterranean waters from Gibraltar to Southern Turkey.
    Leading a deck team of a bosun and 4 deckhands in all facets of exterior operations, including bridge
    watch keeping, tender and helicopter operations, cleaning and detailing, guest service, maintenance
    and bright work.
 As the vessels safety officer, I was responsible for the implementation of safety procedures, care and
    maintenance of all safety equipment and GMDSS communications equipment as well as conducting
    regular and varied drills for the vessels 18 crew

Cruising areas – Turkey, Greece, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain

1st MATE / ENGINEER, Pacific American Coast and East Coast Australia           April 2004 – Jan 2005
M.Y. UBIQUITOUS - 112’ Westport Motor Yacht
     Completed rebuild of MTU engines in Costa Rica before cruising Pacific coast to Ensenada Mexico
       for Dock Wise transport to Brisbane. 5 months of cruising East Coast Australian waters between North
       Queensland and Sydney. Solely responsible for engineering and maintenance of the vessel and its
       tender and Jet Skis.
     Duties included: regular watches, organizing daily fishing and other water activities for guests, and
       working with the captain on exterior maintenance and assisting inside when required.

CAPTAIN, East Coast U.S.A.                                                          May 2003 – April 2004
M.Y. QUEEN HELENE & M.Y. QUEEN HELENE II - 68’ Viking & 58’ Hatteras
    Operated vessels out of New England and Caribbean waters respectively for private New York based
      family. Managed, maintained and mastered both vessels according to their requirements.
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            As the sole full time crewmember, this position was both demanding and rewarding.

Cruising areas – Bahamas, Caribbean, New England

MATE, Florida U.S.A.                                                                Feb 2003 – May 2003
M.Y. MARDI GRAS - 95’ Christensen Motor Yacht
    Temporary position involving daily maintenance and delivery of vessel being marketed for sale.

MATE, East Coast U.S.A.                                                       March 2001 – October 2001
M.Y. KAMIAN - 100’ Broward Motor Yacht
    Teamed with partner to complete refit in Fort Lauderdale and delivered vessel to New York. Cruised
      New England waters extensively until September and ventured back to Florida to prepare for the
      Caribbean season. This position involved exterior maintenance, engineering and guest service for
      private owners and their guests.

MATE, Queensland Australia                                       1998 – 2002 (September to December each year)
M.Y. KONA - 70’ Stryker Motor Yacht
    Assisted the Captain in all operations of the vessel for both private and corporate charters.
    Duties included: steering watch, berthing, maintenance of engine room and exterior of the vessel and
      its tenders, fishing, dive master, organizing guest activities including snorkelling, and dive trips.

MATE, Cairns Australia                                                    2000 – 2002 (seasonal work 8 months)
S.Y. SERICA - 85’ Sailing Yacht
    Embarked on private charters to remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef for International guests.
    Duties included: assisting the Captain in the smooth operation of the vessel, steering watch, rigging
       sails, dive master and dive, snorkel and fishing tours and general boat maintenance.

DECKHAND / DIVE MASTER / MARINE NATURALIST, Qld Australia                             Apr – Sept 1999 & 2002
M.V. REEF ENDEAVOUR - 250’ Small Cruise Ship
    Reef Endeavour was the Flagship of Australia’s small cruise ship industry, cruising the northern Great
       Barrier Reef and islands. As crew, launched, maintained and drove tenders up to 38’ and assisted in the
       ships berthing. Lead certified dive tours and gave lectures to up to 160 guests on snorkelling practices
       and the reef environment.

DECKHAND / FISHERMAN, Cairns Australia                                                    January – April 1999
F.V. STRABO - 28’ Commercial fishing vessel
    Catching and processing commercial reef fish, deck duties and steering watch

DECKHAND / DIVE MASTER, Cairns Australia                                                        1997-1998
MOONLIGHTING 2 CRUISES - 60’ Sailing Vessel
   Assisted in diving and snorkelling activities, food and beverage service and general deck duties.

CLUB & MARINA MANAGER, Cairns Australia                                                       1995 – 1998
   Overall supervision and day-to-day management of busy boat club and 200-berth marina.
   Duties included: Supervision of staff and human resources, marketing, promotions and entertainment,
      public relations, club and marina security, administration and cash control including monthly reports
      and analysis.
   Closely involved in the fishing and boating community; organized many fishing tournaments and
      yachting regattas on behalf of the boating club.

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       10+ years extensive and varied hospitality industry experience
       Excellent knowledge of fine dining, bar service, hospitality management and team leadership
       Opened successful restaurant in exclusive Queensland location.
       Provided service with 3 of Australia’s finest 5 star hotels.
       Proficient computer skills including MS Word, MS Excel, and Internet applications
       Basic Conversational Spanish and French language
       Yacht photography – See


Photography, Sport fishing, Scuba diving, Surfing, guitar, travelling, learning Spanish and French

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