Tayo Oyedeji wins prestigious award

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                                                                                                        APRIL 2007
   From the Desk of
  the Associate Dean
                                              Tayo Oyedeji wins
     Spring has finally arrived in mid-
                                              prestigious award
 Missouri although you sure wouldn't          By Jeremy Littau
 know it from the recent cold snap.
 Flowers and trees are blooming.                 School of Journalism doctoral                  The Foundation itself was estab-
 There are just a few weeks left in the      student Tayo Oyedeji was one of five          lished in 1983 by Dennis and Eileen
 semester. And our students are out          winners of the prestigious Harvey             Bakke. The organization draws its
 doing fantastic things once again.          Fellow award, granted by the Mus-             name from the biblical parallel of the
     Many students and faculty spent a       tard Seed Foundation.                         mustard seed, which says that one
 very busy Spring Break working on                                                         can accomplish great things with
 papers for submission to AEJMC. We               The Mustard Seed foundation,             faith even as tiny as that of the mus-
 don't yet have a count of papers sub-       based in Arlington, Va., is a Christian       tard seed.
 mitted, but I'm sure it will turn out to    organization that supports graduate
 be another successful year for our          students as they study to become                  The program generally only
 researchers.                                leaders in fields that tend to be un-         looks at those attending programs
     One of our more successful re-          der-represented by                                         considered to be in the
 searchers is highlighted to the right of    Christians. As part of the                                 top five in their disci-
 this article. Tayo has been a major         award, Oyedeji will re-                                    pline, and it only awards
 contributor to the research coming out      ceive a $15,000 stipend                                    to people pursuing de-
 of Missouri for the past year or so and     for use for educational                                    gree programs. Harvey
 the award from the Mustard Seed             expenses during the final                                  Fellows are closely ex-
 Foundation adds yet another acco-           year of his program,                                       amined for accomplish-
 lade.                                       which he is in right now.                                  ment in their discipline in
     Inside, you can read about a group                                                                 terms of both scholar-
 of students who went to Nebraska to              "The fellowship rec-                                  ship and leadership, and
 learn more about and view the migra-        ognizes potential and I                                    a premium also is placed
 tion of sandhill cranes. Looking at the     am thankful they think I                                   doing work that has an
 photos, you will see what a wonderful       have what it takes to in-                                  effect on the field.
 time they had. This trip takes place        fluence our field," Oye-
 every year. Maybe some of you read-         jedji said. "I hope I’ll be able to justify        Of that last part, there is little
 ing this article will think about joining   their confidence in my abilities."            doubt. Oyedeji has proven to be a
 the group next year.                                                                      publishing juggernaut since joining
     Good luck to students who will de-           Oyedeji is the first MU student to       the doctoral program in 2005. He has
 fend their dissertation, thesis or pro-     receive this award, which was estab-          authored numerous conference pa-
 ject in the upcoming weeks.                 lished in 1992. It is given to students       pers, including three top papers for
                                             in all types of disciplines, although         conferences ranging from AEJMC to
                                             mass communication is not a com-              ICA. Last year alone had five confer-
                                             mon area of study for those who               ence presentations as a platform to
            Featured Inside                  have received the award in the past.          share his research. He also has had
                                             The Mustard Seed foundation                   one of his journal articles, "The Rela-
Visit to view Sandhill Cranes          2
                                             awarded $5.7 million in 2005, and             tionship between the Brand Equity
The Next Generation                    4     about 60 percent of its grants go to          and Media Credibility of Media Out-
                                             those studying outside the United             lets," accepted by International Jour-
Congratulations                        5     States.                                       nal on Media Management.
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                                   Grad         Studies              Newsletter

Journalism graduate students
become “Craniacs” after traveling
to Nebraska to view sandhill crane
Story and photos by Katie Barnes
   On Friday, March 9, seven journalism graduate stu-
dents joined 24 other MU students to travel to Kearney,
Nebraska for the weekend to witness the sandhill crane
migration. Professor Bill Allen, of Agricultural Journalism
                                         along with Jennifer
                                         Hamel and Robin
                                         Ph.D. candidates
                                         in Biology, led the
                                         group. In three
                                         University vans,
                                         the students made
                                         an eight-hour trip
                                         to the Platte River
                                         region, an essen-
                                         tial stopover point        Stephanie Hinkle, a photojournalism student, gets down low
                                         for the cranes on          with "Big Bertha", the 400mm lens in an effort to capture the
                                         their migratory            sandhill cranes dancing in Kearney, Neb. on March 10.
                                         route north.
Yuliya Medvedeva, a magazine student, stud-                         natural world and the connections we all have to it as
                                         Every year, from
ies up on bird species on the way to Nebraska                       humans, consumers, caretakers and journalists.”
on March 9. Medvedeva was one of eight   as far south as
journalism graduate students making the trip
                                         Cuba to their final           Making the trip to Nebraska also gave international
to Kearney, Neb. to view the sandhill crane
migration.                               destinations in            graduate students an opportunity to expand their journal-
                                         Canada or Siberia,         ism experience at MU outside of the state. Hsin-Yin Lee,
sandhill cranes stop for about a month along the Platte             from Taiwan, was fascinated by everything about the trip,
River. An estimated 200,000 cranes were present during              from riding in the vans, to staying in the hotel, to watching
the field trip. They sleep while standing in the river at           the cranes fly over the Platte River. Lee, a graduate stu-
night and forage in fields and wet-                                                                      dent in the interna-
lands surrounding the river during                                                                       tional sequence, plans
the day. This respite allows the                                                                         to produce a piece of
cranes to put on extra weight and                                                                        “travel” journalism
build up their energy reserves for the                                                                   from this experience.
rest of their journey, said Alan
Bartels, volunteer naturalist at the                                                                      During the week-
Rowe Bird Sanctuary in Kearney.                                                                       end three major
                                                                                                      events were sched-
    Prof. Allen held two mandatory                                                                    uled: observing the
meetings for journalism students                                                                      cranes coming back to
making the trip. Everyone was en-                                                                     the river to sleep at
couraged to produce a piece of jour-                                                                  night on Saturday eve-
nalism from the experience and                                                                        ning; watching the
ideas ranged from stories in the                                                                      cranes from a blind on
Maneater to personal tribute pieces                                                                   Sunday morning as
for family members. In addition to                                                                    they leave the river to
learning how to report from the field,                                                                forage; and visiting the
Allen also said that he hoped the trip Robin Hoecker gets a different perspective on a group of orni- Squaw Creek National
                                       thology students birdwatching outside of the Rowe Bird Sanctu-
“…opened a new window for many of ary in Kearney, Neb. on March 10.                                   Wildlife Refuge to view
them [students] on the beauty of the                                                                          (Continued on page 3)

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                                  Grad            Studies                Newsletter
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                                                                        off after the day broke; I don’t quite remember how it hap-
                                                                        pened, but I remember that it felt like a miracle.”

Debrin Foxcroft looks out at a flock of sandhill cranes foraging
in a corn field on March 10. Foxcroft checked out a 400mm lens
to get some quality close-up shots of the cranes.
another bird species, the snow goose, on its migratory
route north.

                                                                                Hsin-Yin Lee peers out of a blind on Sunday
                                                                                morning, March 11 to watch a flock of sandhill
                                                                                cranes take flight from the Platte River.

A flock of sandhill cranes take flight from the Platte River in Kear-

    Of all three events, the morning experience in the
blind was the most memorable for the majority of

    Starting at 6:15 a.m. on Sunday, students gath-
ered at the Rowe Bird Sanctuary and were led, in
the dark, down a 1/4 mile path to a blind on the
edge of the Platte River. After the sun rose, a large
flock of cranes suddenly took flight about 40 feet
from the blind. Students held their breath as they
peered out of the little windows, and felt the air out-
side fill with loud crane chatter and hard wing-beats.

   Yuliya Medvedeva, a graduate journalism student
from Russia in the magazine sequence recalls, “I
cannot describe what I saw when they started taking Hundreds of snow geese take flight at the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge
                                                               on Sunday, March 11 near St. Joseph, MO.

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                              Grad             Studies       Newsletter

Welcoming another generation
On February 17, Cynthia Frisby and Kathy Sharp held a
baby shower for Maria Len-Rios and husband, John Phil-
lips, to honor their son Andrew who was born on January
14. The shower was held at the home of Esther Thorson.
Here are a few shots of the festivities.

                                                             New mommy, Maria Len-Rios, is flanked by the hosts of the
                                                             baby shower, Kathy Sharp (l) and Cynthia Frisby.

The cake is ready for everyone to chow down!

                                                            Glenn Leshner (l) subtly ignores the fact that Steve Kopcha has
                                                            his nose in a diaper. What are you thinking, Steve???

(Continued from page 1)
      While Oyedeji has been a publishing juggernaut in
his time at MU, having authored several papers in less
than two years here, he also showed himself to be a pro-
lific junior scholar before his arrival. He worked in the
broadcast field and in advertising in Nigeria before at-
tending the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his
master's in journalism and mass communication.

   Oyedeji, who plans to graduate this December, is
working on his dissertation in "Credible Brand Theory"
and the award will allow him to focus on doing quality
work on that.

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                             Grad          Studies          Newsletter

On January 19, 2007, online Master's student Justin         Missourian staff continues a long tradition of outstanding
Kenny became a dad to twin daughters, Maya Reina            performance. The most recent honors are:
Knoll Kenny and Amalia Rose Knoll Kenny. The babies
were born at 10:30 a.m. in Washington, DC.                  **Third Place for picture editing in the under-100,000 cir-
                                                            culation category of the Pictures of the Year competition.

                                                            **Top 20 Sunday sports section nationwide (under-
                                                            40,000 circulation) in the Associated Press Sports Editors

                                                            **The successful launch of the Weekend Missourian.

                                                            Once again this year, doctoral students who are graduat-
                                                            ing soon have landed outstanding jobs.

                                                            Crystal Lumpkins has accepted a position at Kansas
                 Maya and Amalia Kenny                      State University and will begin teaching there in fall 2007.

                                                            Fred Vultee joins the faculty at Wayne State University in
                                                            Detroit this fall.
Cheryl Spang, J-School business manager, gave birth to
                                                            Marjorie Kruvand will move to Chicago for a teaching
a baby girl, Casey Ann, at 8:47 a.m. March 14. Casey
                                                            gig at Loyola University-Chicago beginning January
weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces. She was 19.5 inches tall.

Isabel Ordoñez and Dane Schiller tied the knot on March
10 in Las Vegas.
                                                            The anthology Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers'
                                                            Guide from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University
                                                            has hit #1 on Harvard Bookstore's nonfiction bestseller
                                                            list and is receiving excellent reviews, according to co-
                                                            editor Wendy Call. The anthology, published in February
                                                            by Plume/Penguin, includes excerpts of presentations
                                                            from some of the nation's best writers and editors who
                                                            gather each year at the Nieman Narrative Conference.
                                                            Six essays in the book, including the lead essay, are by
                                                            Jacqui Banaszynski.
                                                                  For information on the authors and essays, go to

As if getting married wasn't enough for the month of
March, Isabel also took top prize in the student competi-
tion for the Society of American Business Editors and
Writers. She won $250 plus a trip to the SABEW confer-
ence in Anaheim in late May. She won for her story on
impoverished Latin American men who are being re-
cruited to take dangerous, but low paid, jobs as security
guards for contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. She
wrote it while interning for Reuters in Lima last summer.

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                              Grad           Studies           Newsletter

News odds 'n ends
For Summer 2007, Berkley Hudson received a $7,000
Summer Research Fellowship from the University of Mis-         Shelly Rodgers put on a workshop on strategic commu-
souri and its Research Council. He will use this opportu-      nication at the Meeting of the Minds conference in Kan-
nity to focus on writing the draft of a book about O.N.        sas City earlier this month. In attendance were students,
Pruitt, a Mississippi jack-of-all trades photographer who      professionals and law enforcement officers.
worked in the early and middle twentieth century.
                                                               Shelly Rodgers was cited by the following media:
Online Master's student Norma Martin is the Assistant           St. Journalism Review, "Feeding the Internet," written
Managing Editor-Features at The News Tribune in Ta-                  by Rick Stoff, Vol. 37, No. 293 (February 2007), pp.
coma, Washington. She oversees the editors and report-               16-17.
ers who work in lifestyle, arts, entertainment and adven-       The Sponsorship Report, article on web sponsorship
ture sports (i.e., mountain climbing, skiing, fishing and so         2.0, written by Peter Kenter.
on). She started in late January. Previously, she was
deputy features editor at The Kansas City Star.                Lee Wilkins was among a dozen scholars from seven
                                                               countries participating in a Global Media Ethics roundta-
Marlene Neill, online Master's student, is now teaching        ble, held at Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South
part time in the Journalism program at Baylor University       Africa (near Cape Town) from March 15 through March
in Waco, Texas. Her official title is "Part Time Lecturer."    17. The paper she presented was entitled, "Connecting
She was hired in August and is teaching again this se-         care and duty: How neuroscience and feminist ethics can
mester. "The online program opened this door for me,"          contribute to understanding professional moral develop-
says Neill. The class is "Writing for Mass Media Markets."     ment." Plans include collecting the essays into a book.

Shelly Rodgers was voted Vice President, Executive
Committee, American Academy of Advertising, 2008.
Rodgers will run the paper competition next year
(deadline in October), so be sure to submit your paper
and plan to attend the AAA conference in San Mateo,

April 1 was the deadline for submission of manuscripts for possible presentation
at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conven-
tion that will be held in Washington, DC this summer. Good luck to everyone
who submitted a paper or papers!

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                                       Grad   Studies            Newsletter

Presentations                                                    Publications
Karen Boyajy and Berkley Hudson, "The Rise and Fall              Josh Eiserike, MA '05, has a cartoon that he drew in-
of the 'Pope' of America's Foreign-Language Press: Louis         cluded in "Killed Cartoons: Casualties from the War on
N. Hammerling—Advertising Rep, Ethnic Advocate, Re-              Free Expression" by David Wallis. Read more about the
publican Operative, and Fraudulent Entrepreneur," was            book at http://www.killedcartoons.com/. Josh's cartoon
presented at the AJHA-AEJMC History Division Joint               was drawn in 30 seconds for the short-lived Missourian
Journalism Historians meeting on March 24, 2007, at              Sockdolager page on outsourcing. The joke was that he
New York University.                                             outsourced the cartoon to a young Indian boy (his left
                                                                 hand). So it's a really bad drawing, and a joke that he
Alex Cohn, MA '06, and Berkley Hudson, "'Keep. Do                stole (with permission) from his good friend Paul.
Not Sell': The Birmingham News as a Reluctant Visual
Witness to the Tumultuous Civil Rights Movement of the           Barbara Friedman, PhD '04, turned her dissertation into
1950s and 1960s." Drawn from Cohn's work on his mas-             a book that has been published by the University of Mis-
ter's project, this will be presented at the Visual Commu-       souri Press. From the Battlefront to the Bridal Suite, Me-
nication Conference, Estes Park, Colorado, June 2007.            dia Coverage of British War Brides, 1942-1946 is an out-
     News stories nationally and internationally cited           growth of Barbara's dissertation from three years ago.
Cohn's work on this exemplary master's project. Stories               From the Battlefront to the Bridal Suite is an untold
appeared on CNN, "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer," and via             story of overlooked participants in the most celebrated
other media outlets. David Rees chaired Cohn's project.          drama of the twentieth century — women whose lives
Hudson and Zoe Smith also served on his committee.               were shaped profoundly by the war that was more than
     Most recently, Pictures of the Year awarded the Bir-        just a male enterprise. It shows the power of the press in
mingham News project the Best Special Section of the             the most unlikely matters and suggests a broader defini-
Year (1st Place). Cohn was the spearhead for the idea,           tion of the wartime experience.
the special eight-page section, and a related website.
                                                                 Rodgers, Shelly, "Effects of Sponsorship Congruity on
A presentation by doctoral student Damian Kostiuk was            e-Sponsors and e-Newspapers," Journalism & Mass
accepted to the VisCom 21 June 13-17 conference in               Communication Quarterly. (accepted for publication)
Estes Park, Co., where he will explain ongoing research
into the Associated Press' decision to copy and destroy
their glass negative collection. With interviews from a
former executive and photographic examples, he hopes
                                                                 Esther Thorson, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
to demonstrate the wealth of material remaining at the AP
photo archive, and illustrate the context and reasons be-                      Thorsone@missouri.edu
hind the decision from historical and theoretical perspec-       Glenn Leshner, Interim Director of Graduate Studies
                                                                  Martha Pickens, Academic Advisor & Fiscal Manager
                                                                      Amy Lenk, Senior Academic Advisor, Editor
            J - School                                                            Lenka@missouri.edu
                                                                        Ginny Cowell, Administrative Assistant
                                                                            Jeremy Littau, Reporter/Writer
       Earl English Graduate Studies Center
           Missouri School of Journalism                                           jjlcmd@mizzou.edu
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