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                                        4-H FLASH

               FROM OUR ADVISOR

                                   Expecting the Best
                   Marianne Bird, 4-H Youth Development Advisor                                 IN THIS ISSUE:
                                                                                             County News               2-5
Often we hear the adage, “Attitude is everything.” It almost sounds trite. Certainly the
                                                                                             County Animal News 5-6
attitude we bring to our work, our relationships, and our situation in life colors our
perception. We may tell our own children and the youth we work with to adjust their          State News                7-8
attitude (or else!), and we are sometimes reminded that shifting our thinking is important
in approaching challenges or lifting ourselves out of ruts. But I say that attitude colors   Sectional News             8
not just how we see our world; it influences how we build it.
                                                                                             Clover Safe Note           8
We fashion our experience by what we envision, and we have far more power to create
what happens in our lives than we realize. If you expect you’ll have a good day at the       Calendars                9-10
office or at school, you find you do. If you expect the best from people, usually they
deliver the best they have to give. So what if we intentionally build the 4-H experience
through our positive approach?
Think of this: It’s your first community club gathering of the year. As leader, you know
it’s going to be a full, fun, and engaging year. As the members and families enter the
room, you and your officers welcome them warmly, chat with them briefly to re-connect
with those returning and learn a bit about those wanting to join. You’re especially
sensitive to new faces, helping them to feel comfortable in the group. You realize most
parents, like yourself, are busy, but you also know in your heart that they have an           4-H OFFICE CONTACT
                                                                                               Sacramento County 4-H
interest in their children (otherwise, why would they be there?). Parents are happy to
                                                                                              4145 Branch Center Road
help if the job and the timing are right.                                                      Sacramento, CA 95827
The officers are well prepared. They know you believe in them. They don’t want to                  (916) 875-6811
disappoint you, and when sometimes they do, they’re not afraid to approach you—or               (916) 875-6233 FAX
you them—because your relationships are rooted in trust and support.               
Kids are engaged in the meeting. Members and leaders showcase projects for the                    OFFICE HOURS:
coming year. The group brainstorms service ideas and decides to plant trees in a             Monday-Friday, except Holiday
nearby park. A committee of youth forms to investigate the idea and create a plan. As            8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.
the evening winds down and folks are visiting over refreshments, many parents sign up          Closed 12:00—1:00 p.m.
to volunteer for tasks—from providing snacks to assisting with paperwork. One parent
inquires if he might assist the committee working on the tree planting project. Everyone               STAFF:
leaves energized.
                                                                                                      Marianne Bird
We can create this scenario; we just have to see it in our minds. We need to expect it.               4-H Youth
It’s not the kind of expectation, however, that we say aloud. While there are places to               Development Advisor
state and make sure expectations are understood, the focus on creating positive energy
begins from within. We check our own attitude. How am I feeling about my project or
                                                                                                      Joan Ryan
club? Do I have a positive perception of all the youth I serve? What kind of energy am I              4-H Secretary
bringing to the task at hand? Do I expect good things to happen?
This is where good things begin. You have the power to make it happen.
                                                            C O U N T Y N E WS
                                                              OUNTY       E WS

                           COUNTY RECORD BOOK RESULTS                                                              ACHIEVEMENT NIGHT
                                      Rob Withrow, 687-8839                                                          Saturday, October 16
Special thanks to our Record Book                       SENIOR CERTIFICATES               OF   MERIT                       7:00 p.m.
judges who gave up their Saturday to
judge our 30 Record Books:                                          GOLD                                      Board of Supervisor’s Chambers
                                                                                                                 700 H Street, Sacramento
Caitlin Audycki..................Laguna Creek         Lindsay Apperson .......... American River
                                                                                                               Caitlin Audycki at (916) 627-0079
Donna Audycki .................Laguna Creek           Clarissa Bird................... American River
Denise Cornish.................. Sloughhouse          Kassie Burleson .........................Franklin      There will be fun group mixer activities
Janice Douglas...............Country Centre           Natasha Elbert ............... American River          beginning at 6:30 p.m., so you can have
                                                      Kelsi Kennicutt ...........................Franklin    a chance to meet other 4H’ers. The
Cherisse Knapp..............Country Centre
                                                                                                             awards and recognitions portion of the
Lauren Knapp.................Country Centre                                  BLUE                            evening will start at 7:00 p.m. Please
Camilla Rogers............ Rancho Cordova             Karlie Burleson...........................Franklin     attend to cheer on your fellow club
Sandra Russi............... Rancho Cordova                                                                   members who are being recognized for
Shirley Seyfer ...................Laguna Creek                    JUNIOR MEDALISTS                           outstanding accomplishments this past
Christina Wagner .........................Clover      Kendall Cecchettini ........ American River            4-H year!
Rob Withrow................................. Wilton   Noah Godby.................Rancho Cordova
                                                                                                             The parking lot we use is right across the
                                                      Adam Ketchum .............. Country Centre             street. It's free and easy to locate,
If you are a supporter of 4-H Youth, an
All Star, or a State Ambassador, plan                 Julia Lewis ..................... American River       especially on a Saturday evening!
now to join us next year for a day of hard            Rachel Ricchiuto .......................... Clover
but rewarding and necessary work. We’ll               Justina Sharp ................. Country Centre         The theme for this year’s Achievement
meet on a Saturday in August 2011.                                                                           Night is Harvest Fun, and attire may be
                                                      Bryce Trunipseed......................... Clover
                                                                                                             either your 4-H uniform or something that
           SENIOR MEDALISTS                           Keaton Turnipseed....................... Clover        fits in with the theme. This event is being
Caitlin Audycki..................Laguna Creek         Julia Weiland................................ Clover   planned by the Sacramento County All
John Douglas .................Country Centre          Connor Withrow ........................... Wilton      Stars. We want you to attend and have
                                                                                                             a good time.
Mariah Frerichs ................Laguna Creek
                                                        JUNIOR CERTIFICATE                OF   MERIT
Lauren Knapp.................Country Centre
                                                                   GOLD                                      If you have any questions about
Kaitlin Kozlowski ......... Rancho Cordova                                                                   Achievement Night , please contact
                                                      Ivy Tillich ......................Rancho Cordova
Austin Mejia......................Laguna Creek                                                               Caitlin..
Christopher Waddell..................... Wilton
Catherine Weiland........................Clover       KEEP UP THE                                                    CONGRATULATIONS
                                                      GOOD WORK!!
Kayla Withrow .............................. Wilton                                                          Carolyn Abrams, Clover 4-H Club,
Melissa Withrow ........................... Wilton                                                           received the 2010 California Higher
                                                                                                             Education 4-H Mabel W. Jacks
Sierra Withrow.............................. Wilton
                                                                                                             Scholarship for $700.00.

                                                                       FARM DAY
                                                                       Wednesday, November 3
                                                                          8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                                                           Cyndee Plaskett, 955-6723 or

Each year Sacramento County 4-H members bring farm animals and other projects to share with students at three
Sacramento City Elementary Schools. Some of the students have never seen farm animals before! This counts as
Community Service for Record Books.
Clubs are invited to ask for a whole school, but small groups and individuals are also needed and welcome. For more info or to sign
up, email or call Cyndee by October 15th.

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                                             C O U N T Y N E WS            CONTINUED

 LOOKING FOR A LEADERSHIP                                                          HI 4-H UPDATE
       EXPERIENCE?                                           All Stars: Caitlin Audycki, Natasha Elbert, & Lauren Knapp
           By Brandon Brown                      Another set of events the All Stars are working on is this year’s Hi 4-H calendar. Hi 4-H
                                                 is social activities for older 4-H members, 7th grade and above. It gives them a chance
Sloughhouse Alta-Mesa 4-H has more
                                                 to meet and have fun, outside of a club or project meeting setting.
leadership positions available than
community club members. Leadership               This year our Hi 4-H calendar will begin on Sunday, September 26. We will meet at
positions include: President, Vice               Monster Mini Golf near Folsom Blvd. and Hazel Avenue at 1:00 p.m. The cost will be
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activity        $7.50 per person. Please RSVP to Caitlin Audycki so that we know to expect you.
Leader, Communications Officers, and
Sergeant of Arms.

Sloughhouse Alta-Mesa 4-H Community
Club meetings are held on the 2nd
Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at
the   Cosumnes     River   Elementary
School—13580      Jackson    Rd    in            More info about this business is at

Call Ron Fiorica at 687-6406 for more            Other dates and activities will be:
information.                                     • October 24: Pumpkin Patch
                                                 • November 28: Laser Tag
                                                 • January 23: ice Skating or Movie
                                                 • February 27: Creating Cards, Baking Cookies, and Delivering to a Nursing Home
          4-H VOLUNTEER                          • March 27: Visit to Crocker Art Museum and Picnic
                                                 • May 15: TBA, possibly Hiking
        Tuesday, October 19
                                                 • June 24: Elk Grove Aquatic Center Swim Party
           7:00-9:30 p.m.
        CE Conference Room                       As you can see, there are lots of days and activities planned, but we need 4-H’ers to
      4-H Office, (916) 875-6811                 make them successful events, so we hope you’ll be able to join us for some fun social
                                                 time with fellow 4-H’ers!
All new leaders must attend. Please call
to reserve your place.                           If you have any questions about Hi 4-H, please contact Caitlin Audycki at
                                                 (916) 627-0079.
We will be doing online enrollments from
6:30-7:00 p.m. for those that don’t have
computer access or need help.                                                          4-H PLEDGE
This is the last Orientation for the Fall,                                    As a true 4-H’er,
we will schedule a couple more in the                                             I Pledge
                                                                         My HEAD to clearer thinking,
                                                                         My HEART to greater loyalty,
           THE FOUR H’S:                                                 My HANDS to larger service,
                                                                    My HEALTH to better living for my club,
                                                                   my community, my country, and my world.
Do you have
something fun or
interesting happening                              Your club file may be full! Please send a club
in your project? Share                             representative to the 4-H Office to pick up
your story with the                                anything that you may have in your club’s file.
county! Submit your                                The files are available at Leaders’ Council on
articles to Sabrina by
                                                   the 4th Tuesday of each month.
the first Friday of each month,

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                                            C O U N T Y N E WS                 CONTINUED

                    HORSESHOE          PITCHING                                    4-H MEMBERS MEET NEW SUPERVISOR
          Robert Cocagne, 687-9720 or                                                            By Rachel, Clover 4-H Club
                                                                             On September 2, the UC Cooperative Extension office staff had
Tulare county has had a Horseshoe Pitching project                           a meeting with Mr. Phil Serna and Mr. Bruce Wagstaff,
for the last couple years. One of our county                                 Administrator of Countywide Services Agency, our agency head
Leaders, Robert Cocagne has spearheaded the                                  in the county. Mr. Serna is a newly elected Sacramento County
project and gotten many clubs in Tulare County                               Supervisor for District One. Mr. Serna is taking the time to visit
involved. Robert is an officer and in charge of Jr. Promotions for           and learn about all of the agencies that the County Board of
the Northern California Horseshoe Pitchers Association.                      Supervisors oversee.
Through this organization, Robert has talked with others
throughout California about his 4-H Horseshoe Pitching Project               At the meeting, the Cooperative Extension staff explained about
getting adults interested in this project in their communities.              the programs provided by the Cooperative Extension. The
Horseshoe pitching is a great physical activity, plus it can                 speakers were: Ms. Marianne Bird, the 4-H Youth Development
become a lifelong hobby.                                                     Advisor; Mr. Chuck Ingles, the Farm Advisor and County
If there are any counties interested in starting this project,               Director - County; Ms. Judy McClure, the Master Gardener
please contact Robert Cocagne and he can make contact with                   Program Coordinator; and Ms. Yvonne Nicholson, the Nutrition,
an Adult Horseshoe pitcher in your area that would be willing to             Family, & Consumer Sciences Advisor and County Director -
become a 4-H Volunteer and help get this project going in your               University. At the meeting I had the opportunity to speak on
area. Contact Robert directly.                                               behalf of 4-H and about my experiences. There were also two
                                                                             other 4-H members speaking about their 4-H experiences,
               NORTH LAGUNA CREEK DAY                                        Katrina and Gabriel . The meeting gave me and the other 4-H
                                                                             members an excellent opportunity to practice our public
              Great Service Opportunity!                                     speaking skills.
             North Laguna Creek Park Day
        Saturday, October 9, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
                       The City of Sacramento and Sacramento
                       County 4-H are hosting the North Laguna
                       Creek Park Day, a chance for the
                       community to come together to learn about
                       and celebrate this fabulous watershed!
                       Informational booth will help educate the
                       public about water, wetlands, and our
                       natural world. Nature hikes, games,
                       animals, food…
                      If your 4-H club is looking for a fun way to
give service, come be part of the
                                                                                         Pictured left to right:
festival! Bring an educational
                                                                                         Front row: Gabriel, Susan
display about the environment.
                                                                                         Second row: Carolyn Ricchiuto, Katrina, Rachel,
Lead others in games and activities
                                                                                               Ron, Marci Stotelmeyer
that teach about Mother Earth.
                                                                                         Third row: Phil Serna, Bruce Wagstaff
Give a talk or demonstration. If you
                                                                                         Fourth row: Marianne Bird
club is interested, contact Trisha
Dixon at the 4-H office, 875-6423.

            COUNTRY CENTRE 4-H RECEIVING HOME DRIVE                                                       COUNTRY CENTRE 4-H’ERS
On September 17, Ivy and Tate Tillich from        The Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home
                                                                                                              HAVE A HEART
Country Centre 4-H Club delivered 337 items       could still use your help. According to              On October 11, 2010 members of Country
to the Sacramento Children’s Receiving            donation coordinator Michael BeBee they’re in        Centre 4-H will be stuffing 22 heart shaped
Home. Items were generously donated by            great need of adult size sweatpants with             pillows for cancer patients at UCD Cancer
Country Centre 4-H members and their              elastic bottoms. They would also appreciate          Center. The concept of the Heart Pillows and
families. 20 toiletry bags were made by Ivy.      more toiletries and make up items.                   some of the fabric donations came from a
Several amazing Country Centre members            Ivy is also collecting large to midsized fabric      challenge given at the 2010 California State
helped stuff the toiletry bags. New and           scraps and gently used sheets. The fabric will       Field Day. Generous fabric and filler
washed gently used tween and teen clothing        be made into toiletry bags for the Sacramento        donations were also given by Monica Elston,
and new toys were also donated. The Club          Children’s Receiving Home and for bandanas           Green Acre 4-H, and members of Country
will continue the Drive until October.11. Items   to help assist dogs at the SPCA in finding           Centre 4-H. Pillows were sewn by Ivy Tillich.
will be delivered in late October.                forever homes.                                       The committee will be delivering the cancer
After reading last month’s article, Brandon                                                            pillows to UCD Cancer Center in late October.
                                                  If you or your club is interested in helping the
Brown from Sloughhouse 4-H decided to take                                                             Ivy Tillich challenges other 4-H clubs to take
                                                  neglected and abused children at Sacramento
Ivy’s challenge and chaired his own Drive. He                                                          on this worthy cause. If you have any
                                                  Children’s Receiving Home or dogs at the
will be collecting items from Sloughhouse 4-H                                                          questions about starting your own community
                                                  SPCA, please contact Ivy at (916) 878-0219.
on October 12. Way to go Brandon and                                                                   service committee please call Ivy Tillich at
Sloughhouse 4-H!!!                                                                                     (916) 878-0219.

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                                                 C O U N T Y A N I M A L N E WS
       Tanja Elbert,, 916-676-2846 or 916-729-3655                                   4-H DRILL TEAM
Sacramento is the only county, that I am           The Performance Test is a big moment in
                                                                                                      Cathy Knapp, 916-612-3052,
aware of, that makes passing a perform-            a 4-H’ers career and judges get to be the
ance test mandatory prior to a member              first friendly county-wide faces that they     The Sacramento County Rhinestone
participating with his or her horse, pony, or      meet.                                          Cowgirls 4-H Drill Team is looking for
mini-Equine at a Countywide event. The                                                            new members!
test has been around since I was in 4-H            This is my last year as being a 4-H Horse
over 20 years ago. Members can test to             Performance Test Resource Leader and I         We have a new modified schedule which
do "In Hand" - members who do not ride             am wanting to create an educational video      will run from August - October and March
but may show equine on ground or                   that the county can keep in the Lending        – May. Starting in 2011, our three month
"Riding" - members test In Hand and                Library for leaders, judges, or members to     interval will be condensed to include two
Riding knowledge and skills.                       check out and use to prepare for the test.     to three practices each month,
                                                   If you are interested in being in the video    performances at the Sacramento County
Approximately 40 new 4-H Horse                     as a judge or pretend testing member,          Fair, the Elk Grove Western Festival and
members test each year in Sacramento               please contact me for more information.        Drill Team Competition in Ceres for the
County. There is a set standard of safety          Video to hopefully be recorded over this       first time. We hope to have our horses
that the member must exhibit at a test in          winter.                                        decked out in new matching “Bling”
order for them to pass. Member must pass                                                          headstalls and breast collars, thanks to a
a written true/false quiz and exhibit proper       I am also looking for someone to volunteer
                                                   to record the video. If you know of a video    successful fundraiser over the summer.
way to do safety knots, groom, pick out
feet, showmanship. Riding members must             student or professional that can record        If you think you might be interested and
also saddle/unsaddle, bridle/unbridle,             and edit video and would be willing to         this is your second year in a 4-H horse
mount/dismount, and ride basic 3 beat              volunteer their time please have them          project, please contact us. New
gate circle both directions safely in control,     contact me ASAP.                               members will need to join now to prepare
stop, and back.                                    Updated information will be continuously       for the following year events. Our next
                                                   posted on American River 4-H Facebook          practices are September 19 and October
Several years ago the Performance Test                                                            1 and 17. We also will be attending the
was also made into a Project that                  page.
                                                                                                  Veteran’s Day Parade in Elk Grove on
members can count in their Record Book.                                                           November 11.
At the test, all of the judges are 4-H
members that have already passed the                                                              Look forward to seeing some new faces
Performance Test. These members are                                                               and check out our page on Face Book!
set at stations around the arena and new
testing members go to each station to get
test marked off.
                                                                                                       COUNTY MINI-EQUINE
I am looking for Judges for 2010-2011.
There are typically 3 tests a year,                                                                     Kelly Allan, (916) 332-6745
depending on the 4-H Resource Leader’s
schedule and arena availability. I am                                                             We meet the third Friday of the month at
hoping to have returning judges from                                                              the CE Office at 6:30 p.m. If you want to
previous years and train new judges this                                                          know more, come join us. Want more
year that may want to count it as a Project                                                       information, give Kelly a call.
in their Record Book.

                         COUNTY HORSE 2010-2011 CALENDAR - SCHEDULE                                  TO   CHANGE
10/01/10 -   Horse Council Officer Training -      12/27/10 -   Faux Show & Judging Day Pre-      03/28/11 -   Horse Council - UCCE Office
             UCCE Office                                        Entries Due                       03/31/11 -   Silver Show #2 Pre-Entries Due
10/02/10 -   Horse Performance Test
                                                   01/07/11 -   Faux Show & Judging Day Post-     04/08/11 -   Silver Show #2 Post-Entries Due
10/04/10 -   Competitive Trail Ride Entries                     Entry Due
             Due                                                                                  04/15/11 -   County Fair Entries Due
                                                   01/12/11 -   Horse Ownership Statements
10/08/10 -   Parents/Leaders Meeting - UCCE                                                       04/16/11 -   Silver Show #2 - SHA
                                                                Due to 4-H Office
             Office                                                                               04/25/11 -   County Horse - UCCE Office
                                                   01/15/11 -   Faux Show & Judging Day
10/16/10 -   Competitive Trail Ride                                                               04/26/11 -   Silver Show #3 Pre-Entries Due
                                                   01/24/11 -   Horse Council - UCCE Office
10/25/10 -   Horse Council - UCCE Office                                                          05/06/11 - Silver Show #3 Post-Entries Due
                                                   01/30/11 -   Groom Squad Entries Due
11/01/10 -   Treasure Hunt Entries Due                                                            05/14/11 - Silver Show #3 - SHA
                                                   02/12/11 -   Groom Squad - SHA
11/20/10 -   Treasure Hunt                                                                        05/26-31/11 - County Fair
                                                   02/19/11 -   Groom Squad Rain Date
11/29/10 -   County Horse - UCCE Office                                                           05/28/11 - State 4-H Field Day & State
                                                   02/25/11 -   Silver Show #1 Pre-Entries Due
                                                                                                              Presentation Day
12/01/10 -   Tack Swap & Craft Fair                02/28/11 -   County Horse - UCCE Office
             Reservations Due                                                                     06/25/11 -   Silver Show Rain Date
                                                   03/04/11 -   Silver Show #1 Post-Entries Due
12/12/10 -   Tack Swap & Craft Fair                                                               07/10-16/11 - Mountain Horse Camp - Stone
                                                   03/12/11 -   Silver Show #1 - SHA

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                             C O U N T Y A N I M A L N E WS - C O N T I N U E D
     TRAIL RIDING PROJECT                        2010 AVIAN SCIENCE DAY                          COUNTY RABBIT NEWS
  Robert, 638-1218 or 662-2111, or                  Saturday, October 2, 2010                     Joy Dittus, (916) 991-5651                            8:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
  Alan Edwards, (916) 687-4717 or                     La Reina High School
                                                                                                RABBIT LEADERS’ MEETING                                                                       Thursday, October 21
                                                      106 West Janss Road
                                                                                                   6:45 p.m. CE Auditorium
The main focus of this                              Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
                                                                                            Any 4-H Rabbit Project Leader with
project will be on family                      Dr. Francine Bradley (760) 699-5078
                                                                                            questions, please attend this meeting.
oriented fun. We will
be going on a variety                          This is a statewide event tailored for 4-H       COUNTY RABBIT MEETING
of non-competitive                             poultry families, leaders, fanciers, and
one-day trail rides
                                                                                                    Thursday, October 21
                                               backyard poultry keepers. The talks
within a reasonable distance from the                                                              7:00 p.m. CE Auditorium
                                               average 30-40 minutes, with plenty of
Sacramento area. We may also do some                                                                   by John Douglas
                                               time for questions. All registrants will
overnighters if the group is interested.
                                               receive hand-outs and other take-home
This is a great opportunity to have fun
with other 4-H families and make some
new friends. We will also be learning
                                               The program will include speakers who
about safety and self-sufficiency on the
trail.                                         specialize in poultry physiology, welfare,
                                               and veterinary medicine.
• 4-H members and leaders are
  welcome as well as their family and          FREE and open to all!! But please call
  friends. We encourage all parents to         to register.
  participate along with their children.                                                    Did you know that the American Rabbit
                                                                                            Breeders’ Association (ARBA) has a
• All 4-H members must have passed                                                          website-based list of rabbit shows
  the Performance Test.                                                                     nationwide? Also, did you know that
                                                                                            many of these rabbit shows are very
• All non 4-H’ers will need to sign a
                                                                                            close to Sacramento? And finally, did
  liability waiver before each ride.
                                                                                            you know that if you attend some of
• All riders, including non 4-H’ers, MUST                                                   these shows to show your rabbit, you
  wear an approved helmet whenever                                                          can include them on your County 4-H
  mounted.                                                                                  Rabbit Rank Sheet?

      FIRST OVERNIGHT RIDE                                                                  But wait, there’s more! We will be telling
                                                                                            you about how we show our own,
             October 30-31                                                                  personal rabbits; as well as, what judges
            Point Reyes, CA                                                                 look for, both good and bad. And did we
This is one of my favorite rides. The trails                                                mention meat rabbits? Showing those
and the ocean are beautiful. There are                                                      fluffy meatballs is where you’ll get the big
trails for everyone from fire roads to                                                      bucks $$$. We’ll also tell you how to find
single track and if you get real                                                            and register for those great rabbit shows.
adventurous you can try riding in the                                                       And remember, by attending this meeting
surf.                                                 COUNTY DOG NEWS                       you can also help yourself to earn those
If you want to go, let me know how many                                                     GROOVY 4-H Rabbit Rank Sheet pins!!!
horses you'll be taking. You will need to
                                                 Camilla Rogers, (916) 631-0400
                                                                                            The older 4-H Rabbit project members
make your own reservations at Stewarts                                                      have worked very hard to prepare this
                                               S.D.T.C. October
Horse Camp (415) 663-1362. They fill                                                        meeting for you rabbit lovers and we are
up, so make your reservations ASAP. I'll       Obedience Trial is the first
                                                                                            looking forward to a full house of all the
send directions and more info later.           weekend in October. I am
                                                                                            rabbit project members in Sacramento.
                                               looking for 4-H Dog Project
For more information, contact Robert or                                                     Please don’t leave us talking to empty
                                               members to assist as ring                    chairs!!
                                               stewards, but others can

                                               also help.
                                                                                                  COUNTY FIBER GOAT
       CORRECTIONS                                   COUNTY DOG MEETING                       Barbara Fiorica, (916) 687-6406
Sorry for the mix-up, the Hanson girls                   Friday, October 22                 We meet the first Thursday of the month
were switched. Here what they received:               7:00 p.m. CE Auditorium               at the CE Office at 7:00 p.m. If you are
       Grace Hanson - Certificate                                                           interested, come join us or give Barbara
       Madison Hanson - Bronze                 This is for all 4-H Dog Project Members,     a call.
                                               Leaders, and Parents. Give Camilla a
       CONGRATULATIONS!                        call for more information.

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                                                    S TAT E N E WS
       CITIZENSHIP FOCUS                                              NATIONAL 4-H CONFERENCE
Looking for a way to enhance your                                      April 2-9, 2011
leadership and citizenship skills?                        National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, MD
Delegates who participate in California
                                             The National 4-H Conference is the Secretary of Agriculture's premier
and Washington Focus engage in the
                                             youth development opportunity to engage youth in developing
citizenship study/travel programs and
                                             recommendations for the 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H
carry out a plan of action to address an
                                             members at least 15 years old, volunteers, and staff may apply to join
issue in their school or community.
                                             the California delegation; applications must be postmarked by
The 2011programs are planned for:            October 1. More information is available at
June 17 – 21, 2011, California Focus in
Late June 2011, Washington Focus #1
                                                  NATIONAL 4-H WEEK                              IRONSTONE CONCOURS
- Washington, D.C.; Williamsburg,                          October 3-9                               D’ELEGANCE
Jamestown/ Yorktown                                                                            Saturday, September 25, 10-4
                                             Taking the Lead is the theme for                 Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys
July 10 – 19, 2011, Washington Focus         National 4-H Week. This week is set
#2 – Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia &        aside to recognize the contributions 4-H       Adults $20; couple or family ticket $35;
New York.                                    makes to the community, to publicize 4-        Children under 14 free - $2 off coupon at
More information is available at:            H, and to invite new participants to join.    You can be part of National 4-H Week by        This classic car show is held on the
Focus/ or from Pat English,                  making and displaying a poster at              beautiful grounds of the Ironstone Winery
                                             school, giving a presentation in your 4-H      in Murphys. It was started 17 years ago
                                             uniform or club t-shirt for your class or at   by John and Gail Kautz, to benefit youth
                                                                                            groups such 4-H, FFA, and State Fair
                                             a service club, inviting a friend to a 4-H
     CALIFORNIA’S 4-H                        meeting, wearing your uniform to church,
                                                                                            scholarships. This year the show will
  INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE                     or doing a community service activity
                                                                                            feature classes for Metal Bodied Station
                                                                                            Wagons, 1946 to 1971, Steam and
         PROGRAMS                            during this week.                              Electric Powered vehicles, and Bentley
This program will host students from                                                        and Rolls-Royce automobiles.
Costa Rica, Finland, and Japan, as well      PARENTS - You can celebrate National
                                             4-H Week by recruiting other adults to be      The featured car is the Phantom
as send delegates outbound to Australia.                                                    Corsair, built in 1938
The hosting programs are all about           project leaders or enrolling yourself. Our
                                                                                            by Rust Heinz. It is a
sharing your regular summer life with a      program is dependent upon volunteers           one-of-a kind car, a “car
teen from another culture. There is no       for its success.                               of the future.” It played
expectation that students tour California.                                                  a starring role in the
Find out more by contacting Pat English                                                     movie “The Young at
                                              STATE 4-H LEADERS FORUM                       Heart.”
                                                                                            Guests can visit with car owners, tour the
                                             The theme is "Upgrade! S.E.T. Your
  STATE 4-H RECORD BOOK                      System! Go!". Held November 5-7,
                                                                                            winery grounds, view 4-H displays, hear
       COMPETITION                           2010 at the Asilomar Conference
                                                                                            4-H presentations, and watch FFA
Senior Members are eligible to submit        Center. Portions of the forum will focus
                                             on sharing ideas about the various ways        Attending the Concours counts as a 4-H
their Record Books in the State 4-H                                                         event attended on your PDR.
Record Book competition. Record              that 4-H educates its members in the
                                                                                               4-H CAMPING ADVISORY
Books are due to the 4-H Office on           Science, Engineering, and Technology
October 22. For more information about       initiative, facilitated by volunteers and
the State 4-H Record Book Competition,       staff.                                                 COMMITTEE
go to:                                                       4-H Adult volunteers and youth are still
Members/RecordBook/RBCompetition/.           Workshop proposals are due July 1 and          needed to serve on the Camping
                                             forum registration is due September 1.         Advisory Committee. Volunteers and
                                             More information is available at               members having an interest and are
        2011 4-H SUPPLY                        willing to serve. Applications need to be
          SOURCEBOOK                         The Sacramento 4-H Council has
                                                                                            signed by county staff before submitting
                                                                                            to the State 4-H Office. Recruitment is
To request your own copy, go                 scholarships available - first time get        open until filled at this time. Please
to the National 4-H Mall at:                 $225 and returning attendees get $100.         contact John Borba,                       Call the 4-H Office at (916) 875-6811 for or Marianne Bird,
Sourcebook/single.html                       more information.                     for additional

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                  S TAT E N E WS               CONTINUED                                        S E C T I O NA L N E WS
                                  STATE 4-H                                                      4-H CONSUMER SCIENCE
                              FASHION REVUE 2011                                                      FIELD DAY
                         Saturday, May 28, 2011—UC Davis                                           Saturday, November 13
                                                  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   San Joaquin 4-H Office
                 OPERATION COVER-UP                                                           2101 East Earhart Avenue, Ste 200
This year’s community service project’s goal is to have                                             Stockton CA 95206
every member enrolled in 4-H make one child’s hospital                                        This is for all Nutrition, Food, Sewing,
gown. They will be donated to various hospitals around                                        Quilting, Fiber, Dairy Goat, Computer,
the state after being displayed at the State 4-H Fashion                                      Gardening, Crafts, First Aid, Community
Revue.                                                                                        Service, and Primary project members.
The pattern we are using is free and you can find it                                          There will be many Life Skill Sessions
online from Lazy Girl Designs at                                                              starting at 10:00 a.m. Some of the We                                           Sessions are Healthalicious Cooking,
need both boy and girl prints/colors and remember that                                        Healthy Spa Time, Pale to Plate (Dairy
they are for comfort, so 100% cotton is preferred.                                            Goat to Dairy Foods), Herbs & Spices,
                                                                                              Upcycling, Modeling, Sewing, Buffet
Email Karli Draxler at or go to the                                       Etiquette, Cyberbullilng & Internet Safety,
State 4-H website for more complete information.               2010 State Winners
                                                                                              Community Service, Judging Contests,
          MAKE FASHION ¢ENTS WITH THE $15.00 CHALLENGE                                        and Primary workshop.

This challenge encourages you to shop in new places with a new perspective, be a
wise consumer, and put together a really great outfit.                                        C L OV ER S A F E N O T E
RULES:                                                                                         HOLDING AND ATTENDING MEETINGS
• The spending limit is $15.00 for a complete outfit. This may include a jacket or vest             IN PRIVATE RESIDENCES
  and should give a coordinated total look.                                                   When a 4-H meeting is held in a private
• Shoes are not included in the $15.00, but anything else that shows is, including            residence, the host and guests each
  jewelry and accessories.                                                                    assume roles with attendant
• Receipts are required, although they can be handwritten from garage sales.                  responsibilities that contribute to
                                                                                              productive, safe and successful meeting
• Sources may include garage sales, consignment stores, thrift stores, Goodwill,
  Salvation Army, etc.
• 4-H’ers must qualify for the state event by being the county challenge winner.              When using a home for 4-H functions:
                                                                                                 Prior to meeting, assure all 4-H
• Complete information and entry procedures are available at the CA 4-H website.                 members have completed and turned
                            SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS
                                                                                                 in required medial and permission
                                                                                                 Assure two adults will be present in
       SHOTGUN DISCIPLINE                                  RIFLE DISCIPLINE                      accordance with 4-H Policy 815.2 A.
        Saturday, October 23                          Saturday, November 6                       The adult in charge must be 4-H staff
        Sunday, October 24                             Sunday, November 7                        or an appointed volunteer.
   8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. both days                 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. both days                Develop a meeting agenda and
  2300 Vichey Springs Road, Ukiah                2300 Vichey Springs Road, Ukiah                 schedule, including pre-arranged 4-H
                                                                                                 member drop-off and pick-up times
Upon successful completion of the              Upon successful completion of the                 and modes of transportation.
course, participants will be certified as      course, the participant will be certified as      Inform guests of residence areas and
shotgun trainers, can instruct shotgun         rifle leader, can lead a camp or club rifle       items that are off limits, such as
projects, and can certify shotgun              project. There is a $20 fee for the course.       swimming pools and refrigerators.
volunteers. There is a $30 fee for the                                                           At the beginning of the meeting,
course.                                                                                          inform guests about how to exit the
                                                                                                 meeting area and residence and
To get more information for either of these trainings, contact Linda Edginton at                 where restrooms are located. or (707) 463-4495.                                                        When leaving meetings, members
To register for either course, complete the Training Request and Registration Form,              walking, riding a bike, or using public
have it signed by your County 4-H Staff, and mail the form along with your check for             transportation should call their
appropriate amount made payable to Mendocino County 4-H to Rifle Class, 890 N Bush               parents/guardians to let them know
Street, Ukiah CA 95482.                                                                          they are on their way home.
                                                                                              For additional information about holding
         “Training Request Forms” available from your county 4-H Office or at:                and attending 4-H meetings in private
                              residences, go to Clover Safe Notes at
                  Attendance at both days is required for certification.            

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                                                                          CA L EN DA R
                                                                           October 2010
Sun                     Mon                          Tue                       Wed                      Thu                        Fri                           Sat
                                                •                                                                                                            1              2
                                                                                                                                    articles due

                    3                            4                         5                 6                                 7                             8              9

                   10                           11                        12                       13                      14                            15                16

                        COUNTY HOLIDAY

                   17                           18                        19                       20                      21                      22                      23

                   24                           25                        26                       27                      28                            29                30


           Events and Deadlines                                                                         Meetings at the CE Office
10/1—2National 4-H Conference Applications due—p.5              10/1—Horse Council Officer Training, 7pm                  10/18—Executive Board, 7pm
10/2—Avian Science Day– p.6                                     10/6—Camp Board, 7pm                                      10/19—Volunteer Orientation, 7pm
10/6—Camp Staff Applications Due—p.2                            10/7—County Fiber Goat Meeting, 7pm                       10/21—Rabbit Leaders Meeting, 6:45pm
10/9—North Laguna Creek Day—p.4                                 10/8—Horse Parent/Leader Meeting, 7pm                     10/21—County Rabbit Meeting, 7pm
10/22—State record books due– p.6                               10/8—Horse Review Committee, 7pm                          10/22—County Dog Meeting, 7pm
10/23—Sac Children’s Home—p.2                                   10/15—County Mini-Equine Meeting, 6:30pm                  10/25—Horse Council, 7pm
10/23-24—Shotgun Discipline—p.5                                 10/17—Country Centre Engineering Project, 1pm             10/26—Leaders’ Council, 7pm

                                                                          November 2010
Sun                     Mon                          Tue                       Wed                      Thu                        Fri                           Sat
                                            •   1                          2                       3                       4                             5                  6

                                                           ELECTION DAY
                                                                                                                                    articles due

                    7                           8                          9                      10                      11                            12                 13


                   14                       15                            16                      17                      18                            19                 20

                   21                       22                            23                      24                      15                            26                 27


                   28                       29                            30

           Events and Deadlines                                                                         Meetings at the CE Office
11/3—Farm Day                                                   11/3—Camp Board, 7pm                                      11/19—County Mini-Equine Meeting, 6:30pm
11/5—Newsletter Articles Due                                    11/12—Horse Review Committee, 7pm                         11/20—Rabbit Play Day, 9am
11/5-7—State Leader’s Forum—p.5                                 11/14—Laguna Creek Baking Project, 11am                   11/21—Country Centre Engineering Project, 1pm
11/13—Sectional 4-H Consumer Science Field Day—                 11/15—Finance Committee Meeting, 6pm                      11/22—County Horse Meeting, 7pm
     p.8                                                        11/15—Executive Board, 7pm                                11/23—Leaders’ Council, 7pm
11/20—North Central Sectional Leaders’ Council

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                                                                             CA L EN DA R S
                                                                                December 2010
Sun                        Mon                           Tue                          Wed                           Thu                           Fri                          Sat
                       1                            •                                                           1                             2                            3                                4
                                                                                                                                                  articles due

                       5                             6                            7                             8                             9                           10                               11

                      12                            13                           14                            15                           16                            17                               18

                      19                            20                           21                            22                           23                            24                               25

                      26                            27                           28                            29                           30                            31

             Events and Deadlines                                                                                   Meetings at the CE Office
12/3—Newsletter Articles Due                                         12/1—4-H Camp Board, 7pm
                                                                     12/2—County Fiber Goat Meeting, 7pm
                                                                     12/10—Horse Review Committee, 7pm
                                                                     12/17—County Mini-Equine Meeting, 7pm
                                                                     12/19—Country Centre Engineering Project, 1 pm

                                                         TO MAKE                        THE          BEST BETTER!

                                                                      A D D I T I O NA L N E WS
              To view the 4-H State news, go to
              To view the 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology news, go to
              To view the National 4-H news, go to

                                                                                                             PERSONS WITH HEARING DIFFICULTIES
                                               If accommodations are needed for                              CONTACT CALIFORNIA RELAY SERVICE:
                                               any meeting or event, please                                    711 OR (800) 735-2929 FOR TTY
                                               contact the 4-H Office at least two                            IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT HEARING
                                               weeks in advance.                                                  IMPAIRED INDIVIDUALS CALL:
                                                                                                                        (800) 735-2922

The University of California prohibits discrimination or harassment of any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy (including childbirth,
and medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth), physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual
orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services (as defined by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994: service in the uniformed services
includes membership, application for membership, performance of service, application for service, or obligation for service in the uniformed services) in any of its programs or activities.
University policy also prohibits reprisal or retaliation against any person in any of its programs or activities for making a complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment or for using or
participating in the investigation or resolution process of any such complaint. University policy is intended to be consistent with the provisions of applicable State and Federal laws.
Inquiries regarding the University’s nondiscrimination policies may be directed to the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Director, University of California, Agriculture and Natural
Resources, 1111 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 987-0096.
   Sacramento County Board of Supervisors -- Roger Dickinson, 1st District; Jimmy Yee, 2nd District; Susan Peters, 3rd District; Roberta Mac Glashan, 4th District; and Don Nottoli, 5th District. Also,
                         Steve Szalay, County Executive; Bruce Wagstaff, Countywide Services Agency; and Yvonne Nicholson & Chuck Ingels, Cooperative Extension.
                                          U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of California, and the County of Sacramento cooperating.

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