TO ALL PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS

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We appreciate your interest in the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program. Under the MAS
Program, the General Services Administration (GSA) establishes long-term Governmentwide
contracts with commercial firms to provide Government agencies with access to a wide variety of
commercial supplies (products) and services. This letter provides pertinent background
information on the MAS Program. We hope you will consider this information in deciding whether
to submit an offer for an MAS contract. Please read this letter in its entirety to learn about the
benefits and responsibilities associated with being an MAS contract holder. We believe you will
then be better able to determine whether obtaining an MAS contract is the right business decision
for your firm.

The MAS Program is designed to enable Government agencies to purchase commercial supplies
and services quickly, efficiently, and at fair and reasonable prices. It enables Government
agencies to comply with all Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements when "easy-to-
use" MAS ordering procedures are followed. The commercial supplies and services awarded
under MAS contracts are divided into distinct Schedules. In total, there are over 18,000 MAS
contracts in place, covering over 11 million items.

Becoming a successful MAS contractor requires that your company take a few key steps. The
first step to success under the MAS Program is to perform due diligence and understand your
commitments and obligations as an MAS contractor. Companies that have prepared well,
understand their commitments and obligations, and have plans to meet those commitments and
obligations have thrived under the MAS Program.

The next step is to select the Schedule that best aligns to the supplies and/or services your
company wants to offer. This action can be accomplished by accessing Schedules e-Library at There’s a few ways to help you identify the appropriate schedule for
your supplies and/or services. From the Schedules e-Library website homepage you can either:

1). click under the "Quick Schedule" at the top right side of the page to view the complete list of
Schedules. By clicking on any Schedule number, you can then view the generic categories of
supplies and services under a particular Schedule


2). You can view the “Category Guide” where you will see a list of industries and by clicking on a
category you will be directed to a list of Schedules that could possibly fit your supplies and/or


3). Enter your product/service into the “Search Box” in order to view a list of possible Schedules
that would fit your supplies and/or services.
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4). Review the attached list of Schedules in this handout for your convenience.

Once you have determined the proper Schedule under which to submit your offer, the next step is
to download, read, and understand the solicitation for this Schedule. You may access this
solicitation (from Schedules e-Library) by clicking on a box "Vendors Click here to view the
current solicitation on FedBizOpps," which is located on each individual Schedule's page. It is
essential to read the entire Schedule solicitation. Understanding the terms and conditions of an
MAS contract and your contractual obligations is critical to your success as an MAS contract

You can also download the solicitation directly from FedBizOpps by accessing From the FedBizOpps website, you may search by GSA Office, Solicitation
Number, or Keyword. Our Helpful Hints for Using FedBizOpps provide step-by-step instructions
as to how to perform such searches. We encourage you to visit both Schedules e-Library and
FedBizOpps, since each site provides other important news and information.

Please note that the award of an MAS contract does NOT guarantee future sales. Although the
MAS Program provides significant benefits to Government agencies, they are not required to use
the MAS Program to fulfill their requirements. With thousands of contracts already in place,
competition for orders under the MAS Program is fierce.


First, take the "Pathway to Success" education seminar. You may attend either a live
presentation or complete the web based presentation posted on the Vendor Support Center
(VSC) under the "Vendor Training" tab. "Pathway to Success" is designed to assist prospective
MAS contractors in making informed business decisions as to whether obtaining an MAS contract
is in their best interests. The presentation also provides background information on the MAS
Program. Offerors are advised that certification of course completion is a prerequisite for
participation in the MAS Express Program, described below.

Next, access the Vendor Support Center (VSC) at From the VSC website,
locate the New Contractor Orientation webcast under the "Vendor Training" tab. The webcast
was developed to define key contract requirements with which a vendor must comply, and
outlines how GSA evaluates MAS contract performance. While visiting the VSC, also review The
Steps to Success: How to be a Successful Contractor under the "Publications" tab. This
document provides an overview of MAS contract requirements, including key reporting
documents. Both learning tools are highly recommended reading, as they provide information for
you to confidently comply with contractual obligations, and ensure that you are ready to be an
excellent MAS contractor.

Then, identify and assess your competition. This important task can be accomplished by visiting
Schedules e-Library at and GSA Advantage!® at In addition to providing access to Schedule solicitations, Schedules e-
Library is our online source for MAS contract award information; GSA Advantage!® is our online
shopping and ordering system. Both websites contain information regarding the supplies and
services that current MAS contractors already offer. The information collected from these
websites should assist you in identifying potential competitors under the MAS Program. The
knowledge gained from this effort will help you assess your firm's ability to compete, if awarded
an MAS contract.

 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

Your review of the competition should include: competitors' pricing, delivery times, warranty
terms, services, and any other elements that make their offerings distinctive.

Another online tool for assessing your MAS Program competition is Schedule Sales Query (SSQ)
at SSQ provides detailed sales information on current MAS
contractors. On this site, you can search to see if your competitors have successfully sold similar
supplies and/or services under the MAS Program.

Your review and analysis of the preceding websites should allow you to assess the competitive
environment for the supplies (products) and/or services you want to provide. Once you
understand the terms you will have to follow and the market in which you will operate, you can
then decide whether an MAS contract is the right investment for your firm.

We also recommend that you become familiar with Federal procurement proposal evaluation
factors. At a minimum, Government buyers will evaluate price and past performance, and
possibly your firm's expertise in providing the supplies and/or services you are seeking to offer.
Purchasers under the MAS Program make a selection of an MAS contractor based upon "best
value." FAR 2.101 defines "best value" as the expected outcome of an acquisition that, in the
Government's estimation, provides the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement.

An important criteria to consider is whether the items you propose to offer are compliant with the
Trade Agreements Act. The Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. 2501, et seq.) is the enabling
statute that implements numerous multilateral and bilateral international trade agreements and
other trade initiatives. Since the estimated dollar value of each Schedule exceeds the established
Trade Agreements Act (TAA) threshold, the TAA is applicable to all Schedules. In accordance
with the TAA, only U.S.-made or designated country end products shall be offered and sold under
Schedule contracts.

GSA offers Government buyers training and provides them with informational material about the
benefits of the MAS Program. Such benefits include the following:

       Acquisition lead time is reduced.

       Schedules provide a wide selection of state-of-the-art commercial supplies and services.
       Schedule orders are not required to be synopsized.
       GSA has already determined Schedule prices to be fair and reasonable.

Although GSA provides informational material on the benefits of the MAS Program, GSA does not
market or promote specific contracts, does not distribute products of individual firms, and does
not steer business to any individual contractor. If awarded an MAS contract, you will be required
to market your supplies and/or services to Government agencies. You will also be required to
upload an approved Schedule pricelist on GSA Advantage!®. Since purchasing authority is
spread out across all Government agencies, marketing your supplies and/or services to
Government customers may not be an easy task. You are strongly encouraged to target markets
and build relationships in much the same way you market to commercial customers.

Finally, how well you perform under your MAS contract is up to you.

If you decide to submit an offer and are awarded an MAS contract, be advised that GSA will
expect your company to exceed $25,000 in sales within the first two years after your contract is
awarded. Your company will then be expected to exceed $25,000 in sales each succeeding year
in order to retain your MAS contract. If your company is newly established or has had low sales
in the supplies (products) and/or services you want to offer under the MAS Program, you should
 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

consider the difficulty you may have in meeting this performance requirement. If you ultimately
decide to submit an offer under the MAS Program, having a business plan to meet this
performance requirement will be critical to ensuring your success as an MAS contractor.


Excellent! GSA is always looking for highly qualified firms ready to increase competition and
serve the needs of our fellow Government agencies. While not all firms are awarded MAS
contracts, the MAS Program, in accordance with statutory authority, is open to all responsible
Offerors. To be considered for award of an MAS contract, you must demonstrate that your firm
meets all MAS Program requirements, including price. To understand the term responsible,
please refer to FAR 9.104-1, which identifies the standards a prospective contractor must posses
to be determined responsible.

Currently, the time required to evaluate and award an MAS contract can range from three to six
months. Well prepared and documented offers with competitive pricing are easier to evaluate
and, therefore, may expedite the award process. Offers requiring numerous corrections and
clarifications take much longer to be evaluated. To submit a complete offer that can be easily
evaluated the first time, you are encouraged to pursue the training opportunities listed below to
help improve the quality of your offer and accelerate its review:

       Take the free Center for Acquisition Excellence online course, "How to Become a
        Contractor -- GSA Schedules Program." This ten lesson course describes the features of
        the MAS Program, how to submit an offer, the contract award process, and how to
        successfully market supplies and services on an MAS contract. Visit the Center for
        Acquisition Excellence at to register and
        access the course in the Learning Center.

       Attend a free GSA training session on how to obtain an MAS contract. To view a list of
        available training, access and click on "How to Get on Schedule" under
        "Training from GSA."

As an alternative to the paper submission of offers, GSA has developed eOffer, a web based
application that allows an Offeror to prepare and submit an MAS offer electronically. eOffer is
designed to create an interactive, secure environment that simplifies the contracting process from
submission of offers to contract awards. eOffer uses the latest digital authentication technology
to ensure the integrity of data and to electronically sign the offer. Digital certificates are required
in order to use eOffer. The eOffer website at contains a variety of
information regarding the eOffer application, including available training, information regarding
digital certificates, and identification of those Schedules under which eOffers are currently being

In order to streamline and accelerate the offer review process, GSA has implemented the MAS
Express Program, a specialized program established under the MAS Program. The ultimate goal
of the MAS Express Program is to award MAS contracts within 30 days. For more details
regarding the program, including those Schedules under which offers are currently being
accepted, access the MAS Express Program website at Also, visit

 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

the Vendor Support Center for additional information, including the MAS Express Program's core
criteria and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Under the MAS Express Program, an Offeror may prepare and submit an MAS Express offer
electronically using "Express eOffer," an application similar to eOffer, but specifically designed for
the MAS Express Program. The eOffer website at provides the requisite
information regarding the Express eOffer application, including those Schedules under which
Express eOffers are currently being accepted.

Once you submit an offer, GSA will look for a number of items. We will verify that you have
submitted all the required information necessary to evaluate your offer. The following are key
elements of your offer that will be reviewed:

         Pricing;
         Past performance;
         Scope -- the supplies/services are within the scope of the Schedule;
         Financial capability;
         Technical;
         Subcontracting Plan (if you are not a small business concern); and
         Other regulatory compliance.

Good Luck. We want you to be successful, and look forward to the start of a long and successful


If you decide an MAS contract is not a good fit for your firm at this time, you can still participate in
other Federal Government acquisitions. In some cases, pursuing other avenues may be even
more advantageous.

Other Government contracting opportunities are posted on FedBizOpps at
Commercial vendors seeking Federal markets can search, monitor, and retrieve solicitations for
supplies and services issued by all Federal agencies. The FAR addresses the circumstances
under which an acquisition of supplies or services with an estimated dollar value of exceeding
$3,000 but not over $100,000 shall be set aside for small business concerns.

Business concerns may also participate in subcontracting opportunities with companies already
under contract to the Government. The U.S. Small Business Administration at
provides information on subcontracting, as well as other topics of interest to firms seeking
business opportunities. Existing Schedule contractors are always looking for opportunities to
subcontract to small business, small disadvantaged business, women-owned small business,
HUBZone small business, veteran-owned small business, and service-disabled veteran-owned
small business concerns.

Remember, the MAS Program is continually open. If you have determined the MAS Program is
not the correct contracting vehicle for your firm at this time, we encourage you to periodically
revisit your business plan and the opportunity to market your supplies and/or services under the
MAS Program at a later date.
 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the MAS Program. We wish you great success in
whatever method you chose to market to Government agencies.


If your product/service is not listed under the GSA MAS Program, please contact your local GSA
Office of Small Business Utilization at for further assistance.

Please register your company into the Central Contractor Registration Database (CCR) at and the Online Registration and Certification Application (ORCA) Database at

                                     GSA WORKSHOPS
                       Register Online:
                      look under “GSA Events” to view dates/locations

 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

                                      GSA’s Schedules Listing


00CORP – The Consolidated Schedule (Solicitation Number FCO-00-CORP-0000C-Refresh)
The Management Services Center Ph. 1-800-241-7246, email:

The Consolidated Schedule encompasses most of the service schedules within the Multiple Awards
Schedules program. This schedule provides a streamlined approach to fulfilling requirements that
fall within the scope of more than one schedule for acquiring a total solution. Contractors under this
schedule hold a single contract that includes two or more combined services from schedules such
as: Facilities Maintenance, Office Imaging and Document Solutions, Training, Information
Technology, Publications, Financial and Business Solutions, Advertising and Integrated Marketing
Solutions, Language, Human Resources, Professional Engineering, MOBIS, Logworld, and

03FAC – Facilities Maintenance & Management (Solicitation Number 6FEC-E6-030292-B)
Contact: Hardware Superstore (816) 926-6760, email:

Services Department: To provide a variety of services including but not limited to inspection services,
maintenance services, repair services, cleaning services, and various solutions. PACC (Preparation and
Application of Chemical Compounds) World Department: Surface Preparation, Application of Chemical
Compounds, Support Products (Contractors Only, and Support Training and Consultation Services
(Contractors Only). Beautification Center Department: Grounds Maintenance; Tree Planting, Trimming
and Removal; Pest Control; Snow and Ice Removal; and Support Products and Support Training and
Consultation Services (Contractors Only)

Energy Management Support and Services Department: To support the energy planning and strategies,
energy choice analysis, risk management, matering services, billing and management oversight preparing
agency statements of work, and homeland security. Industrial, Aerospace, and Marine Painting: Includes
of the surface preparation and application of chemical compound. Services Department: Includes of the
independent elevator inspection services, fire alarm system preventative maintenance and repair services,
water based fire suppression system preventative maintenance and repair services, elevator and escalator
preventative maintenance, complete facilities maintenance, complete facilities management, electrical and
all utility services limited to facilities maintenance, refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air condition HVAC
maintenance, grounds maintenance, tree planting, trimming and removal, and pest control.

23 V - Vehicular Multiple Award Schedule (VMAS): (Solicitation Number FFAH-C2-99-0235-B)
Contact: Morgan Phillips Snyder (703) 605-1866, email:

Enclosed Concession; Mobile Sound Shell Stage; Dry Cargo Van; Refrigerated Cargo Van Trailers; Aerial
Lift Vehicles; Vehicular Equipment and Accessories; Vehicular Bodies; Steel Storage Shelves for
Automotive Parts; Construction and Highway Maintenance Equipment; Attachments for Construction, Snow
and Highway Maintenance Equipment; and Firefighting and Waste Disposal Vehicles Mirrors and
Assemblies, Bed Liners, Tarps, Tool Boxes, Security Systems, Law Enforcement Emergency Signal
Systems, Law Enforcement Vehicle Barriers and Shield, Equipment for Service Vehicles, Commercial
Washers, Mounted Video Equipment for Vehicles, Vehicle Window or Mirror Treatments, Custom Fire
Fighting Chassis and Fire Fighting Vehicle Glider

26 I – Tires, Pneumatic (NEW), For Passenger, Light Truck, Medium Truck, and Bus, and Retread
Services (Solicitation Number FCAP-S2-96-2601)
Contact: Morgan Phillips Snyder (703) 605-1866, email:

 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

36 – The Office, Imaging and Documents Solutions (Solicitation Number 3FNJ-C1-00-0001-B)
Contact: (215) 446-5058, email:

Multimedia Office Cabinets, Displays, & Filing Systems including Pocket Card Frames and Portfolios;
Projection Screen, Stand, Printer (Enlarger), Systems; Projectors & Electronic Whiteboards; Typewriters;
Security Applications for Business Machines; Dictating and Transcribing Machines and Systems; Personal &
Document Identification Systems; Mail Processing Machines, Systems and Related Software; Date and
Time Stamps; Time and Attendance Program Systems; Rental Plan for Postage Meters and Related Mailing
Equipment; Calculators; Money Handling & Processing Machines; Stencil Cutting Machines; Office Products
for the Impaired; Copiers; Cost-per-Copy Plan for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional &
Engineer Copiers; Flat Rate Monthly Fee Copying Plan For Copiers; Consumable Supplies for Copiers,
Computers Printers and Fax Machines; Transparency Film; Maintenance Service Agreement For all Other
Equipment Repair, replacement, and spare parts for equipment other than copiers, including their
associated accessories and attachments; Post Copying/Finishing Equipment and Supplies; Shredding,
Disintegrator and Industrial Machines; Digital Duplicating Equipment; Multi-Media Readers, Reader-Printers
and Systems; Network, Optical Imaging Systems and Solutions; Microphotographic Film, Paper, Chemical
Preparation and Equipment; Needs Assessment and Analysis Services; Education and Training Support
Services; Records Management Services; Document Production On-site and Off-site Services; Document
Conversion Services; Destruction Services; Litigation Support Services (LLS); Network Connectivity
Support Services; Rental Plan for Copiers; Repair of Government-Owned Equipment (all equipment
covered under this schedule) for equipment not under Maintenance Service Agreement; Maintenance
Service Agreement For Copiers; Lease to Ownership Plans (LTOP) Copiers; Operating Lease Plan For
Copiers; Operating Lease Plan; International - All Equipment under this Schedule - Includes overseas
purchase of copiers, accessories, supplies; rental/lease of copiers; Mail Room Management Services;
Presort Mail; Miscellaneous Mail Services; List Management Services; Mailroom Ergonomic Analysis
Services; Mail Screening and Inspection Services;

48- Transportation, Delivery, and Relocation Services (Solicitation Number-FBGT-GG-050001-B)
Contact: (703) 605-5616, email:

Express small package and express heavyweight delivery services, Ground small package delivery
services, Office relocation, Relocation Service Package, Property Management, Agency Customization
Services, Training, Move management services

Ground Transportation Service; Rental Supplemental Vehicle Program; Transportation Consulting Services;
Express Small Package and Express Heavyweight Delivery Services; Local Courier Delivery Services;
Relocation Service Package; Property Management; Agency Customization Services; Move Management
Services; Office Relocation; Corporate Housing Lodging Services

51 V – Hardware Superstore (Solicitation Number 6FEC-E6-070173-B) Contact: (816) 926-6760,

This includes Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Utility Vehicles, Edgers, Trimmers, Tillers, Spreaders, Sprayers,
Vacuums, Sweepers, Snow Blowers and Throwers, Cattle Guards, Chain Saws, Parts and Accessories,
Household and Office Appliances, Tools, Tool Kits, Tool Boxes, Woodworking and Metal Working
Machinery, Related Leasing and Rentals, Paints, Sealants, Adhesives and Lubricants

Appliance Department: Domestic; Export; Services
Commercial Coating, Adhesives, Sealants, Fuels, and Lubricants: Aerospace Commercial
Coatings; Marine Commercial Coatings; Vehicle and Industrial Commercial Coatings;
Architectural Commercial Coatings; Stains, Varnishes, Sealers, Shellacs, and Lacquers; Coating
Removers; Applicators and Accessories; Petroleum and Fuel; Walk In/ Walk Out Hardware Store
Commercial Products and Services; Catalog Service Hardware Store Commercial Products and
Hardware Store Department: Services
Lawn and Garden Department: Mowers; Mowing Implements, Tractor Drawn or Mounted;
Tractors, Gas/ Diesel without Implements, Lawn & Garden Dedicated; Various Lawn & Garden

 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

Implements; Cattle Guards; Chain Saws; Accessories/ Replacement Parts; Hard Tools,
Specifically Lawn and Garden Dedicated
Leasing and Rental Department: Daily/ Short Term Rental
Tools Department: Tool Kits; Hand Held Tools, Powered, Portable Tool Boxes, Cabinets and
Chests; Hand Held Tools, Non-powered, Ancillary Services
Woodworking and Metalworking Department: Maintenance of woodworking and metalworking
machinery and equipment; Woodworking Machinery and Equipment; Metal Working Machinery &

520 – Financial and Business Solutions (FABS): (Solicitation Number FCXB-F4-020002-B)
Contact: Jackie Austin (703) 605-2820, email:

Credit Monitoring Services; Program Financial Advisor; Transportation Audits (Small Business Set Aside);
Accounting; Budgeting; Complementary Financial Management Services; Audit & Financial Training
Services; Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services; Business
Information Services; Transaction Specialist; Due Diligence & Support Services; Debt Collection; Loan
Servicing & Asset Management; Professional Legal Services; Financial & Performance Audits;
Complementary Audit Services; Recovery Audits

541– Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)
(Solicitation Number 7FCB-H2-070541-B) Contact: Frank Wilson Ph. (817) 574-2388,

Advertising Services, Other Direct Costs (ODCs) are expenses other than labor hours, Public Relations
Services, Web Based Marketing Services (Small Business Set-Aside), Integrated Marketing Services,
Market Research and Analysis, Video/Film Production, Exhibit Design and Implementation Services,
Conference, Events and Tradeshow Planning Services, Commercial Photography Services, Commercial Art
and Graphic Design Services

56- Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies:(Solicitation 7FCI-F8-030056-B
Contact: Haley Naegele, (817) 574-2482, email:

(39) - Warehouse Equipment and Supplies: Warehouse Trucks & Tractors,; Hand Trucks and Mail Carts;
Platform Trucks; Utility Trucks and Accessories; Utility Trucks; Dock Plates, Boards, Ramps, and Bridges;
Pallet truck; Pallet Truck; Pallets; Containment Pallets; Spill Containment Units; Warehouse Equipment and
Supplies; Ancillary Services for Warehouse Equipment and Supplies; Scaffolding and Accessories; Work &
Service Platforms; Electric Forklift; Gasoline Powered Forklift; LPG Powered Forklift; Diesel Powered Forklift

(46) - Air and Water Purification Equipment and Sewer Treatment Equipment: Water Purification Units;
Water Filtration Systems; Sewage Treatment Equipment; Ancillary Services for Air and Water Purification
Equipment; Air Purification Equipment and Supplies

(49) - Maintenance & Repair Shop Equipment with Related Environmental Products: Diagnostic
Equipment; Wheel & Tire Equipment; Automotive Material Handling Equipment; Lubrication Equipment; Air
Compressors; Environmental Equipment and Services related to Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment;
Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Supplies; Pressure Cleaners; Automotive Cleaning Machines
& Parts Washers; Blasters and Media; Spray Paint Equipment and Booths; Miscellaneous Abrasives;
Ancillary Services for Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment; Lease/ Rental of Maintenance and Repair
Shop Equipment

(54) - Above Ground Storage Tanks/ Systems, Fuel Dispensing Units and Fuel Management
Systems: Protected, Single Compartment/ Single Tank; Protected, Dual Compartment/ Double Tank; Fire
Resistant, Single Compartment/ Single Tank; Fire Resistant, Dual Compartment/ Double Tank; Non Vault,
Single Compartment/ Single Tank; Non Vaulted, Dual Compartment/ Double Tank; Waste Oil; Fuel
Dispensing Units; Fuel Management Systems/ Units; Installation and Site Preparation for Above Ground
Storage Tanks/Systems, Fuel Dispensing Units, and Fuel Management Systems; Tank Monitoring System

 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

(54) - Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and Structure
Pre-Engineered Buildings; Pre-assembled/Prefabricated Modular Buildings; In-Plant Offices, Prefabricated
Modular Wall/Partition Systems and Enclosures, Mezzanines and Wire Partitions; Precast Concrete
Buildings; Military Shelters and Container Systems and related accessories/options; Modular/Mobile Office
Buildings and accessories/options; Tension Fabric Structures and Canopies and Other Membrane
Structures; Guard and Security Buildings/Booths/Houses/Shacks/Shelters (with or without Bullet Resistance)
Portable or Stationary, Assembled/Unassembled; Restroom and/or Restroom Shower Buildings; Smoking
Shelters/Rooms, Bus/Passenger Shelters; Ancillary Services for Pre-Engineered/Pre-Fabricated Buildings
and Structures; Installation and Site Preparation Services for Pre-Engineered/Pre-Fabricated Buildings and
Structures; Leasing and/or Rental of Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and Structures

(56) - Building Materials
Ancillary Services relating to Building Materials; Erosion Control Fabric & Gabions; Toilet Partitions; Access
and Portable Flooring; Roofing Materials, Products and Services; Wall coverings; Portable Roads, Airstrips,
Helipads, etc.; Construction Supplies; Electric and Gas Water Heaters; Space Heaters, Industrial and
Commercial Heating/Air Conditioning (A/C); Tile; Lavatories, Bathtubs, Water Closets, Urinals, Showers,
Fountains, Basins, & Faucets; Windows, Residential and Commercial; Doors and Shutters, including Strip
Doors; Wood Doors & Door Frames; Wallboard - Sheetrock (gypsum); Lumber and Fences (Plastic); Air
Curtains, Blowers, Fans, Air Barriers, and Cubicle Curtains; Lumber (treated & untreated), Plywood, &
Siding Material; Bullet Resistant Panels, Metallic and Non-Metallic; Security Doors and Security Windows;
Security Film, Blast Mitigation, Bullet Resistant, and Glass Fragmentation Products for Doors, Windows, and
Walls; Solar Window Film; Metal Doors

(61) - Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries: Portable Generator(s); Portable Light
Towers; Lay Flat Extensions, Cable & Conduit Assemblies, Breakers and Extension Kits; Rotary Motor
Generators and UPS’S; Portable, Standby or Prime Generator(s); Load Banks and Generator Transfer
Switches, includes all options and accessories; Batteries, Rechargeable, and Charge(S); Batteries, Dry Cell,
Non-Rechargeable; Batteries, Stationary; Batteries, Storage, Motive, Vehicle, Parts; Battery and Alternator
Monitoring Systems; Battery Spill Containment Systems; Parts and Accessories; DC Regulated Power
Supply; AC Regulated Power Supply; Line Conditioners; Inverters; Uninterruptible Power Supplies; AC/DC
and DC/DC Converters and UPS’s; Power Distribution Units; Frequency Converters, Switchgear; Panel
boards, Switchboards, Load Centers, Metering, Transformers, Battery Chargers, Automotive and Industrial
Truck (Motive Power), Stationary Battery Charger(s); Accessories for Battery Charger(s); Electric Motor &
Repair; Electrical, Voltage, and Generator Controls, Class I-SCP Sneak Current Protection;
Telecommunications Surge Protection; Class III-SAS Silicon Avalanche Suppressor; Ancillary Services for
Power Distribution Equipment; Installation Requiring Construction for Power Distribution Equipment; Power
Systems Engineering Support; Wall Outlet Surge Protectors; Wall Outlet Surge Protection and Electronic
Noise Filter; Hard Wired Surge Protection and EMI/RFI Filtration Devices; Motor Controllers/ Motor Control

(62) - Solar Energy Systems, Energy Saving Lighting Products & Specialty Lighting
Sodium & Metal Halide Lighting Fixtures; Sodium & Metal Halide Lighting Fixtures; Airport Lighting; Energy
Efficient and/or Environmentally Friendly Lamps (light bulbs); Reading Lights; Indoor Emergency Lighting;
Solar Energy System; Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures and Accessories; Fluorescent Lighting Reflectors;
Lighting Sensor Systems; Energy Saving Lighting Ballasts; Ancillary Services for Solar Energy Systems,
Energy Saving Lighting Products, and Specialty Lighting

58 I – Professional Audio/Video, Telecommunication and Security Solutions (Solicitation Number
3FNG-RG-020001-B) Contact: (215) 446-5026, email:

Recording and Reproducing Video and Audio Equipment; Monitors; Television Cameras; Audio Cartridge,
Cassette and Reel-to-Reel Equipment; Closed Circuit and Other Surveillance Equipment;
Telecommunication Equipment; Spare and Repair Parts; Accessories; and Ancillary Services

599 – Travel Services Solutions (Solicitation Number FBGT-RK-040001-B)
Contact: (703) 605-5616, email:

Charter Services; Travel Consulting Services; Contract Support Items; Travel Agent Services; Lodging
Negotiations and Management Services
 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

*621 I – Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing Services (Solicitation Number 797-FSS-00-0115-
R3) Contact: VA FSS 621 I Help Desk (708) 786-7722, email:

Physicians – General and Family, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrician, OB/ Gynecologist,
Anesthesiologist, Cardiology, Dermatologist, Cardiology, Dermatologist, Hematologist, Neurologist,
Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Orthopedic, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services, Otolaryngologist,
Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Podiatrist, Radiology, Surgery, Urology, Nuclear Medicine, Gerontologist;
Registered Nurses; Dentist; Pharmacist; Physician Assistants; Audiologist/ Speech Language Pathologist;
EMT Paramedic; Dental Related Services; Respiratory Therapy; Physical Therapy/ Recreational Therapy;
Perfusionist/ Perfusion Technologist; Occupational Therapy; Licensed Practical/ Vocational Nurse; Medical
Assistant; Nurse Assistant (Certified/ Registered); Cytotechnologist; Kinesiotherapist; Orthotist/Prosthetist;
Ophthalmuc Services; Genetic Counselor; Clinical Laboratory Science/ Medical Technology; Counseling
Related Services; Dietitian. Nutritionist; Surgical Technologist; Radiologic Technology; Certified Pharmacy
Technician; Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesist; Nurse Practitioner; Dosimetrist; General Clinical
Technologists/ Technician, Certified/Licensed Midwife, Electroneurdiagnostic Technologist (END), Physicists

(Solicitation Number797-FSS-04-0001) Contact: Darleen McGary (708) 786-7722, email:

Anatomic Pathology; Clinical Chemistry; Cytogentics; Clinical Drugs of Abuse and Toxicology;
Endocrinology; Hematology; Hemostasis; Immunology; Microbiology; Organ or Disease
Oriented Panels; Serology; Urinalysis

*65 l B – Pharmaceuticals & Drugs – (Now contains Antiseptic Liquid Skin Cleansing Detergents &
Soaps, Dispensers & Accessories.) Soliciation Number M5-Q50A-03-R2
Contact: W. Robert Satterfield, III, (708) 786-4955, email:

Non-prescription medicated cosmetics & surgical soaps; single/ multiple source innovator; biological &
insulin pharmaceutical products; Generic & multiple source pharmaceutical & drugs, human blood products,
& over the counter drugs; Complete IV delivery systems; New Molecular Entity; Nutritional/ Dietary
Supplements; Antiseptic Liquid Skin Cleansing Detergents and Soaps, Dispensers and Accessories

*65 II A – Medical Equipment and Supplies Soliciation Number 797-FSS-99-0025-R6
Contact: Paul Skalman, (708) 786-5247, email:

Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive Bandages; Cannulas, Airways, Tubes and Accessories; Colostomy/Ostomy
Products; Stockings; Sutures, Suture Needles, Staples and Extractors; Wound Drainage Systems and
Kits/Evacuators; Equipment Maintenance and Repair; Bands, Patient Identification; Brush-Sponge Surgical
Scrubs; Charts and Chart Racks (Medical Only); Restraints, Adult and Pediatric; Drapes, Surgical;
Hospitalware, Plastic/Stainless; Vision Screening and Test/ Audiometer Equipment; Ophthalmic Units;
Ophthalmic Surgical Equipment; Laser, Surgical; Cryosurgical/ Electrosurgical/ Cardiopulmonary Apparatus;
Blood Warmers; Secondary Oxygen/ Suction/Aspiration/ Anesthesia Equipment; Oxygen Concentrators;
Carts, Emergency, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Crash); Oxygen Respirators/Resuscitators;
Binders/Suspensories; Tel-Home Care; Respiratory Monitors; Holter Cardiograph/ ECG/EKG/ENG
Apparatus; Electrodes, Universal, Leadwires and Cables; Stress Test Monitors; Pulmonary Function Testing
Equipment; Erection Aid Devices; Defibrillators; Sponges/Surgical; EEG/EMG Apparatus; Urodynamic
Measurement Apparatus; IV Pumps; Pumps, Patient Feeding, External; Hemodialysis Equipment;
Autotransfusion Units (Blood); Noninvasive Bone Growth Stimulators; Acute Care Beds; Physiotherapy
Apparatus; Whirlpool/Hydobaths and Bath Units, Medical; Stimulators, Muscle, Nerve and Pain Control;
Phototherapy Cabinets (Ultraviolet); Flotation Pads/Mattresses for Therapy; Hyperthermia/Hypothermia
Systems; Lifts, Patient Equipment for Hospital and Home Use; Transportation Units (Stretchers); Scales,
Electronic and Mechanical; Tables, Patient Examination, Treatment and Operating; Lights, Surgical, Ceiling
and Surgical Stand; Chairs and Stools, Patient Examining; Carts, Medical Supplies/Medication, Patient
Application; Cabinets, Warming/ Medical and Surgical; Nourishment Workstations; Instruments
Stands/Tables (Surgical); Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems; Sterilizer and Sanitizer Equipment; Scopes,
Medical; Radioactive Medical Waste Systems; Medication and Supply Packaging and Dispensing
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                                   documents .

Equipment; Pharmacy Furniture; Tablet Splitters; Prescription Information Aids, Equipment and Supplies for
Patient Use; Applicators/Swabs/Wipes/Pads- Treated/ Plain; Bags, Heat/Cold Bandages/Gauzes- Plain/
Treated/ Casing/ Elastic Bandages or Gauzes; Catheters (Excluding Urinary Catheters)-
Cardiac/Thoracic/ Suction/ Other Catheters; Disposable Contamination Containers- Sharps; Biohazard
Bags; Chemotherapy Containers; Other Disposable Contamination Containers; Dressings- Adheren/ Non-
Adherent Dressings; Gloves, Medical Surgeon's and Examinary- Sterile Latex/ Sterile Vinyl/ Non-Sterile
Latex/ Non-Sterile Vinyl/ Other Gloves; Hospital Clothing, Patient/Nurse/Doctor- Disposable/ Reusable
Hospital Clothing, Impervious Disposables; Implants, Surgical- Joints, Hip, Knee and Accessories,
Intraocular Lenses, Other Implants, Surgical; Incontinent Products- Pads, Bed Linen, Protective, Diapers,
Other; Medical Diagnostic Instruments- Sphygmomanometers, Ostoscopes, Stethoscopes,
Thermometers, Hand-Held Dopplers and Pulse-Oximeters, Laryngoscopes, Other; Needles, Syringes, and
Jet Injectors; Orthopedic/Surgical Supports- Splints, Braces, Immobiliers,Soft Goods, Positioners,
Supports, Cervical Collars, Other; Pacemaker- DDDR, dual chamber, rate responsive, VVIR/SSIR, single
chamber/ VDD, atrial sensing, ventricular/ Bradycardia pacing; Ancillary products- pacing and defibrillator
leads and accessories; Physiological Monitors- Vital Signs/ Blood Pressure/ Blood Flow/ Blood Gas/ Fetal/
Neonatal/ Oximeter/ Esophageal Motility/ Escophageal Pressure/ Other Physiological; Sets, Kits and
Trays, Disposable; Sterilization Products- Sterilization Control Indicators/Aids, Tapes, Wrappers and
Bags; Disposable/ Reusable Surgical Hand Instruments; Surgical Handles/Blades; Urine and Specimen
Collection Products - Specimen Cups and Containers; Urinary Drainage Bags, Kits and Sets; Urinary
Catheters; Other Urinary Supplies

*65 II C – Dental Equipment and Supplies Solicitation Number 797-652C-04-0001
Contact: Lynda O'Neill, (708) 786-4958, email: Lynda.o’

Instrument Delivery Systems; Cutting, Grinding & Polishing Instruments & Supplies-
Abrasives/Polishers ; Dental Material, Operatory & Related Items; Preventive & Prophy Materials
Accessories; Endodontic Instruments & Supplies; Hand Instruments, General Dental; Hand
Instruments, Oral Surgical; Hand Instruments, Orthodontic; Hand Pieces & Accessories; Hand
Pieces, Dental & Accessories- Air Drive, Electric, Angles & Other Handpieces, HandpieceFittings;
Instruments & Supplies- Dental Radiographic Equipment, Dental X-Ray Materials & Accessories;
Laboratory- Articulators, Casting Machines, Furnaces & Accessories, Alloy, Casting & Related Items,
Denture Base Materials, Crown & Bridge; Operatory Items- Air Compressors & Dryer, Sterilizers, Dental;
Amalgamators & Accessories; Dental Delivery System; Light, Dental, Operatory, Curing Units, Prophlaxis
Unit & Accessories, Dental Vacuum Equipment & Accessories; Handpiece Light Unit; Orthodontic
Supplies; Stools/ Chairs/ Cabinets- Stool- Dentist, Assistant, Hygienist, Dental Patient Chairs &
Examining; Cabinets, Dental; Teeth- Denture Teeth, Dental Implants

*65 II F – Patient Mobility Devices (Including Wheelchairs, Scooters & Walkers)
Solicitation Number 797-652F-05-0001-R1 Contact: Lynda O'Neill, (708) 786-4958
email: Lynda.o’

Wheelchairs, Accessories & Replacement Parts, Scooters, Motorized, Three-Wheeled/ Manual/
Powered/ Standup; Patient Aids- Walkers, Canes, Crutches, Shower Aids, Commode Chairs, Grab
Bars; Wheel Chair Accessories

*65 V A – X-Ray Equipment and supplies (Including Medical and Dental X-Ray Film)
Solicitation Number 797-655A-03-0001
Contact: Lynda O'Neill, (708) 786-4958, email: Lynda.o’

Film, X-Ray Dental/ Medical; Changer/ Processors, X-Ray Film; Illuminators/Viewers, Film; Grids and
Cassettes, Cutters/Perforators, Film; Hangers: Hanger Racks; Special Procedures: Special Procedure
Eyeglasses; Video Equipment, X-Ray, Medical;

*65 V II – INVITRO Diagnostics, Regents, Test Kits and Test Sets
Solicitation Number M5-Q52A-04-R1
Contact: Bob Satterfield, (708) 786-4955, email:

Blood Bank; Miscellaneous; Chemistry; Coagulation; Hematology; Histology/ Cytology, Microbiology,
Phlebotomy, Serology/ Immunology; Urinalysis

66 – SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES - Test and Measurement Equipment, Unmanned
Scientific Vehicles; Laboratory Instruments, Furnishings and LIMS; Geophysical and Environmental

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Analysis Equipment; and Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Geophysical Testing Services X-Ray
Equipment and supplies (Including Medical and Dental X-Ray Film)
Solicitation Number 7FCB-C4-070066-B
Contact: Frank Wilson, (817) 574-2388, email:

*66 III - Clinical Analyzers, Laboratory, Cost-Per-Test – (Analyzers for: Immunochemistry, Chemistry,
Coagulation, Hematology, Microbiology, and Urinalysis
Contact: Darleen McGary (708) 786-7722 email:

Clinical Immunochemistry, Chemistry, Coagulation, Hemotology, Microbiology, Urinalysis Analyzers

*For additional information on the VA schedules please contact the Department of
Veterans Affairs at: or call the National Acquisition Center
(708) 786-5180

67 – Cameras/Photographic Printers/Related Supplies & Services (Digital and Film-Based)
(Solicitation Number 2FYB-BJ-030001-B) Contact: (212) 264-0868, email:

Film, Paper, Chemical, Processing Equipment for Photographic and Radiographic Applications;
Photographic Services and Solutions; Photographic Laboratory Systems; Cameras and Accessories mm;
Photo Digital Technologies; Product Support for Photographic Products and Services

69 – Training Aids & Devices (Solicitation Number 2FYA-AR-060001-B)
Contact: (212) 264-0868,

Acquisition Training for 1102’s; Teaching Machines and Devices; Prepared Instructional Material; Prepared
Audio & Visual Instructional Material; Instructor Led Training

70 – General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services
(Solicitation Number FCIS-JB-980001-B)
Contact: IT Acquisition Center, (703) 605-2700, email:

Leasing of Equipment; Daily/Short Term Rental; System Configuration; Input/Output and Storage Devices;
ADP Support Equipment; Fiber Optic Cables, Assemblies and Harnesses; Wire and Cable, Electrical;
Telephone and Telegraph Equipment; Communications Security Equipment and Components; Teletype and
Facsimile Equipment; Radio and Television Communication Equipment; Radio Navigation Equipment;
Intercommunication and Public Address Systems, Except Airborne; Radar Equipment, Airborne;
Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Service, and Repair Parts/Spare Parts; Term Software Licenses;
Perpetual Software License; Maintenance of Software; Training Courses for Information Technology
Equipment and Software; Information Technology Professional Services; Electronic Commerce Services;
and Telecommunications Transmission Services

Wireless Services; Electronic Commerce Services; Information Technology Services; Cooperative
Purchasing; Information Technology Services; Classroom Training; Software Maintenance; Perpetual
Software License; Term Software License; Purchasing; Equipment Maintenance; Daily/Short Term Rental;
Leasing of Products; Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12; Public Key Infrastructure; Access
Certificates for Electronic Services Program

71 I – Office Furniture (Solicitation Number 3FNO-M1-010001-B)
Contact: Yvonne Carter, (703) 605-9188, email:

Furniture Systems and Workstation Clusters; Work surfaces, Workstations and Computer Furniture; Filing
and Storage Cabinets; Executive Furniture; Executive Conference Room Furniture; Tables; Partitions,
Acoustical Partitions, Demountable Walls and Vertical Surface Panels; Upholstered Seating; Multiple
Seating; Multipurpose Seating; Stacking Chairs; Display and Communication Boards; Remanufactured
Furniture; Reconfiguration and Relocation Services for Systems Furniture (Systems and ADP Furniture
Contractors Only); Design/Layout (Furniture Contractors Only); and Leased and Rental Furniture

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International Products; Rental Furniture; Leased Furniture Systems; Design/ Layout Services;
Reconfiguration and Relocation Services; Remanufactured Furniture; Executive Conference Room
Furniture, Coordinated Tables; Case Pieces and Accessories; Executive Office Furniture; High Denesity;
Movable Filing Systems and Accessories; Form Files; Card File Blueprint Filing Cabinets; Filing and Storage
Cabinets, Shelves, Mobile Carts, Dollies, Racks & Accessories; Display and Communication Boards, Wall
Stations, and Accessories; Worksurfaces; Workstations, Computer Furniture and Accessories; Stacking
Chairs and Dollies or Truck Designed to Support Stacking Chairs; Multipurpose Seating; Multiple Seating;
Upholstered Seating; Acoustical Wall Treatments; Vertical Surface Attachment Panels and Accessories;
Acoustical Partitions, Demountable Walls, and Accessories; System Type Tables and Accessories; Tables
and Accessories; Executive Furniture Single Item Accent & Specialty Pieces; Furniture Systems and
Workstation Clusters

71 II – Household and Quarters Furniture (Solicitation Number 3FNH-F6-020002-B)
Contact: Portland Jones, (703) 605-9200, email:

Cabinets; Wall Units; Loft Group; Dormitory, Quarters and Residential Casegoods and Beds; Chairs–Dining
Room, Desk, Side and Period Style; and Bar Stools; Upholstered Seating; Residential Casual Furniture; and
Installation (Furniture Contractors Only)

71 II H – Packaged Furniture (Solicitation Number 3FNH-A3-000001-B)
Contact: Anita Cook, (703) 605-9192, email:

DoD Packaged Rooms: Sleeping Room (Core and Mandatory Items); Suite Package Room (Core Items);
Lounge Room of Suite (Core Items); Alternative Package Rooms (Suites); Lounge/Dayroom Core and
Mandatory Items, Suite Mandatory and Optional Items: Sleeping Room of Suites and Lounge Room of
Suites; Packaged Offices and Conference Rooms; Healthcare Exam Rooms; Healthcare Waiting Room;
Healthcare Long-Term Care Bedroom and Healthcare Office

71 II K – Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (Solicitation Number 3FNC-B3-003001-B)
Contact: Tyrone Frye, (703) 605-9192, email:

Project Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related), Asset Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related),
Reconfiguration/Relocation Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related), Furniture Design/Layout and
Packaged Environments (Furniture/Furnishings Related)

71 III – Special Use Furniture (Solicitation Number 3FNH-F6-010003-B)
Contact: Deborah Perkins, (703) 605-9253, email:

Children’s Furniture; Preschool Classroom and Training Room Furniture; Auditorium and Theater Seating;
Preschool and Classroom Storage; Lecterns; Library Furniture; Mail Sorting and Distribution Furniture; Mail
Lock Boxes; Cafeteria and Food Service Furniture; Clothing Lockers and Locker Benches; Industrial
Furniture: Workbenches, Worktables and High Density Storage Cabinets; Modular Electronic Equipment
Cabinets; Hazardous Waste Storage; Museum Storage; Hospital Beds and Accessories; Hospital Patient
Room Furniture; Hospital and Geriatric Chair, Convalescent Chair; Patient Service Systems; Multiple
Seating Units; Design Services; Reconfiguration Services; Installation and Leased Furniture

71 III E –Security Cabinets, Safes, Vault Doors, Map & Plan Files, and Accessories,
(Solicitation Number 3FNG-BA-030001-B)
Contact: Thomas Murray, (703) 605-9247, email:

Insulated and Uninsulated Security Filing Cabinets, Weapons Security Storage Cabinet, Security Vault Door,
Modular Vault System, ADP and Room Safes, Burglary Resistant Safes, Installation and Design Services,
Combination Lock, COMSEC Container, and Depository

72 I A – Floor Coverings, Carpet, Rugs, Carpet Tiles and Carpet Cushions
(Solicitation Number 3FNH-F3-00F002-B)
Contact: Thais Midnight, (703) 605-9245, email:

Broadloom; Carpet Tiles; Antimicrobial Carpet Tiles; Computer Grade Carpet; Indoor/Outdoor Carpet; Stain
Resistant Carpet; Residential and High Performance/Heavy Duty Carpet; Rubber and Urethane Carpet
Cushion; Natural Fiber Carpet Cushion; Synthetic Needled Fiber Cushion; Accessorial Services and
 Please go to, where you can download million word
                                   documents .

Accessories; Commercial and Residential Recycled Content Carpet; Optional Installation; Urethane Carpet
Cushion; Vinyl Composition, Solid Vinyl, Rubber and Linoleum Tile; Vinyl, Rubber or Linoleum Sheet
Flooring; Electrostatic Discharge Protection Sheet Flooring; Optional Installation; Mats and Matting;
Recycling Programs and Carpet Leasing

72 II – Furnishings - Household and Commercial (Solicitation Number 3FNG-PL-990008-B)
Contact: James Boyle, (215) 446-5057, email:

Lamps/Lighting Fixtures and Shades; Window Treatments–Draperies, Drapery Hardware, Venetian Blinds,
Vertical Blinds and Window Shades; Coordinating Bedspreads and Comforters; Cubicle Curtains and
Hardware; Wall Art–Paintings, Photographs and Posters; Artificial Trees, Plants, Dried Foliage and Planters
for Indoor Use; Other Decorative Wall or Tabletop Accessories; Optional Ancillary Services; Installation and
Measuring Services (Wall Art, Window Coverings and Cubicle Curtains); and Fabric (International Only)

73- Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals, and Services:
(Solicitation 7FCM-C4-030073-B)
Contact: Haley Naegele, (817) 574-2482, email:

(68) – Chemicals and Chemical Products, Road Stabilization Products/Ice Melting Chemicals, Aircraft
Deicers, Sodium Chloride, Water Purification and Treatment Chemicals, Disinfectants, Deodorants, Insect
Repellant and Propane (Bulk and Cylinder): Fuel Oil Additive, Permanent Dispenser Housing and Refills,
Disposable Aerosol dispensing Containers, Sanitizers for Food Handling Areas, and Sterilants (Surgical
Scrubs and Related Products)
 (72) – Recycling Collection Containers and Specialty Waste Receptacles: Personal Use, Common Work
Area Use, Wheeled Transfer (Carts), Exterior Community Use, Combined Waste/Ash/Trash Receptacles
(Metal, Plastic, Wood, Wood Slat, Concrete and Aggregate Stone), and Industrial Trash Storage Containers
With and Without Compactor
 (73) – Food Service, Handling, Refrigeration and Storage Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Dishwashing
Equipment, Food Preparation Equipment, Refrigeration and Other Miscellaneous Items: Ice Machines;
Vented Hoods; Checkout Counters; Food Waste Disposer/Trash Compactor; Popcorn Machines, Other
Concession Equipment and Supplies (Non-Perishable Only); Pest Control Systems (Applicable to Kitchen
Use Only); Kiosk Food Center Concepts, A La Cart Serveries, and Food court Concepts; Kitchen Utensils;
Silver and Cutlery; Glassware; and Food Preparation Wearables and Table Coverings
(79) – Cleaning Equipment, Accessories, Janitorial Supplies, Cleaning Chemicals and Sorbents: Vacuum
Cleaner (Cannister, Upright and Portable), Carpet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner (Sweeper and Scrubber),
Accessories, Attachments and Parts), Warewashing Compounds and Laundry Chemicals (Liquid and
Powdered), Floor and Carpet Care Products, Marine and Non-Marine Sorbents, Biodegradable
Cleaners/Degreasers and Miscellaneous Cleaning Products, and Auto Care Products
 (85) – Toiletries, Personal Care Items, Barber Supplies, Closet Organizer Components and Hangars, Irons
and Ironing boards, Shoe Polish and Saddle Soap, and Bed Linens

736- Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing (TAPS): (Solicitation 7FCM-N6-030736-B)
Contact: Frank Wilson, (817) 574-2388, email:

Administrative Support and Clerical Occupations, Automatic Data Processing Occupations, General
Services and Support, Information and Arts Occupations, Technical and Professional Occupations

738 II- Language Services: (Solicitation TFTP-GC-017382-B)
Contact: 1-800-241-RAIN, email:

Translation Services, Interpretation Services, and Training Services and Educational Material

738 X- Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity Services:
(Solicitation 2FYA-AR-060004-B)
Contact: (212) 264-0868, email:

EEO Services, Human Resources Services

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(Solicitation Number 2FYB-BU-05-0001-B)
Contact: (212) 264-0868, email:

Videotapes, Audiotapes, Tape Cartridges, Diskettes/Optical Disks, Disk Packs, Disk Cartridges, Anti-Glare
Screens, Cleaning Equipment & Supplies, Ergonomic Devices, Next Day Desktop Delivery of Office
Supplies, and Restroom Products such as Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensers, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Toilet
Seat Covers, Facial Tissues, and Soaps for Restroom Dispensers.

Pens, Pencils and Markers; Xerographic, Printing and Fax Paper; Binders; Time Management Systems;
Organizers; Dated Items; File Folders; Labels; Index Cards and Tabs; Ribbons; Rubber Bands; Staples and
Staplers; Presentation and Art Supplies; PSA Tape; Tape Flags; Envelopes; CD-ROMS; Diskettes; Mouse
Pads; Anti-Glare/Radiation Screens; Wrist Rests; Head Cleaners; Remanufactured Toner Cartridges;
Ergonomic Products; On-Site Stores; Walk-In Stores; Customizing and Imprinting Services; and Next Day
Desktop Delivery of Office Supplies

Xerographic Paper, Self-Adhesive Labels for Dry and Wet Toners, Engineering Papers Sheets and Rolls,
Card Stock (Business Cards), Laser Paper, and New Technology Items (i.e., Photo Quality Printing Paper,
Coated Paper, Cartridge Paper and Ink Jet Paper)

Office Products; Office Services; Restroom Products; New Products/ Technology

751 – Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks Solicitation Number FFAP-P4-000768-B
Contact: Ira Herman (703) 605-2986, email:

Lease of Sedans; Sporty Utility Vehicles; Vans & Light Truck

76 – Publication Media (Solicitation Number 2FYA-JD-060001-B)
Contact: (212) 264-0868, email:

Books/Pamphlets; Periodicals/Subscription Services; Mailing Lists; On-Line Bookselling Services; Lending
Library Services

78 - Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreational, Trophies and Signs (SPORTS)
(Solicitation 3FNG-MG-060002-N)
Contact: Marian Notarfrancesco, (215) 446-5024, email:

Sporting Goods Equipment and Supplies; Fitness equipment; Turfs, Greens and Floors; Poolside; Music
Instruments, Accessories and Spare Parts; Toys, Pre-School Aids, Amusement Devices, Games; Sports
Clothing and Accessories, Signs; Displays; Flags; Identification Products, Safety Zone Products;
Camping/Hiking Equipment; Park and Recreational Tables, Benches, Outdoor Pool and Patio Furniture,
Bleachers; Park and playground Equipment; Wheel and Track Vehicles; Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers;
Recreational Watercraft; Trophies, Awards, Presentations, Promotional Products; Trade Show Displays &
Exhibit Systems; Flags, Banners, Pennants

81 I B – Shipping, packaging and packing supplies - (Solicitation Number 2FYB-DJ-050008-B)
Contact: (212) 264-0868, email:

Bags and Sacks, Drums and Cans, Boxes, Cartons, and Crates, Packaging and Packing Bulk Materials,
Aluminum Foil, Sand Bags, Burlap Bags, Packaging Services, Maintenance, Repair and Modification of
Container Systems Container Systems; Bottles and Jars; Wrapping and Strapping Materials; Performance
Oriented Packaging (POP); Sacks, Shipping, Paper, (Closes Cell Plastic Film) and Paper, Reinforced and
Paper Cushioned; Burlap and Barrier Material; and Aluminum Foil (Food Handling Service)

84- Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue,
Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response
Solicitation Number 7FCI-L3-030084-B
Contact: Brenda McCall (817) 574-2301, email:

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Marine Craft and Equipment: Powered Boats (Inboard and Outboard Engines), Nonpowered Boats,
Inflatable Boats, Marine Accessories and Equipment, Marine Engines and Floating Marine Barriers
(42) – Fire Fighting, Rescue and Safety Equipment, Urban and Wildland: Emergency Patient
Transportation and Immobilization Devices, Foam Concentrate; Wetting Agent; Heat Sensing Devices (Hand
Held); Portable Oxygen Inhalator Devices for Emergency Application; Firefighting Distress and Signaling
Devices; Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rescue Tools; Fire Extinguishers; Breathing Air Equipment/Apparatus;
Pumps; Portable Tanks; Firefighting/Rescue Helicopter Accessories; Burning Equipment; Hoses, Valves,
Fittings, Nozzles, Couplings and Related Accessories; Shipping Boxes and Fuel Containers for Fire Related
Products; Slip-On Firefighting Units; Chemical Mixing Equipment; and Firefighting Hand Tools
(63) – Alarm and Signal Systems/Facility Management Systems, Professional Security/Facility
Management Services, and Guard Services: Process Monitoring/Fault Reporting Devices/Systems;
Hazard Indicating Alarm Devices/Systems; Audible/Visual Warning/Signaling Devices; Patient Wandering
Systems; Anti-Theft Material Alarm Control Systems; Fire Alarm Systems; Access Control Systems; Door
Entry Control (Card Access); Door Entry Control (Touch Access, Dial, Digital, Keyboard, Keypad); Parking
Access Control; Emergency Exit Door Access/Alarm Systems for Security and/or Fire Safety; Vehicular
Arrest/Security Barrier Systems; Locking Devices (Padlocks and Electronic Locks); Intrusion Alarms and
Signal Systems; Computerized Systems for Surveillance, Monitoring, Controlling, Signaling, and Reporting
Multiple Functions; Ancillary Services; Installation Requiring Construction and System Leasing
(84) – Special Purpose Clothing: Gloves; Protective Worksuits – Waterproof, Chemical Safety, Electrical
Safety; Rainwear; Men and Women’s Footwear; Immersion Flotation Clothing; Abandon Ship Immersion
Flotation Suit; Shipboard/Aircraft Anti-Exposure Immersion Clothing; Extreme Cold Weather Clothing;
Coveralls; Dresses, Smocks, Tunic Tops With or Without Matching Pants for Food Serving; Chef’s Clothing;
Structural Fire Fighting Clothing, Helmets, Boots, Gloves, and Protective Hoods; Wildland Fire Fighting
Clothing – Personal Protection (i.e., Flame Resistant Shirts, Pants, Coats, Jackets, Jumpsuits, Safety
Helmets, Chainsaw Chaps/Fire Fighter’s Station Wear); and Personal Flotation Devices
(84) – Law Enforcement and Security Equipment: Miscellaneous Personal and Law Enforcement
Equipment; Body Armor; Helmets; Restraining Equipment; Canine Training and Handling Equipment;
Emergency Signal Systems; In-Vehicle Barriers and Shields, Rollover Protection, In-Vehicle Restraint
Systems; Gun Racks, Police Bicycles; Night Vision Equipment, Alcohol Detection Kits and Devices; Bomb
Disposal and Chemical Warfare Equipment; Firearms Storage and Securing Devices; Ear Mikes; Target
Systems/Target Range Accessories; Metal and Bomb Detection Equipment; Fingerprint Palm printing and
Evidential Casting Materials; Drug Testing Equipment and Kits; Criminal Investigative Equipment and
Supplies; Invisible Detection Materials; Vehicle Monitor (Tracking) Systems; Speed Measurement (Radar)
Devices and Surveillance Systems

871 – Professional Engineering Services (Solicitation Number TFTP-MC-990871-B)
Contact: (800) 241-RAIN, email:

Strategic Planning For Technology Programs/Activities; Concept Development and Requirements Analysis;
System Design, Engineering and Integration; Test and Evaluation; Integrated Logistics Support; and
Acquisition and Life Cycle Management

874 –Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
(Solicitation Number TFTP-MC-000874-B)
Contact: (800) 241-RAIN, email:

Consulting Services, Facilitation Services, Survey Services, Training Services, Support Products,
Privatization Support Services and Documentation (A-76), Program Integration and Project Management
Services, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

874 V – Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) (Solicitation Number TFTP-MB-008745-B)
Contact: Maureen Duckworth, (253) 931-7514, email:

Supply and Value Chain Management Services, Acquisition Logistics, Distribution and Transportation
Logistics Services, Deployment Logistics Services, Logistics Training Services and Support Products

899 – Environmental Services (Solicitation Number TFTP-EW-990899-B)
Contact: (800) 241-RAIN, email:

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Environmental Planning Services and Documentation, Environmental Compliance Services, Environmental
Occupational Training Services, Waste Management Services, Hazardous Materials Management Software,
Remote Advisory Services and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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