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Lumber Storage Rack


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Looking for versatility in a lumber storage rack? This
one’s got it! Our rack features adjustable supports that
attach to vertical 2×4s for holding loads of boards. The
unique sheet-goods bin lets you easily sort through heavy
sheets and slide out the one you want. There’s even
between-the-studs storage for short stock and dowels.
DP-00135   ©Copyright Meredith Corporation 2001                                    Page 1 of 7
Let’s start with
the wall framework                           2 From 2×4 stock, crosscut the             Caution: Considering the
Note: We built our rack to fit               top and bottom plates (A),                 amount of weight this unit
against an existing drywalled                uprights (B), and spacers (C) to           can hold, you must securely
wall. If you have an exposed stud            length. Lay out the holes for the          anchor the framework to wall
wall and would like to use it,               board supports on the uprights             studs and ceiling joists. If the
skip this section and build only             (B), where dimensioned on the              joists run perpendicular to the
the storage rack components cov-             Wall Framework drawing below.              top plate, screw through the
ered in the later sections.                  Bore the ¨" holes where marked.            top plate and directly into
                                             3 Position the pieces on the floor,        them. If the joists are parallel
1 Measure the distance between               and screw the framework together           to the top plate, install 2×4
your floor and ceiling. The overall          in the configuration shown on the          blocking between the joists,
height of the rack should be ‹"              Wall Framework drawing. Square             and screw the top plate to
less than the measured distance.             the uprights with the bottom plate.        the blocking.

                                                                         11/2"     221/2"

                                                             11/2"      221/2"

                                                  11/2"     221/2"                  B

                                    11/2"       221/2"

                        11/2"     221/2"                    B           C
             11/2"      21"                          A
  9/16" holes                                                                    501/2"
          6"                                                                         Distance between
          6"                                                                         floor and ceiling
          6"          31/2"                                                              minus 1/4"
                                                 A                   31/2" deck screw
      13/4"           19"

         561/2"                   31/2"                                     WALL FRAMEWORK
                                                     #8 x 11/4" F.H.
                                                      wood screw

                                                                                                            Page 2 of 7
4 With a helper, lift the wall                  Now, let’s build the                         The sheet-goods
framework into position. Shim the               board supports                               bin comes next
top plate against the ceiling, and              1 Referring to the Board Support             1 Using the Sheet-Goods Support
firmly secure the top plate to the              drawing on page 4, cut 21 center             drawing and accompanying
joists in your shop’s ceiling. (We              sections (E) and 42 plywood side             details below, cut the angled
used ‹" lag screws 3fi" long.) If                pieces (F) to size.                          supports (G), floor supports (H),
you can hit wall studs, drill 2"-               2 Spread an even coat of glue on             and cleats (I) to size. Cut 20°
deep counterbored holes through                 both faces of each center section            half-lap joints in the H and I
the uprights (B) or spacers (C),                (E), and clamp it between two of             pieces, where shown on the
and use 3"-long screws to further               the side pieces (F), with the top            drawing. Referring to the Cleat
secure the framework.                           edges and outside end flush.                 detail, miter the ends of the step
5 Secure the bottom plate to your               3 After the glue dries, transfer the         cleats (I) at 20°.
floor. (We drilled holes in the con-            profile of one of the supports onto          2 Cut a 1fi×3fi" notch in the
crete, and used plastic concrete                one of the laminations. Bandsaw the          back of each floor support (H),
anchors and lag screws; masonry                 support to shape, and sand the cut           where shown on the drawing.
screws also would work.)                        edges smooth to remove the saw               3 Glue and clamp the supports
6 From ‡" plywood or 1×4s, cut                  marks. Then, use this as a template to       together. After the glue dries, cut
the short-stock bin stops (D) to                mark the profile onto the rest of the        off the waste areas, where shown
size, and screw them in place.                  supports. Cut and sand them to shape.        on the Hole detail on below.

                                                   #8 x 11/4" F.H.
                                                   wood screw
            SUPPORT                                                                      I
     1/2"   carriage bolt 2" long                                                                 G
                                                   Cut half laps
                                                   at 20 angle.
                      1/2"   holes                                    I

                                                5"                    Half-lap joints

                                                                          HOLE                                  G
                     20o                                                  DETAIL                  20o
              1/2"   flat washer
                        1/2"   nut                                                                           13/4"
                                                                                                                1/2"   holes
     11/2"                                           CLEAT                H     13/4"
          3/4"                                       DETAIL
                                           20                                                                        Waste

                                                                                                                       Page 3 of 7



31/2"                                 E




        1/2"   hole
        31/2"                                 F

                                                                           Page 4 of 7
4 Mark the centerpoints, and drill           Fasten top of                                      Ceiling
a pair of fi" holes in each glued             lumber rack
half lap and a single fi" hole above          to ceiling by
each notch. To strengthen the                screwing top
joints, add a pair of carriage bolts         plate B into        A              Use shims between top
                                             ceiling with                       and ceiling if necessary.
with flat washers and nuts to each           1/4" lag screws
half-lap joint.                              31/2" long.
5 Drill the mounting holes, and
glue and screw the stop cleats to
the angled supports (G).
6 Clamp the support assemblies
(G, H, I) to the uprights (B),
where shown on the Exploded
View drawing and accompanying                                                   9/16"   hole
Support detail, on page 6. Using
the previously drilled holes above
the notches in H as guides, drill                                               F
the holes through the uprights.
Install carriage bolts to secure the
support assemblies to the 2×4
7 From 2×4 and 2×6 stock, cut
the floor spacers (J, K) and steps
(L, M) to length. Drill mounting                               96"
holes (some need to be angled),                                                 F
and glue and screw the pieces in
place. Position each step (L, M),
so the back edge won’t protrude
into the plywood bin and possi-                                                  C
bly damage any stored sheet
goods when pressed against the
angled supports.
8 Cut the bin floor (N) and the                                                         P
floor cleat (O) to size. Position the
pieces, drill mounting holes,                                           B                           SIDE VIEW
where shown on the Exploded
View drawing, and attach them to
the floor supports (H). To make                                  48"
the sheet goods slide in and out                                                 1/2"
even easier, rub the bin floor with
paraffin wax.
9 Lay out and drill pilot holes on                                                                                 G
the bin back (P), and attach with                                      31/2"                               o
wood screws.                                                                                           20
10 Using fi" carriage bolts 3" long
with washers and nuts, hang the                                                         11"                                 L and M
board supports (E, F) at desired
heights on the uprights (B).¿
                                             Secure bottom of                  21/2"
                                             lumber rack to                                                             I
                                             floor by screwing                          O       N
                                             bottom plate A
                                             to floor with                                                     133/8"
Produced by Marlen Kemmet
Project Design: James R. Downing             masonry screws                                                             Floor
                                             or concrete         4"               A         H
Graphic Design: Lorna Johnson
Illustrations: Kim Downing                   anchors and
Photograph: Wm. Hopkins                      lag screws.                       123/8"                     J and K
©Copyright Meredith Corporation 2001                                                        11/2"

                                                                                                                            Page 5 of 7
                       EXPLODED VIEW

                                   1/2" flat

                                                                             B                                             #8 x 11/4" F.H.
                                               1/2"   nut                                                                   wood screw                             21/2"
1/4"   flat washer           A
                                                                                                  Note: Top edge of
1/4"   hole                                                                  C                     P is flush with                                                             O
                                                                                                  top edge of C .
                               1/2"                                                                                                                                      #8 x 21/2" F.H.
                               carriage        C            E                       48"                                                                                   wood screw
                               bolt                                                               P
                               3" long
         screw                                                                                                                          N                                                 G
         31/2" long                                                                                                                                       H

                                                                                                                                    H                     G
                D                                                        #8 x 21/2" F.H.                               H            I                              221/2"
                                                                          wood screw                                                    G
                                                                                                                                                                    Note: This edge of
                                                                                                                                                 J                    H fits on inside
                                                            A                                                                                                          face of the last
                                                                                                      H                                      221/2"                      upright B on
                                                                                                                       G                                                     right end.
                                                                            #8 x 11/2" F.H.                        I
                                                                            wood screws
                                           D                                                                                                          L
                               hole,                            1/2"
                           countersunk                          washer           1/2"   nut               K
                                                                H                                         191/2"
         Masonry screw                                                                        G
                           carriage bolt 31/2" long                                                                                                                                       A
                               #8 x 3" F.H. wood screws

         The purchase of these plans does                                                                                                                                          1/2"   holes
         not transfer any copyright or other
         ownership interest in the plans, the                                                                                                                              H
         design, or the finished project to the
         buyer. Buyer may neither reproduce                                                                                                               SUPPORT
         the plans for sale nor offer for sale                                                                                                             DETAIL
         any copies of the finished project.

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 6 of 7
                                              Bill of Materials
                            Finished Size                                                  Finished Size



     Part                                                           Part
                            T        W         L                                           T    W      L
                     WALL FRAMEWORK                                                    SHEET-GOODS BIN
    A top & btm                                                     G angled
      plates               11/2"    31/2"      12'    C      2        supports            11/2"   31/2''   32"     C        5
    B* uprights            11/2"    31/2"      93"    C      7      H floor               11/2"   31/2"    18"     C        5
    C spacers              11/2"    31/2" 221/2" C           4      I cleats              3/4"    11/2" 41/4" C             8
    D stops                1/2"     31/2" 471/4" PLY 3              J spacers             11/2"   31/2" 221/2" C            3
                                                                    K spacer              11/2"   31/2"    19fi"    C        1
                     BOARD SUPPORTS
    E centers              11/2"  31/2" 12" C 21 L steps                   11/2''   51/2'' 221/2'' C 3
    F sides                1/2"   31/2" 151/2" PLY 42 M step               11/2"    51/2" 191/2" C 1
                                                      N floor               1/2"     11" 941/2" PLY 1
    Supplies: 31/2'' deck screws, #8x11/4'' flathead
    wood screws, #8x1 1/2'' flathead wood screws, O cleat                  11/2"    11/2" 941/2" C 1
    #8x2 1/2'' flathead wood screws, #8x3'' flathead P back                 1/2"     48"    96" PLY 1
    wood screws, 1/4'' lag screws 3 1/2'' long with    *Length will depend on distance from floor to
    flat washers and nuts, 1/2'' carriage bolts 2''    ceiling at chosen rack location.
    long with flat washers and nuts, 1/2'' carriage
    bolts 3'' long with flat washers and nuts, 1/2''   Materials Key: C–choice (fir, pine, spruce).
    carriage bolts 3 1/2'' long with flat washers and                    PLY–plywood.
    nuts, paraffin wax, masonry screws.


11/2 x 31/2" x 12' Fir (2x4s for A ) (2 needed)

11/2 x 31/2 x 96" Fir
(2x4s for B , C , E , G , H , I , J , K , and O ) (17 needed)

                                                                                 1/2 x 48 x 96" Plywood
11/2 x 51/2 x 96" Fir (2x6s for L and M )                                        (for D , F , N , and P ) (2 needed)

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