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To:      Muhammad Shahid
From:    Muhammad Zia
Date:    19-Mar-2012
Re:      Your call from 12.4.2012

If you have been in data recovery field, especially when you run your own data recovery business, you will never
share your good data recovery technologies and tips with some others. You may fear there will be more local data
recovery service suppliers, you will fear your clients are knowledgeable enough to DIY their cases or you may even
worry that your knowledge will be spreaded across the internet so that you lose everything. Data Recovery field has
always been considered to be one isolated field and not many people are willing to share the knowledge publicly until
these two years.
Lost data can be recovered! With the recognition by more and more people on this truth, many stupid behaviors are
stopped. People no longer easily throw their hard drives, USB drives away even if they are damaged or dead as they
thought. They already learn even if you delete the data, format the data or if the drives are completely dead(silent),
the data is still possible to be recovered.
However, not all people can recover the lost data and not any data recovery tools or technologies can be used to
recover the lost data. A tiny mistake may cause further damage to the patient data storage medias and permanet
data loss would occur there after! So this is why you are always suggested to bring your storage devices to
professional data recovery services companies and then you pay a big buck to have your data back or give up the
data. What to do if you want to enter this data recovery field? The only choice comes to take some data recovery
training courses. This is undoubtedly one good choice, however, not many people can afford to the high cost of it and
even if you have good budget for the data recovery training courses, but can you really become one data recovery
expert within a short period? Then what’s the most cost-effective and smart way to enter data recovery field?
The release of one advanced in-house data recovery training book shared on one data recovery magazine has
answered well above questions in one place. In-depth logical and physical data recovery guide is the name and it is
mainly on hard drive data recovery book. This book teaches us what’s logical data recovery, what is physical data
recovery, in-depth view of the hard drives logical and physical structure, how to analyze diffierent damages and
failures of different hard drives including Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Toshiba and
Fujitsu hard drives, this book teaches also which data recovery hardware tools, technologies, steps are used to repair
the damaged/dead hard drives and get the lost data back; Besides, it explains how to find donor drives and
components and firmware resources to fix those drives, how to build up and maintain qualified clean room and a lot of
case studies are offered too. “I have been in computer industry for over 37 years and I have a strong sense of calling
to do something and save more data.


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