Experience Certificate of Computer (DOC) by sathapna

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									Ref: 2342                                                               Date: 14-04-2007

                                Experience Certificate

I hereby grant Mr. ( Your Name) CNIC No. (CNIC Number) this certificate for having worked
with us between the period from 20-04-2005 till 10-04-2007. He was in this period in charge
of maintenance in our center.

As being in charge of this department he proved to be very clear effect on organization and
development. He worked as Computer Operator (English, Urdu & Arabic Composer, Printing
& Scanning, Graphic & Web Designing, Software & Windows Installation, Troubleshooting
and as well as maintenance of hardware & LAN (Local Area Networks).

Mr. (Your Name) characterized for being of perseverance and assiduity with precision in
work and dealing with his clients besides his smooth dealing with me as his manager and
also his colleagues in the center.

Consequently, I do recommend him for any future plan and career.

Please accept our deepest regards.

                                                                 Manager Signature

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