; Application for the Post of an Accountant (DOC)
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Application for the Post of an Accountant (DOC)


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									                                     ATM Textile Mills LTD,
                                     Vehari Road MULTAN.
                                     Dec.11, 2009.

The Managing Director,
Subject:    Application for the Post of an Accountant.


    In response to your Advertisement in The Pakistan
Times, I present my application for one of the posts. As
regards my educational qualifications and particulars , I
state as under:

  1. Name:                          Zia-ul-haq.
  2. Father’s Name:                 Muhammad Azeem.
  3. Date of birth:                 23-11-1977.
  4. Qualifications:               Matric(High first Division.)
                                   D.Com. (First Division)
                                   B.A. (2nd Division)
   5. Special Subjects:            (a)Principles of Accounts.
                                   (b) Secretarial Practice.
    6. Experience:                 Worked as Part Times
                                   Accountant for six months.
                               Speed in Typing 44 words p.m.
             (Necessary Certificates are attached)
       I assure you that if selected, it will be my best attempt
to satisfy you with my work and conduct.

                                              Yours truly,
                                      Muhammad Zia-ul-haq.

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