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WHSFAQEnglishNov08doc - Immigration New Zealand


									Shanghai Branch
New Zealand Immigration Service
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                  China Working Holiday Scheme-FAQ

What is the working holiday scheme?
Alongside the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the New Zealand
government opened the working holiday scheme to Chinese citizens from 1 October
2008. This scheme provides for a maximum of 1000 Chinese per year to enter New
Zealand and engage in tourism and temporary employment. A Chinese citizen who
meets the specific requirements will be granted a one year work visa.

How long is the work visa valid for and can it be extended?
The work visa granted under this scheme is a multiple entry visa valid for 12 months,
and upon arrival in New Zealand, the holder of the work visa can be granted a work
permit for a maximum of 12 months. Participants in this scheme cannot be granted a
further work visa under the same scheme.

What is the difference between work visas approved under the
working holiday scheme and work visas approved under any other
The working holiday scheme is for young people whose main intention is to holiday in
New Zealand. Work is meant to be an incidental reason for their visit. For this reason,
participants in this scheme must not take permanent employment, nor work for the
same employer for a period exceeding three months. However they can undertake a
short-term (no more than 3 months) course of study or training.

What are the requirements for applicants applying for a work visa in
this scheme?
To be eligible for a work visa under this scheme, applicants must:
- be citizens of China, ordinarily resident in the People's Republic of China at the time
   of applying
- be aged no less than 18 years of age and no more than 30 years of age
- have a senior high school qualification (gao zhong xue li) granted in respect of a
   minimum of three years' full-time study
- have a level of proficiency in English that is assessed as at least functional
- have a minimum of NZ$4,200 available funds for their maintenance during the
   period of stay in New Zealand
- meet health and character requirements.

What evidence can be provided to prove English proficiency at
functional level?
Applicants need to have a valid International English Language Testing System
(IELTS), showing they achieved an average level of 4.0 over the four components of
the test, or provide evidence that they meet the following requirements:
-    completed all primary and at least three years' secondary education where all
     instruction was in English; or
-    completed at least five years' secondary education where all instruction was in
     English; or
-    gained a post-secondary qualification that required at least two years' full-time
     study or training where all tuition was in English.

Can I use other type of English proficiency certificates instead of
No. We do not accept any other type of English proficiency certificates such as
University English test, TOFEL, etc.

Can I provide qualifications other than the senior high school
You only need to provide your senior high school qualification. Please note that we do
not accept any other type of medium level qualifications such as vocational high school
qualifications. If you have qualifications higher than the senior high school
qualification, you can provide the higher level qualification too.

What are the health requirements?
Please provide a Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate (NZIS 1096), not more than 3
months old, completed by an INZ approved panel hospital. You can visit our website to
download the Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate (NZIS 1096) and check INZ approved
panel hospitals.

Furthermore, you need to agree to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalisation
insurance that will remain current throughout your stay in New Zealand.

How can I apply for the work visa under this scheme?
You must apply through online services. After successful submission of your online
application, you will be asked to send your application documentation to INZ
Beijing/INZ Shanghai. The detailed procedures are:

1. Get registered as a user through Immigration New Zealand website by following the

2. Log in to the website and click the working holiday under the Online services on the
   right upper corner of the page and check whether there is any quota available. If a
   place is not currently available, you may wish to check again another time.

3. If the quota is available, you can complete the online application. After your
   application is successfully submitted, you will receive an automated email, which
   acknowledges the receipt of your online application, and tells you which further
   documents you must submit.

4. Submit all required documents to INZ Beijing or INZ Shanghai within 60 days. We
   will assess your application after we receive your physical documents. You will be
   advised within 5 working days of the decision on your application, or the date a
   decision is likely to be made.

After I successfully submit my application online, what documents
shall I provide?
-    Your passport;
-   Application fee;
-   A completed supplementary form for Chinese visitors, students or workers (NZIS
-   Evidence, such as bank statements or passbook, that you have a minimum of
    NZ$4,200 available in your name;
-   Evidence of outward travel, either an airline ticket or funds of 10,000rmb;
-   Evidence that you have a level of English that is assessed as at least functional;
-   Notarised certificate with a copy of your senior high school qualification (gao zhong
    xue li), and an English translation;
-   A Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate (NZIS 1096) which is not more than 3 months
    old. Please check the list of Panel Doctors for an INZ approved radiologist to
    complete this form;
-   A copy of the automated email on which you have completed the fields at the
    bottom stating your name and address in Chinese characters.

Please do not send in the documents before you submit your application online.
Documents should be submitted after you successfully make your online application
and receive our automated mail acknowledgement letter.

Where shall I send my documents?
Residents in Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Jiangxi should send their
applications to INZ Shanghai Branch. Residents from all other cities/provinces/areas in
China should send to INZ Beijing Branch.

What if I do not provide the requested documents within 60 days?
You must provide the requested documents within 60 days after you successfully
submit your online application; otherwise your application may be declined.
Furthermore, you should provide all the required documentation together to the
relevant China branch. Your application will be returned if all required documentation is
not included. Please notify the respective INZ Branch directly if you intend to withdraw
your application.

How much is the application fee and how can I pay?
The application fee under this scheme is 590.00 RMB or 80.00 USD. Please visit the
Immigration New Zealand website for the most updated application fee schedule before
you submit your application. You can pay the application fee through the counter of
INZ Branches or through China Post Office money order. We do not accept credit card
payment at this stage. Please note that the application fee is not refundable should
your application be declined.

Postage fee: If you wish to have your passports and original documents returned by
EMS courier, please submit an additional fee of RMB40 or USD5 for domestic postage
or RMB 200 or USD 25 for international postage.

Payment methods:
- We only accept RMB cash payment at our counter.
- Please do not send cash in the mail.
- For mail-in applications, we accept Post Office money orders for RMB payments.

Please follow the instructions below if you pay by post office money order:
- Please put the full name and the date of birth of the principal applicant on the
    money order.
- Please do not add password or PIN number to the money order.

We also accept US dollar bank drafts issued by banks outside China. For USD bank
draft payment, please add USD10 bank fee to the total amount paid. Please include all
fees in one bank draft.

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