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					Mission Statement
The mission of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management
is to be a leader in management research and education. As
part of the world's premier public university, we pursue
significance, excellence and scholarly rigor in our research,
teaching and service to the people of California. We
emphasize curiosity, creativity and high standards in the
generation and transmission of theoretical and practical
knowledge relevant for business.
                         Table of Contents

Welcome UC Davis MBA Class of 2012                          2
Preparing for the UC Davis MBA Experience                   3
MBAdmit Day @ UC Davis                                      4
Orientation                                                 5
The UC Davis MBA                                            6
Leadership                                                7-8
Ideas into Action                                           9
International Enrichment                                   10
Student Clubs                                          11-12
Financing Your MBA and Health Insurance                13-15
International Students                                     16
Career Services                                        17-19
Computing Services                                         20
Living in Davis – Regional Highlights                  21-22
2010-2011 Academic Calendar                                23
New Student Checklist                                      24
Contact Information                          Inside Back Cover

Welcome UC Davis MBA Class of 2012
       Congratulations again on your admission! Get ready to put

 your Ideas into Action as the UC Davis Graduate School of

 Management enters an exciting new era under the leadership of

 Dean Steven C. Currall.

       This guide will help you plan your transition to Davis. It

 includes information about the opportunities that await you at

 UC Davis, everything from curriculum and career development to

 housing and information technology. We have also created a

 website just for you at students.gsm.ucdavis.edu/2010. This site

 has the most up-to-date information you need to plan for the

 upcoming year. I look forward to seeing you soon.

 Best regards,

 James Stevens
 Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

                 Preparing for the UC Davis MBA Experience

   Reserving Your Place - Return the Enrollment Reply Form, Statement of Legal Residence
    & non-refundable US$1,500 Enrollment Deposit by the date noted in your letter of
    admission. Your check or money order should be payable to “UC Regents” and is
    credited toward your fees for fall 2010.
   Connecting on the New Student Website and Chat Group The central location for
    new students is at students.gsm.ucdavis.edu/2010, including the Daytime MBA
    Google group at groups.google.com/group/uc-davis-daytime-mba. This group is for
    current students, alumni and admitted students to connect and share information.
   Activating Your UC Davis Account & E-mail See instructions on page 20.
   Orientation Sign Up Opens June 15 and Closes July 9 Sign up for waiver exams, your
    Career Launch Session and other options. There is a US$500 Orientation Fee payable
    by credit card.
   Registering for Courses Fall Registration Opens July 15 and Closes August 14 Visit the
    incoming student website for information and instructions starting July 1.
   Completing your Career Services Assignments Watch for information in June about
    CareerLeader and résumé guidelines, and begin identifying 10 target companies and
    refining your industry and functional interests.
   Arriving in Davis Orientation begins on Wednesday, September 8 and ends on
    Tuesday, September 21. Classes begin Thursday, September 23. Most students
    typically arrive a week or so before Orientation to get settled and complete their
    Career Launch Session.

   Arranging Your Health Insurance Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) coverage begins
    September 20, 2010. We recommend you continue your current health insurance
    coverage through September 30.

                                MBAdmit Day @ UC Davis
                                Friday, March 12, 2010

UC Davis Graduate School of Management
Gallagher Hall
Friday, March 12, 2010
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Dinner in downtown Davis at 6:00 p.m.

MBAdmit Day @ UC Davis is a unique opportunity for you to see firsthand what life is like as
a UC Davis MBA student and to meet your future classmates. Faculty, students and alumni will
share with you their perspectives on the various aspects of the UC Davis MBA program. We
look forward to having you visit campus and the city of Davis.

Activities include:

       Breakfast with our MBA Ambassadors

       MBA Mini-Case Session

       Career Services & the Lam Leadership Skills Program

       Networking Lunch with MBA Students

       Walking Tour of UC Davis, including “insider” tour of Gallagher Hall

       Student Club Fair

       Faculty Reception & Wine Tasting, featuring UC Davis MBA alumni wineries

       Dinner with Current MBA Students (partners & spouses invited)

Partners and spouses are invited for dinner in downtown Davis. Due to programming
limitations, we are unable to host other guests for the other activities but can provide
information on the UC Davis campus and the city of Davis.

Registration starts Monday, February 1, 2010. Please call us at 530-752-7658 if you have
any questions.


All new students attend MBA Orientation to prepare academically, professionally, and
socially for the rigors of the UC Davis MBA program. These sessions are critical to your
success at UC Davis and in your career. The non-refundable US$500 Orientation Fee is due
by Friday, July 9.
Orientation includes a full schedule of required activities, including meetings with faculty about
academic programs and career services sessions. Orientation introduces you to the services
and resources of the GSM, a special session helps familiarize international students with visa
requirements, and core course exemption exams are offered. Your schedule includes free time
to get settled and socialize with your classmates.
A detailed Orientation schedule will be available in mid-August, but in the meantime here are
a few highlights:
      Launch your MBA career through a series of workshops and activities to prepare you
       for the MBA-level job search.
      Brace yourself for The Executive Challenge, a highly interactive computer simulation
       that the Wall Street Journal touts as the “SimCity of the Business World.” Played by
       teams competing against each another, this extraordinary experience is made possible
       by a generous gift from the Lam Research Foundation.
      A case study workshop by one of our top faculty members teaches you the ins and outs
       of preparing and making your case in b-school.
      A day of ropes course challenges and team building exercises tests your—and your
       classmates—physical, mental and emotional stamina.
      Networking Day in San Francisco caps off Orientation as you meet in the city for a
       company site tour and information session. Afterwards, join UC Davis MBA students
       and alumni for a networking reception in the heart of the Financial District.

                                      The UC Davis MBA

The hallmark of the UC Davis MBA program is the opportunity to put Ideas into Action. Our
unique model of management education allows you more choice in the design of your
program and earlier access to elective courses. Its structure lets you specialize in particular
areas of study across a broad range of subjects. Our research-led faculty constantly monitors
new areas of business and knowledge to provide you with the education expected of a
University of California MBA. We cultivate your ability to deal successfully with the challenges
of a continually changing, increasingly complex, global business environment.

                             Current MBA Degree Requirements
Students must meet the degree requirements in effect at the time of their enrollment in the MBA
program in September 2010.
      2 years (6-quarters) in residence
      72 units (typically 12 units each quarter)
      9 core courses (27 units total, 3 units each)
           o   Financial Accounting                 o   Organizational Structure & Strategy
           o   The Individual & Group Dynamics      o   Data Analysis for Managers
           o   Markets & the Firm                   o   Marketing Management
           o   Managerial Accounting                o   Financial Theory & Policy
           o   Business Context

      45 elective units (see the Curriculum and Course Descriptions booklet)
      3.0 cumulative grade point average

   Core Course Waivers
   Some professors offer a waiver by
   exam only, some offer a waiver by a
   review of your experience only
   (previous coursework and/or
   professional experience), and some
   offer a waiver by either exam or
   experience. If you have previously
   covered the core course material, the
   faculty strongly encourages you to
   request a waiver. Passing an exemption
   examination does not earn course
   credit. You take an additional elective
   to fulfill the 72-unit requirement. Waiver
   exams are offered only in September,
   and more information about the exams
   is available in July.

                       Leadership and the UC Davis MBA Program
The UC Davis MBA program takes a multi-faceted approach to leadership by first identifying
leadership talent and then developing it through a range of hands-on experiences. It begins when we
admit students to our program, selecting individuals who have demonstrated their leadership potential
to the Admissions Committee. Building on that foundation, we believe that, in addition to our MBA
coursework, leadership opportunities must be part of each student’s overall experience, and that
leadership is critical to our graduates’ ultimate success. Our educational goals for our students are to:
       Be able to work well in teams and to lead teams effectively.
       Apply moral and ethical standards to management decisions.
       Use appropriate models for analysis and planning, and
       Understand multiple functional areas.

                                     Lam Leadership Skills Program
This program helps our MBA students refine and expand their repertoire of leadership and
management expertise. Drawing upon industry experts, these interactive sessions provide
students with skills to complement those learned in the classroom. This program makes our
graduates more effective in the workplace and more competitive in the job market by
exposing them to very hands-on, rigorous training for key leadership skills. Taught by
leadership specialists, workshops include topics such as communication, giving and receiving
feedback, coaching for success, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, values-based giving
impactful presentations, and time management. These carefully selected sessions offer elite
leadership training in an interactive format where student are challenged to stretch themselves.

                             Lam Executive Challenge Business Simulation
Described by the Wall Street Journal as the
“SimCity of the Business World,” the
Executive Challenge is a multi-player
computer simulation that creates an
immersive      learning    experience    by
engaging participants in the intense
process of building a business. The
dynamics of this competitive and time-
sensitive environment produce insights and
change behavior as participants build
leadership, communication and teamwork
skills. The exercise challenges participants to think strategically and solve challenging, real-
world problems. At the end of the Challenge, one member of each eight-student team presents
a short summary of their business model while seasoned business executives ask questions and
serve as judges. Used by Fortune 500 companies as a state-of-the-art management training
tool, the Executive Challenge at UC Davis is being made possible through a generous gift of
the Lam Research Foundation.

                               Robert A. Fox Executive-in-Residence
Each year the UC Davis Graduate School of Management invites a prominent executive to
teach a quarter-long MBA course that reflects their management expertise. The Robert A. Fox
Executive-in-Residence gives students and faculty a unique opportunity to work closely with a
top business leader. In addition to class lectures, the Executive-in-Residence invites other high-
level executives to the class, meets with students informally, and brings a real world
perspective to the school.
Our Spring 2010 Robert A. Fox Executive-in-Residence is Jack Gill (right), a
founder and managing partner (retired) of Vanguard Ventures in Palo Alto.
Gill has more than four decades of experience working in Silicon Valley and
Boston as a company founder and venture capitalist. He also has 10 years
of experience teaching entrepreneurship courses in science, engineering and
medicine at Harvard Medical School, MIT and Rice University.

                                  Dean’s Distinguished Speakers
The UC Davis Graduate School of Management hosts high-level executives and business
leaders for special speaking engagements. These speakers share their experiences—their ups,
downs, struggles and successes. You then participate in question-and-answer sessions as well
as one-on-one conversations. Recent speakers include:
      Shona Brown, Senior Vice President for Business Operations, Google, Inc.
      Nora Denzel, Senior Vice President, Intuit
      Janis Heaphy, Publisher and President, The Sacramento Bee
      Michael Mondavi, Founder, Folio Fine Wine
      John Morgridge, Chairman, Cisco Systems, Inc.
      Robert Simpson, President, Jelly Belly Candy Company
      Paul Sallaberry, Former Executive Vice President, Veritas Software Corporation
      James Woolsey, Venture Partner and Senior Advisor, VantagePoint Venture Partners
       and former CIA Director

                                    Leadership Coursework
Building on themes throughout the UC Davis MBA curriculum, these courses have a particular
focus on leadership for our students.
      Corporate Governance
      Executive-in-Residence
      Executive Leadership Seminar
      Leadership
      Leadership Practicum
      Managing People in Modern Organizations
      Power and Influence in Management

                                      Ideas into Action

The UC Davis MBA program is built on a foundation of putting theory into practice—what we
call Ideas into Action. By engaging in these programs—or by creating their own—UC Davis
MBAs develop into stronger leaders with the toolkit and experience to make things happen.

             MBA Consulting Center                              Center for Entrepreneurship
These strategic projects provide our student         C4E is dedicated to promoting innovation and
teams with practical, hands-on experience            entrepreneurship through education programs
working with the client organization’s               bridging science, engineering and business.
management team and a field study advisor to         Founding Director Professor Andrew Hargadon
identify and address critical management             has built the Center into a world-class venture
issues for business, government and not-for-         that generates, identifies, and cultivates
profit clients. These carefully selected projects    ground-breaking ideas and turns them into
benefit the organizations and give you a             functioning enterprises that make a difference
chance to apply your knowledge and skills to         in people’s lives. The Business Development
real challenges while earning credit toward          Clinic provides students with a hands-on
your MBA degree.                                     introduction to this process.
           Center for Investor Welfare                                Peer-to-Pier
          and Corporate Responsibility               On the waterfront overlooking San Francisco
This Center advocates for improved corporate         Bay, the UC Davis Graduate School of
practices, educates investors through research       Management brings together students, alumni,
and outreach, and helps prepare MBA                  faculty and corporate partners for an in-depth
students for the global business arena. Under        conversation about a current business issue.
the direction of Professor Brad M. Barber, an        This signature event attracts executives and
internationally renowned finance expert on           recruiters from a range of industries and
investor psychology and investing strategies,        exposes you to top leaders in the field.
the Center draws on our faculty research
expertise. Each year, the Center also awards
a number of fellowships.

                                    International Enrichment

          International Study Practicum
Each year, our students create a live
international business case study that
culminates in a two-week study trip. Students
collaborate with a faculty advisor to select a
country or region, identify industry sectors to
explore, and contact executives with whom
they will meet on the trip. The ten-week course
provides a unique experience as students visit
companies, factory sites, financial exchanges,
and government agencies. While abroad,
they learn firsthand about international trade,
socioeconomic issues, critical industry sectors,
                                                            International Exchange Programs
and local business culture and practices.
                                                    The Graduate School of Management has
                                                    exchange programs with several renowned
                                                    universities. Students spend one quarter at one
                                                    of these top universities, experiencing the
                                                    culture and expanding their personal network.
                                                    The GSM also hosts students from these
                                                    programs, enriching the experience of all UC
                                                    Davis MBA students.
                                                       Australia: Australian Graduate School of
                                                       Brazil: Fundaçao Getulio Vargas
                                                       Chile: Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile
                                                       China: Hong Kong University of Science and
                                                       Finland: Helsinki School of Economics &
                                                        Business Administration
                                                       France: HEC, Institut Superieur des Affaires
                                                       Germany: Heinrich Heine Universität
                                                       Mexico: Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de
                                                       The Netherlands: Erasmus University Rotterdam
                                                       Sweden: Jonkoping International Business
                                                       United Kingdom: Manchester Business School

                                               - 10 -
                                         Student Clubs

Business school is more than just case studies, lectures, and team meetings. At the Graduate
School of Management, students pour their energy into activities such as intramural sports,
informal networking events, a special executive-student golf tournament, volunteering in the
community, consulting for non-profit organizations and participating in student clubs. Here is a
sampling of these popular clubs:

Associated Students of Management                         BioBusiness Club
Full-time UC Davis MBA students make up                   The Bay Area is home to one of the largest
the membership of the Associated Students                 biotechnology and healthcare hubs in the
of Management (ASM). The ASM provides                     world. Biotechnology and healthcare
a framework for incorporating student                     companies need skilled executives and
ideas into the MBA program, networking                    managers who can establish, lead, and
with alumni, engaging in philanthropic                    manage successful organizations. The
activities, and coordinating extracurricular              BioBusiness Club's mission is to create a
events. The ASM supports a collaborative                  community that focuses its efforts and skills
GSM community that facilitates academic,                  on the business of biotechnology and
professional, and social growth.                          healthcare by creating leaders through the
                                                          promotion of industry activities, educational
American Marketing Association
                                                          forums, and entrepreneurship.
AMA's many activities are targeted at
enriching your marketing knowledge,                       Community Consulting Group
network of contacts, and experience at UC                 CCG brings together the diverse
Davis. The AMA hosts speakers in the                      professional and academic experiences of
marketing field, arranges site visits to local            MBA students to provide consulting services
companies, and participates in a marketing                tailored to client-specific needs. The CCG
case analysis.                                            provides practical business solutions to non-
                                                          profits and organizations with community-
Big Bang! Business Plan Competition
                                                          oriented projects, and gives MBA students
Big Bang! is the annual UC Davis business
                                                          the opportunity to apply learned skills to
plan competition organized by our MBA
                                                          real-world situations.
students. It provides a year-round forum in
which UC Davis students, alumni, faculty
and staff collaborate to develop and test
their business vision and plans. Generously
sponsored by local corporations and the
venture capital community, the competition
provides a network of resources for
mentorship, team creation, education,
networking and financing for aspiring

                                                 - 11 -
Finance Association                                      RE+D
The Finance Association's mission is to                  Real Estate + Development creates
bring together students interested in                    opportunities for its members to deepen
finance, to improve their knowledge of                   their knowledge of the real estate and
financial issues, and to increase the                    development field through the exchange of
exchange of ideas and information                        ideas and information among members
between members and the business                         and the business community. RE+D seeks to
community.                                               accomplish these goals through seminars,
                                                         sponsorship of speakers, and forums.
International Business Club
The IBC is committed to promoting cross-                 Wine Business Consulting Group
cultural understanding and providing an                  WBC provides business consulting services
outlet for those who want to develop their               to the wine industry. We provide valuable
international business knowledge, gain                   business resources to industry participants
awareness of international business                      while enhancing the academic experience
opportunities, and network with others with              for students. Our members work on actual
similar interests.                                       business projects to develop solutions and
                                                         to build strong connections between
MBA Challenge for Charity
                                                         students and industry professionals.
This non-profit 501(c)3 organization draws
on the talents, energy, and resources of                 Women in Leadership
MBA students from nine West Coast                        WiL serves the GSM and the Davis
business schools. C4C’s mission is to                    community through professional and social
support Special Olympics and family-                     activities geared towards the development
related charities and to develop leaders                 of future women business leaders.
with a lifelong commitment to community                  Sponsored events offer unique mentoring
involvement and social responsibility. These             and networking exchanges with women
goals are achieved through volunteerism                  business leaders at all stages of career and
and fundraising fostered by collegial                    life.
Net Impact
This network of emerging business leaders
is committed to using the power of business
to create a better world. NI offers
programs to help its members broaden their
business education, refine their leadership
skills, and pursue their professional goals,
while building their network. The UC Davis
chapter has been recognized by the
national organization for both its high level
of participation and its innovation.

                                                - 12 -
                                      Financing Your UC Davis MBA

Undertaking your MBA represents a significant investment in your future, and a variety of
financial aid programs are available to assist you.

                                               Estimated Student Budget
After the University of California Board of                             board figure assumes shared housing in an
Regents sets fees, the University of                                    off-campus apartment. If you have a family
California, Davis Graduate Financial Aid                                or extraordinary expenses, your budget
Office sets the Student Budget. The Student                             may be adjusted accordingly. While final
Budget is used to calculate financial aid                               fees have not been set for 2010-2011, we
eligibility, including scholarships, grants                             have included estimates to help in your
and loans. It assumes a modest lifestyle for                            planning. We will notify you as soon as
a single person in Davis. The room and                                  the fees and budget are set.

                                    2010-2011 Estimated Student Budget
                                                                   Resident              Non-Resident
                       Direct    Fees1                            $27,031                  $39,276
                       Health Insurance Fee                         1,959                     1,959
                       Books and Supplies                           1,753                     1,753
                       Basic Living Expenses2                      13,709                    13,709
                       Transportation                               1,606                     1,606
                       Total                                      $46,058                  $58,303
           Direct Fees include University Fees and Professional School Fees for all students plus Non-Resident Tuition for all
           non-resident students. Your student bill is due one week before classes begin each quarter.
           Basic Living Expenses include rent, food and other personal expenses. It is possible to increase your student loan
           eligibility to cover the purchase of a notebook computer. Submit your receipts to the Financial Aid Office to
          document your expenses. If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
           As a result of gubernatorial, legislative, Regental, and/or campus actions, these fees may change without notice.

                                                      Paying Your Bill
Enrolled UC Davis students are billed automatically on the Student Account Suite (“myBill”); no
paper statement will be sent. Your account balance is generated after you enroll in courses.
Students can view and pay account balances at mybill.ucdavis.edu. You are responsible for
paying all fees and other debts by the posted deadlines.
At the Student Account Center (“myBill”), you can:
      Check your balance
      Make a payment towards your balance
      View your payment history
      Store your payment methods for quick and easy payment
      View and print your billing statement
      Set up your bills to be paid automatically

                                                              - 13 -
                                Student Fee Payment Options
Accepted payment methods can be viewed in detail on-line at cashier.ucdavis.edu and
      Online/Electronic Payments Pay student bills by e-check or print billing statement; there
       is no additional fee for paying by e-check. Online payments post immediately to
       Banner, the software used for the UC Davis Student Information System.
      Cash Cash payments must be made in person at the Cashier’s Office (Dutton Hall). Do
       not mail cash nor put cash payments in drop boxes.
      Checks, Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks Payments in this category must meet the
       following criteria:
          1. Are made payable to “Regents of the University of California” or “UC Regents”.
          2. The legal amount and written amount fields agree and are completed and the
             document is signed.
          3. Have the current date (post dated checks are not accepted.)
          4. Student name, address and student identification number must be included with
             the check.
      Credit Cards Discover cards can be used for online payments through MyBill only,
       with a $12 per transaction fee. A credit card cannot be used to pay your Enrollment
      International Wire Deposits Notify the Cashier’s Office in advance of any payments
       you are expecting by wire or ACH. Contact the Cashier’s Office directly for
       assistance: cashier.ucdavis.edu/dept/wiretrans.cfm
If you are expecting a financial aid disbursement to assist with your quarterly fees, please
check this website for the disbursement date (usually 5 days before the fee payment deadline):
                  Health Insurance Requirements and Student Health Center
You are required to have health insurance.            year. The premium for 2010-2011 has not
UC Davis has contracted with Blue Cross               yet been set. You may waive SHIP if you
of California to provide a major medical              have comparable health insurance.
health insurance plan to you. The Student             Cowell Student Health Center (CSHC), an
Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) covers                   on-campus clinical facility, is available to
medical services not available at Cowell              you and provides services at discounted
Student Health Center and authorized by a
                                                      rates. These services include preventive,
CSHC physician.                                       primary and specialty care as well as
SHIP coverage begins September 20,                    urgent,    same-day       and     scheduled
2010. We recommend you continue your                  appointments. Complete information about
current health insurance coverage through             SHIP and CSHC, including information on
September 30. The 2009-2010 premium                   requesting a waiver, is on their website:
was $653 per quarter or $1,959 per                    healthcenter.ucdavis.edu.

                                             - 14 -
    Financial Aid for U. S. Citizens and                   Financial Aid for International Students
         U. S. Permanent Residents                       Scholarships     All   applicants  were
Scholarships     All   applicants  were                  considered for scholarships during the
considered for scholarships during the                   admissions process. If you were awarded
admissions process. If you were awarded                  a scholarship, we included it with your
a scholarship, we included it with your                  offer of admission.
offer of admission.                                      Loans If you are an international student
Grants and Loans As a U.S. citizen or U.S.               (and are not a U.S. permanent resident),
permanent resident, you are eligible to                  you may apply for private educational
apply for a University of California grant, a            loans. These require a U.S. co-signer, and
federal direct loan, and private loans by                are based on your and your co-signer’s
filing the 2010-2011 Free Application for                credit information. Private loan eligibility
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available on                varies based on your credit information
the web at www.fafsa.ed.gov.                             and other aid you receive. For information
                                                         on loans, contact the Graduate Financial
                                                         Aid Office at gradfinaid@ucdavis.edu or
LOANS IS MARCH 1, 2010. If you file
after March 1, loans are still available;
and the availability of grants is limited.                    Financial Aid Questions?
The Graduate Financial Aid Office                                Visit our website at
determines your eligibility for grants and
                                                          students.gsm.ucdavis.edu/2010 or
loans and sends official notices after the
UC Regents set fees, typically late summer.              contact Holly Bishop-Green at the
If you have questions about your eligibility                GSM at 530-752-7658 or
please contact Holly Bishop-Green.
Grant and Loan Amounts
The maximum UC grant varies each year
and for 2009-2010 was $6,000.
Individual award amounts are based on
financial need.
The maximum Federal Direct Loan is
$20,500 per academic year. If you
receive other financial aid, your actual
eligibility may be lower.
The maximum Federal GradPLUS or private
loan varies based on your credit
information and other aid you receive.

                                                - 15 -
                                    International Students

                 Student Visa                            required documents, we notify SISS to issue
The UC Davis Office of International                     your document. It may take several weeks
Students and Scholars (SISS) issues your                 to several months to obtain a visa after you
Form I-20 (needed to apply for an F-1 visa)              receive the Form I-20 or DS-2019, so it is
or Form DS-2019 (for a J-1 visa). These                  critical that you submit the required
forms can be issued only after you have                  documents early (ideally by June 1) and be
confirmed your enrollment and documented                 sure that they are complete and accurate.
that you have sufficient financial resources             If you have any questions concerning your
for the full cost of your study at UC Davis              visa, contact SISS at 530-752-0864 or at
(tuition, fees, and living expenses). If your            siss@ucdavis.edu.
spouse or children accompany you to
Davis you must document additional                       For other questions, contact Admissions at
resources to support them.                               mba.applicant@gsm.ucdavis.edu           or
The forms for documenting your financial
resources are included with your letter of
admission and must be submitted to the
Graduate School of Management with
affidavits certifying the amount and
availability of funds in U. S. dollars. UC
Davis issues your Form I-20 or
DS-2019 only after we receive these
materials. Once we have received all

         Before your Form I-20 or DS-2019 can be issued, you must complete and
         return to MBA Admissions:

             Enrollment Reply Form
             Enrollment Deposit
             Financial Statement for Students
             Affidavits and letters certifying your financial resources

                                                           International Student Orientation Session
                                                         There is a special session for international
                                                         students during Orientation to cover some
                                                         of the specific issues that you may
                                                         encounter as part of your UC Davis MBA
                                                         experience. Watch for details in the
                                                         Orientation schedule in the summer.

                                                - 16 -
                                      Career Services

The UC Davis MBA program views career services as a partnership with you. For our part,
we focus on creating professional opportunities for you and preparing you to take advantage
of them. You share in this partnership by taking ownership of your job search and actively
participating in the career development process.

Career development is a lifelong and multi-dimensional process of choices and adjustments.
We embrace the philosophy that career development is not just about finding a job, but also
acquiring the skills to manage your career. Our team is committed to preparing you to assess
yourself, research career options, and develop effective tools for your job search.

                                   Summer Action Steps
              We send you an information packet in June after you enroll.
              Before September 1, you should:
               Complete CareerLeader, the MBA self-assessment tool.
               Update & submit your MBA résumé using our guidelines.
               Begin narrowing your industry and functional area interests.
               Identify 10 organizations where you want to work.
               Schedule your Career Launch Session (beginning in August).

                                      Getting You Ready

Career Launch Prior to Orientation, you                 Cover Letters A powerful cover letter and
meet with a career counselor for a                      effective résumé influence a recruiter’s first
30-minute introductory session. We assess               impression of you. Your cover letter sells
your unique career development needs and                your unique abilities and highlights your
share our mutual expectations.                          relevant accomplishments.
Two-Minute Me Clearly and concisely                     Job Search The process of setting and
articulate who you are—your unique                      achieving goals helps you concentrate
strengths,    experiences,    contributions,            better, move forward with higher
qualities, and career goals. Learn how to               confidence, and experience less stress.
communicate them in different situations.               Interviewing Recruiters want candidates
Self-Assessment Managing your career                    who can communicate their strengths and
starts with self-assessment. This helps you             talents and how they fit with their
make MBA-level career decisions that                    organization. Mock interviews help you
match your skills, interests, values, and               sharpen your interview skills.
goals with your career options.                         Networking Your network includes family,
Résumés Your résumé is a tool for securing              friends, classmates, colleagues, and GSM
interviews. A well-crafted résumé helps you             contacts. Learn to grow and nurture your
position yourself for a specific industry,              network with effective informational
function, or position.                                  interviews.
                                               - 17 -
                                  Creating Opportunities

              Recruiter Outreach                                      Professional Clubs
While      maintaining      and    extending             Career Services partners with student clubs
established relationships with employers,                to present industry panels to introduce you
Career Services develops new recruiting                  to different fields and the individuals
relationships each year that reflect                     working in them. Past panels have included
changing student interests and current MBA               finance, marketing and consulting, as well
trends. These relationships create a wide                as specialized interviewing presentations.
variety    of    internship    and    career
opportunities for you.                                               Professional Network
                                                         A critical component of your job search is
        Employer Information Sessions                    making the most of your existing network
We host company information sessions                     and expanding it to include new contacts
throughout the year at which you learn                   from GSM-sponsored events, such as:
more about potential employers. Employers                      Career Fair
use this time to share their company history,                  Company Site Visits
promote their organization, provide                            Mock Interviews
interview advice, describe their corporate                     Peer-to-Pier
culture, and talk about career paths and                       Shadow Days
opportunities.                                                 Big Bang!

                                      Tools You Can Use

        Career Management Website                                      Alumni Database
Career Services maintains an extensive                   GSM alumni are fiercely loyal and
career management guide on our website.                  supportive of students. Learn more about a
This includes self-assessment, résumé                    specific field from alumni in that field
writing, networking, the job search, and                 through our on-line alumni database.
interview techniques. For details, go to:
students.gsm.ucdavis.edu/careers/guide.                           Targeted Internship Strategy
                                                         We promote a targeted search strategy for
              eRecruiting.com                            both internship searches. Use this approach
eRecruiting is an on-line tool for posting               to identify and define these four aspects:
positions, scheduling interviews, and                          Functional Area
registering for events. eRecruiting allows                     Industry Targets
you to create and upload 10 different                          Geographic Preference
targeted résumés, and forms the basis for                      Company Targets
our online résumé directory. Its tracking
system provides a list of the companies and              A targeted approach is the most effective
positions to which you have applied as                   way to stay in control and to see results,
well as the outcome of each.                             allowing you to monitor your progress and
                                                         build upon your efforts.

                                                - 18 -
                       Companies Hiring Our Students in 2009

Adaptec                                             Leventhal Kline Management Inc.
Agilent Technologies                                Livingston Energy Innovations
Amazon.com, Inc.                                    Mercy Corp - Darjeeling, India
applied biosystems                                  Octus Energy
Applied Materials                                   Nehemiah Corp.
Blue Shield of California                           Pacific Gas & Electric
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.                Pinnacle Telecommunications, Inc.
Burr Pilger Mayer                                   Price Family Vineyards
California Capital Financial Development Corp.      Royal Dutch Shell plc
California Chamber of Commerce                      Schnabel Foundation Co.
California Public Utilities Commission              Sequioa National Park
California Trade & Tourism Commission               Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
California Public Employees’ Retirement System      Sonoma Bank
     (CalPERS)                                      Steps Therapy
Carlton Engineering                                 SunPower, Inc.
Center for Land Based Learning                      Sutter Health
City of San Francisco                               Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Deloitte Consulting                                 TC Fuels
Elite Capital Services                              The American Repertory Ballet/Princeton Ballet
Energy Market Innovations                                School
Environmental Defense Fund                          The San Francisco Foundation
Ernst & Young Real Estate                           Twill
Fliptop                                             United Nations - Rome
FormFactor                                          Wells Fargo & Company
Green Made Simple
Heller Pacific, Inc.
Intel Corporation
Kaiser Permanente
Kearns & West
Kilpatrick & Co.
KPMG International

                                           - 19 -
                            Computing and On-Line Services

          Computer Requirements                                          Services
A laptop computer is required. To ensure                As a UC Davis MBA student, you have
complete compatibility with the wireless                access to the following services:
network and print services at the GSM, it is               Wireless network accessible anywhere
recommended that you own one less than                      in Gallagher Hall.
three years old or purchase a new Dell                     Personal UC Davis email account.
Latitude   series    laptop.     Educational               Dedicated printers in the building.
discounts on Dell laptops are available                    Special course software.
from the UC Davis Bookstore Techhub shop                   Other software available through
at bookstore.ucdavis.edu/TechHub.                           UC Davis, either free or at a discount.
You must have access to a Microsoft
Windows Vista or Windows 7 environment                                    Support
and Microsoft Office for Windows.                       The UC Davis Student Computing Guide at
Antivirus software is required when using               scg.ucdavis.edu and Help & Training at
the campus network. Antivirus software can              iet.ucdavis.edu/help provide computing
be downloaded for free from your                        support information. Campus IET Help Desk
MyUCDavis web portal (my.ucdavis.edu).                  technicians are available at (530) 754-
                                                        HELP (754-4357) Monday through Friday
                                                        from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You can also
            Activating Your
                                                        e-mail them anytime at ithelp@ucdavis.edu.
        UC Davis Account & E-mail
                                                        Additionally, the GSM has IT specialists
You activate your UC Davis computing
                                                        who support the Daytime MBA students as
account via the UC Davis website
                                                        well as the Working Professional MBA
(computingaccounts.ucdavis.edu) to obtain
                                                        students, staff and faculty. They specialize
a Kerberos log in/password and Mail ID.
                                                        in Dell equipment and will have the
You need these three items and your
                                                        software drivers needed for Dell Latitude
Personal Access Code (PAC) to access
                                                        laptops (if less than three years old) to
online services provided by UC Davis
                                                        interface with the GSM wireless network
(e.g., registration, career services tools,
                                                        and printers. They can be reached at
etc.). After you create your Campus Login
                                                        (530) 752-4660 Monday through Friday,
ID, the GSM provides an additional
                                                        9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also
computing account specific to GSM
network      resources.   More     detailed             e-mail them at helpdesk@gsm.ucdavis.edu.
information is provided during Orientation.

                                               - 20 -
                                          Living in Davis

Davis is a unique community – the benefits of a quintessential college town that is connected
to one of the world’s most dynamic regions, the San Francisco Bay Area, and California’s
capital city of Sacramento. This list can get you started as you explore the interesting places
and activities in the area.

                Childcare                                     Local Transportation and Parking
For information about childcare, including              Think of Davis and you’ll probably think of
a special UC Davis students subsidy, visit:             bicycles. A bike is the quickest, easiest and
                                                        cheapest way to get around on campus
                                                        and in town. A helmet, a good U-lock and
                  Housing                               a California bike license are essential. Bike
Davis and the surrounding communities                   licenses are available at taps.ucdavis.edu.
offer a range of housing. We encourage
                                                        The Associated Students of UC Davis and
you to begin making your housing
                                                        the City of Davis operate an extensive
arrangements early. Most UC Davis MBA
                                                        network of buses throughout campus and
students live off-campus, many within
                                                        the city. For information, visit the Unitrans
walking or biking distance of school. Public
                                                        website at unitrans.ucdavis.edu.
transportation to campus is available from
many parts of Davis. On-campus                          You can purchase a permit for on-campus
apartments (very limited number available)              parking through Traffic and Parking
frequently are rented by mid-April, and the             Services (TAPS). For information, visit their
most desirable off-campus housing options               website at taps.ucdavis.edu. You can
may be rented by mid-summer for the next                purchase a $6 daily permit at vending
academic year.                                          machines around campus, and 45-minute
If you are able to visit Davis between mid-             parking meters are available as well.
April and mid-June, we encourage you to
spend a day or two meeting with realtors
and seeing apartments. The UC Davis
MBA discussion group is also a great
source for finding roommates or housing.

Other contacts for housing information:
         Student Housing Office
        www.housing.ucdavis.edu                                   City of Davis Resources
                                                        Davis provides information about utilities,
          Davis Community Housing
                                                        schools, parks, recreation, activities, etc. at:

                                               - 21 -
                                     Regional Highlights

UC Davis Campus
UC Davis is one of the nation's top public research universities and is part of the world's pre-
eminent public university system. The campus is set in the heart of the Central Valley, close to
the state capital and San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the last "small-town universities," we
cherish our close relationships on campus and within the Davis community. Some highlights of
activities and events available to the UC Davis community include:

      The Robert & Margrit Center for the Performing Arts
      The UC Davis Craft Center
      The Activities & Recreation Center
      NCAA Division I Athletics
      Equestrian Center
      Intramural Sports
      Outdoor Adventures

City of Davis
The City of Davis maintains over 400 acres of parks and greenbelts throughout the
community. Visitors to the 32 neighborhood and community parks and the extensive system of
greenbelts can find 43 different play areas, 12 large reservable picnic areas and many
smaller ones, 33 tennis courts, and many other amenities such as horse shoe pits, disc golf,
basketball courts, exercise courses, and much much more. Four pool complexes provide
opportunities for recreational swimming, lap swimming, and swim classes. There are several
community buildings with rooms available for rental, for events both large and small.
Northern California
San Francisco Fourth most populous city in California and the 12th most populous city in the
United States, it is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the larger San Francisco
Bay Area, a region of 7.4 million people and a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley, worldwide
hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Sonoma & Napa Valley An hour's drive to the northwest, these regions boast some of the
world’s best wineries.
Lake Tahoe and the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada Two hours to the east, home to a number
of ski resorts, summer outdoor recreation, and tourist attractions.
Pacific Ocean and beaches Spectacular views are accentuated by pristine beaches and
waves crashing on a rugged coastline.
Yosemite Just four hours away, Yosemite National Park is internationally recognized for its
spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, Giant Sequoia groves, and biological
diversity and a favorite destination for hiking, camping, rock climbing and biking.
                                              - 22 -
                                2010-2011 Academic Calendar
                                                  Fall 2010
                                           July 15            Registration Begins
                                        August 14             Registration Closes
                                     September 8              First Day of Orientation
                                   September 16               Fall Payment Due
                                   September 20               SHIP Coverage Begins
                                   September 21               Last Day of Orientation
                                   September 23               Classes Begin
                                     November 1               Winter Registration Begins
                                   November 11                Veterans Day Holiday
                                November 25-26                Thanksgiving Recess
                                     December 3               Classes End
                                  December 6-10               Final Examinations

                                                Winter 2011
                                    December 27               Winter Payment Due
                                         January 3            Classes Begin
                                       January 17             Martin Luther King Holiday
                                       February 7             Spring Registration Begins
                                      February 21             President’s Day Holiday
                                         March 1              Financial Aid Application Due
                                        March 14              Classes End
                                    March 15-19               Final Examinations

                                                Spring 2011
                                        March 21              Spring Payment Due
                                        March 28              Classes Begin
                                          May 30              Memorial Day Holiday
                                            June 2            Classes End
                                          June 4-9            Final Examinations
                                          June 11             Commencement
NOTE: Dates are subject to change. Check online the beginning of each registration period for current dates.

                                               Exam Schedule
             Please note the dates of exam periods. You are expected to be on
             campus throughout the exam periods and to take all exams at the times

                                                     - 23 -
                                   New Student Checklist

    Setup your UC Davis email and computer accounts
      Pay course fees
      Register for classes
      Sign up for core course waiver exams

      Buy books, textpaks and supplies

     Review key information from Career Services (check your email)
      Update your resume with the UC Davis MBA format
      Complete CareerLeader® (login required)
      Refine your functional and industry interests
      Develop a list of 10 target companies for your internship and career job searches
      Complete your Career Launch session

      Relocate to Davis
      Set-up your utilities (gas, water, garbage, phone, internet, etc.)
      Update the GSM and the UC Davis campus with your new address & phone numbers
      Invest in a new business suit and accessories
      Obtain a bike license and/or parking permit
      Obtain your campus ID card at 12 Mrak Hall
      Accept your financial aid package, if applicable, and pay your student bill
      Sign up for ASM orientation activities

                                                - 24 -
                                       GSM Contacts
As you make your final decision about business school, our team is ready to help you,
whether it’s answering your questions, arranging a visit to campus, or just pointing you in the
right direction.

Admissions & Student Services      Career Services Center           Computing Services
530-752-7658                       530-752-4003                     GSM Computing Help Desk
530-754-9355 fax                   530-754-9355-fax                 530-752-4660
mba. applicant@gsm.ucdavis.edu     careerservices@gsm.ucdavis.edu   helpdesk@gsm.ucdavis.edu

Holly Bishop-Green                                  Inger Maher
Associate Director of Admissions & Student          Assistant Director of Career Services
 Services and GSM Registrar                         530-754-7529
530-752-7363                                        ilmaher@ucdavis.edu
hbbishopgreen@ucdavis.edu                           Chip Mrizek
Kathy Gleed                                         Computing Services Manager
Director of Admissions & Student Services           530-752-8330
530-754-5476                                        cjmrizek@ucdavis.edu
krgleed@ucdavis.edu                                 Heather O’Leary
Becky Heard                                         Associate Director of Admissions & Student
MBA Program Manager                                   Services
530-754-9671                                        530-754-4080
bjheard@ucdavis.edu                                 hfolearygarland@ucdavis.edu
Kathy Klenzendorf                                   James Stevens
Director of Career Services                         Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
530-752-8826                                        530-752-7661
krklenzendorf@ucdavis.edu                           jrstevens@ucdavis.edu

                                     UC Davis Contacts
Main Operator                     Graduate Financial Aid             Services for International
530-752-1011                      530-752-9246                       Students & Scholars
                                  gradfinaid@ucdavis.edu             530-752-0864
Computing Services
530-754-4357                      Housing
ithelp@ucdavis.edu                Student Housing Office
Cowell Health Center
                                  Davis Community Housing
      MBA Student Affairs
 University Of California, Davis
Graduate School of Management
      One Shields Avenue
   Davis, CA 95616-8609

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