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					                                                                                                                              Oc tober, 2007
                             T R a n sp oRT: pr iv ate je ts hopping – a g row ing tre nd

aiR cHaRTeR seRvices

T      hough private air charter services are used extensively
       by business and luxury class, still the aviation through
air charters is unfamiliar to many people around the globe. Air
                                                                           days a week and for 24 hours a day. There are no chances of
                                                                           missing the flight, as it is you who have set the time of the flight,
                                                                           and you can alter it also, if you need to! Most importantly, there
charter services are best suited to executive business travel              is no chance that a flight is delayed. Private air charters are
and personal vacations, as private air charters eliminates many            singularly for your service, and they wait for your arrival before
time-consuming formalities but still provide extra features that           the take off!
are to be found no where else.                                               Private air charters also provide better options for the choice
  It should be noticed that private air charters do not lack any           of airport. This ultimately saves a lot of time in traveling through
facility from the conventional airlines, and air charter service           car and ground transportation. Most of the scheduled airports
providers make it dead-sure that the best facilities are offered           are crowded, but with the facility of air charter services, you can
to their customers, including, catering, food, ground facilities,          have your own preference for the airport.
and return services, etc. Let us have a detailed peep into the               Security and privacy are two other issues that are solved
advantages that private air charters offer to us.                          meticulously with air charter services. Luggage loss is a major
  The very first advantage that almost anybody can notice in hir-          problem in scheduled aviation, but with private air charters, you
ing the private air charters is the freedom of scheduling. Unlike          are free of such issues. If you are traveling with your office col-
conventional airlines, private air charters provide full freedom to        leagues and want to discuss some plans, or want to practice for
choose the schedule of the flight. There is absolutely no limit,           the seminar or a presentation, you have the luxury of utmost
as most of air charter service providers have it open for seven            privacy and you can enjoy it to the fullest extent. If you are tak-

                                                                                                                                       Oc tober, 2007
                                T R a n sp oRT: pr iv ate je ts hopping – a g row ing tre nd

                                                                           JeT CharTer Glossary
                                                                             – airway distance: The actual (as opposed to straight line) distance flown by
                                                                             the aircraft between two points, after deviations required by air traffic con-
                                                                             trol	and	navigation	along	established	routes.	The	difference	between	this	and	
                                                                             straight line distance will vary throughout the country. Average figures would
                                                                             be	between	5–9	%.
                                                                             – amphibious floats: floats or «pontoons» equipped with retractable wheels
                                                                             that	permit	the	aircraft	to	operate	from	paved	airports.
                                                                             – block rates: A lower «contract rate» for scheduling significant amounts of
                                                                             charter	time	in	advance	on	a	pre-arranged	agreement.
                                                                             – block speed: The average speed over a specific distance «block-to block»,
                                                                             or	door-to-door	with	respect	to	the	airport	gate.
                                                                             – broker margin: The difference between the flight charges assessed by the
                                                                             charter operator and the flight charges assessed by the charter broker.
                                                                           	 –	charter	broker:	A	company	or	individual	that	buys	charter	at	wholesale	
ing some time off from your busy life, and are traveling with your           and	resells	it	at	retail.	The	broker	is	responsible	for	payment	to	the	char-
family members; traveling with private air charters would be the             ter	provider,	for	assessing	end-user	taxes	and	fees,	and	for	ensuring	their	
                                                                             customer’s	safety	and	satisfaction.	A	charter	operator	may	act	as	a	broker	to	
most stress free, enjoyable and relaxing way to travel!                      provide	supplemental	lift	to	their	customer.
   No wonder that with so many options and facilities, air charter         	 –	charter	operator:	A	company	or	individual	that	holds	aircraft	charter	cer-
                                                                             tificates and provides charter services to retail and wholesale customers.
services are attracting the eyes of big organizations or corpo-
                                                                           	 –	commuter	operator:	A	regional,	scheduled	airline.	In	this	book	limited	to	
rate giants, but it still remains a quandary as why general public           that operator with adequate fleet capacity as to be available of charter. Not
is not motivated by these facilities. Cost is the major factor, but          all	commuter	airlines	charter,	because	of	the	limitations	of	aircraft	and	crew	
those who know what they are paying for, understand that air
                                                                             – corporate operator: A company flight department that has earned a certifi-
charter services are worth their weight in gold!                             cate	to	carry	passengers	for	compensation.
                                                                           	 –	cruise	speed:	Cruise	speed	is	the	normal	speed	attained	at	altitude	once	the                                          aircraft	is	no	longer	climbing	and	is	en	route.