chairmans letter for renewal of membership 2011 by 65HYhI


High Street
23rd March 2011

                                      Chairman’s Letter
Dear Member,

Enclosed is your membership renewal form the coming year and as you can see there has
been no increase in the fees this year. It would be helpful if you could return it with prompt
payment. All players who are 7yrs old or over by the 1st April 2011 need to pay the
appropriate membership subscription.

 The Club’s Website is being updated regularly and the aim is to
attach a notice board where members can access information and be better informed about
coaching, social activities etc.

Once again the visitor’s fee remains at £2.00 per person. The visitor’s book is in the
Clubhouse, together with small envelopes into which the fee should be placed. Please put
details of visitor and fees in the book provided and put the envelope with the money in
through the letterbox of our treasurer Mr. Martin Jones. He lives in the first house on the left
as you walk up towards the church from the Club.

A members coaching program for both adults and children is in operation, details for which
can be found on the website or by phoning Coach Richard Wheeler on 07941 722980. Please
note that participation in these coaching programs does require appropriate membership.

This year we have entered 3 Ladies and 4 Men’s teams in the Shropshire Summer League.
Team practice nights are Monday 7pm for our Ladies and Wednesday 7pm for our Men. All
members are invited to play and be assured that whatever you’re standard, you will be mixed
in and be made most welcome.

Match fixture cards will be posted out to all members by the end of April and will be
available in the Clubhouse so that everyone is aware of dates and court availability. As in
previous years ex-match balls are available for general use throughout the summer, but please
provide your own during the winter.

At long last the upgrade to the floodlights has now been finished and as in the past they are
available free of charge.

Club night is on Tuesday and a mixed doubles rota operates on a Thursday evening. All
members are welcome on both nights as it is a great way to improve your game and socialise
with other club members.
Members are reminded that the driveway to the right of the club as you face it is not owned
by the club, although members do have a ‘right of passage’ to the top gate. Please do not turn
your vehicles around, park in or across it and don’t let your children run into the driveway.
Cycles should be pushed and not ridden up and down it. If we stick to these guidelines,
conflict with our neighbours will be avoided.

The first social tournament will be ‘The Daisy Wheel’ on Sunday 8th May. This is a mixed
doubles event with lunch organised by Phillipa Belam 01746 710354 and Kim Plank 01746
710004. This is a great way to start the season so please call either member to enter. Plenty
of other tournaments are being planned for later in the year, so please give your support and
get involved.

In October we will be organising a major social event, which is a great way to raise much
needed club funds and proved a huge success last year. Details will appear in the newsletters
in due course and your support for all events is always much appreciated.

Finally, may I wish you all a very enjoyable season of tennis. If you have any particular
problems please contact me on 01746 710394.

Yours Faithfully

Dan Price
Club Chairman

Committee members
Chairman              Dan Price
Vice Chairman         Hannah Drury
Treasurer             Martin Jones
Secretary             Deborah Parker
Men’s Captain         Dan Price
Ladies Captain        Hannah Drury
Social Secretary      Denise Hammond
Coach                 Richard Wheeler
General Committee     Phil Bramall, Mandy Jordan, Kim Plank, Martin Wheeler, Debbie
                      McCabe, Faye Mathews, Phil McGlynn

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