Okinawa District Student Support Team by HC12052703528


									                         Okinawa District Student Support Team
                                  Process Checklist

Prior to the Team Meeting

    Receive and accept referral
    Teacher and team members are notified of meeting date and time.
    Gather relevant information.
    Auxiliary members are invited to the meeting (this is usually for a follow-up meeting).

During the Meeting

    Prior to referrals, core team members conduct SST business during the first 10-15 minutes
that might include discussion of new interventions, designing a communication to the faculty, or
reviewing progress on a previously referred case.
     Identify team member’s roles
     Facilitator
            o Opens the meeting
            o Facilitates the team’s progress through the problem-solving process.
     Recorder
            o Records informal data and information
            o Completes the Student Intervention Plan
     Welcome invited participants.
     Review the meeting purpose and goals.
     Referring teacher provides the specifications of the problem using SST Intervention Design
     Paraphrase explanations; seek verification of the four to five key issues.
     Ask clarifying questions.
     Paraphrase the teacher’s description of the problem
     Seek the teacher’s verification of the four to five most problematic behaviors.
     Request that the teacher prioritize the problem behaviors.
     Consider the team’s capacity for problem resolution.
     Brainstorm possible interventions/strategies.
     Choose three to four most workable interventions for further analysis.
     Consider feasibility of success.
     Design a written intervention plan.
     Verbally summarize the session.
     Retain a meeting record and copy of the intervention plan.

After the Meeting

    Conduct predetermined follow-up activities (both formal and informal).
    Ensure appropriate levels of support for referring teacher.
    Schedule additional meetings as necessary.

                                         SST Process Checklist

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