“PARAGRAPH” RUBRIC
TRAITS OF              FOCUS                      ORGANIZATION                   SUPPORT AND                  CONVENTIONS                 FLUENCY
WRITING                                                                          ELABORATION
                          Topic is clearly          Full structure (has all       Perceptive and              Appropriate use of         Sophisticated words
                           established                elements): Topic               insightful opinions          content vocabulary         No verb tense errors
         4                Topic is maintained        sentence, body /detail         and interpretations         Few, if any, spelling      Often varies sentence
                           throughout the             sentences, and                Superior analysis of         errors                      lengths and types
                           paragraph                  conclusion sentence            support or evidence         Few, if any, end and
                          Demonstrates              Logical order of ideas        Excellent choice of          internal punctuation
                           independent thinking      Transitions are used           evidence which               errors
                                                      fluently                       supports topic
                          Topic is clearly          Full structure (has all       Logical opinions and        Appropriate use of         Precise words
                           established                elements): Topic               interpretations              content vocabulary         Few verb tense errors
         3                Topic is maintained        sentence, body /detail        Good analysis of            Few, if any, spelling      Sometimes varies
                           throughout the             sentences, and                 support or evidence          errors                      sentence lengths and
                           paragraph                  conclusion sentence are       Good choice of              Few, if any, end            types
                                                      clearly present.               support or evidence          punctuation errors
                                                     Logical order of ideas         which supports topic        Some internal
                                                     Transitions are used                                        punctuation errors
                                                      effectively, but may be
                          Topic is partially        Partial structure (lacks      Some logical opinions       Some errors in use of      Imprecise words
                           established                one or both elements):         and interpretations          content vocabulary         Some verb tense
         2                Topic is not               topic sentence and/or         Sufficient analysis of      Some spelling errors        errors
                           maintained                 conclusion sentence            support or evidence         Some end punctuation       Seldom varies
                           throughout the            Illogical/inappropriate       Weak choice of               errors                      sentence lengths and
                           paragraph                  order of ideas                 support or evidence         Many internal               types
                                                     Weak or no transitions        Evidence or support is       punctuation errors
                                                      between sentences              not specific enough
                          Topic is vague or         No structure                  Illogical opinions and      No attempt to include      Simple or ordinary
                           unclear                   Incomplete paragraph           interpretations              content vocabulary          words
         1                Topic is addressed                                       Weak, unimportant,          Many spelling errors       Many verb tense
                           with superficial                                          and/or illogical            Many end punctuation        errors
                           thinking                                                  evidence or support          errors                     No attempt to vary
                                                                                                                 No attempt to apply         sentence lengths and
                                                                                                                  internal punctuation        types

Jean Evans, English Language Arts Consultant

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