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					                     Technology Integrated Lesson Plan

Title: Web Search for the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Summary: Students will locate the sites of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Name: Marie Spinelli                      Suggested level: Grade 6

Learning objective(s): The students will use technology to explore the Seven
Wonders of the Ancient World.

Materials required: Internet, worksheets (outline maps and response sheets)
Map can be found at:

Approximate number of class periods: Three

Classroom management strategies: (individual, small group, large group – explain)
Students will work in the computer lab in groups of two.

Warm up: Students will brainstorm what they think a “wonder” is.
Pictures of Wonders in the Americas will be shown to stimulate the generation of a
proposed list.

Activities/ Procedures:
    1. Students will be given worksheets.
    2. Teacher will review the procedures and expected results.
    3. Students will complete the tasks.

Assessment strategies:
1.The teacher will observe the students during the lesson.
2 Worksheets will be graded by the teacher.
3.Classroom discussion will follow up.

Related Web Sites:
Back-up plan: (if the technology fails!) Since this plan is dependent on the use of the
computer lab, if technology fails the class would be rescheduled.

Recommendations/ comments: The students must stay on task to complete the work
in the time allotted. The charts can be completed in the classroom.
Names: ___________________________________________

Dates: ____________________________________________


   Visit any of the listed web sites. Find the following information and in Word create a
   table to show your work:

   1.   What are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
   2.   Where was each located? (Name the ancient Country)
   3.   What was it? Describe it.
   4.   What is the name of that country today?
   5.   Label each site on your blank map.
   6.   When was each wonder built? (Approximately)
   7.   Draw a picture or a diagram of one of the wonders.
   8.   Why do you think it is considered a wonder? *
   9.   Which one wonder would you like to visit? Why? *

 *These are bonus questions.

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