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News from The Oakland Police Department


									 News from The Oakland Police Department

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                      Oakland Police
                 Anthony W. Batts, Chief of Police

   Oakland Police Insider                                                                                                July 2011

                                           Thanks to You - The Community

                                                       You have heard me say it over and over again "we can not
                                                       be successful without you - the community." Community
                                                       involvement and participation is a key component in our
                                                       ability to keep the City of Oakland and its residents free
                                                       from crime and the fear of crime. Thanks to many
                                                       community members who have taken their call to duty
                                                       seriously, we have been successful in identifying suspects
                                                       and making significant arrests.

                                                       These arrests are an example of brave and concerned
                                                       Oakland residents willing to work together with police to
                                                       remove dangerous criminals from the streets of Oakland.
     Chief Anthony Batts

    -Anthony Batts
                                                        Chief of Police (1 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
News from The Oakland Police Department


  Community Involvement Leads to                                              Arrests in
  Violent Crimes
   Sgt. Holly Joshi

                                                                                                             Article and Photo
         ●   On June 16, 2011 at approximately                                                               Contributions by
             6:15 AM, a 58 year old female was
                                                                                                            Howard Jordan
             collecting recyclables in the 3300                                                               Holly Joshi
             block of E. 17th St. when she was                                                             Donna Sabbatani
                                                                                                              Steve Tull
             viciously attacked by a stranger.                                                               Ja'Son Scott
             During the attack, she was punched and kicked several times                                     Felicia Silva
             and suffered injuries including the loss of three of her teeth. A                                Ken Parris
                                                                                                              Lea Rubio
             witness called the police and provided the license plate number
             of the suspect's vehicle. Oakland Police Felony Assault
             Investigator Sgt. R.Wingate began a diligent investigation and
             was able to identify the suspect as 19 year old Derrick Parks of                               Cynthia Perkins
             Oakland. On July 7th, Parks was located and arrested by patrol
             officers and interviewed by investigators. Parks made admission                                In This Issue
             statements concerning his involvement in the crime. Parks has                               Community Involvement
                                                                                                      So You Think You Can Hoop
             an extensive criminal history with prior arrests for robbery and                            New Records Manager
             battery. On July 11th, the Alameda County District Attorney's                                  Heroics At Work
             Office charged Parks with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and                              Sgt. Mark Dunakin Scholarship
             Battery.                                                                                            Award
                                                                                                    Young People Making a Difference

                                                                                                            Quick Links
                                                                                                        Oakland Police Department
         ●   On July 9, 2011 at approximately 4:34 PM, a concerned neighbor
             called the Oakland Police Department after hearing the security                                Recruiting Website

             alarm and seeing two male suspects leaving a residence in the                                    City of Oakland
             7700 block of Hillmont Dr. Oakland police officers responded to
             the residential burglary and neighbors provided a description of
                                                                                                           Follow Us on Twitter

             the suspects and the direction in which they left the scene.
                                                                                                       OPD Congratulates
             Officers located two juvenile suspects and items which were
                                                                                                        Trinity Wilson of
             stolen from the victim's residence a few blocks from the scene.                              Oakland, CA!
             The juvenile suspects ages 15 and 16 years old were arrested and
             interviewed by investigators. Both suspects, who are Oakland
             residents, confessed to their roles in the crime. This case is being
             reviewed by the Alameda County Juvenile Probation

         ●   On July 10, 2011 at approximately 4:55 PM, a witness called the Trinity is the New World Youth
             Oakland Police Emergency Dispatch to report a robbery that had Champion in France. She ran
                                                                                                    the 2nd ALL TIME fastest ever (2 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
News from The Oakland Police Department

            just occurred at the Oak Knoll Market in the 7900 block of                                in her age group, 13.11 and
            Mountain Blvd. Witnesses reported seeing a female adult being                            the record is 13.08! She also
                                                                                                         set the new USA Youth
            robbed by male suspects. Oakland police officers responded to
                                                                                                     Record. To see pictures and
            the scene and obtained information, including a license plate                           read articles about Trinity, click
            number and description of the suspect vehicle. Within minutes,                                 on the links below.
            officers located the suspect vehicle and arrested two of the
            suspects. Cash and items taken from the 54 year old victim were                              Congratulations!
            found in the suspects' possession and recovered. Both suspects
            have a violent arrest history. This case is pending review by the
                                                                                                        USA Track and Field
            Alameda County District Attorney's Office. The suspects, ages
                                                                                                        Spotlighting Trinity
            17 and 20 years old, are both Oakland residents.

                                                                                                      Quick Compliments!

  Operation Summer Tune Up
  Sgt. Holly Joshi

  The Oakland Police Department, in partnership with the Alameda                                       Oakland Police personnel are
  County Probation Department, successfully completed Operation                                       committed to providing the best
                                                                                                       customer service available to
  Summer Tune Up. The effort was a citywide project implemented as a                                   Oakland residents, often going
  proactive strategy to prevent crime and impact recidivism rates.                                  above and beyond what is required
                                                                                                      to ensure your contact with our
                                                                                                    staff is conducted in a positive and
  Alameda County has a large number of probationers, and rates of                                     respectful manner. When these
  recidivism are high. So far this year, probationers account for half of                            positive contacts occur, the Chief
  identified homicide suspects and are often victims of violent crimes.                                     wants to know about it!

  Police and probation agents worked together and identified over 100                               The Quick Compliment system is a
  probationers living in Oakland, at risk for re-offending.                                           motivational tool to be used in
                                                                                                     achieving customer satisfaction,
                                                                                                    while providing a quick and simple
  Over a four day period Oakland PD and Alameda County Probation                                    way to show your appreciation for
  Agents conducted residential searches and probation compliance                                    receiving outstanding service from
                                                                                                             police personnel.
  checks throughout the City. Probation was violated for 28 subjects, 17
  arrests were made, and 7 guns were recovered along with the seizure                                If you have received outstanding
  of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana.                                               service from a police employee, or
                                                                                                    appreciate the work being done by
                                                                                                          members of your Police
  The Oakland Police Department will continue to focus on violence                                  Department, please let us know by
                                                                                                      completing a Quick Compliment
  prevention and crime reduction in aim to provide the community a                                     card by simply clicking the link
  safe place to live, work, and play.                                                                              below.

                                                                                                       Quick Compliment Card (3 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
News from The Oakland Police Department

                                                                                                       Good Police Work!
                                              So You Think You Can Hoop?                            In a recent robbery, the victim had
                                                                                                    an electronic signal to his iphone
                                                                                                       that was taken near the West
                                           AC Howard Jordan                                           Oakland Bart Station. Officers
                                                                                                        McGiffert, Rivera, and Baker
                             OPD's own Sergeant Leronne                                              coordinated with Sgt. Nolan and
                             Armstrong teamed up with several                                           made contact with a warrant
                                                                                                         suspect and recovered the
                             members from the community to                                           telephone. A subsequent search
                             represent OPD in the annual "So You                                    warrant from Officer Trevino in CID
                                                                                                        netted in the seizure of two
                             Think You Can Hoop" 3-on-3 basketball                                                 firearms.
                             tournament. The event was held on July                                             Great Job!
                             9th and 10th at the Oracle Arena
                             parking lot. The team played six games                                  Join Our Mailing List!
                             against some very fierce competition
                             and won all but one game. Their only
                             loss came against the Oakland Parks and
                             Recreation team from Mosswood Park.
                             However, our team got its revenge by
                             beating this team when it really counted
                             in the championship game. The final
  score was Mosswood 10, OPD 16.

  The FIRST place prize for this tournament was $1000 and four airline
  tickets. In the true spirit of sportsmanship and Community Policing,
  our team donated the $1000 to the Oakland Police Activities League
  (PAL). Sergeant Armstrong presented the participating community
  members with the four airline tickets as a token of appreciation for
  their participation in this community event, and for showing good
  sportsmanship. When asked what the best part of this event was,
  Sergeant Armstrong stated, "pulling the team together and defeating
  the team that we lost to earlier in the championship." Congratulations
  Team OPD!

  OPD Records Division Welcomes New Manager
  Ms. Donna Sabbatani (4 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
News from The Oakland Police Department

  The Records Division of the
  Oakland Police Department is a 28 person team responsible for
  handling a myriad of tasks ranging from issuing crime reports to
  managing the agency's fleet of vehicles. This past month, Donna
  Sabbatani, who has been with the Police Department for 5 years, was
  named the new manager of the Division.

  Donna began her career at the Police Department as a payroll clerk in
  the Fiscal Services Division. Most recently, she worked as a crime
  analyst in the Criminal Investigation Division. Prior to working for the
  City of Oakland, Donna spent 18 years in the hotel industry, thereby
  bringing with her a wealth of customer service experience to an eager

  The Records Division faces many new opportunities in this age of
  technological transformation, and the team looks forward to increased
  efficiency in their support of police operations.

  Heroics at Work

  Capt. Steven Tull

  Just last month, as he was crossing the intersection of W. Grand and
  Maritime, Sgt. Rich Vierra heard a loud screeching noise and looked in
  the direction of the noise. That's when he saw a big rig truck with an
  attached trailer fall about 40 feet to the ground over the side
  of the Eastbound I-80 on ramp. He immediately notified
  communications of what he had just witnessed so that emergency
  medical personnel could respond.

  In the meantime, Sgt. Vierra made his way to the downed rig, which
  was lying on its side off the freeway with major damage. Several
  onlookers had pulled over to observe the accident; however, they were
  not approaching the vehicle because it had caught fire. Sgt. Vierra
  asked the onlookers the whereabouts of the driver and was told that he
  was still in the rig. Sgt. Vierra went to the driver's compartment and
  saw that the driver was suspended in the air by his seat belt and
  noticed him to be unconscious. At this point, Sgt. Vierra noticed that
  the engine compartment was also on fire and feared that the driver
  would perish in the flames if something wasn't done immediately.

  At that time, Sgt. Vierra kicked the windshield out and pulled it away. (5 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
News from The Oakland Police Department

  He climbed into the big rig, revived the driver, and told him that the
  cab was on fire and that he needed to get out. The driver responded by
  saying he could not move. Sgt. Vierra tried to unfasten the driver's seat
  belt, but was unable to because of the pressure caused by being
  suspended in the air. Sgt. Vierra then lifted the driver up to relieve the
  pressure, and was able to unfasten the seat belt, dropping the driver to
  floor. He was able to carry and drag the driver about 100 feet to safety,
  in case the rig became fully engulfed in flames, and remained with him
  until emergency personnel arrived.

  Great work by Sgt. Vierra! This is why we do what we do.

  Antioch Student is Awarded Sgt. Mark Dunakin
  Memorial Scholarship
  Ofc. Ja'Son Scott

  On May 23, 2011 Officer Ja'Son Scott of the Support Operations
  Division's Traffic Operations Section
  presented Kent Stanton with the second
  annual Sgt. Mark Dunakin Memorial
  Scholarship. Stanton is a graduating
  senior at Deer Valley High School in

  Stanton, who posted a 3.6 GPA, will
  attend San Francisco State University in
  the fall. He plans to be an attorney.

  Officer Scott and his wife Quiauna
  established the scholarship for students
  planning to enter the Criminal Justice
  field and wanted to name it in Sgt.
  Dunakin's honor. Officer Scott spoke to
  Sgt. Dunakin's family and received permission to name the award in
  his honor.

  Officer Scott, Chris Dunakin and Angela Dunakin will continue to
  work together to expand the scholarship. (6 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
News from The Oakland Police Department

  Young People Making a Difference

  Ms. Felicia Silva

  Adelina Adeyemi, an intern in the Fiscal Services Division, is part of a program that changes the
  lives of not only the people that are included in it, but the lives of the people who live in our
  community. The program is called CORO Exploring Leadership. The CORO Exploring Leadership
  Program is an 8 week program for 37 selected rising 11th graders, represented by 14 schools in
                                                            the Bay Area; 8 in San Francisco and 6 in
                                                            the East Bay. CORO trains young leaders to
                                                            develop skills that will allow them to make
                                                            long-lasting change in their communities.
                                                            The program includes: Project-based
                                                            internships, skill-building workshops,
                                                            interviews with local leaders, exposure to
                                                            community issues, and a community action
                                                            project to address a particular issue. For
                                                            our Community Action Project (CAP), we
                                                            decided on the issue "Youth Violence" as
                                                            the most prevalent issue in our community.

  "Violence is a devastating issue in our community; however, youth violence is even more tragic. As young
  people, we don't feel safe in our neighborhoods and schools. We hear about our friends and classmates being
  killed; while it's devastating to us, it's just one more murder in our warzone city. We have concluded that
  a large part of the violence is the distrust and dissatisfaction between the police and the community
  members. By coming up with creative ways to advocate for our community, we will show young people that
  they can help fix the problems in their community. We hope to inform them of their power, since a lot think
  they have none.

  The CORO Exploring Leadership Program also provides a project-based internship, mine happens to be
  here at the Oakland PD. The project that I am on is to research and provide recommendations to better
  manage assets here at OPD. I'm focusing on non-capital assets that are less than $5,000 dollars, such as
  computers and monitors, printers, scanners, cameras and other items that can be challenging to keep track
  of. So far, I noticed that many police departments have challenges tracking non-capital assets. The goal of
  my project is to provide recommendations, so that OPD can implement best practices for asset management
  to make sure resources are well used.

  If you are an employee of the Police Department and have any advice or would like to learn more about my
  non-capital asset management recommendations, I will be giving a presentation to OPD Fiscal on August
  4th from 12:30-1:30. I would love it if you can attend."

  - -Adelina Adeyemi (7 of 8) [8/3/2011 4:57:16 PM]
 News from The Oakland Police Department

    Working closely with your Problem Solving Officer (PSO) Can Make a
    Ms. Lea Rubio

    West Oakland's Mead Street Neighborhood looks different these days, and that's because
    Problem Solving Officer J. Barocio has been pretty busy. Working in collaboration with the
    neighbors and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), Oakland's Beat 7X is going
    through a transformation. Neighbors communicating more with each other and cooperating with
    the Oakland Police Department, along with diligent police work and commitment from the
    community have all made a difference on Mead Street.

    "Just over a year ago there were two problem houses in the 800 block of the street, where narcotics were
    being sold and weapons were being harbored illegally. Mead Street residents felt like prisoners on their own
    block" says Sgt. S. Millington, who supervises PSO Barocio. Residents noted the constant flow of
    people and reported the suspicious activity, and the Mead Street Project (part of OPD's Operation
    Spring Cleaning) was born. Officer Barocio worked closely with the NCPC to make the 800 block
    of Mead Street his number one priority on this beat.

    Officer Barocio initiated surveillance operations on two houses where 11 individuals were
    arrested for narcotics trafficking, weapons were confiscated and taken off the streets, and narcotic
    use on that street has been minimized. Mead Street is on OPD's radar and continues to be
    monitored; security checks are being conducted and a zero tolerance policy is being implemented.

    The NCPC, working closely with PSO Barocio and the Mead Street neighbors, have taken on a
    new attitude and maintain zero tolerance for the crime in their area. They are bound and
    determined to work collaboratively with OPD to make a noticeable change. Officer Barocio and
    the Mead Street community are determined to make Mead Street a great place to live.

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