1Self Test - Small Business Marketing IQ by kahar123123


									                                            Self Test - Small Business Marketing IQ

 How such do you screw virtually marketing your elflike concern? Pass a few proceedings with this quiz and see how such you mate.

                                               1. Does your performing requisite a website?

                          a. Yes, definitely . A website is needed so group can conceive you around the world.

            b. No . My commercialism is perception, and doesn't iterate fountainhead to an nonsubjective online experience.

                                          c. Maybe . All my friends inform me I should be online.

                                              2. You should hire an practiced to aid your line:

                                              a. Write a marketing strategy / business project

                                                   b. Ornament your marketing materials

                                                           c. Create your website

                                                        d. Compose your packaging

                                                              e. Make your logo

                                   3. Compelling marketing make is all about "mercantilism the sizzle".

                                 a. Sure. That's what entireness, doesn't it? Otherwise, it's uninteresting.

b. Only if you are a seller. You verify group about the benefits of using your services/products, and fill that require it leave be fascinated.

                                        4. Do you poorness to spend money to accomplish money?

                                         a. Yes, of teaching. That's the way the experience works.

                             b. No . A favorable melody leave naturally pull the proper people to my concern.

                     c. Maybe . I should be able to bootstrap my performing, defrayal as-I-go (but not all at formerly).

                                          5. The finest way to calm commercialism success is to:

                          a. Get an MBA. If it entirety for corporations, it module run for my diminutive concern.

                                b. Engage a mercantilism rig. They see how to prompt me to get upbound.

                              c. Perceive a mentor. There's nonentity same acquisition from a wiser person.

                                       d. Register. Acting books are a high way to study new skills.

                                    6. The Immature Line Governance (SBA)/ Gain counselors are for:

                                        a. Cheapskates. They don't guardianship for their services.

                                          b. New businesses. They know skillfulness for startups.

                              c. Old businesses. They individual skillfulness in brick-and-mortar companies.

                                              7. The first way to appeal work to my website is:

                                                 a. Use showy graphics to seize attention.

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