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									     Paiqiu - Origin of the Chinese Name of Volleyball                                                                                 Origin of Basketball
In China the volleyball's history may trace to at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1905,                  The basketball was take shoots one of as central antagonism sports, in January, 1892
the volleyball was played first time in the Guangzhou south military middle school and the                     (another view is in December, 1891), trained school teacher Dr. James Naismith for the
Hong Kong Emperor Kind Academy. Afterward mainly through the Young Men's Christian                             American Massachusetts Fielder Young Men's Christian Association miss to create. At
Association sports department, the foreign student and foreign people by way                                   first, he two attire peach's basket, the nail in the school gymnasium building stand's
dissemination and so on teaching, game, training class and performance, the volleyball                         both sides, takes by the rugby the competition apparatus, throws to the basket,
movement develops gradually in our country partial city's some schools. The people                             afterward changed the made of iron circle, hung up the wire. For the perfect
according to Volleyball the transliteration called “Hua Libo”. In 1914 held in Beijing at the                  basketball game, he has formulated 13 rules in 1892, latter revises and increases the
old Chinese second national games, the volleyball is listed as the male regulation game                        provision gradually, the entering the stage population also gradually reduces, until
project, and “Hua Libo” will rename “the team ball”. In 1921, the old Chinese Guangdong                        stipulated that each team 5 people, this only then becomes modern the cage game.
Province eighth games first time had the female volleyball team competition. Before the old
Chinese fourth national games in 1930, studies after the Chinese nation sports National
Christian Council, “the team ball” will rename to “the Pai Qiu”. Henceforth, volleyball this
name and the movement form disseminate in our country, continues to use straight now.
                                                                                                                                        Origin of Badminton

,。                                                                                                             The badminton origins from Asia, is kind of similar shuttlecock Germany plays.
                                                                                                               Hands down around the 19th century, has in the Indian Bombay plants two people to
     Origin of Track and Field                                 Origin of Soccer                                stand separately nearby net's two, to strikes by the wooden racket inserts has the
The track and field is divided into the field events         The October 26, 1863 is a very                    feather fabric clew game, named “Pu that”. about 1860, the Britain retired officers
and the track athletics, including runs, the caper,          significant day in the world                      who returned to homeland from India, introduced Britain this game. After this kind of
to throw with projects and so on contest for                 soccer history. This day, some                    game spreads to Britain, first results in the primary bright mountain village in
all-round athlete. The track and field sources in the        soccer activist had a meeting                     gloucester Duke Xia Xiangbi Buddha especially to settle the game rule, this is the
antique time. 776 B.C. held the first session in the         in London bar. The meeting's                      badminton movement initial pattern, therefore this kind of new movement then
Greek Olympics village the Olympics games, at that           content is to discuss and                         names by the primary bright mountain village, Chinese translated name is a
time are listed as the regulation game only then to          formulate football competition                    badminton.
run the dash, increased the caper to 648 B.C., to            rule. At last they formulated
throw with the contest for all-round athlete and so          13 contest rules through this
on a competition. In 1894 , in the hold first session        conference.        The    main                                             Origin of Table Tennis
modern Olympic Games from 1896 until now, the                regulations are:
                                                                                                               In the sport history, the table tennis may be young sports, it only then more than 100
track and field was still the most main event.
                                                                                                               years history, compares the track and field meet (above two millenniums) to come, it
                                                                                                               may be the later generation which is worthy of the reputation.
                                                                                                Teacher:       in 1890, several guarded India (India) the British Navy (navy) the military officer
 Had stipulated the corresponding location area, the going on stage member is 11
                                                                                                               accidentally detected as soon as, in could not publicize on the platform played the
 people, forbids with the hand to touch the ball (including goalkeeper) and so on. This is
                                                                                                Weng Yingxia   tennis quite to stimulate. Afterward they changed to the hollow small rubber ball to
 Britain's first nationwide football competition rule, is also in the world first football
                                                                                                               replace the elastic not big medicine ball, and has replaced the net racket with the
 competition rule. And the majority of contents still used for the nowadays world in the
                                                                                                Student:       plank, carried on this kind novel on the table “the tennis tournament”, this was the
 soccer contest rule is similar. This rule formulation, to world soccer sports development
                                                                                                               origin which table tennis acquired fame.
 positive promotion effect.
                                                                                                Jiang He

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