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What is a real geek


The real meaning of the term GEEK

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									I          believe there        are        two          types of Geeks:
1      - The crack that has       no social      and emotional life and
often brilliant at                                               school.
2 - The No-Life who spends 12 hours a day playing World of
Warcraft orsomething                        like                     that.
I did the                mixture                of               both: D
AND YOU                                                         KNOW!
Let's talk about the second kind. The life of this stereotyping is
basedprimarily                                                         on:
         - Technology: PC Gamer with neon lights and two to
three LED                                               screens. ... Etc..
         - Role-playing or what                                          is
known as the WoW MMORPG, Dofus ...etc..
         - Science fiction, watching    movies like       Star Wars and
Star Trek(Yuck!) And            believing in extraterrestrial         life.
A Geek of this kind is shy and does not drag, he likes to be
alone in front of his screen and it is often fat or thin as it does not
cook and he           commandsall          the        time to         eat.
Incidentally, the appearance of Geeks are a bit special, they
have oily              hair,they            put big             glasses
and they zozotent speaking, but it is not always the case.
Well this was my own definition of the term GEEK, follow me on
Twitter andFacebook and subscribe to the newsletter in the left
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