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					                                                           MOD Risk Assessment Form

Establishment /Unit/Ship:        CRR WESSEX                                    Assessment            001               Assessment             16 JAN 09
                                                                               No:                                     Date:
Section/Department:                                                                                             Assessment Type
                                                                                                        (Delete as appropriate; see Note 1)
                                                                                         Specific                    Generic             Record of Dynamic
                                                                                                                           X                Assessment


                                 Assessor                                                           Line Manager Acceptance (See Note 2)
            Name:       BARNES                                                           Name:

     Rank/Grade:        WO2                                                     Rank/Grade:

       Signature:       S BARNES                                                  Signature:

            Hazards              Who is        Control Measures          Risk Rating       Additional Controls             Residual      Management Plan
 (Include Hazard Survey Number     at       (Specific existing Control   (Likelihood X    (Each Control Measure              Risk
        where applicable)        Risk?              Measures)            Consequence)        is to be specific              Rating    Owner      Target   Comp
                                                                          (See Note 3)        and managed)            (See Note 4)                Date    Date
Eye injury from laser            All        Equipment tested and         1X1=1            Nil                        Nil              See
                                            maintained by correct                                                                     Below
                                            authority (See Below)
Electrical Hazards               All        Equipment tested and         3X1=3            Nil                        Nil              See
                                            maintained by correct                                                                     Below
                                            authority (See Below)
Slips & Trips                    All        Control of movement.         2X1=2            Area to be kept clear      Nil              Activity
                                            Minimum entry, exit or                        of equipment.                               Comd
                                            movement whilst range

Trapping of fingers in working   Firers     Safety staff to ensure       2X1=2            Briefing of firers prior   Nil              Activity
parts                                       close supervision.                            to practice.                                Comd
                                                                   Line Manager Assessment Review
                                                                              (See Notes 2 and 5)
   Review Date:       16 JAN 10                 Review Date:       21 JAN11                   Review Date:                                  Review Date:
           Name:      S BARNES                          Name:                                         Name:                                        Name:
    Rank/Grade:       WO2                        Rank/Grade:                                   Rank/Grade:                                  Rank/Grade:
        Signature:    S Barnes                      Signature:                                    Signature:                                  Signature:

    1 If using a ‘Generic’ risk assessment, Assessors and Line Managers are to satisfy themselves that the assessment is valid for the task and that all significant hazards
       have been identified and assessed. If additional hazards are identified they are to be recorded and attached to the Generic assessment.

    2    Line Managers are to note that they are responsible for production of the risk assessment and that they are signing to indicate that the risk assessment is suitable and
         sufficient and they consider the risks to be acceptable.
   High        Common, regular or frequent occurrence.        3                    3 Med                               6 High                                9 High
  Medium             Occasional occurrence.                   2                    2 Low                                4 Med                                6 High
   Low            Rare or improbable occurrence.              1                    1 Low                                2 Low                                 3 Med
                                                                                      1                                    2                                    3
                          Risk Matrix                                      Minor injury or illness.            Serious injury or illness.       Fatalities, major injury or illness.
                  Likelihood X Consequence                                          Low                               Medium                                   High

         When recording the Risk Rating ensure that both the Likelihood and Consequence scores are included.

     High          Improve control measures; consider stopping work. Conducting work at this level of risk is to be reported up the Line Management / Command chain.
    Medium         Review control measures and improve if reasonably practicable to do so, consider alternative ways of working.
     Low           Maintain control measures and review if there are any changes.

    4    Record the residual Risk Rating to demonstrate that the risk has been reduced to an acceptable level; record Likelihood and Consequence scores.

    5    Risk Assessments are to be reviewed:
        Annually.
        If there is reason to doubt the effectiveness of the assessment.
        Following an accident or near miss.
        Following significant changes to the task, process, procedure or Line Management.
        Following the introduction of more vulnerable personnel.
        If “Generic” prior to use.

1. The above is a generic risk assessment. A dynamic risk assessment must be done by the activity commander on arrival using
the format below. This should take into account variations in ground, weather and participants. The following points are to be
observed whilst operating the activity:

      All DCCT equipment is overseen by the Military Laser Safety committee who are based at MOD Abbey Wood. It is their job
       to maintain all DCCT as it contains laser equipment. The laser hazard from the DCCT laser is low; however any activity
       commander using the equipment is to ensure that the regulations written by the above organisation is clearly displayed. If
       they have any doubts as to the safety of the equipment they are to contact the person on site responsible for the DCCT.
      Only a duly qualified custodian may run the range. No qualification = no activity.
      The activity commander/Range Conducting Officer is to control all movement within the DCCT. The area is to be kept clear
       of equipment that may cause trip hazards. It is a range and should be run as such. The activity commander should act as
       RCO (Range Conducting Officer) – the custodian cannot do both.
      Ideally each firer should have a safety supervisor, but the minimum is 1 supervisor for 2 firers.
      Firers are to be thoroughly briefed before the activity starts.
      Any breakages/damages /technical problems are to be reported in writing at the end of practice to the person on site
       responsible for the equipment.
                                            DYNAMIC RISK ASSESSMENT PROFORMA
This format is to be used to complement the Generic Risk Assessment (RA). The suggested headings in italics are not exhaustive. The Activity
Commander needs to consider how these factors will create additional risk (if any) and what extra control measures they need to apply.
Activity & Location:                                             Date & Time:

GROUND: (Flat/Sloping/Uneven/Hard/Soft/Slippery/Wet/Grass/Concrete/Gravel/Sand)

WEATHER: (Wet/Dry/Hot/Humid/Cold/Icy/Windy/Sunny/Snow)

PARTICIPANTS:(Old/Young/Language issues/Disabled - Sight, Hearing, Physical/Behaviour/Attitude/Supervision)

OTHER:(Any other factor that could create a hazard not mentioned above)

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