; 7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You In Your Relationship
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7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You In Your Relationship


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									 7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You in Your Relationship


                                        My man is distant in our relationship and
                                        I'm not sure why. Every time I try to take
                                        our relationship to the next level he pulls
                                        away and becomes distant. Why is he doing
                                        this and what can I do to make him commit
                                        to me?


You're not the first woman to ask this question and you won't be the last. Getting
your man to commit and not pull away is one of the most often asked questions
by women from all walks of life.

Some women fear losing their man to another woman while others simply fear
losing their men however regardless of the outcome, the underlying issue here is

In this article, I'm going to identify 7 possible reasons why your man is pulling
away in your relationship and what you can do to make things right so look to see
if any of these are present in your relationship.

1. Your relationship has become routine.

One of the things that may cause your man to pull away in your relationship is
because it's become routine and predictable. If you've ever seen the movie
“Groundhog Day" then you understand how doing the same thing again and again
affects people and their relationships.

So if this is something that is present in your relationship, try and mix things up a
little. Go on some unique dates like skydiving, rock climbing or kayaking to show
your boyfriend that you're the adventurous type.

He wants to see you as someone who is not afraid to try new things or things that
scare you because they add excitement to your relationship so be open minded in
your relationship with him and you'll be someone he wants to be with.
 7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You in Your Relationship

2. You've stopped satisfying him.

Pleasing each other in a relationship is a two way street. It's ok if you're mentally
and physically tired at the end of a long week and that's something to be
expected in our busy lives and this is something that he needs to understand and

However, you need to make time for him when you can so if you're having
trouble doing this, take a look at your schedule, especially in the evening during
down time, and see if you can squeeze some time out of your evenings. It doesn't
need to be anything sexual to start with.

 Try giving him a back rub while watching TV or rubbing his feet when you're
sitting on the couch. The point here is that you want to make your man feel
valued and loved but still balance your busy schedule.

3. He's cheating on you.

One reason he's pulling away from you is that he's cheating on you with someone
else. It might not be a physical affair, it could be emotional, but either way it still
has the same effect in your relationship.

One way to see if this is going on is to access his Facebook and Twitter accounts
and see who he is friends with and the types of conversations he's having. Some
may view this as an invasion of privacy, but if he's innocent and nothing is going
on, then there is no reason why he should have a problem with this.

Hopefully this isn't the case and everything in your relationship is fine, but if he is
cheating then you need to get rid of him because you deserve better.

4. You're ignoring him.
 7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You in Your Relationship

 I'm going to tell you a little secret about men when it comes to women. They
want to be your white knight and fix your problems and give you the life you've
always dreamed of. However, he can't and won't do this if he feels like he's being

So what do you do if this is the case? Give you man something to do or something
to fix and then make a fuss when it gets done. Yes I know that most people say
men are pigs, but in reality they're more like dogs. If you pay attention to them
and give them a doggy treat, then they'll do a trick for you and put on a show.

5. He's not ready.

Sometimes the reason men pull away in relationships is that they're simply not
ready yet. So if you're pushing and pushing him but he seems unresponsive and
uninterested in a future together it could be because he's simply not ready to
commit yet.

You have to remember that it's in a man's nature to want to be a good provider
for his wife and kids and so if he doesn't think he's quite there yet then he'll view
himself as a failure for not being able to do what he thinks he should.

This is an area where I think it's ok to sit down and talk about. It's important to
address his fears of being a provider and supporter of the family and then
reassure him that you think he's doing a great job.

If he has your full support in his career, he'll be much more likely to work harder
and subsequently commit to you in the long run.

6. He's got some baggage.

 All of us have baggage from past relationships and it could be this baggage that is
keeping things from moving forward. Maybe he had a bad experience in the past
that he doesn't want to repeat.
7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You in Your Relationship

Maybe he put his heart out there and had it ripped out of his chest. Regardless of
the reason, this is something that needs to be addressed and put to bed.

Your man needs to feel comfortable around you so that he can tell you these
things and move forward. He needs to see you as someone who is not going to
hurt him.

So if you start to see the walls some up every time you try and move the
relationship along, this could be a major reason why you're not making much

 If you want to break down the walls and get through to him, he needs to know
that he can trust you with his secrets.

7. You're pressuring him.

Men instinctively pull away in relationships when the feel pressured in to
something they're not ready for. So if this has happened to you, if he's pulled
away and withdrawn every time you've tried to talk about the future this is
something that almost all men do.

The reason they do this is because by nature men are solution oriented and need
to fix or solve the problem but when it comes to commitment and talking about
marriage and family it's not something to be fixed or solved so they need to
readjust their thinking.

So give him some space to sort things out in his head and let him get a game plan
together. If you give him the space he needs to make this important decision,
you'll find that he'll respect you more because you didn't pressure him into
making a decision he wasn't fully ready for.

The Bottom Line
7 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You in Your Relationship

There are several reasons why men pull away in relationships and knowing what
these reasons are and how to go about fixing them will help pull your man closer
to you and take your relationship to the next level the next time he pulls away
from you.

If you really want to get your man to commit to you without making him feel
pressured click on the book below.

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