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									                  CHEROKEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT
              Withdrawing A High School Student From School

student from school, and you must have legal picture ID (driver's
license) to verify ID. A Step-parent may NOT withdraw or enroll a
student without proof of guardianship, etc.

1. The parent/legal guardian of a student, or a student of legal age, must
submit a written request for withdrawal to the Records Facilitator at the local
high School. You may fax (770-479-8421) or email a request to Jackie
Smith ( stating your intent/desire to
withdraw a student from school. (There is a sample request that you may
download and print on the webpage.)

2. Please call in advance (770-479-4112) and speak with Kim Rhodes to set
up a time for the withdrawal. Some withdrawals require an exit interview
(see #3) Mrs. Rhodes will be able to tell you if you will need to make an

3. Please review the Parent Letter which references Georgia Codes of Law
and compulsory school attendance.

4. If you are moving to another school outside of Cherokee County, it would
be very helpful if you could have the name, address, and phone number of
the school where you child will be enrolling. This is not necessary, but would
be helpful.
                          Creekview High School
                                   1550 Owens Store Road
                                    Canton, Georgia 3011
                                       (770) 720-7600
                                     Fax (770) 720-7644

   Dr. Bob Eddy

Dear Parent:

Upon withdrawal of your student from Creekview High School, it is important
for the school to receive documentation of your child’s enrollment at the
receiving school, educational institution or program within the next ten school
days. Under current protocol, the school’s failure to receive this confirmation
causes your student’s withdrawal to be considered as a drop-out.

Please refer to the checklist below relative to the situation that would apply to
your student if his/her withdrawal is considered as a drop-out. Please note that
each situation is driven by Georgia Law, and often contains within it certain
mandated consequences:

              The student is between the ages of six and sixteen years old,
               which serve as Georgia’s statutorily determined ages for
               compulsory attendance. Dropping out of school during this time
               is legally punishable for both students and parents. GA Code§
            The student is not within the ages of compulsory attendance, but
             has not received a high school diploma. While a parent is
             allowed to withdraw a student who is sixteen or older prior to
             that student’s graduation from high school, this action must be
             preceded by an interview with appropriately identified staff. GA
             Code §20-2-690.1
            The student is a minor, but within driving ages of fifteen to
             seventeen years old. Dropping out results in a suspension of all
             driving privileges for a period of one year. GA Code §40-5-22

While Creekview High School wishes your student the best in his/her next
educational setting, we also appreciate your assistance in ensuring the timely
confirmation of your student’s transfer into another school, jurisdiction, or


Bob Eddy

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