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The Dark Side Of Wordpress WP Twin Backup Your Wordpress Blogs In Seconds


WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS. I guarantee WP Twin will become one of your all-time favorite tools!!!

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									              THE DARK SIDE OF
                  WORDPRESS...                   WP Twin!

                                                                  Mharry AG



                                                 WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR
                                                 WORDPRESS BLOGS IN
                                                 I guarantee WP Twin will become one of your all-time
                                                 favorite tools!!!
                                                 Did you know we have created
The more we know, the more we don't
                                                 a WP Twin Marketplace where
know.                                            WP Twin customers can post
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your mobile device.                              clones? We even have a section
                                                 where you can request a clone
                                                 to be created, so product
                                                 developers can see what you
                                                 want and create those for you!

                              The Dark Side Of Wordpress...
                              Brought to you by: Mharry AG
WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                             MHARRY AG

Let's begin with a brief history lesson...

When WordPress first became a major player, everyone fell in love with it. It had all the
perks - open source so anybody was able to develop any theme or plugin they so desired. It
was easy to use. It was free.

Best of all: Internet Marketers were building million dollar, and multi-million dollar businesses
with their WordPress sites.

Then It Happened...

Some hackers figured if they could find exploits in WordPress, they could easy take down,
damage, or infect countless WordPress blogs…in one fell swoop!

They did just that. Millions of WordPress sites were compromised. Even Al Gore (who
allegedly invented the Internet...hahaha) got his blog hacked.

Can you imagine? You use WordPress to build your business only to have it compromised over
night - and you lose everything. Let me repeat that...

You Lose Everything!
This is not good. That's why WordPress plugins such as         automatic backup came out - to
prevent this.

It was simple - install this free plugin and it would automatically back up
your WordPress content for you, depending on what schedule you set.

Turned out it just created a false sense of security. Why? Because these types
of plugins don't back up ALL of your WordPress site. They just back up your CONTENT.

They don't back up your plugins or their configurations. They don't back up your theme or its
configurations. So while it's better than can still take days or weeks to get your blog
back up if something goes wrong. How much business would you lose during that time?

Worse Than Getting Hacked

                                                                                             MHARRY AG
WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                              MHARRY AG

You're more likely to break or mess up your WordPress site all on your own than having it
exploited by hackers. It happens to the best of us.

Often it happens when you install a plugin that conflicts with another plugin. Or when you
update to the latest version of WordPress, only to realize the theme you're using is not

Or you accidentally delete or remove something that messes up EVERYTHING!

Being held prisoner...
Ever want to switch to another hosting company but didn't... because you weren't sure how to
move your WordPress site?

Or perhaps you originally installed your WordPress site on but later
want to move it to just - how do you do that?

Is there a way to backup your WordPress site EXACTLY how it is - plugins, themes, posts, pages,
comments, categories, permalinks, everything - and move it, transfer it, restore it, or duplicate it in
just a few seconds? With a click of a button?

Down The Rabbit Hole...
My name is Jason Fladlien and I started what is now multi-million dollar a year software
business out of anger and disgust.

I was sitting in a private conference room at the Tuscany Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas,
masterminding with fellow Internet Marketers, and I started venting about the fact that there
were no decent tools to do what I wanted...which was to "clone" an entire WordPress site in a
way that made a bullet proof backup that I could "deploy" anywhere.

It was just wishful thinking because I had never built a piece of software in my life at that point. I
had created a near 7-figure a year business selling information - but that was as far as I had gone.

The Break That Changed Everything...

We took a break from the conference room and I stepped outside for some sunshine.

I was approached by a guy named Wilson Mattos and he said to me:           "I can build the tool you

                                                                                              MHARRY AG
WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                              MHARRY AG

want. Want to partner on it 50/50?"

I didn't realize at the time that Wilson was some sort of genius when it came to technology and
security. What luck!

Then The Naysayers Spoke...
Most of the highly successful marketers I knew told me our "blog cloner thingie" wouldn't sell.

The market doesn't want that was a phrase I heard often.

I shrugged. Maybe they were right. I didn't care. Even if we couldn't sell this tool to the public, I
knew I would make a ton of money with it just in my own business.

Whatever. I'm glad I didn't listen to the well intentioned advice I was given because... We created
what quickly became...

The World's Leading WordPress Cloning Tool!

No hype. We struck a nerve with our software when we launched it.

In fact version 1.0 made such a stir that we hit Alexa's charts as the      11th HOTTEST moving
website on the whole Internet, just 3 days after releasing WP Twin.

We were right behind ESPN, who broke the story of Roy Halladay, pitcher for the Philadelphia
Phillies, who threw a no hitter in the playoffs - only the second time in major league baseball this
had been done.

That's how much excitement and stir we created with our new software - we demo'ed it, people
loved it, everybody started talking about it and using it, and we sort of became celebrities in our

Then The Copy Cats Came...
I had never been a pioneer before. After we paved the way, dozens upon dozens of imitators tried
to enter into the market to cash in on the "blog cloning craze."

They tried to compete with us on price - selling it for a half, a fourth, or even an eighth of what
we were retailing WP Twin for.

                                                                                              MHARRY AG
WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                            MHARRY AG

They tried to compete with features - often adding TOO MANY additional features that frankly
most users cared nothing about...and...actually increased the chance that their software wouldn't
even work.

They tried everything. Yet, we withstood the test of time. Frankly I should thank the imitators.
They educated the market further. People heard about cloning from them...tried their solution...
And when it didn't work...

They found us.

What Everyone Else Messed Up...

The challenge with creating a tool that can back up and clone your entire WordPress site in
seconds is achieving the fine balance between simplicity and security.

Most of our imitators errored too far on either side.

For example, a LOT of the copy cats created WordPress cloners that were actual         plugins you
install on your WordPress blog.

On the surface this seems like a good move. It's easy and simple. However, it's a BAD's
actually dangerous!

Why? Well, have you ever locked your keys in your car? The same problem can happen
with WordPress cloners and backup tools that are plugins.

If something happens to your blog which PREVENTS you from even having the ability to log into are you going to access the plugin to retrieve and restore your backup?

You're not!
It's happened to me on more than one occassion. For example, I installed a premium
membership site plugin for WordPress that I had paid good money for.

When I launched my new membership site one of the paying members became an admin
because of an error in the membership plugin, and it kicked me out of my own membership site.

I couldn't even log in to make changes! Could I get a backup and just restore things to
normal? Not if the solution I was using was ALSO a WordPress plugin.

                                                                                            MHARRY AG
WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                               MHARRY AG

That error cost me several thousand dollars in lost business and paying someone to fix...

This is why Wilson is great. He knew how to build WP Twin the right way. NOT as
a WordPress plugin, but rather a something that ran INDEPENDENTLY of WordPress, yet
worked flawlessly.

We made WP Twin as simple for you to use as possible without having the security risks
these plugins may have.

The Other Side Of The Coin

There were other solutions that came out which understood it wasn't a good idea to make the
backup tool a WordPress plugin. However, they made using their solution too complicated to
the average user.

For example, they would require to you to manually set up what's known as
a MySQL database , then create a MySQL user, then add that user to the database, then
assign the new user rights, as well as other additional steps.

This is painful! First of all, it is overly technical for many Internet Marketers. Second, even if you
have the technical know-how it is still a slow and tedious process.

How To Use WP Twin
It's simple. You upload WP Twin to your WordPress site. Then you use your web browser to
access WP Twin and click "Clone This Site." It will ask for your WordPress site username and
password just to make sure YOU and ONLY YOU can clone your blog! Remember, we think
security is important.

                                                                                               MHARRY AG
WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                              MHARRY AG

After you click "clone this site," a file is created in a few seconds which contains a complete clone
of your has EVERYTHING in it. It's just one file. You download this file to your computer.

What's next? If you want to restore this file later, because your site somehow gets messed up,
just upload it and click "deploy clone."

If you want to move it to another site, host, or location, just install WordPress in that new
location, then upload the clone file and click "deploy clone."

Any time you want to create a new clone, just use your web browser to access WP Twin and click
"Clone This Site." In fact, we recommend you create a clone before making any changes to your
site, such as installing or upgrading themes or plugins...and ESPECIALLY before
upgrading WordPress itself. Simple, yet as secure as you can get!

Nothing Works 100% Of The Time

WP Twin has been successfully used on (last I checked) 163,187 DOMAINS. Who knows how
many clones, backups, and restores or deploys have been done on those domains? My guess is in
the millions.

However there are rare occassions when a site doesn't clone effortlessly with WP Twin (or at all
with other cloners). There are different reasons for this, such as some really bad hosting providers
that do not configure their servers in a standard way, like all other hosting providers,
or WordPress installations that are corrupt in some way even if they appear to work (but will
fail in the near future).

What I can tell you with absolutely certaintly: you are much, much, much less likely to ever
run into any error or issue with WP Twin than any other option on the market. Why? Because
we've been battle tested.

More people use us, and we've been used on more servers and hosting accounts with more
configurations than any other solution on the market. Thus, we have updated the script over time
to minimize over 99 percent of the issues that other backup solutions run into.

Will it work for you? Based on our experience, there is a 99.2% chance it will work flawlessly for
you. However, in the rare cases you encounter any issues, or even if you just have questions, then
you will discover another WP Twin advantage...

The Benefit Nobody Understands…

                                                                                              MHARRY AG
                                   WP TWIN! BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS BLOGS IN SECONDS                                          MHARRY AG

                                   Thus far we've talked about using "cloning" basically as a backup procedure, and that's usually
                                   where most people leave it.

                                   However, the real potential is not in the backup, it's in the momentum.

                                   Let me explain. The average person who makes over $100,000 a year online does so with many
                                   sites, not just one.

                                   Using WP Twin could allow you to easily build hundreds of sites in hours instead of months.

                                    The Bottom line
                                   You need WP Twin for no other reason than to have a safe, secure, and reliable backup tool for
                                   your WordPress sites. You REALLY need it to be able to take your business to the next level
                                   due to the time it will save you in setting up and optimizing new WordPress sites.

                                   You know how important your blog is. You the only one can decide to proceed clicking HERE!

                                                                                                                             MHARRY AG

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