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									The Taste of Airline Caterings of Today

The meals that are served during commercial flights (also called “in-flight meals”) are served by almost all
of the airlines these days. The meals that commercial airline serves are made particularly the commercial
flights by companies that provides airline catering services.

A typical meal that is served by airline catering services consists of meat (usually chicken or beef), salad or
“veggie”, roll, and dessert. Most of the airline catering services these days offers alternative meals such as
vegetarian meals or kosher meals. However, these types of meals must be requested in advance (usually
when purchasing the airplane ticket). Most of the airline companies these days provide complimentary meals
for their passengers; however, there are some airline companies that actually charge their passengers for the
meals that they serve during flights.

Most people (especially those who travel by way of commercial flights) consider the meals that are served
by the airline catering services as having poor tastes. However, not all airline caterings have poor taste. As a
matter of fact, the quality of the food differs from one airline catering to another. The shiftings of the
economics of the passenger airline industry is also one of the several reasons behind the quality of the meals
that are prepared by airline caterings go down the drain.

The bland tastes of the meals of some airline caterings are also attributed to the outcome of limited area that
is available on the airplane (not to mention the demand to minimize the costs of the meals.). Basically, the
meals that are served by airline caterings are frozen; and are only then reheated before the aircraft takes off.

On the other hand, most of airline catering services specifically prepare bland meals. They provide bland
meals main for the food safety and comfort of the airline passenger. The wellbeing of their passenger is one
of the most important aspects in the airline industry. The same applies to the catering industry. Airline
caterings must prevent food poisoning; otherwise the consequences would be very disastrous. Such incident
would be a very bad experience if you consider several factors such as the limited space inside the airplane.

Although most of the meals served by airline caterings do not satisfy the palates of most commuters, you
must also consider the fact that there are several factors behind that. Furthermore, it is better to eat
something that to eat nothing at all.

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