Kainkaryams of HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan

                        Since 01-06-1989

HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan is the 11th Peetathipathi of
Srirangam Srimad Andavan Asramam in a lineage extending
over 300 years starting with HH Srimad   Andavan.

HH assumed the ThuriAsramam on 01-06-1989 at Srirangam. HH
observed His 21st Chatur Maasya Sankalpam at Sripuram Asramam
in Bangalore. During His CS at Sripuram, HH also conducted the
Centenary Celebrations of His immediate predecessor HH Srimad
Mysore Andavan from 18-08-2009 to 22-08-2009.

That was an occasion for “Looking Back & Looking Forward” to view
– with proper perspective – His Kainkaryams since taking over on
01-06-1989 & also to visualise where HH will lead the Asramam in
the future – these are listed hereunder in seriatim:


1.    Srirangam PeriAsramam &

2.    Renovating the Brindavanams thereof,

3.    Srirangam ChinnAsramam &

4.    Renovating the Brindavanams thereof,

5. Jayanagar Asramam & adding new Sannathis to Sri Andal
Rangamannar Sannathi,

6. Massive Renovation of Sri Balaji Mandir – Paschim Tirupathi at
Dombivili {MS} including a Rajagopuram: 1,100 – 1,200 Archana
Tickets are sold over most weekends in any year – means almost
3,500/3,600 Sevarthis have Darshan of Padmavathi Thayar & Sri
Srinivasan every week end!!

7. Chennai Asramam – Massive, Continuous renovation; can now
accommodate over 4,000 Sevarthis during Thirunakshatrams &
other festivals; housing a new Library Building with over 15,000

8.    Swami Desikan Sannathi at Srirangam,
9.   The Hyderabad House in Srirangam,

10. Renovating the Asramam Premises in Rishikesh,

11. Renovating the Secunderabad Asramam & Sri Mahalakshmi Sri
Mahavishnu Sannathi in West Marredpally, Secunderabad, AP.

12. Renovating the Kanchipuram Asramam,

13. Kanchipuram Apara Kaaryam, an ASV Charities Project,

14. Renovating the Kanchipuram Ramanuja Daya Paatram Thiru
Maligai in Sannathi Street,

15. Renovating the Thirukkurungudi Swami Desikan Sannathi,

16. Renovating Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Sannathi at Velamur
Village – originally built by our Poorvacharya,      Upanishad
Baashyakarar {15th/16th Century} & maintained by HH in His
Poorvasrama as a Tamizh Pandit during 1970’s & 1980’s – now
taken over by The Asramam & completely renovated,

17. Major renovation of Sripuram Asramam at Bangalore named as
HH Srimad Mysore Andavan Centenary Memorial Building,

18. Renovation & Maintenance of Sri Srinivasa Venugopala Swami
temple in Sosale, T’Narsipura Taluq in Karnataka; this Temple was
built & registered during the era of HH Srimad Thirukkudanthai
Andavan by the highly devoted Sosale Jodidhar Family. HH Srimad
Mysore Andavan ran the administration of this temple for a long
time in His Poorvasrama for & on behalf of His AchAryA – now HH is
maintaining that hoary tradition,

19. Samprokshanams attended/ assisted are: Oppiliappan Koil,
Raja Mannargudi, Thirukkandiyur, Sriperumpudur Desikan Sannathi,
Perumpuliyur, Sri Ramanjaneya Temple, Thiruppullani Swami
Desikan Sannathi, Uthiramerur, Nava Tirupathis in Tirunelveli
District, Srivilliputhur Swami Desikan Sannathi, Kadalmangalam
Perumal Koil,              {4 Sannathis for Sri Andal, Garudan,
Vishwaksenar & Swami Desikan}, Swami Desikan Sannathi at
Srimushnam, Gingee, Cheyyar, Padavedu etc.,


20. Construction & Consecration of Brindavanam for HH Srimad
Thirukkudanthai Andavan,
21. Construction & Consecration of Brindavanam for HH Srimad
Mysore Andavan,

22. Construction of new Asramam in Ring Road, Tirumala &

23. The expansion of Asramam at Tirumala Hills for Public Feeding
{Anna Dhanam for 100’s of Sevarthis daily round the year},

24. Royampettai Asramam & Sannathi for Sri Thirukkudanthai
Desikan a.k.a. Sri Gopalarya Mahadesikan,

25. Construction of Kalyana Mandapam & Community Hall in

26. Apara Kaaryam building at Chennai – demolished & being
rebuilt completely,

27. Vazhuthur Asramam & consecrating the ArchA Moorthi of HH
Srimad Vazhuthur Andavan inside the Sri Jagath Rakshagan Temple
at Vazhuthur,

28. Vaduvur – HH Sakshat Swami Memorial Mani Mandapam –
doubles as our Vaduvur Srimath Andavan Veda Patasala,

29. Vaduvur – Extension Building for accommodating the heavy
influx of Vidyarthis,

30. Installation of a massive Silver Mandapam for daily Perumal
Aradhanam at Chennai Asramam, new Dolai for Sri Krishna, large
Silver/Brass Kuthuvilakkus etc.,

31. Azhwar Tirunagari Asramam – 6002 Sq.Feet on the bank of
Tamirabarani River,

32. Bangalore Sripuram Asramam & Sri Venkateswara Temple,

33. Bangalore Sripuram Rajagopuram – Sri Venkateswara Temple,

34. Maheshmal Asramam built atop a Flat Top Hillock near
Aurangabad {MS} – 4,800 Sq.Ft – now housing the Shukla Yajur
Veda Patasala,

35. Oppiliappan Koil Asramam & Kalyana Mandapam,

36. Oppiliappan Koil Asramam Extension recently completed,

37. Thiruchanoor Asramam {doubles as Veda Patasala},
38. Thiruchanoor Asramam Sri Hayagreevar Sannathi,

39. Thiruchanoor Kalyana Mandapam – 9,500 Sq.Feet,

40. Thiruvahindrapuram Asramam & Patasala {two units},

41. Srimushnam Asramam {doubles as Veda Patasala},

42. Secunderabad Khapra Asramam {IInd in Secunderabad},

43. Asramam & Sri Srinivasa Perumal Sannathi in Brindavan {UP},

44. Thiruppullani Swami Desikan Sannathi {2003} &

45. Thiruppullani Asramam in {2008},

46. Demolition & Building {anew} the old press building to house
Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya {headquarters} Patasala,

47. Kumbakonam Asramam opp. Potramarai Kulam – near Sri
Aravamudhan Sannathi – completely demolished & rebuilt with a
Sannathis for 6th AchAryA HH Srimad           Andavan & 9th
AchAryA HH Srimad                 Andavan,

48. Kurugai Kavalappan Sannathi (near Gangai Konda Chozha
Puram) – Built a new            and acquired Land for Cultivation
(bought 3.50 Acres & Leased 11.81 Acres),

49. Massive Extension of Asramam & Community hall at Dombivili
7,500 Square Feet costing appr. Rs. 1.50 Crores {in progress},

50. HH Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan Centenary Memorial
Asramam Building at Kalyanapuram,

51. HH Srimad Thenbirai Andavan Memorial Asramam Building at

52. Sri Ashtalakshmi Adhistitha Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at
Chennai Asramam at Mylapore,

53. Building a Rajagopuram at the said Sri Lakshmi Narayana
Perumal Sannathi at Velamur Village,

54. Establishment of Asramam at Kodaganallur near Tirunelveli in
a premises willed to HH by a Sishya’s family,
55. Construction of Asramam & Community Hall            in   Mysore,
Karnataka – Donor’s work by a SishyA,

56. Construction of Asramams & Community Hall in Coimbatore,

57. Future – construction of an Asramam at Biligiri in Karnataka,

58. Future – establish a Saama Veda Patasala at Velamur –
PoorvAcharyA, Upanishad Baashyakarar was a Saamakaar & the
village had over 100 Saama Vedi’s performing daily Saama Veda
Parayanam once upon a time. HH wants to revive that hoary
tradition – ‘One small step for the Asramam – One Giant step for
the mankind’.

                   III OTHER KAINKARYAMS

59. Purchase of 58 acres of land near Zaheerabad, AP for starting a
cluster of educational institutions in rural areas,

60. Honouring of 255 great Scholars till date in Vedas, Saastras,
Agamas, Prabandhams without differentiation of all three streams of
Philosophy – this started in 2003 VaikAsi Thiru Adhirai, HH’s 69th
Thirunakshatram day,

61. Publishing of Rare Granthams – till date about 39 in number,

62. Continuation of the legacy of Sri Paduka Vihara Vidwath Sadas
without any break for 21 years since ascending the Peetam in June

63. Continuation of the legacy of Sri Ranganatha Paduka – monthly
magazine – without any break for 21 years since ascending the
Peetam in June 1989 – expanding the scope, spread, layout & size
of the Asramam’s official journal – 200+ Pages now

64. Conducting Samashti Upanayanams for the under privileged
sections of the Brahmin Community{till date 740},

65. Contributing for FREE Spectacles for Poor patients – 8,000 till
date @ 2,000 every year through M/S Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai
– for distribution all over India – this is a continuing Commitment
by HH to Sankara Nethralaya to be made on Panguni Pushyam day
every year – in memory of His {& our} AchAryA Srimad
Thirukkudanthai Andavan.
66. Public Charitable Trusts – Continuation/huge expansion of the
Scope, Breadth & Depth of Charitable Activities in Traditional
Education & other activities via Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya
Trust (1968) – see Para V below, Sri Paduka Charities (1972), SSAP
Balaji Mandir (1983) etc.,

67. Public Charitable Trusts – Successful Continuation & expansion
of the Scope of Charitable Activities via Srimad Andavan Trust
(1983) – nearly 60 Thirumangalyams granted to poor Brides for
their marriages every year.

68. Public Charitable Trusts – Successful Establishment & huge
expansion of the Scope, Breadth & Depth of Modern Education to
cater to the Backward/ Under Privileged Sections of the Society via
Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College {See Para V below},

69. Public Charitable Trusts – Successful Establishment & huge
expansion of the Anna Daanam at Thirumala Hills Asramam – daily
feeding of Prasadams to hundreds of Sevarthis {1000’s during
Annual Brahmotsavams} without discrimination – vis Sri Srimath
Bhagavathe Baashyakara Thadeearadhanam Trust (2003),

70. Taking over the Management of Sri Sri Devi Bhoo Devi
Sametha Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami Perumal temple at

71. Taking over the Management of Sri Ranganathar/ Perumal
Temples – FOUR – in Sheopur, Jalarpatan, Ahalyapur & Sawai
Madhopur in Rajasthan {North India},

72. Contribution of Rs. 1.00 Lakh for an Old Age Home established
near Salem in Tamizhnadu,

               IV OVERSEAS CENTER IN USA –

73. Establishment of Srimath Andavan Ashramam outside of India
– Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc {SRMI} – HH has blessed overseas
sishyas with Uthsava Murthi’s (Sri Venu Gopala Perumal, Sri
Chakrathazhwar/Sri Yoga Nrusimhar, Salagrama Murthi’s. SRMI
Members travel all over USA to perform       Thirumanjanam and
Dolothsavam carrying our Acharyas’ Padukas for conducting Paduka
74. HH has rendered over 100 Tele Upanyasams on Thiruppavai,
ChathuslOki, Sthothra Rathnam etc., reaching a wide ranging
audience in USA, Mid East & SE Asia.

75. SRMI is a Registered Body in USA and enjoys Income Tax
Exemption by order of the IRS {Internal Revenue Service}. SRMI is
now working to build a Temple for the Divya Dhampathi in New
Jersey to realise & implement the Divine Order & Vision of HH.


HH Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan started the first Veda Patasala
in Kanchipuram in 1968 with 8 students & shifted this to Srirangam
in 1969. It has currently 80 Vidyarthis & 9 Teachers. 4 Saastra
Teachers have completed their PhD’s; the Veda Teacher is a
Ganapati & Veda Baashyam [PhD] of 40 years standing. The
Siromani course is recognised by the Bharathidasan University.

HH Srimushnam Andavan qualified as Nyaya Siromani in Sanskrit,
as a Tamizh Pundit in His Poorvasrama, served as a Sanskrit
Teacher in a Patasala in AP and as a Tamizh Pandit from 1962 till
1989 with the Department of Secondary Education in Tamizhnadu
till He assumed the ThuriAsramam.

HH ascended to the Peetam in 1989 & first stabilised the Srirangam
Patasala and built it into an Institution of Excellence.

HH then started new Patasalas – Vaduvur [II] 2001, Kanchipuram in
2002 [III], Thiruchanoor [IV] 2002, Thiruvahindrapuram [V] 2004,
Srimushnam [VI] 2005, Maheshmal near Aurangabad [VII] 2006,
Uthiramerur [VIII] 2006, Ambuga (near Hassan, Karnataka – IX) in
2007 & Thiruppullani 2008 (X).

Currently there are 280+ Vidyarthis (students) in 10 Patasalas.
Maheshmal is exclusively for Shukla Yajur Vedam & Thiruppullani
Patasala is exclusively for Rg Veda. HH may start a section for
Atharvana Vedam either at Thiruchanoor or at Maheshmal.

HH Srimad Andavan will start more Patasalas at Azhwar Tirunagari,
Velamur etc., & consolidate these Institutions of Traditional Sanskrit
Learning into a Vishwa VidyA Peetam (a Sanskrit University) named
“Sri Ramanuja University” by 2015 A.D.


HH decided that it is necessary to impart career based education to
BC/OBC/MBC/SC/ST students from rural & semi urban areas &
hence Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College was founded in
Srirangam in 1996.

Srirangam is one of the oldest towns known to civilisation BUT till
date, this is the only Arts & Science College. This was inaugurated
by the then President Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma {a SishyA of HH
Srimad Andavan}.

This has 200,000 Sq.Ft of infrastructure; classrooms, laboratories,
library, staff rooms etc., with an outlay of over Rs. 15.00 Crores so
far (from internal accruals & by voluntary donations of sishyas and
admirers) till date. The college is affiliated to the Bharathidasan
University. There are 1600+ students, 99 Faculty and 40
administrative staff. There are 13 Post Graduate Courses including
MCA, 9 Under Graduate Courses in Bio Sciences, Management
Sciences and IT & many Diploma/Certificate courses.

HH Srimad Andavan is developing this as an Institution of
Excellence to become a “Deemed to be University” under the UGC
Act & Rules by 2015/16. Admissions are open to all students
without any sectarian consideration of caste and creed.

We have been accredited as an “A” Grade College {Institutional
Score – 85-90%} by NAAC {National Assessment & Accreditation
Council}, an autonomous body functioning under the aegis of the
UGC {University Grants Commission}. This accreditation means an
institutional score of 85-90% and is valid for a period of 5 years
from 22-03-2007 till 21-03-2012.

The College – via its Parent Trust, Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya
Trust – is recognised as a SIRO or Scientific & Industrial Research
Organisation. Formulation of Ayurvedic Drugs,              etc., are
conducted for Industry – Academy collaboration.

HH has also purchased nearly 6 hectares of prime land near
Samayapuram {15 kms from the existing College Premises} for
future expansion of the College.

In the Service of the Padukas & HH,

Daasan RR

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