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What Are Birth Records?


With over 2.1 billion records, is your complete solution for tracing your family tree as far back as possible

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									What Are Birth Records?
Obtaining birth records for yourself, a loved one, or even an ancestor has never been easier, thanks to well-
organized local and state databases and easy-to-use online databases.

What’s in a Birth Record?

A birth record can provide an individual with a plethora of information, including the person’s full name, his or her
birth date, his or her place of birth, the name of his or her mother and father (as well as the mother’s maiden name),
and even the physician who attended the birth.

Birth records, which are usually widely available from as far back as the early 1900s (vital records typically were not
compiled before that time), are generally issued by the state and local government in which the individual was born.

Although each state has their own database for birth records (there is currently no nationwide database for birth
records), and therefore their own search engines for birth records, the process of finding birth records is typically
easy to complete.

Why Birth Records are Useful

Birth records can provide an individual with a plethora of valuable information on another individual. They can be
very useful when researching an ancestor’s or relative’s birth for genealogy purposes. In addition, birth records can
allow adopted individuals to find their birth parents, as well as provide individuals with a “primary source” record
when searching for the location of another individual.

How to Retrieve Birth Records

As mentioned previously, birth records can typically be found through a state or local government’s vital records
office. A simple visit to this office, along with a written request and a small fee, can produce the birth records for
nearly any individual, provided you come armed with a certain amount of information on that individual.

To find the address of your state or local vital records office, you can contact the National Center for Health Statistics
by either calling them at (301) 458-4636 or by visiting

Once you arrive at your state or local vital records office, you will need the following information:

•       Full name of the person on which you are requesting the birth record

•       The sex of the individual

•       The parents’ names, including the mother’s maiden name

•       The city of birth

•       The reason for requesting the birth record

The more information you have regarding the individual in question, the easier it is to locate the appropriate birth
record. The vital records office will then likely request a small fee for performing your birth record search and for
providing you with a copy of the birth record.

The Convenience of Online Databases
All states now have online databases for birth records as well. Thus, locating a birth record online through an easily
searchable database is quite simple to accomplish. Although you must visit your local vital records office to retrieve
an official paper copy of a birth record, you can use online search engines to gain valuable information on birth
records for informational purposes.

There are also many online searchable databases that allow individuals to search for birth records from other
countries. Indeed, the internet has made the process of searching for birth records quite easy.

With over 2.1 billion records, is your complete solution for tracing your family tree as far back
as possible:

     •    Find birth, death, marriage, divorce and historic vital records from one easy-to-use search interface!
     •    Discover new connections to your family tree with cemetery listings, obituaries, burial and military records,
          surname histories, and more.
     •    Great for people at all levels - whether you're just starting out or have been doing genealogy for years!

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