Are There Free Death Records?

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					Are There Free Death Records?
Death records can provide us with a plethora of useful information for genealogy purposes, and they may prove to
be useful when dealing with estates, wills and inheritances.

There are many websites that claim to offer free death records and other vital records, but these websites are often
riddled with related fees and expenses – many of which aren’t initially disclosed by the company.

Look for Hidden Fees

For example, a website that offers free death records may perform a small, initial search that locates the individual
in question (this simplified search is easy to complete). Then, once the deceased individual is located, the website
then takes you to a new website that asks you to pay for the service of finding a death record. Often times, these
misleading websites charge more than other death records websites.

The bottom line is that all state and local vital records offices around the country charge a fee for a death record
request. This fee generally covers the administrative costs of searching for and printing death records. Therefore, a
website cannot offer a free search for a death record when the vital records office from where they are obtaining
the information is charging a fee for the service.

Beware of Inaccurate Information

If a website claims to offer free death records, it may very well provide you with misleading or inaccurate
information on the person on which you are requesting the death record. For most individuals that rely on an
accurate death record for genealogy or simply personal reasons, an inaccurate death record is completely useless.

How to Facilitate your Search

Of course, there are reputable resources online that can help you locate the death records you seek.,
for example, is a powerful, comprehensive resource that can connect you with the right records. While this is a paid
service, you can utilize their free 7-day trial to evaluate the service and begin your search for death records.

Your genealogy search has never been easier using the power of the Internet. Websites such as are
there to make the searching process easier, saving you time and effort. The excitement of the Internet and the
many conveniences that come along with it have empowered many individuals to find loved ones and ancestors – all
with the click of a button.

With over 2.1 billion records, is your complete solution for tracing your family tree as far back
as possible:

     •    Find birth, death, marriage, divorce and historic vital records from one easy-to-use search interface!
     •    Discover new connections to your family tree with cemetery listings, obituaries, burial and military records,
          surname histories, and more.
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Description: With over 2.1 billion records, is your complete solution for tracing your family tree as far back as possible