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                          Fashion, Costume and Accessories
**** 1960s Fashion Print A Sourcebook Marnie Fogg       192pp.     2008        CL          PB $40.00

**** ABC of Men’s Fashion Hardy Amies 128pp               2007    ADS               HC $29.95
Andy Warhol Fashion.         255pp           2004             T&H                    PB $29.95
**** Anticraft: Knitting, Beading & Stitching for the Slightly Sinister
Renee Rigdon & Zabet Stewart      157pp      2007          CL                       PB $ 35.00
Antonio Berardi: Sex and Sensibility. Tamsin Blancard. 1999. 64pp. T&H.             HC $32.95
Art and Fashion:The Impact of Art on Fashion and Fashion on Art Dr. Alice Mackrell
2005      176pp            CL                                                       PB$49.95
**** Art and Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design Intercity 2008 240pp. T&H PB$49.95
**** Art Deco Fashion (including CD ROM) 408pp 2007               Warn              PB $69.95
Art Deco Fashion Suzanne Lussier       96pp.     2003          ADS.                 HC $35.00
Art To Wear Julie Schafler Dale 320pp. 1986, Reprinted 1999             Per.       HC $165.00
Artwear: Fashion & Anti-Fashion Melissa Leventon            160pp.      2005 T&H     PB $50.00

Baby Costumes: 24 Easy and Adorable Outfits to Make for Infants and Toddlers
Bettine Roynon      143pp       2006      BW                                               PB $34.95
Balenciaga                                        T&H                                      HC $32.95
Behind the Mirror: Spanish Fashion.          2003        279pp          MJ                HC $120.00
Belgian Fashion Design Ed: L. Derycke & S. Van de Veire Ingr.                              HC $79.95
Biennale di Firenze: Looking at Fashion. 199pp. 1999           T&H.                        PB $76.95
**** Big Book of Fashion Illustration: A Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration
Martin Dawber 2007           384pp            T&H                                         PB $50.00
Black in Fashion. Valerie Mendes        144pp      1999        ADS                        PB $59.95
**** Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night. 68pp 2008 BW                                    PB $34.95
**** Black Magic White Noise         157pp         2007    BAM                            PB $80.00
Boutique: A Sixties Cultural Phenomenon. Marnie Fogg 192pp 2003           BW          OUT OF PRINT

**** Canvas Remix Techniques for creating mixed-media accessories
Alisa Burke      128pp          2008                       CL                              PB $30.00
(Cacheral) Le Liberty Jeromine Savignon    79pp. 2001         Per.                         HC $39.95
Careers in Fashion & Textiles    Helen Goworek       201pp      2006     JW                 PB $55.95
Century of Fashion Francois Baudot. 400pp.           1999     T.&H                         PB $65.95
Chanel      Francois Baudot        2003 79pp          PER                                  PB $35.00
**** Chic Bags: 22 Handbags, Purses and Accessories to Make. Marie Enderlen-Debuisson,
Caroline Laisne.     160pp       2007                  KA                                  PB $38.95
Chinese Dress Verity Wilson V&A Far Eastern Series 135pp 86/96/98/2001 ADS                 PB $49.95
Classic Tayloring Techniques. A Construction Guide for Women’s Wear
Roberto Cabrera & Patricia Flaherty Myers        1986/2003      307pp        ING              PB $95.00
Coach. Assouline. 2002.            PER      80pp                                              HC$39.95
Colors for Modern Fashion: Drawing Fashion with Colored Markers Nancy Riegelman
2006               560pp            T&H                                                       PB $95.00
The Complete Costume History (Tash 25 series) Auguste Racinet 2008 TOW Boxed                 HC $170.00
The Complete History of Costume & Fashion from Ancient Egypt to the Present Day.
Bronwyn Cosgrave     2000      256pp     WARN                                                HC$60.00
Comme des Garcons: Fashion Memoir France Grand           1998. 80pp. T&H.                   out of print
**** Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques Jill Salen     2008      128pp. CL          PB $50.00
Costume & Make-Up. A Phaidon Theatre Manual.          136pp      2001        BW              PB $27.95
Costume Design: Techniques of Modern Masters Lynn Pecktal. 1993. 256pp. BW.                  PB $75.00
Costume in Detail 1730 – 1930 Nancy Bradfield 391pp          1698, 2007 ING                  PB $55.00
Costume 1066 to the Present John Peacock        140pp 86/94/2005 T&H                         PB $29.95
Costume Design. Screencraft. Deborah Nadoolman Landis. 2003. 176pp. T&H                     PB $105.00
Costume, Textiles & Jewellery of India. Traditions in Rajasthan. Vandana Bhandari
2004 216pp                   BW                                                              HB $59.95
**** Costume Worldwide: A Historical Sourcebook. Ed. Melissa Leventon
352pp                    2008                T&H                                             PB $59.95
Couture to Chaos Robyn Healy. NGV Collection. 75pp                BW.                        PB $38.45
Couture Sewing Techniques Claire B. Shaeffer 217pp. 1993.            BW                      HC $65.95
**** Creative Careers in Fashion 30 Ways to Make your Living in the World of Couture
Debbie Hartsog        2007               256pp.               BW                             PB $37.95
The Cutting Edge. Fashion From Japan.           112pp 2005         BW                        PB $39.95
The Cutting Edge. 50 Years of British Fashion. 1947-1997. Ed: Amy de la Haye
 1997      208pp          ADS                                                                PB $55.00

Decades of Beauty. The Changing Image of Women 1890’s to 1990’s.Kate Mulvey & Melissa Richards.
205pp           1998             WARN                                                           HC$55.00
Decades of Fashion Harriet Worsley 779pp 2004 Per                                              PB $29.95
Decorated Bag (The): embellishing handbags, purses and totes. Genevieve A. Sterbenz
143pp           2006                 BW                                                      PB $32 .95
Denim. From Cowboys to Catwalks: A Visual History of the World’s Most Legendary Fabric.
Graham Marsh & Paul Trynka.          2002.      128pp.          BW.                            PB $39.95
Designer Style Handbags          Sherri Haab           2005           128pp    BW               PB $39.95
 Designing and Printing Textiles June Fish 2005           160pp.        PER                   HC $75.00
Diesel                      T&H                                                               HC $56.95
Dictionary of Fashion & Fashion Designers .       T&H          1998      272pp                 PB $30.00
**** Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers 296pp New Ed. 2008 T&H                         PB $29.95
**** Digital Fashion Illustration with Photoshop & Illustrator Kevin Tallon 176pp 2008 CL PB $50.00
Dior Marie France Pochna. 80pp. T&H.                                                          HC $32 .95
Dior    Marie-France Pochna 2004         79pp Per                                               HC$35.00
Dolce & Gabbana Franca Sozzani 2005               80pp          Per                             HC$35.00
Donna Karan        Ingrid Sischy           79pp      2005        PER                          HC $35.00
Dress in Detail From Around the World        R. Crill, J. Wearden & V. Wilson
2002               224pp.                ADS.                                      PB $59.95 HC $95.00

**** Eco Chic the Fashion Paradox         Sandy Black `     256pp 2008       ING             PB $75.00
Emanuel Ungaro Christine Orban. 1999. 79pp. T&H.                                             HC $32.95
Embroidery: Italian Fashion. Frederico Rocco       240pp      2006      ING                 HC $150.00
Emilio Pucci Fashion Memoir Mariuccia Casadio. 1999. 80pp. T&H.                             HC $32.95
Erte’s Theatrical Costumes in Full Color (Dover) 47pp          1979   Rain                   PB $29.95
Essential Fashion Design Janet Boyes. 1998. 96pp. CL.                                        PB $32.95
Essential Fashion Illustration ed. Maite Lafuente 191pp 2005 TOW                             PB $60.00
Ethnic Style: History and Fashion: Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter 2001 140pp. Per              HC $110.00
Evolution and Revolution: Chinese Dress 1700s-1990s. Claire Roberts (Ed.)
Powerhouse Museum. 1997. 111pp. BW.                                                            P B $32.95
Extreme Textiles: Designing for High Performance. Matilda McQuaid           2005    T&H       HC $75.00

Fabulous Fabrics of the 50’s (& Other Terrific Textiles of the 20s, 30, & 40s)
G. Bosker, M. Mancini & J. Gramstad 120pp. 1992            MacM                                PB $45.00
Fabric and Form: Irish Fashion Since 1950. Elizabeth McCrum. 1996. 146pp. Per.                  PB $54.95
Fabric, Form & Flat Pattern Cutting Winifred Aldrich. 206pp. 1996 JW.                           PB $71.95
****Fabric: Textures and Patterns Pepin Press 2007               352pp           WB             PB$43.95
Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion (3rd Edition) C. M. Calsibetta & P. Tortora.
2003        522pp.         T&H                                                   PB $90 .00 / HC $206.00
Fans Avril Hart & Emma Taylor.            1999        126pp.      ADS                           HC $39.60
Fashion Accessories          392pp          2006         WARN                                   PB $43.95
Fashion: A Concise History. Gertrud Lehnert. 1998. 190pp.                                       PB $32.95
Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century (2 Volume Set)
Akiko Fukai                     2003               Tow                            box set         $130.00
Fashion: From the 18th to the 20th Century (ICONS)         192pp.        2004      Tow.         PB $19.95
****Fashion Prints How to Design and Draw Elisabetta Drudu et al WB             2008             PB$49.95
Fashion and Fetishism: Corsets, Tight-Lacing & other forms of Body Sculpture.
David Kunzle          2004             384pp.            Per                                    HC $49.95
Fashion and Surrealism Francois Baudot         2001 80pp. Per                                  HC $45.00
Fashion Artist. Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation       Sandra Burke        173pp
  2003             T&H                                                                         PB $49.95
Fashion Artist: Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation. 2 nd ed.    Sandra Burke
173pp         2006             T&H                                                             PB $49.95
Fashion: The Century of the Designer. Charlotte Seeling. 640pp. 2001 Murd.                    out of print
Fashion Design     Sue Jenkyn Jones 2005           192pp.            T&H                       PB $49.95
Fashion Design 1800-1940             2001       408pp.     Warn                               PB $55.95
Fashion Design 1850-1895        1997      376pp.       MacM                                    PB $46.00
Fashion Design Drawing Class Caroline Tatham.           144pp.    2003 T.&H                    PB $45.00
Fashion Design Manual       Pamela Stecker         295pp        1996          MacM.            PB $74.00
**** Fashion Designer’s Handbook for Adobe Illustrator Marianne Centner, Frances Vereker
183pp           2007            JW                                                             PB $60.95
**** Fashion DIY: 30 Ways to Craft Your Own Style. Carrie Blaydes and Nicole Smith
136pp 2007            CL                                                                       PB $30.00
Fashion Drawing in Vogue William Packer. 240pp. T&H.                                          out of print
**** Fashion Entrepreneur: Starting Your Own Fashion Business           Sandra Burke
176pp. 2008                                   T&H                                              PB $49.95
Fashion Fabrics of the 50s Gideon Bosker. 120pp. Per.                                          PB $39.60
Fashion Graphics Patrick John Ireland. 1997. 96pp. CL.                                         PB $38.45
Fashion Icon     Mike Toth & Jennie D’Amato         160pp 2003         Tow                     HC $80.00
Fashion In Film Regine & Peter W. Engelmeier (Ed.) 1997. 249pp. Per.                           PB $66.00
Fashion In Colors National Design Museum. 2004 248pp. PER                                        PB$75.00
**** Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers Laird Borrelli         192pp 2007 T&H           HC $75.00
Fashion Illustration Next.      Laird Borelli           184pp.          T.&H.                   PB $50.00
Fashion Illustration Now.         Laird Borelli              176pp.          T.&H.              PB $60.00
Fashion Illustrator     Bethan Morris      208pp             2006       T&H                     PB $49.95
Fashion Now Ed. T.Jones & A. Mair          632pp. 2003           Tow.                           PB $85.00
Fashion Now (ICON)          Ed. T.Jones & A. Mair 190pp           2006         TOW              PB $19.95
Fashion Now 2 Ed. T.Jones & S. Rushton           640pp.        2005       Tow                   PB $85.00
Fashion Now 2 (Tash25 series) Ed. T.Jones & S. Rushton           556pp.     2008       Tow PB $34.95
**** Fashion Prints: How to Design and Draw. Elisabetta ‘ Kuky’ Drudi 159pp 2008
 Warn.                   (incl CD ROM)                                                          PB $49.95
Fashion Show: Paris Style        221pp.         2006       BW                                   PB $79.95
Fashion Sourcebook: The 1920s. John Peacock. 64pp. T&H.                                        out of print
Fashion Sourcebook: The 1930s. John Peacock. 64pp. T&H.                                         PB $19.95
Fashion Sourcebook: The 1940s. John Peacock. 64pp. T&H.                                          out of print
Fashion Sourcebook: The 1950s. John Peacock. 64pp. T&H.                                           PB $19.95
Fashion Sourcebook: The 1960s. John Peacock. 64pp. T&H.                                          PB $19.95
Fashion Sourcebook: The 1970s. John Peacock. 64pp. T&H.                                           PB $19.95
Fashion Sourcebook 2nd Edition Katherine McKelvey 266pp                    2006     JW            PB $69.95
Fashion Statements: Interviews with Fashion Designers Francesca Alfano Moglietti
298pp.       2006         T&H                                                                     PB $75.00
Fashion & Textiles in the International Collections of the NGV. Robyn Healy 126pp      BW 2003    PB $44.95
**** Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogue. Early 1930’s
T. Ward & T. Skinner 159pp                          2007         PER                              PB $70.00
Fashioning Fabrics: Contemporary Textiles in Fashion                ed. Sandy Black
 205pp     2006         BAM                                                                      PB $79.50
Fashioning Fiction In Photography Since 1990               2004.    144pp. T&H                   HC $75.00
Fashioning the Future: Tomorrow’s Wardrobe Suzanne Lee 208pp 2005 T&H                            HC $79.95
Femme Fashion 1780 – 2004. Ed: Patricia Brattig              219pp      2004        BW           HC $65.00
50s Fashion: Vintage Fashion & Beauty Ads (Icon) Ed: Jim Heimann 2007 TOW                         PB $22.95
Figure Drawing for Fashion Design 216pp                       2001         WARN                   PB $43.95
**** Floral Frocks. Rosemary Harden & Jo Turnley               144pp      2007      PER          HC $75.00
Flower Album Dietmar Busse             2003             80pp           BW                        HC $59.95
Folkwear Book of Ethnic Clothing, The Mary S. Parker 2002 154pp                   CL             out of print
Foundation in Fashion Design & Illustration Julian Seaman 2001                  95pp.   CL       PB $39.95
Four Hundred Years of Fashion Ed. Natalie Rothstein 186pp. 1984                     ADS          PB $59.95
Fortuny: Fashion Memoir Delphine Desveaux.               1997.     80pp.      T&H.               HC $14.95
**** 49 Sensational Skirts: Creative Embellishment Ideas for One-of-a-kind Designs.
Alison Willoughby             128pp       2008               ING                                  PB $39.95
Fresh Fruits        Shoichi Aoki             2005             BW                                  HC$49.95
Fruits. Japanese Street Fashion.              Shoichi Aoki.          2001         BW              PB $55.00

Geishas B Geoffroy-Schneiter        79pp        2002            Per                              HC $35.00
Georgina von Etzdorf: Sensuality Art & Fabric. Nilgin Yusuf. 1999.  60pp.  T&H.                  HC $32.95
**** Gothic & Lolita Fwd by Katsuhiko Ishikawa. Photographs by Masayuki Yoshinaga.
2007                        BW                                                                    PB $49.95
Great Escape (The)     154pp      2006              BAM                                           PB $80.00
Gres. Laurence Benaim         2003             79pp            Per                               HC $39.95

Handmade Embroidered Bags. Jenny Rolfe. 80pp               2005         KA                        PB $29.95
Hats & Bonnets. Althea Mackenzie.     PER      92pp     2004                                     HC $35.95
Haute Couture Embroidery: The Art of Lesage. Palmer White 1994. 171pp. Lacis                     out of print
High-Fashion Sewing Secrets. Claire B. Shaeffer     1997    245pp BW                             PB $29.95
Hip Handbags: Creating and Embellishing 40 Great-Looking Bags
Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader    2005        128pp        CL                                       HC $40.00
The Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes. Albert Racinet 1998 320pp     WARN                      out of print
Historical Fashion in Detail. The 17th &18th Centuries.
Avril Hart & Susan North. 2000      223pp       ADS      V.& A. Mus                               PB $59.95
****History of 20th Century Fashion Elizabeth Ewing. 300pp 2008            CL                     PB $40.00
**** House of Viktor & Rolf (The) Caroline Evans and Susanna Frankel 2008 256pp. BW               HC $99.95
How Fashion Works: Couture, ready-to-wear & mass production. Gavin Waddell
211pp          2004          TLD                                                                 PB $65.95

Icons of Fashion. The 20th Century. Ed: G. Buxaum. 1999        191pp Per                         HC $80.00
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Costume and Fashion: From 1066 to the Present.
Jack Cassin-Scott. 1997. 120pp. NH.                                                              PB $38.4 5
**** Illustrating Fashion 2nd Edition Kathryn McKelvey, Janine Munslow. 266pp
2007                     TLD                                                                 PB $63.95
Imagemaker. Cutting edge fashion illustration.   BW 2004 192pp                               PB$59.95
Indian Costumes Anamika Pathak 144pp           2006       TOW                                HC $39.95
Issey Miyake Fashion Memoir Laurence Benaim. 1997. 79pp.         T&H.                   out of print
Issey Miyake: Making Things. 177pp.  1999        T&H.                                   HC $98.95

Jean Paul Gaultier. Farid Chenoune. 1996       80pp        T&H                         HC$14.95
Jean Paul Gaultier Farid Chenoune 2005         80pp       ADS                      HC $35.00

Kenzo Fashion Memoir.      Ginette Sainderichin. 1998. 79pp. T&H.                      HC $32.95
Kimono: A Photo Essay by Paul Van Riel     143pp      2001      BW                     HC $49.95
Klimt & Fashion. Christian Brandstatter. 80pp      PER         2004                HC$38.95
Knitwear in Fashion Sandy Black       192pp      T&H       2002 (p/b 2005)         PB$55.00

Lace: The Poetry of Fashion. Bella Veksler    165pp.    1998.       Per.               HC $99.00
The Leather Book. Anne-Laure Quilleriet 400pp        2004     PER                      PB $49.95
**** Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman.
Christian Dior        126pp     1954/2007                                             HC $29.95

Making Kimono & Japanese Clothes. Jenny Dobson. 2004 128pp           CL                 PB $40.00
Making Handbags: Retro/Chic/Luxurious. Ellen Goldstein-Lynch 2002. 120pp. Tow           PB $34.95
Making Handbags and Purses: 50 Patterns & Designs From Casual to Corporate.
Carol Parks.   1998. 128pp. Lark/CL.                                              OUT OF PRINT
Making Latex Clothes. Sain-Kate Mooney. 112pp           2004            CL              PB $39.95
Making Leather Handbags & Other Stylish Accessories        Goldstein-Lynch, Mullins, Malone
128pp                2004                     ING                                        PB $35.00
Making Leather Purses and Totes Lisa Galvin           128pp        2006     CL           PB $25.00
Making Vintage Bags: 20 Original Sewing Patterns for Vintage Bags and Purses.
Emma Brennan 172pp 2005, reprint 2006.            CL                                      HC $39.95
Manolo Blahnik Drawings.       2003.    T&H                                              PB $80.00
Marie-Antoinette Style Adrian Goetz 2005        80pp        PER                          PB $35.00
Marimekko – Fabrics Fashion Architecture. Ed. Marianne Aav 2003. 336pp. ING             HC $105.00
Men's Fashion John Peacock. 216pp. T&H.                                                   HC $60.50
Men in Skirts. Andrew Bolton.        2003         144pp             ADS                   HC$65.00
Metric Pattern Cutting. 4th ed. Winifred Aldrich 201pp       2004    JW                   HC $61.95
Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear 4th ed. Winifred Aldrich 175pp 2006 JW                 HC $64.95
Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s Wear & Babywear. 3 rd Edition.
Winifred Aldrich    192pp       1999                         JW                            HC $62.95
Missoni Fashion Memoir Mariuccia Casadio. 1997. 125pp. T&H.                               HC $43.95
Modern Fashion in Detail Wilcox & Mendes 143pp. 1991                ADS                    PB $59.95
*****Modern Menswear Hywel Davies          2008 pp208           T&H                       HC $75.00
Moschino Fashion Memoir Mariuccia Casadio. 1997. 125pp. T&H.                              HC $43.95

**** New Encyclopedia of Fashion Illustration: Over 1000 Fashion Details  Patrick John Ireland
2008                                   304pp.                     CL                  PB $50.00
New Fashion Illustration Martin Dawber      2005     160pp      CL                     PB $45.00
**** New Fashion Print       Martin Dawber 2008            192pp.        CL            PB $50.00
**** New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design. Sue Huey and Rebecca Proctor
207pp    2007             T&H                                                         HC $75.00
9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion Nancy Riegelman         2003 352pp T&H            PB $120.00
Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail Lucy Johnston 2006        224pp      ADS           PB $59.95

**** 100 New Fashion Designers Hywel Davies 383pp 2008            T&H                   PB $75.00
**** 100 Years of Fashion Illustration   Cally Blackman 384pp       2007 T&H            PB $75.00
**** 1000 Dessous: A History of Lingerie. Gilles Neret 575pp       2008 TOW             PB $34.95

A Pictorial History of Costume     1998    224pp.    MacM                                PB $46.00
Pattern Cutting for Lingerie, Beachwear and Leisurewear 2nd ed. Ann Haggar
279pp                  2004                         JW                                   PB $60.95
Pattern Cutting Made Easy. Gillian Holman 112pp. 1997 CL.                          PB $39.95
Pattern Cutting for Women’s Tailored Jackets: Classic and Contemporary Winifred Aldrich
120pp      2002            JW                                                      HC $68.95
Patternmaking for Fashion Design, 4th Ed. Helen Joseph-Armstrong 2006 805pp
 Pear                                                                              PB$112.95
Patterns of Fashion: The Cut & Construction of Clothes for Men & Women c.1560-1620
Janet Arnold     128pp.        1985                  ING.                           PB $68.00
Patterns of Fashion 1: English Women’s Dresses & Their Construction c.1660-1860
Janet Arnold     76pp.        1972                  ING.                            PB $68.00
Patterns of Fashion 2: English Women’s Dresses & Their Construction c. 1860-1940
Janet Arnold     88pp.        1972                  ING.                            PB $68.00
Print in Fashion    Marnie Fogg       187pp      2006         CL                    PB $49.95
Prue Acton                                RMIT                                       PB $8.80

Quilted Bags and Totes    Denise Clason     128pp    2006     CL                             PB $39.95

Radical Fashion Ed. Claire Wilcox 147pp.        2003          ADS                PB $59.95
Rapture. Art’s Seduction by Fashion Chris Townsend 176pp 2002 T&H               PB $66.00
**** Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel. Eric Boman 160pp 2007 T&H HC $85.00
Rebel Style     G. Bruce Boyer         79pp     2005       PER                  HC $35.00
Red or Dead.         T&H                                                        HC $32.95
Roberto Cavalli Javier Arroyuelo    79pp         2001        Per                HC $39.95
Romantik.     Ed: R. Klanten        144pp            2004        BAM/ING         PB $75.00

Sample: 100 Fashion Designers. 10 Curators.        420pp    2005 BW              PB $69.95 / HC $119.95
**** Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. Frida’s Wardrobe: Fashion From the Museo Frida Kahlo.
189pp           2008          ING                                                             HC $80.00
Sew What! Skirts Francesca Denhartog & Carole Ann Camp 127pp 2006 CL                          HC $24.95
**** Sewing for the Apparel Industry Claire Shaeffer 425pp 2001 PEN                           PB $86.95
Shoes & Slippers Althea Mackenzie.            92pp    2004           PER                       HC$35.95
**** 60’s Fashion: Vintage Fashion & Beauty Ads (Icon) Ed: Jim Heimann 2007 Tow                PB $22.95
Splendid Slippers: A Thousand Years of An Erotic Tradition. Beverly Jackson
183pp             2000             ING                                                         PB $51.00
The Stage Costume Sourcebook Jack Cassin-Scott. 1998. 127pp. NH.                              HC $54.95
Street Style Ted Polhemus. 144pp.            T&H.                                              PB $43.95
Swinging Sixties: Fashion in London & beyond 1955-1970 Eds Christopher Breward,
 David Gilbert & Jenny Lister     128pp      2006         ADS                                 PB $55.00
The Supermodern Wardrobe. Andrew Bolton             144pp     2002       ADS                  HC $75.00
**** Swimsuit (The): A fashion history from 1920s Biarritz and the birth of the bikini to
sportswear styles and catwalk trends. Sarah Kennedy 304pp 2007               BW               HC $49.95

Techno Textiles: Revolutionary Fabrics For Fashion & Design.
Braddock & O’Mahony.       192pp. 1998             T&H.                                HC $98. 95
Techno Textiles 2: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion & Design Braddock & O’Mahony
2005    208pp       T&H                                                                HC$90.00
Ten Years of Dolce and Gabbana Isabella Rossellini (Intro.) 214pp. Per.               HC $121.00
**** The Tokyo Look Book. Philomena Keet          222pp      2007       BW            PB $39.95
**** Tokyo Street Style:Fashion in Harajuku Tiffany Godoy 2008 240pp. T&H              HC $55.00
20th Century Fashion John Peacock. 1996. 240pp. T&H.                                   HC $76.00
20th Century Fashion: 100yrs of Style by Decade & Designer, in Association with Vogue
Linda Watson         399pp        2003        United                                   PB $39.95
20th Century Fashion Valerie Mendes & Amy De La Haye 288pp 1999 T&H.                   PB $30.00

(Un)fashion Tibor & Maira Kalman    1998           T&H                                      out of print
Understanding Fashion History. V. Cumming        2004 144pp CL                               PB $39.95.
Valentino Fashion Memoir Bernadice Morris. 80pp. T&H.                                  HC $32.95
**** Very Vintage                2008               175pp.            PER              PB $75.00
Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Clothes. Emma Baxter-Wright,
Sarah Kennedy, Kate Mulvey.           223pp        2006         BW                     HC $69 .95
Visionaries. Interviews with Fashion Designs. Susannah Frankel 2001 208pp ADS HC$90.00/PB $59.95
The Visual History of Costume: Seven Centuries of Costume History.
Ribeiro & Cumming.          1997. 240pp.      CL.                                       PB $43.95
The Visual History of Costume Accessories: From Hats to Shoes: 400 Years of
Costume Accessories.     Valerie Cumming. 1998. 174pp.          CL.                    HC $76.95
Vivienne Westwood. Claire Wilcox 2004           225pp ADS                   PB $49.95 / HC $79.95

**** Wagashi: Handcrafted Fashion Art from Japan. Kumiko Sudo 151pp
2007           ING                                                                      PB $55.00
Web Fashion Now         Laird Borelli 176pp.            2002           T.&H             PB $60.00
Where is Silas? Silas Holmes: Artist/poet/traveler/adventurer/entrepreneur/musician/lover &
raconteur                            2003               T&H                            HC $125.00
Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture 1960-1987
Bobbito Garcia      2003         264pp          BW                                      HC $79.95
Wonderland                 160pp             2004               BAM                      PB $80.00
The World of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion, Fame Edmonde Charles-Roux
2005            383pp             T&H                                                    HC $75.00
**** Wrap & Drape Fashion: History, Design & Drawing. Elisabetta ‘Kuky’ Drudi 232pp
2007         Warn                                                                        PB $43.95

Xtreme Fashion Courtenay Smith & Sean Topham 156pp        2005     PER                  PB $80.00

Yeohlee: Work   220pp. Ed. John S. Major.                 2003           BW           HC$ $99.95
Yohji Yamamoto: Fashion Memoir Francois Baudot.      1997.    80pp.      T&H.          HC $35.00

Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair With Textiles 160pp 2005 PER            PB $60.00/HC $75.00

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