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									SOP 13 - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Creation, Implementation and Revision
Appendix 4

                                                    APPENDIX 4 : DOCUMENT TRACKING FORM
 Document        Effective        Date        Copy       Return      Destroy        Date     Copy   Return   Destroy   Date   Copy   Return   Destroy
    ID             date           sent         no.        (X)          (X)          sent      no.    (X)       (X)     sent    no.    (X)       (X)

QH GCP SOP 13 Appendix 4
Prepared by the Research Ethics and Governance Unit| May 2010                                                 1 of 1
http://www.health.qld.gov.au/ohmr | ohmr@health.qld.gov.au | 3405 6121
Based on, and with permission of the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority – VMIA GCP SOPS
Reviewed by the QH Clinical Research Coordinators Network May 2010

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