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because first impression means last


this is really gonna help u all in ur next attractive n impressive to ur interview...that makes ur interviewer to give u job..

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									Because First Impression Is The Last

Its obvious being nervous before a job interview , every one know it . Its too much pressure to handle
but the thing is that you have to prove yourself in this pressure situation. Most of the time people will
make some silly mistakes which will ruin there chance of selection. You must have heard the quote
that "the first impression is the last impression" so if you are going for a job interview then it is must
that your first impression is good on the interviewers . To make sure that your first impression is good
enough to get you your dream job you must follow the tips provided by expert

        You should reach the interview centre some 10 to 15 minutes before so that you will get time
        to relax and refresh yourself.
        After getting your call knock gently on the door to ask permission to come in and get in after
        getting the permission.
        You must behave your walking means walk gently neither too slow nor too fast .
        Don't forget to greet all peoples in the room with smile.
        During interview answer the questions with confidence and keep eye contact with the
        Sit only when you have asked to sit and do not try to feel too much comfortable because this
        may be harmful for your coming comforts.
        Never ever express like you are nervous means don't bite your nails, don't shake your legs
        ,don't play with your hairs and all other things which can express your nervousness.
        Don't smoke before the interview because mouth fresheners can not hide that you have
        smoked. Even if someone offers you a smoke then politely refuse.
        If they ask you to tell something about you then don't tell them your bio data just tell some of
        your creative qualities and some job related qualities.
        Don't behave like you are not interested or energy less , always express like you have ease to
        learn something new.
        Remember that out of two people with same qualifications and skill , the one with more
        energy and ease of learning will get preference.
        Always try to wear some decent clothes for interview means they must not be casual or
        colourful type. Always prefer formal clothes.

        At the end of the interview say thanks to every one before leaving.

So that's it we wish you luck for your interviews hope you will succeed. Thanks

I hope that this article will help you a lot in your next interview.

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