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									Admission Criteria
To apply via Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise for Admission to
Secondary One in 2012 at Maris Stella High School, candidates must satisfy
the following criteria:

      MSH Sporting Requirements OR
      MSH Aesthetics Requirements
      Academic entry requirements (PSLE T-Score) eligible for Express
       course of study

MSH Sporting Requirements

All candidates must demonstrate that their current level of sporting ability
meets the minimum entry requirements set by Maris Stella High School.

The candidate must have represented his primary school in one of the
following sports:

    Badminton*
    Table Tennis*
    Softball
    Tenpin Bowling
    Basketball
    Taekwondo
    Other Sports and Games offered in MSH
* Priority will be given to these niche sports

MSH Aesthetics Requirements
   1. The candidate must be a member of the School Band and/or Chinese
      Orchestra for at least 2 years, i.e. 2010 and 2011.

   2. The candidate must produce a letter of recommendation from his
      teacher-in-charge of the School Band and/or Chinese Orchestra.

Please note that meeting the minimum entry requirements does not
guarantee entry to Maris Stella High School.

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