Online Coaching How to Convince Your Prospects That You're an Expert and Win Their Business by bhargavrsathwara


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									There are so many things that you need to accomplish when starting an online coaching business. You
need to create an impressive website, launch an informative blog, attract qualified traffic, boost your
page ranking, etc. But if there's one thing that you cannot afford to take for granted it would be securing
an expert status on your chosen niche. Obviously, people will not sign up with you if they don't have
proofs that you have what it takes to really help them out.

Below are some tips on how you can convince your potential clients that you're really knowledgeable
and that you can provide them with the kind of information that they require:

Load your website with amazing information. Always start with your website. Instead of focusing too
much of your space and energy on talking about your programs, commit yourself to giving real value to
your visitors. Create a section wherein you can feed your potential clients with the kind of information
that they're looking for. Go to forums and other online communities. Then, compile the questions and
most pressing issues that your potential clients usually encounter. Create articles containing answers
and solutions and post them on your website. To get amazing results, be willing to share your personal
secrets and insider tips. The more compelling information you share, the more likely you'll impress your

Start your own blog. Having a nice blog is always good for online businesses. But make sure that your
blog is different from your business website so people will have valid reasons to check it out. Use your
blog to talk about what you think about recent issues related to your niche, to run your polls, and to
share your experiences and related stories. Use your blog not just to educate your prospects but also to
build relationship with them.

Article marketing. Research the keywords related to your niche that are usually used by your prospects
on search engines. Then, write articles about them. Ensure that your articles contain more than just
general information. Remember, your goal here is to present yourself as an expert in your niche. So, be
willing to share in-depth info all the time. You can then distribute your articles to reputable directories.

Forum and blog commenting. You cannot really expect all your prospects to exert an effort to find your
articles and blog, right? What you can do is to take the first step to make that much-needed first
connection. Go to forums and blogs where they usually hang out. Read their posts and if needed, give
expert opinion on those issues that they're discussing. Again, be willing to share your secrets and spill
out insider tips and techniques so you can impress these people and later on, get them to visit your blog
and website.
Offer free seminars. If you want to take the whole process to a whole new level, I'd say organize short
but useful seminars that you can conduct via phone or through video conferencing.

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