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AEC Data bank by banilbabu


   Databank of The
   Databank of The
Best A/E/C Promotional
Best A/E/C Promotional
Material on the Planet
 Material on the Planet
Carter & Burgess
To position the firm as a provider
that understands retailers and
restaurateurs the in-house creative
team organized and directed the
photo shoot using props and food
items and performed post-editing to
produce the “faces” images for their
series of advertisements. The target
audience was retail owners,
presidents, store planning
executives, construction, facilities
and finance managers. The message
was to position the firm as one that
“thinks like a retailer” in that it truly
gets into the client’s business, and
just doesn’t design stores and
restaurants, but cares about the
client’s business success.

Carter & Burgess,
Fort Worth, TX
This firm served as the owner’s
representative for the construction of
Reliant Stadium in Houston. The
announcement was meant to celebrate
the completion of the project, and alert
other stadium owners that the firm is the
best choice for their projects. Research
was conducted to determine the most
influential and intriguing presentation to
a busy and high-end audience. A quote
from their client’s CEO was the
inspiration … “they were all involved in
separate pieces of a very large puzzle.”

The puzzle became the central theme of
this marketing piece. It was combined
with a mini-brochure type of folder and
packaged in a box with a picture of the
stadium on the cover. The back of the
puzzle lists a segment of their services on
each piece of the puzzle, and some
pieces contain testimonials from clients
formatted within the graphic shape of a
piece of the puzzle.

Linbeck Group LP, Houston, TX
Creative/writing: Ellen Cregan, Cregan Design and
Linda Mastaglio, Thoughts, Words & Images.
Graphic Design: Ellen Cregan, Cregan Design
Photography: Carl Mayfield
10th Anniversary Block Party
This 10th anniversary block party began by informally
polling a select number of existing clients on their
reaction to direct mail promotional materials for
special event invitations. Their findings were that most
received invitations printed on paper and almost
always discarded them. A close business associate was
called in to develop the material for their event. They
wanted to express that the firm is creative and
forward-thinking, and chose the use of wooden blocks
as their medium. This related to the theme of the
“block party.” The guest must build their invitation.
The turnout was 400 guests from an invitation list of
only 320. The blocks are still displayed on many desks
and shelves all over the city, months after the event.

Archimania, Memphis, TN
Design/Graphics: Red Deluxe Brand Desire
Photography: Allen Mims
40th Anniversary Brochure
This classic coordinated package featured NBBJ’s 40th
Anniversary, with one of the most innovative graphic
devices used in the design of a brochure. The number 40
appeared on every page in a different type font, and pieces
of each photograph were cut out and moved to a different
spot on the page.

NBBJ, Seattle, WA
Courtesy: Design Communication
Newsletter: External

                       W.S. Bellows
                       This newsletter was developed to
                       overcome some perceptions that existed
                       about this construction company’s
                       leadership after the death of the chairman.
                       Other perceptions were that the company
                       was old fashioned and stodgy. The
                       newsletter attacked these perceptions by
                       incorporating outstanding cover
                       photography and stories based on
                       interviews with key people in the firm,
                       including the president, to show that he is
                       leading the company. Two project profiles
                       are written through interviews with the
                       project manager or officer-in-charge.

                       W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation, Houston,
                       Design: The Lentz Group/Carolyn Ferguson
Brochure System (cont.)

                          The use of panoramic photography led to a
                          series of landscape-format foldouts which are
                          extremely dramatic in both the main brochure
                          and niche-market folders that accompany it.
                          The HLA Group Landscape Architect & Planners,
                          Sacramento, CA
                          Design/Graphics: Paul Bohanna
                          Writing: Janice Fillip, The HLA Group
Direct Mail Programs
Direct Mail Postcards/Poster
Business Space Design
Commercial office space developers were
targeted for this classic series of thematic
postcards, based on an image survey the firm
conducted. They were mailed out in two-week
intervals. Poster-size enlargements of each card
were displayed at events and client presentations.
Additionally, a foldout four-color poster recalled
the headlines of each postcard in the series (Fees,
Accurate, Quick, Budgets, Team, and
Experience). These words were displayed across
the top of the poster to provide recall to the
mailing campaign.

Business Space Design, Seattle, WA
Design: Susan Woodward Wright, Craig Hansen
Photography: Chuck Kuhn
Courtesy: Design Communication
Direct Mail Postcards (cont.)

                                All the copy was written in-house for cost effectiveness and
                                related directly to the fruit and vegetable theme. The
                                language was kept light and clever on the front panel. The
                                back focused on their creative project solution, plus a
                                “trivia” question and answer that applied to engineering or
                                the theme of the card.

                                Crosby Group, Sacramento, CA
Accordion Die-cut Flier
Clark Condon
The accordion-fold mailer wad designed in response to new
legislation that allowed Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) to
develop parks and recreational facilities approved by
community residents. The firm’s goal was to inform 600 MUD
districts of their firm’s park capabilities. The wrapper explains
the new legislation and the accordion-mailer describes the
firm’s focus on “parks for people.” Vibrant color photos were
set into the slotted black surface to create the three-
dimensional appearance. It was mailed to 1200 corporations,
institutions, municipalities, and design team members. The
major piece can be used in the future with another sleeve to
fulfill a different marketing objective.

Clark Condon Associates, Landscape Architects, Houston, TX
Design: The Lentz Group/Carolyn Ferguson
Folder and Mini-folders
Wilson Griffin
The classic large folder served as the prior firm’s general
brochure (now Wilson Architectural Group), and featured the
firm’s principals on the front and back cover in stark black
and white photos. Inside, the projects were in color. A tag
with a ragged bottom carried the sparse text. A series of three
mini-folders later accompanied the brochure following a
similar graphic theme for the text appearing on a tag. The
photo and text on the cover introduced humor, such as, “the
right club makes the difference.” Inside the text described
their country club project.

Wilson Griffin Architects,
now: Wilson Architectural Group,
Houston, TX
Creative/Writing: The Lentz Group
Design/Graphics: Michael
Strickland Design
Photography: Aker/Zvonkovic
Holiday Package
The target audience for this piece was the small
firm’s top 25 clients based on income
generated during the year. In addition they
included clients where they were trying to
establish new work. The idea for the Chinese
New Year invitation came from one of the
principal’s wife. She found fortune cookies for
every occasion on the web. The firm selected
all of the aphorisms and proverbs that were
used. The majority of the cookies were
delivered in person by various employees.
There were three different fortune cookie box
sizes containing 25, 75 or 100 cookies,
depending on the size of the client. They did
this to achieve high differentiation from the
competitors as this event is typically not used
for marketing initiatives. Also, the holiday is not
connected with any other connotations. Since
the campaign, 3 of the 29 clients included the
firm on their team in pursuit of projects.

Quantum Consulting Engineers, Seattle, WA
Special Events
Party Invitation (Cont.)
Hickok Cole
Inside the western theme invitation was a folded
paper that opened to reveal a “Wanted” poster
done in sepia tones. It showed all the members of
the firm dressed in western garb with names of
their choosing. Each was wanted for some act and
they each had a reward placed on them, which
clients could collect if they talked to them. A prize
was given for the highest amount of rewards

Hickok Cole Architects, Washington, DC
Design: Sarah Barr/Hickok Cole Architects
Graphic Design Studio
 Target Market
Gould Evans
The firm was competing for a large
hotel/conference center project in
Grapevine, TX. They played off the
project's locale in Texas in order to
have a theme for their submittal. The
proposal was bound in leather and
branded with a custom logo developed
for their team. The proposal was then
packaged in leather saddlebags and
hand-delivered by a singing cowboy
much to the delight of their prospective
client. Ultimately, the firm was
awarded a major portion of the project.

Gould Evans, Kansas City, MO
Presentation Handout
The firm was one of four construction firms shortlisted for a new
performing arts building at a college preparatory school. The firm was in
last place against others with substantially more experience, or those
who had worked for the school before. One firm had built a premier
performance hall designed by the same architect the client was now
using. Research indicated that the client wanted a contractor that would
truly listen to their needs and become a team player. The presentation
theme was a stage performance entitled “The Constructors” based on the
currently popular play and movie “The Producers”. They used similar
typography that is used on the Broadway Playbill as a handout. The
Playbill’s synopsis uses phrases such as “set in the present day”, “based
on a book” and “the drama unfolds” to tell the firm’s story. Other
references to the play aspect included a Cast of Characters (the team),
Repeat Performances (past projects), and production team (key players).
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