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					技术数据                       Technical Data
液压系统                       Hydraulic Actuator System
                           In compliance with customers specifications and
                           international standards designed systems for all
                           requirements of control applications.

可用一套液压系统同时控制几个独立的阀门。       Simultaneous actuating of several, independent control
                           valves with one hydraulic system.

直行程驱动推力可达 2,000,000 牛顿     Linear actuator force up to      2.000.000 N
角行程驱动力矩可达 700,000 牛米       Rotary actuator torque up to      700.000 Nm

 用伺服阀/比例阀进行模拟位置控制            Analogous position control with servo-valves /
                               proportional valves
                              Step control or open-close functions
 步进控制或打开/关闭功能
                              Safety-control devices with triple pressure test units
 根据德国“蒸汽锅炉技术标准”TRD421,        according to German “Technical Standards for

    具有三路压力测试装置的安全控制设备,有        Steam Boilers“ TRD 421, with type-test approval
                               mark of the German TÜV
    德国 TÜV 设备测试批准标志
                              Possible designs for failsafe position in case of
 当电源故障时的安全保护设计:               electric power supply failure:

    - 锁定在故障发生时的位置              - Blocking in the last control position
                               - Moving to limit position open or close by using
    – 通过使用液压蓄能器或弹簧力来移动到限
                               hydraulic accumulators or with spring force
    定位置打开或关闭                   - accumulators for several emergency strokes

    - 用于紧急动作的蓄能器              Double motor-pump-units with automatic change
 双马达-泵,带自动切换功能
                              Internal control, monitoring and transfer of signals to
 用可编程控制器(PLC)进行内部控制,监         the main control room with programmable controller
    控和传输信号到主控室                 (PLC)
                              Connection to BUS-systems possible
 可以连接到总线系统
                              Text display or local control panel for indication of
 文字显示或本地控制面板用于显示操作模           operating modes, signals and alarms on request
    式,信号和报警要求。                Special designs for operation in potentially explosive
                              Design for mineral oil or for fire resistant hydraulic
 特殊防爆型设计
                               fluid, e.g. HFD-R.
 使用矿物油或抗燃液体,如 HFD-R          Installation of the hydraulic unit and of the
                               interconnecting pipe
                              Installation of inter connecting cables
 安装液压设备及其连接管道
                              Commissioning
 安装内部缆线
                              Service
 调试
   服务

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