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									    An electronic book, or e-book, refers to a manuscript’s electronic representation of a book
    in one of several formats such as EPUB, eReader, PDF, MOBI and KF8. The EPUB format
    is the most popular standard and is the format used by the Nook, iBooks and Sony readers
    among others. Amazon Kindle devices use the MOBI format; some have recently begun
    using KF8 -- Kindle Format 8 -- which greatly enhances the reading experience with more
    graphics and interactivity functions. KF8 is only available on the Kindle Fire as of March
    2012; however, Amazon promises multidevice expansion. If you have a previously
    purchased e-book and wish to read it on a Kindle device or app, you will need to convert it
    using one of many programs currently available.


o   1
    Download the EPUB to MOBI freeware program from the company website (link in
    Resources), noting the location of the downloaded file.

o   2
    Open the program and click “File” or “Folder” to bring up a dialog box. Locate the e-books
    you wish to convert and click “Open,” causing the e-books to appear on the EPUB to MOBI
    control panel.

o   3
    Open “File” and click “Convert.” You can also open a group of files for batch conversion. The
    EPUB file automatically converts to a MOBI file. Save the file into the same folder as your
    original EPUB book; the folder opens upon completion of the conversion. Note that once
    your e-books have been converted and you wish to add more books, you will have to
    overwrite your original conversion. No selection of files is permitted in the control panel.
o   4
    Be aware that you cannot change folders when you are using the program. You will have to
    close the program and reopen it or store all your EPUB books in one folder.

2. 2EPUB

o   5
    Navigate to the free 2EPUB website (link in Resources) to upload your e-book files. Browse
    to find your file. Several e-book formats are made available for conversion. Select yours. You
    can upload up to five e-books at a time, with a maximum total size of 25MB.

o   6
    Click “Upload Files.” Set your parameters for the conversion. You can change the title,
    author or encoding, which includes several languages or leave them as “Auto.” Click "MOBI"
    from the “Convert to Other Formats” choice.

o   7
    Wait for the conversion process to finish and then download the result by right-clicking on
    the file name. Then click “Save Link as…” and choose where you want to save the new MOBI

3. Calibre

o   8
    Download Calibre from the company website (link in Resources). Install the program using
    the Welcome Wizard. Choose your language and location for your Calibre files. Click “Next”
    and select Amazon as your e-book device manufacturer. Choose the appropriate device; if
    you use the Kindle app on a tablet or smartphone, choose that device. Continue working
    through the Wizard until you see the Finish button. Clicking it will open the program.

o   9
    Click the “Add Books” button found on the upper left of the toolbar. Navigate to your saved
    e-books and click the one you wish to convert. Customize your e-book by choosing any of
    the options on the left side of the page. Click “OK.”

o   10
    Connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable. A Device icon will appear on the
    top toolbar. Drag the e-book to the Device button. Because your e-book is not yet in the
    MOBI format, Calibre asks you if you want to change the format so your Kindle can read it.

o   11
    Highlight the e-book and click the “Convert” button on the toolbar, if you are using a Kindle
    app instead of a device. Click the “Input Format” button on the top left of the window to
make sure that it is in the correct format for your e-book. Click the “Output Format” button
on the top right and choose "MOBI." Your book is converted.

Tips & Warnings
     The only way to convert e-books to the KF8 format, as of March 2012, is with KindleGen, a command-line
      tool from Kindle. KindleGen enables writers of Kindle books to incorporate the new format in their books.
     All of these conversion programs do an adequate job of maintaining the formatting integrity of the original in
      a side-by-side comparison.
     Connect your Kindle and computer with a USB cable to send your converted MOBI file to your Kindle. It
      appears as a removable storage device. Open the Kindle folder on this drive and or copy the e-book into the
      folder. After you disconnect the Kindle, the e-book appears on the Kindle desktop. You can also right-click
      on the converted e-book and email it to yourself. You can then open the mail on your tablet or smartphone
      and download the file to your Kindle app.
     When you are reproducing copyrighted material, bear in mind that the copy is for your personal use only and
      not for resale or any other form of distribution.

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