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      Earth & Spirit CEntEr
1924 Newburg Road • Louisville, KY 40205 • 502.452.2749

    Kids & Nature
    Summer Field Trips — Grades K-8
                                    Summer field trips at the Earth & Spirit Center are designed to promote within
                                    children a curiosity and care for the Earth. Through individual growth and sen-
                                    sory awareness training, children can discover the spiritual connection between
                                    nature and science. They will learn to creatively engage the natural world and
                                    be encouraged to cultivate a sense of stewardship for God’s creation.
                                    What kind of field trip experiences are offered for kids?
                                   Program components include:
                                   • learning essential nature skills;
                                   • gardening and understanding how food grows;
                                   • creating healthy snacks from the garden;
                                   • experiencing Earth-centered arts and science activities.
     Programs can be structured in a variety of formats, depending on the interest and needs of the children.
     How long are the programs? When are they available?
     Programs are offered throughout the summer. They can be scheduled as half-day or full-day experiences. Half day
     programs are generally scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Full-day programs can be scheduled from 9:00
     a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (students bring their own lunches). Adaptations can be made to suit the needs of any group.
     Who might be interested in a field trip for their kids?
     • Summer camps incorporate field trips to the Earth & Spirit Center as supplemental programs.
     • School groups come for a summer educational outreach experience.
     • Groups of families with similar-aged children create their own get-away summer day program.
     How many students can I bring? What is the cost?
     Groups may bring up to 60 children, with a suggested minimum of 15 students. The cost per student is $8.00
     for half-day program and $15 for full-day program. Scholarships are available upon request. Chaperones of
     one-per-ten children are required and they come at no cost.
     How are programs structured?
     Programs are designed as units for students going into grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
     What and where is the Earth & Spirit Center?
                     The Earth & Spirit Center is located on 20 acres behind the Passionist Monastery within the
                     city of Louisville. Originally established in 1915, the woods, garden, and red barn make an
                     ideal setting for eager learners K-8 to experience hands-on interdisciplinary field trips. Chil-
                     dren can have an enjoyable and interactive encounter with the Earth and faith in this wonder-
                     ful indoor and outdoor classroom.
     Who is the instructor?
     Mary Beth Brown, a fulltime teacher and early childhood educator, has a BFA from Centre College. She is
     involved in the local food movement in Louisville and has been offering educational outreach programs at the
     Earth & Spirit Center garden for the past three summers. She has a deep passion for our planet and our re-
     sponsbility to be its careful stewards.
     How do I register for a field trip?
     Field trips to the Earth & Spirit Center can be scheduled for anytime throughout the summer of
     2012. Contact Anne Walter by email at or call 502.452.2749.
     Please provide: school or group name, contact information, preference on date, preference of
     lesson topic, grade level, and number of students.
      Earth & Spirit Center • 1924 Newburg Road • Louisville, KY 40205 • 502.452.2749

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