Board Conference Call August CEFPI by jolinmilioncherie


									                                CEFPI Southeast Region
                Board Conference Call: Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 1:30
                           (Minutes revised 1 September 2010)

Participants:    Bill Bradley
                 Michael Hall
                 Christina Lighthall
                 Glen Meeks
                 Wayne Roberts
                 Ken Swann
                 Janell Weihs
                 Doug Westmoreland

Michael opened the meeting at 1:35.


Minutes from the June 2010 meeting were not available.


Doug Westmoreland reported that the CD of $101,529.19 has been transferred to
International. The savings account ($22,013.03 and the checking account $5,551.80)
have been reconciled and these accounts will be closed by the end of the month with the
proceeds turned over to the International account. There are two outstanding invoices
from International, one for $5,000 for our obligation to the 2010 Strategic Planning
Conference, and one for $17,764.88. With these obligations, the total amount is

Doug recommended we purchase a six month CD for $75,000. Bill Bradley seconded
the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Janell will provide the outstanding invoices for the $1,410.00 that has not been paid.
Doug will lead the effort to contact these people and resolve these payments.


Spring Conference Issues:

There was a discussion about the use of table tops for exhibitors instead of booths.
Table tops would be able to be provided for less cost to the exhibitors. Michael will
contact Duane Bruch about this approach. Christina and Janell will work with Marriott on
these options and then finalize the contract.


No report was available.

After the conference call, Bill Brown provided this update on the 2010 CEFPI-SE Prize
for Educational Facility Planning Research: Entries have been received and are being
reviewed by the jury at this time. We will have a jury call in early September and as chair
of the jury, Bill will forward the jury’s selection to the Board before the national
conference in San Jose. It can be announced at the region meeting at the conference.


Alabama: No report.

Florida: No report.

Georgia: No report.

Jamaica: No report.

Kentucky: No report.

Mississippi: No report.

North Carolina: No report.

Puerto Rico: No report.

South Carolina: No report

Tennessee: Ken reported that the work on the Rosenwald Schools is proceeding. The
chapter has scheduled a brainstorming to talk about ideas for increasing chapter
membership. Christina indicated that International should have some resources on
chapter development that would be helpful to these efforts.

Virginia: Bill reported that preparations for the annual winter conference are being
finalized, to be held in Roanoke on Feb 21-22. There will be a one-day Fall conference
October 18 in Arlington, with a theme of new construction vs. renovation.

West Virginia: No report.


Update on Southeast Region Conference: Ray Maher and Christina have finalized
the Marriott in Savannah as the Conference location.



NOTE: Next Board Meeting will be at International Conference Friday,
September 24 at 5:00. Attendance may be low for Southeast Region Board
and a follow-up conference call will be scheduled for Michael after the
The Conference Call was adjourned at 2:12 PM.

If you have corrections or additions to these minutes, please contact Doug
Westmoreland at

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Douglas D. Westmoreland

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