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The Internode Virtual Private Server Service
Internode Virtual Private Servers provide a cost-effective and scalable option for customers requiring dedicated server
solutions. It delivers the superior bandwidth and high availability benefits of data centre hosting; combined with the
flexibility and security of a dedicated device. Key issues of redundancy, firewalling, monitoring, and management of both
hardware and operating systems are all addressed as part of this comprehensive solution set.
•	     Having the entire Virtual Private Server (VPS) infrastructure
       located and managed in Australia means that there is great
       connectivity to Australian networks and customers - with much
       faster response times, as traffic does not have to (typically) come
       from across the Pacific.
                                                                                          OS             OS              OS             OS
•	     The Internode VPS platform features only leading name hardware,
       all with redundant power supplies, fans and dual path fibre
       channel controllers. Each is connected to fast (15K) SAN storage in               VPS             VPS            VPS            VPS
       RAID configurations with hot Spares. The Storage Area Network
       features redundant SAN controllers, power supplies and fibre
       channel switching. Most of the hardware is hosted at the Sydney
       GlobalSwitch Data Centre; with option of redundancy capabilities                                  Virtualisation Layer
       provided by servers in the Brisbane PIPE Data Centre.
•	     This high-end hardware platform operates under VMWare
                                                                                       Physical Server     Physical Server      Physical Server
       vSphere, delivering powerful virtualisation and automatic host
       recovery capabilities. Networking is performed by a state of the art
       Gigabit Cisco Network, capable of IPv6 support.

A VPS is a highly flexible, cost effective alternative to a dedicated sever and co-location. It can be configured for a number of
things such as Website Hosting, Email, eCommerce, File Serving and application hosting.
Internodes’ VPS’ can be delivered directly to the Internet or directly to an Internode Business Connect (IBC) solution.
Internodes offering also caters for more advanced solutions including;
•	     Microsoft	Windows	Server	Operating	Systems
         •	     Windows Server 2003 or 2008 – Web, Standard and Data Centre Editions
         •	     Windows Small Business Server 2011 – Standard and Premium Editions
         •	     Windows Server Enterprise Edition
•	     Microsoft	Applications
         •	     SQL Server 2005 or 2008 – Web, SQL Workgroup Server and SQL Server Standard Editions
         •	     Exchange 2007 or 2010 – Standard, Standard Plus, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus Editions
         •	     Sharepoint 2007 or 2010 – Server Standard and Enterprise Editions
         •	     Microsoft Office – Standard and Professional Plus Editions
         •	     Microsoft Office Visio – Standard, Professional and Premium Editions
         •	     Windows Server Remote Desktop Service
•	     Linux	Operating	Systems
         •	     RedHat, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu
•	     Linux	Applications
         •	     LAMP for Unix
         •	     Hadoop for Unix.
Internode’s VPS offering also has the powerful concept of Virtual Private Data Centres (VDC’s). This concept allows unmetered
communication via a private network, between all VPS’ that a customer placed in the Virtual Data Centre.

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•	     Management of all hardware and relevant support
•	     High availability 99.9%
•	     Large selection of Microsoft Windows and Unix Operating Systems available
•	     Management of all infrastructure hardware
•	     Operating System installation and licence management
•	     Backup Services
•	     Application Licencing
•	     Business benefits from online control of the Virtual Private Server, including;
         •	     Reverse DNS management
         •	     Traffic usage reports
         •	     Notification management
         •	     VPS portal user management
         •	     VPS Stop, Start, Restart, and Reset control
•	     Monitoring services
•	     Operating System and/or application management
•	     Firewall Management
•	     Professional Services

Plans and Pricing
The customisable options and flexibility that the Internode Virtual Private Server offers, allows for deployments to meet most
The entry VPS solution starts at as little as $120 per month. This offering includes the following: An Internet Virtual Data
Centre, A Public IP address, 1 GB of RAM, 1 CPU core minimum speed of 2 Ghz, 30 GB of Storage, 25 GB of Internet usage, Basic
management, Backup service with 1 day retention and an Online server management portal.
Some of the enhancements that can be made include:
•	     Up to a /27 Public IP address space
•	     Up to 32 Gbytes of RAM and 6 x 2Ghz or higher CPU cores
•	     Up to 30 – day retention backup service
•	     Up to 1000 GBytes of storage
•	     Up to 1000 GBytes of Internet usage
•	     Operating System and application management
•	     Dedicated redundant link firewall management
•	     Server and software monitoring
It is also possible to have multiple servers installed in the same Virtual Private Data Centre, allowing them to communicate via
the equivalent of a private LAN.
Information is current as of 28 June 2011. This is subject to change without notice. All prices quoted include GST.

                                                              Like to know more?

                                         Please contact our Internode Business Sales Team on 13 NODE (13 6633) or email
                                         business-sales@internode.on.net for further information. You can also obtain
                                         more information or a user guide at www.internode.on.net/vps

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