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									                                                                                                                January/February/March 2007
                                                                                                                           Volume VI, Issue 1

“ P A T R O L L I N G                   T H E       T O U G H E S T            P R E C I N C T S               I N      N E W         Y O R K ”

                                            PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                    WHO ARE YOU?
                                    Dear Brother/Sister Officer:             Who are you? Are you a New York City Correction Officer, proudly
                                                                             wearing your uniform, proudly protecting and serving the public?
                                    In writing this president’s message      Or are you just willing to surrender all that you’ve worked for and all
                                    to you I pose the question, “Who         that your family is proud of just because of some individual who
                                    are you?” I know what we are             lives down the street from you and you want to be a part of some
                                    supposed to be, yet some of us           acceptable click?
                                    feel that they ought not be a part
                                    of this family.                          I can’t tell you how heart-wrenching it is when I get a telephone call
                                                                             in the middle of the night, informing me that a Correction Officer has
                                    We are New York City Correction          been involved in a use of force incident, protecting the life of a
                                    Officers—the best Correction             comrade or the life of an inmate. I can’t describe to you the
                                    Officers in the world—maintaining        disgusting feeling that goes through my body when I hear that an
President Norman Seabrook           the care, custody, and control of        officer has responded to an incident after one of your brother/sister
                                    some of the most violent                 officers has been assaulted and that the incident was caused by the
individuals in society, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.                       carelessness of that 1%—the 1% who thinks it’s ok to give an
                                                                             inmate a cigarette, a cell phone, or Top tobacco.
Yet sometimes some of us surrender or just give up. We surrender
our integrity, our professionalism, and our brothers and sisters in          I’m not going to sugar coat this. It’s that 1% who attempt to corrupt
blue. On a daily basis, 99% of us do whatever is required of us, no          the minds and the integrity of the 99% who do a great job everyday.
questions asked. Yet, there is that 1% of us and you’ll know who they        It’s that 1% who say it’s ok to bring in that cell phone or that
are because after they read this, they will still be complaining about       contraband for an inmate, because they are “friends”. Yet, a friend
protecting and serving the public.                                           wouldn’t ask you to jeopardize your livelihood, or your life, for
                                                                             something so insignificant and illegal. Today it’s a cell phone;
Senior officers, junior officers, probationary Correction Officers are       tomorrow it’s a 9 millimeter.
just that, Correction Officers. However, we continue to allow
ourselves to be placed in harm’s way by yet another person who               The Executive Board and I have been to over 100 funerals for
shares our uniform. It is very difficult for me as the president of this     Correction Officers and thank God we did not have to attend one
union to write this letter, but it is a letter that needs to be written.     funeral for an officer who lost his/her life because of an inmate who
We work in a very, very dangerous environment. Things that we                was given contraband by a Correction Officer that was used to kill a
take for granted like freedom, are not considered freedom to                 fellow officer.
others—the people who we are paid to supervise and detain.                                                                     (continued on page 2)

EXPRESS THEIR GRATITUDE FOR COBA’S SUPPORT           p.3                   IN MEMORIAM                                         p.8
COBA COMMUNITY NEWS                                  p.4                   WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN A
NEW DOC PROCEDURES ESTABLISHED TO ASSIST                                   SPLASHING INCIDENT                                  p.9
COS WITH WTC HEALTH RELATED ISSUES                   p.4                   2007 DELEGATE SEMINAR                               p.9
COBA HEALTH CORNER                                   p.5                   WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE INJURED                       p.10
COBA WELCOMES THE NEWEST MEMBERS                                           A 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR AUTO INSURANCE               p.11
OF NYC’S BOLDEST                                     P.7
Let us not let that 1% continue to corrupt our minds, steal our                supervisory ranks who go above and beyond to prove they are
souls, trash our integrity or tarnish our credibility. Let us not let          incompetent and irresponsible and they are just like that 1% we need
that 1% who do not want to be a part of New York City’s Boldest                to weed out. It’s not just that 1% of us who wear a blue uniform
destroy everything for the rest of us.                                         who violate the code of ethics of this department. There are also
                                                                               those who wear white shirts and some who don’t even wear a
Who are you? This union, the Executive Board and I, will represent             uniform, who do the same. You are that 99% who this Executive
you to the fullest extent of the law. We support you 100% and you              Board and I are so proud to represent. You are that 99% who will
don’t have to be fearful if you inform us about someone you know               eventually weed out that 1% who don’t care for you, themselves, or
who is jeopardizing the safety and security of your fellow officers.           even for their own families. You are that 99% that this Board and I
                                                                               wake up every morning striving to represent. You may not always
However, if it’s your fault that one of our brother/sister officers gets       get what you want, but you’ll always get a fair shake. This Executive
hurt, then you should be the one who knocks on that officer’s                  Board and I go that extra 100% just for you and your family.
mother’s, father’s, husband’s, or wife’s door and explains to them
that you’re there to inform them that Correction Officer XYZ has               It's 100% of the 99% of you that need to be praised and need to be
been killed in the line of duty, protecting and serving this great city        told "thank you." Thank you for what you do in making this agency,
all because that inmate was one of your boys.                                  which we run, a success. They can talk about inmate violence
                                                                               reductions and weapons recoveries, but they always fail to say it's
I know that this is the first and hopefully the last time I write this         because of the 99% of Correction Officers who make this happen,
type of message. But 99% of us are sick and tired of that 1%.                  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make this happen. On behalf of
                                                                               the people in our communities, on behalf of our families, and on
99% of you go and come to work every day and work very long                    behalf of our brothers and sisters in blue, "thank you."
hours. You miss holidays like Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, etc. to
diligently perform your duties. You over-looked the disrespectful              In the words of legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi, “Winning
behavior of some of your managers, you’ve swallowed the insults of             is not a sometime thing. It’s an all the time thing. You don’t win
false accusations, the bogus charges, and you’ve sucked up the pain            once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while. You do
and the threats, and yet you still came out on top as a proud New              them right all the time. Winning is a habit.” That’s our 99% of New
York City Correction Officer. You’ve watched on television and seen            York City’s Boldest—second to none.
praises for firefighters, cops, and teachers, yet you remain in the
belly of the beast—in the confines of a jail system that is plagued            May God bless you and your family and may you enjoy the Easter
with AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and inmates tossing urine and              and Passover holidays.
feces at you when they don’t get their way. You are that 99% who
didn’t take this job to become a hero, you took it to make a
difference. You took it to protect your families and your
communities who pray that you return home the same way you left.               Sincerely,
That’s the 99% who perform the job that’s required of you 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.

Some of our managers have forgotten where they came from and
rose through the ranks because they were able to take a multiple               Norman Seabrook
choice exam but they cannot make a multiple choice decision. 99%               President
of our managers are in fact good managers. They are understanding,
caring, and compassionate. But there’s that 1% within the

                                                 Through the generosity of countless supporters                And during he holiday season, a check in the amount of $250 is provided as a holiday
                                                 over the years, the COBA Executive Board has                  gift to each widow/widower.
                                                 kept its commitment to caring for the families of
                                                 Correction Officers. The COBA established the                 Additionally, a check in the amount of $500 is provided to each eligible child of a
                                                 Widows’ and Children’s Fund in 1996 to assist the             deceased Correction Officer, ensuring that each bereaved family is not forgotten. This
                                                 children and spouses of Correction Officers, who              year alone, the COBA Widows and Children’s Fund raised over $90,000, which
                                                 died while on active duty. Each year the money                assisted 57 families of Correction Officers during this past holiday season.
                                                 raised at the annual COBA Awards Dinner is used
                                                 to provide a check in the amount of $250 to each              Below are children of deceased Correction Officers, who have contacted COBA News
By: Liz Castro                                   family of a deceased active Correction Officer to             to express their appreciation to the COBA and to update us on their educational
COBA 3rd Vice-President                          help them purchase their Thanksgiving dinner.                 achievements.

My name is Quianna Gore McNeill, the                          I am Jaron Gore McNeil, the son of                 My name is Lauren A. Marcinkiewicz, the        I’m Brandon P. Marcinkiewicz, the second
daughter of Correction Officer Jacquelyne                     Correction Officer Jacquelyne Gore, who            daughter of Correction Officer Theodore        eldest son of Correction Officer Theodore
Gore, who passed away in August 2004.                         passed away in August 2004. She was                Marcinkiewicz. I am a freshman on a full       Marcinkiewicz. I am currently a junior at
She was assigned to AMKC. I had just                          assigned to AMKC. I graduated from Christ          scholaship in the honors program at St.        SUNY Oswego, and will graduate in 2008.
entered Lincoln University when my mother                     the King High School with honors in June           Thomas Aquinas College. I am working           I am working towards a B.S. in Adolescent
passed away. I have maintained a 3.3 to                       2006. I’m proud to say that I am living            towards attaining a B.S. in Elementary         Education, with a concentration in Social
3.7 grade point average for the last three                    my mother’s dream. I received a full               Education with a concentration in Social       Studies. I have made the Dean’s List every
years. This summer, before beginning my                       football scholarship to Hofstra Universiy,         Science with the addition of Special           semester with a 3.45 GPA.
senior year, I will pursue a law internship at                where I am currently a freshman. I want            Education. I am currently on the Dean’s
Hampton University. I am planning to enter                    to thank you for keeping my sisters and            List with a 4.0 GPA.
politics after graduation. Thank you for                      me in the COBA family.
continuing to provide help for my family.

                                                                                                                      TAKES CARE OF
                                                                                                                        ITS OWN!
My name is Tiffany Carty, the daughter of                     My name is Corey S. Marcinkiewicz. I am
Correction Officer Megan Carty, who was                       the eldest son of Correction Officer
assigned to EMTC and passed away in                           Theodore Marcinkiewicz, who passed
1999. I am a 2005 graduate of Clara                           away in 1996. He was assigned to the
Barton High School for Health Professionals.                  Queens Courts. I graduated from Le Moyne
In 2005, I was admitted into a prestigious                    College in 2005 with a 3.0 GPA and a
program at Misericordia College. At                           Bachlors of Science in Business
Misericordia College, I am in my second year                  Administration with a concentration in
of obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Nursing                  Management Information System. Thank
and Child Welfare Services, After graduation                  you for continuing to support my family.
I plan to complete my ultimate goal of
becoming a Family Nurse Practioner.

                                                  COBA COMMUNITY NEWS
                          The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With the First Step:
          1st Annual Fellowship Breakfast to Focus on Building Bridges Within Local Communities
                                                            COBA News: Thank you for spending some time                       invite an honor student who mentors other students who are
                                                            with us this afternoon. Can you tell us about how                 struggling academically. This is what I have done in my
                                                            you became interested in becoming a minister and                  church in the past and it has proven to be very helpful to the
                                                            the calling you received from God?                                children of my congregation.

                                                            Minister Carr: Sure. Let me begin by saying that when I           Furthermore, as far as the problems associated with gangs
                                                            received God’s calling, he told me that in order to spread his    and our youth, I can directly speak to this issue because it is
                                                            word I had to shed my old self and create a new vessel, if        something I’ve personally experienced first-hand. My own
                                                            you will, in which his spirit would enable me to spread his       son fought harder to get into the Bloods than he did to keep
                                                            word. He gave me a task to perform and in performing that         his grades up in school. And I know from speaking with
                                                            task I was lead to a verse in the scripture, Exodus, Chapter      many of my fellow brother and sister officers that my son’s
                                                            III. It tells the story of how Moses rose to become the           situation is not uncommon. That’s why the first issues our
                                                            Prince of Egypt and how he freed the slaves from                  fellowship breakfast seeks to address are the serious
                                                            oppression.                                                       problems facing our children in our communities.
                 Minister Darren Carr
                                                            COBA News: What’s the lesson in that story?                       COBA News: Minister Carr, can you tell us a little
                                                                                                                              more about the first annual fellowship breakfast,
Recently, COBA News spoke with Minister                     Minister Carr: In my view, the lesson regarding the rise of       which you are organizing?
                                                            Moses is that God trains his men and women to fulfill his will
Darren Carr, who is also a Correction Officer                                                                                 Minister Carr: The fellowship breakfast will be held later
                                                            and that he equips us with the tools to do what is righteous.
assigned to EMTC. Minister Carr has been                    No amount of status, education, or power can match God’s          this spring at the Sharon Baptist Church, which is over 100
preaching at the Greater Zion Hill Baptist                  training. The lesson also conveyed to me that I am in a           years old and is located at 827 Forrest Avenue, between
Church in Harlem for the past four years and                position to perform the job put before me from God, which         158th and 156th streets in the Bronx. It will be open to
will be attending Drew University Theological               is addressing the needs and concerns of my fellow brothers        everyone of all faiths and beliefs and even if you believe in
Seminary next year.                                         and sisters in my community.                                      nothing but yourself. I invite my fellow brother and sister
                                                                                                                              officers to not only attend this fellowship breakfast, but to
                                                            COBA News: Can you give us an example of one                      also begin to truly engage themselves in our common
Minister Carr is preparing a fellowship                                                                                       mission, which is to better the future of our families and to
                                                            of those needs?
breakfast, which will be held later this                                                                                      improve the social fabric of our communities.
spring, at the Sharon Baptist Church located                Minister Carr: One of those needs involves our youth.
in the Bronx. The purpose of this event is to               Our youth needs an outlet other than becoming in local            COBA News: How can Correction Officers obtain
create a positive and constructive forum                    street gangs, which are tearing apart the very fabric of our      information about the fellowship breakfast?
where Correction Officers can begin to                      communities. I envision in the near future, the creation of a     Minister Carr: For information regarding the specific date
discuss many important issues that directly                 faith-based athletic league with the mission of exercising not    and time of the fellowship breakfast, Correction Officers can
impact their families.                                      just our physical bodies, but also the mental and spiritual       contact me at 718-597-9795. And if they wish, they can
                                                            parts of ourselves and our children. Additionally, I would like   submit additional issues which we will address and integrate
                                                            to encourage the schools in our local communities that            with our fellowship platform. To submit ideas or suggestions,
Ultimately, he hopes that forums such as the                instead of inviting celebrities to speak to our kids, they
fellowship breakfast will help COs strengthen                                                                                 they can email me at
                                                            should invite individuals who embody a more realistic picture
the bonds between their families and their                  of the success they can achieve by recognizing the
respective communities.                                     accomplishments of their peers. For example, they should

On February 14, 2007, Commissioner Martin F. Horn announced the appointment of                  In April 2007, the Health Management Division will announce the creation of
Assistant Chief Peter Curcio, as the NYCDOC WTC Health Coordinator. Chief Curcio                the WTC Help Center which will be comprised of a dedicated staff to provide an
issued an informational teletype for all members of service who may have had WTC                initial consultation on WTC related paperwork, discuss issues, and permit an initial
exposure at ground zero or a related WTC sight, to file a form #622 "Notice of                  medical screening with the WTC registry while on official business.
Participation" with NYCERS by August 14, 2007. This notice permits the DOC
member to extend his or her statute of limitations for filing a future WTC related              Correction Officers who served in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero
compensation claim. This should be completed even if you don't have symptoms                    should be gathering all WTC related documents, completing a NYCERS notice of
now. Chief Curcio also encouraged participation in the WTC registry, which permits              participation form, compensation papers and be prepared to make an appointment
you to receive medical and mental health referrals and future information or changes            with the WTC Help Center when it opens in April.
as it relates to WTC issues. Each Correction Officer who had exposure should also
be completing workers’ compensation papers and submit them to the Health
Management Division.
                                                                      COBA HEALTH CORNER
                                                                                                                     will receive what they are entitled to, both medically and financially.
                                                                                                                   • PCP physicians are not aware of the inner workings of the disability system and will not get the
                                                                                                                     authorization to treat patients nor will they fill out the proper forms.

                                                                                                                   So let me briefly describe what happened to the three Correction Officers who called our office and
                                                                                                                   who were subsequently treated for their specific work-related injuries.

                                                                                                                   Case One:
                                                                                                                   A Correction Officer sustained multiple injures over 10 years and sought care with her PCP, who
                                                                                                                   failed to submit the proper workers’ compensation paperwork. The CO is retiring due to her injuries.
Dr. Michael Hearns                                                                                                 This case highlights the importance of the initiation process and the use of an occupational/workers’
                                                                                                                   compensation specialist. As a result of seeking care with us, the Correction Officer’s workers’
Dr. Michael Hearns is the President and CEO of Central Medical Services of
                                                                                                                   compensation cases were initiated and we are in the process of determining if she is a candidate
Westrock (CMSW). He is also the Director of the Department of Occupational and
                                                                                                                   to receive benefits under the disability retirement system. We are also treating her medical
Environmental Medicine at Forest Hills Hospital---North Shore/LIJ Health System.
                                                                                                                   conditions and assisting her navigate the disability system.
He is a Board Certified physician, specializing in the field of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine. He has been practicing medicine for over twelve years.
                                                                                                                   Case Two:
                                                                                                                   A Correction Officer injured his left knee at work. Over time, the CO developed pain in his right knee
COBA NEWS: Dr. Hearns, thank you for taking the time to meet with us.
                                                                                                                   due to the shifting of his weight. The PCP felt that the right knee was not related to the initial case
                                                                                                                   and therefore did not submit the necessary paperwork. Upon initiating treatment with us, we
Dr. Hearns: Dr. Hearns: Thank you. It’s great to be back.
                                                                                                                   submitted the necessary paperwork to get the right knee accepted by workers’ compensation as a
                                                                                                                   consequential injury. Workers’ compensation allows for this type of claim and therefore will authorize
COBA News: We are interested in hearing about the type of responses you received since our first
interview with you was published in the last edition of COBA News.
                                                                                                                   Case Three:
Dr. Hearns: I am glad you asked that question. We received many calls from COBA members
                                                                                                                   A Correction Officer developed heart disease while at work, but could not find a physician that could
inquiring about various medical problems. We actually started to treat several COBA members who
                                                                                                                   explain the relationship between work and the emergence of the officer’s heart disease. The CO
contacted us.
                                                                                                                   developed bacterial endocarditis-infection of the heart, which left him totally disabled. After our
                                                                                                                   examination, we determined that his heart disease was work-related and therefore we initiated the
COBA News: Can you tell us about the type of problems some of our members experienced?
                                                                                                                   necessary paperwork. Correction Officers are entitled to receive benefits under the Heart Bill.
Dr. Hearns: Sure. It became obvious from interviewing several Correction Officers that a lack of
                                                                                                                   COBA News: We can see how important it is for Correction Officers to seek care with an
education and knowledge existed, concerning the various disability systems. I remember three
                                                                                                                   occupational/workers’ compensation physician initially, as well as, for the duration of the treatment
Correction Officers who stood out in particular. The common theme in each case was how to initiate
                                                                                                                   of their work-related injury. However, can you clarify what a consequential injury is exactly and what
the disability process and the use of their primary care physician for disability problems.
                                                                                                                   the Heart Bill covers? Are Correction Officers entitled to monetary compensation in each case?
COBA News: Can you tell us more about the initiation of the disability process and the use of their
                                                                                                                   Dr. Hearns: A consequential injury results from the initial injury. An ankle injury can lead to knee pain
primary care physician or “PCP”?
                                                                                                                   due to the shifting of one’s weight to the other leg. In the workers’ compensation arena, this type
                                                                                                                   of injury is compensable and therefore treatable. The Heart Bill covers the development of heart
Dr. Hearns: My goal, during this interview and for future interviews, is to educate your members
                                                                                                                   disease among Correction Officers. The Heart Bill was established through legislation enacted by
about every aspect of the disability system, which includes workers’ compensation, disability
                                                                                                                   the COBA. Correction Officers are entitled to monetary awards, provided that their cases are
retirement, social security, short/long term disability and medical monitoring status. The end result
                                                                                                                   determined compensable by workers’ compensation law judges.
of any educational process is the transfer and use of knowledge to improve one’s medical outcome.
                                                                                                                   COBA News: In your experience, have the Correction Officers whom you’ve spoken to found the
The reason why I am focusing on the initiation of the disability process and the use of their PCP is
                                                                                                                   information provided in COBA’s Health Corner to be helpful?
due to the problems encountered by the three Correction Officers we treated in our office. In all
three cases, these officers visited their primary care provider (PCP) first. Their PCPs failed to submit
                                                                                                                   Dr. Hearns: Based on my conversations with the Correction Officers who we interviewed and
the proper paper work and/or failed to recognize the work-related nature of these officer’s unique
                                                                                                                   treated, they reported that the health corner provides them with an outlet to find answers to their
medical issues.
                                                                                                                   questions and concerns. They reported that they feel that the health corner provides an informative
                                                                                                                   forum, where they can learn about and address specific health-related issues. One member stated
COBA News: What happened to them?
                                                                                                                   that he would spread the word to other officers about the information provided in this column.
Dr. Hearns: Before I explain what happened to your members, let me guide you through the initiation
                                                                                                                   COBA News: Is there anything else you would like our members to know?
steps and the importance of seeking an occupational/workers’ compensation medical specialist to
treat you.
                                                                                                                   Dr. Hearns: Yes. I am available to answer any type of question a Correction Officer may have and
                                                                                                                   we at CMSW, encourage Correction Officers to call our central office at 718-626-4444. My office
• All COBA members must report their injuries at work and fill out an “Injury-On Duty” form.
                                                                                                                   also provides care for general health problems and for medical conditions resulting from personal
• This form is Department of Correction specific.
                                                                                                                   injuries incurred outside of work.
• After an incident takes place when an injury is incurred, the Correction Officer can go to the hospital
  and/or be treated at the facility. Regardless if the member stops work or continues to work, the
  member should continue to receive proper medical treatment until discharged by the treating                      I did not discuss in this interview, the disability retirement system, social security, short/long term
  physician.                                                                                                       disability or medical monitoring status, but I will address these topics in greater detail in future
• The injured Correction Officer seeking care with an occupational/workers’ compensation specialist will           interviews. If your members have questions regarding these topics now, they can call us five days
  receive the necessary medical care and will have all of the necessary paper work submitted, in                   a week during normal office hours or they can leave a message on our answering machine if they
  addition to the initiation of a completed C3 form.                                                               call after hours and we’ll get back to them as soon as possible.
• The C3 form is the official workers’ compensation form that describes fully, in your own words, what
  happened at work and how you injured yourself and what part of your body you injured.                                         Central Medical Services of Westrock
• The C3 form will replace a missing C2 form (DOC should file) and will result in the indexing of the
  case at the workers’ compensation board (WCB). This is the first official process that will start the case
                                                                                                                          Telephone: 718-626-4444 • Fax: 718-626-3044
  in Albany at the WCB.                                                                                               E-mail: • Website:
• The process that I’ve just described will ensure that your members’ rights are protected and that they

                         EDEN DAY SPA
        Offers Special Discounts for
            Correction Officers!
                    388 Broadway • New York, NY 10013
                   Tel. 212.226.0515 • Fax. 212.226.0230
            e-mail: •

                                                                                                      Pictured above: Eden Day Spa owner Sunny Cheuck and staff.

Are you feeling stressed out? Are your muscles feeling sore? Has the cold winter taken a
toll on your skin? Then the Eden Day Spa has just the cure for you. As you enter Eden,
you are immediately transported to a place of serenity and tranquility, a place where your
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Indulge and awaken in a garden where luxurious spa treatments soothe your body, mind
and soul. Your skin will be left glowing. Muscles will relax. Tensions will lift away, and your
internal energy will be invigorated.

During the entire month of April, Eden will offer all New York City Correction Officers a
special discounted price of $50.00 for all 45 minute Swedish massages, relaxing facials,
and sandy beach body treatments. And beginning May 1st until August 1st, Correction
Officers can receive 15% off all 45 minute massages, nails, waxing, and body treatments.

Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the Eden Day Spa opened its doors
to Ground Zero rescue workers free of charge, 24 hours a day for two weeks, utilizing 300
massage therapists, and earning it an official honor from the City of New York.

Eden Day Spa was a winner of City Search’s “Best Massage Spa” in 2001 and 2002. In
2001, New York Magazine featured Eden in its “Best of Massage”edition. And Time Out
Magazine voted Eden the “Best of Body Treatment” in 2002.

           Below are some of the many services offered at the Eden Day Spa:

Eden Signature Massage                                The Sandy Beach Scrub
Couple Massage                                        Organic Pina Colada Treatment*
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Aromatherapy Massage                                  Cocoa Wrap
Reflexology Massage
                                                      *All body water treatment includes
SKIN FACIAL TREATMENT                                  15-20 Minute MU-TONE soak in a
Essential Treatment                                    glorious bamboo tub.
Essential Healing
Algo Treatment
Botanical Lifting
Sea C Spa Treatment
Collagen Enhancement

On February 20, 2007, COBA President Norman Seabrook and the Executive
Board attended the graduation ceremony for 131 new Probationary Correction
Officers. They were joined by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Commissioner Martin
Horn, and Chief of Department Carolyn Thomas. The ceremony took place at the
John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

At the ceremony, President Seabrook stressed the importance of integrity. "Don’t
jeopardize your shield for your friends, and make sure you are enforcing the law
in the jails and in your neighborhoods," he said. "You are somebody's hero. You
                                                                                                                      CO Amit Jadoo                                         CO Louis Pinto Jr.
have to overcome the negativity from the streets."

Mayor Bloomberg extended his best wishes to the new officers. "A sense of duty
is what makes this the best Correction Department in the nation, and that
commitment is already apparent in today's class. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I
wish you all the best as you embark upon this important work for our City."

Among the graduates, 33 members currently have or have had a family member
on the job and 16 have previously served in the military. The class valedictorian
was Correction Officer Louis Pinto. There were two class salutatorians this year-
Correction Officers Jaeniel Killikelly and Ruby Koshy. Each of the probationary
Correction Officers completed a 15-week training curriculum at the New York
City Training Academy in Middle Village, Queens, including training in security, use
of force techniques, constitutional law, chemical agents, physical training,                                         CO Kelvin Martinez                                   CO Tamiko Mohan
communication skills, investigation procedures, first aid and health.

     President Norman Seabrook                            Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg                                              CO James Orphee and CO Craig Pheonix


Pictured above from left to right: COBA President Norman Seabrook, New York State Shields Executive       Pictured above: COBA 3rd Vice-President Liz Castro, who received a special appreciation award from
  Director Dan Martinez, CO Ferlisha Murray and CO Ralph E. Smith. Correction Officers Murray and                                the Grand Council of Guardians on March 23, 2007.
Smith received the “Hero of the Month” award at the New York State Shields Annual Law Enforcement
                                   Awards Dinner on March 27, 2007.

    Correction Officer’s Daughter Traded Figure Skating for Ice Hockey and Helped Her Team Bring
            Home The Silver Medal at Lake Placid’s Ice Hockey Championship Tournament

            Noelle Niemiec

In April 2006, eight-year old figure skater Noelle Niemiec, the daughter of Correction           needed at least a tie to advance to the championship game. The problem however,
Officer Vincent Niemiec, assigned to Headquarters, accompanied her brother to a travel           was that the team they were scheduled to play against was a team they had faced on
ice hockey team try-out. Noelle stood and watched the try-out in amazement. She                  more than one occasion during the regular season, a team that beat them by scores
noticed a young girl on the ice and she couldn’t shift her eyes away. Upon leaving the           like 10-2.
rink, Noelle turned to her mom and asked, “Can I play hockey?” Her mom said the
usual, “We’ll see.” And it wasn’t brought up again for a few days. About a week later            The Rangers were down 5-1 until late in the second period. Two goals scored before
Noelle asked again, “Mom, can I play hockey?” This time realizing that she was                   the period ended and left them only 2 goals away from realizing their dream. That’s
serious, her Mom told her after her figure skating show in May that she could try                when the “miracle on the ice” began to give hope. Noelle and her teammates never
putting on hockey skates. Well May came and went, and the show was over. It was                  gave up. They came back in the third period harder and tougher than they did all
the beginning of June when Noelle asked again. This time her mother said, “Ok, during            season long, and with 1:20 left in the game they scored the tying goal. This tie was a
your next figure skating lesson, you can put on hockey skates and see what your                  win to these nine and ten year olds. They just knocked the team that had beaten them
instructor thinks.”                                                                              so badly all year, out of the championship round.

Her next lesson was only days away. She was very excited that she was going to finally           After the game, a few of the children from the opposing team were overheard saying,
be able to try out for a hockey team. Noelle borrowed her brother’s gear and suited              “It was like they were the U.S. and we were the Russians.” That’s exactly how these
up. Her instructor warned her of the difference between the blades on hockey skates              kids felt. The championship game didn’t go as well, but they still wound up bringing
compared to figure skates---there was no toe pick. During her first few lessons on               home the silver medal, which was a tremendous accomplishment for these “Bad News
the ice she held on to her instructor for dear life. By the third lesson, the spectators         Bears” of ice hockey.
joked that they looked like little ice dancers. For her next lesson, the instructor had to
cancel, so a different instructor offered to take over. He took Noelle by the hand and           Noelle says she is looking forward to try-outs again this year, where she hopes maybe
brought her to center ice, let go of her hand and said, “Skate!” She was very nervous            she can inspire a little girl like herself to try and put on hockey skates and one day
and stood there for what seemed like an eternity and then she stroked, and stroked               experience the same excitement of her new favorite sport.
and became faster and faster. This was only the beginning. Now it was time to get her
own equipment.

About six weeks later, there was an open-power skating session in a rink close by in
Bayonne New Jersey, where her brother plays on a hockey team. Noelle took the ice.
One of the coaching staff inquired her age, and said “I want her on my team.” She                                         In Memoriam
graciously accepted and traded her figure skates in, and earned her position as a
defense-woman.                                                                                    The COBA extends its deepest sympathies to the families of
                                                                                                    each of the following Correction Officers who recently
Throughout the long tough season, which had more losses than wins, the crowd always
looked forward to seeing the player with the “ponytail” hanging out of her helmet, and saw               passed away. They will never be forgotten.
with their own eyes how this little girl with so much heart grew into such a great player.
                                                                                                                            Correction Officer         Facility
The end of the year in travel hockey was the most exciting time, a tournament home
to none other than the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid.                                                                        Mark Jackson               AMKC

On March 1, 2007 Noelle and her family made their way up to Lake Placid. The long                                           Michael Jones              GRVC
car ride allowed Noelle to watch the movie “Miracle” twice and rewind it to her favorite                                    Frantz Richiez             MDC
parts. With one win and one loss, the Bayonne Rangers were facing elimination and

WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE INVOLVED                                                                                 2007 COBA DELEGATE
   IN A SPLASHING INCIDENT                                                                                      TRAINING SEMINAR
                                                                                                   From March 20th through March 23rd, the Executive Board along with COBA
                                                                                                   Delegates and Trustees convened for an intensive four-day Delegate and Labor
                                                                                                   Relations Training Seminar. The topics discussed covered important issues such
                            By: Thomas Farrell
                                                                                                   as the Legal Obligations of a Delegate, the Taylor Law, Union Benefits, Command
                            Acting Legislative Chairman
                                                                                                   Discipline, Employment Discrimination, and Contract Grievances.
1. Make a logbook entry and notify your area supervisor immediately.
2. Request to be relieved from your post and to be evaluated by medical staff.
3. Follow the advice given by medical staff and follow-up with your private physician.
4. If your are medically able, fill out all relevant paperwork, including:
• Exposure form                          • Hepatitis form
• Workers compensation papers • Any required reports
• (i.e. infraction, use of force, unusual incident, etc.)
• Keep copies of all paperwork submitted for future reference
5. Bag and label articles of clothing submitted for testing (i.e. uniform shirt, uniform
   parts, t-shirt, etc.) Any of these items can be submitted for testing. Submitting your
   uniform is not a requirement. This procedure is necessary in the re-arrest and
   prosecution of the inmate involved. You will be reimbursed for any item that you
   submit for testing.
                                                                                                                                            COBA DELEGATES
Note: See Departmental Memorandum below:

             THE CITY OF NEW YORK
TO   :        ALL STAFF                                              05/25/05

It shall be the policy of this agency to reimburse uniformed personnel for articles of
clothing that become unusable due to splashing incidents.                                               COBA 1st Vice-President Israel Rexach                COBA Corresponding Secretary Al Blake

Reimbursement will be provided as long as all of the below criteria are strictly followed.
In addition, staff must have voluntarily surrendered the article(s) of clothing immediately
post-incident for use as evidence in a possible criminal prosecution.

The Department will only provide reimbursement for articles of clothing that have been
sent to the pre-arranged laboratory for testing, and that test positive for human urine
or feces. Once the pre-arranged laboratory has issued a positive finding, the staff
member shall be notified and authorized to purchase a replacement for the soiled
article of clothing. All staff must submit an original receipt of purchase for the certified
soiled article of clothing.

Listed below are the documents required for submission in order for reimbursement to
be processed:
                                                                                                                              COBA Attorneys Richard Koehler & Steven Isaacs

1.A copy of the completed Unusual Incident package.
2.A copy of the positive findings from the pre-arranged laboratory.
3.The original receipt replacing the uniformed article of clothing.
4.A completed personal expense form signed by both the uniformed personnel who
  sustained soiled clothing and the Commanding Officer or designee of that
  employee’s command.

All of the above information must be sent by the Commanding Officer or designee to
the attention of Nickolas J. Cuttonaro, Assistant Commissioner for Contracts and
Financial Services no later than one week after receiving positive test results.

                                                                                                   Former NYDOC Warden of OBCC /CPSU Mark Farsi                    Assistant Chief Peter Curcio
                                 KOEHLER & ISAACS LLP
                                                     ATTORNEYS AT LAW

                                                   61 BROADWAY, 25TH FLOOR
                                                 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10006
                                           (917) 551-1300 •

                       WHAT TO DO IF YOU OR A FAMILY
 Have you or a member of your family been recently injured at work, or in an automobile, subway, or bus accident? Have you
                     been injured due to medical malpractice or negligence on the part of a hospital?

If you or a family member are injured in an accident and require immediate legal representation, call the law firm of Koehler &
Isaacs LLP at 917-551-1300 and you will be put immediately in contact with attorneys working with the firm who will be ready
to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no charge unless you win your case or the case is settled by the firm.

The attorneys who will handle your case have a proven track record of securing substantial monetary settlements and/or verdicts
on behalf of their clients and their families. Below are just a few of some of their more recent cases:

       • $14.5 million settlement for the families of two clients killed in an auto accident.
       • $10 million settlement for the family of a client who was seriously injured.
       • $8 million settlement on behalf of the family of a client killed in an auto accident.
       • $7 million settlement for the family of a client who was seriously injured.
       • $5.5 million verdict for the family of a client who died in a motor vehicle accident.
       • $4 million settlement for an individual injured as a result of medical malpractice.
       • $3.75 million settlement on behalf of a client who was seriously injured.
       • $3 million settlement with a structure worth in excess of $10,000,000 on behalf of the family of a Correction Officer,
         who died as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
       • $1.5 million settlement in a medical malpractice case where a woman died after giving birth to a child.
       • $1 million settlement on behalf of the family of a client, who died as a result of medical malpractice.

                           ALOIA McKINNON
                          7801 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209
                                DEFENSIVE DRIVER TRAINING
                                NY STATE Accident Prevention Course
                                   (through USA Training Co. INC)
                                         ONLY $40.00 per person
• DMV Approved 6 hr. course
• Reduce up to 4 violation
                                   SAVE up to $600.00* on your                                        • Save *10% for 3 years on
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  points                               AUTO INSURANCE!!!                                              • Learn safe driving
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                                                  Please call for reservations:
                                                      Kris or Tom
                                                   718-836-8000 X301
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                              Where: RICCARDOS’S • 21-01 24th Ave, Astoria, NY11102

                                                  D i s c o u nt M o r tg a g e s
                                           F o r C O B A M e m be r s an d t he i r f a m i l i e s
                              • No Application Fee                     • No Commitment Fee
                              • No Processing Fee                      • No Document Prep Fee
                              • Reduced Attorney Fee                   • No Courier Fee
                              • Reduced Title Charges                  • No Underwriting Fee

                                        We have all the fol lowing programs availabl e:

                     • FHA/VA, SONYMA, FannieMae, FreddieMac - Direct Lender
                     • Refinances, Second Mortgages and Equity Lines
                     • Second Home, Investment Properties and Relocation Mortgages
                     • No Income Verification and No Income / No Asset Verification
                     • Zero point loans available on most programs
                     • Officer Next Door Program

                                         F irs t We s t M o r tg a g e B a n k e rs , L td .
                                           Contact: Richard Tschernia, Executive Vice-President

                         1-800-462-8178 •

Contribute to the COBA Widows and Children’s Fund by buying as many 2007 COBA Cards as you can. All proceeds from the sale are
earmarked for the COBA Widows and Children’s Fund. The cost is $1 per card. Orders should include additional funds to cover
postage: 37 cents for one to three cards, 78 cents for four to ten cards and $1.56 for eleven to twenty cards.

Make checks payable to
COBA Widows and Children’s Fund
335 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013 (212) 274–8000.

Please complete coupon below:

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                   COBA                                                                                            Presorted Standard
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                   “Patrolling The Toughest Precincts In New York”
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