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									  Spring 2009
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                                                                                                                 Tiny Tots
            AQUATICS                                   Learn to Swim
                                                                                                     Drowning is
                                                 3-5 Year-Old Swim Lessons
Learn to Swim Parent/Tot
Students must be accompanied by an
                                                 Participants will be tested and divided in
                                                 to appropriate Learn to Swim Levels 1-4
adult for both classes . Participants will be    on the first day of class . Classes are limited
divided on the first day of class . If needed,   to 6 students per instructor . Pre-Requisite:
swim diapers only!                               All 3 year-olds are recommended to
Level A: Approx. Age: 6 months-2 years           complete Parent/Tot-Level B prior to
Students with their parent’s support will        the course . The Aquatic Staff will test
begin to explore front and back floating,        participants on the first day of class and
gliding, and kicking . As well as, entering      may be recommended to be moved to a
and exiting the pool .                           lower level .
Level B: Approx. Age: 18 months-3 years.                        Ages 3-5                            www.preventdrowningca.org
Students with their parent’s assistance will
                                                     Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center               As over 1,500 children and teens
improve upon skills learned in Level A,
                                                           8 Classes $49(R)/$60(N)                 die annually in the United States from
as well as, explore using arms and legs at
                                                                   Tue, Thu                        drowning incidents, professionals and
alternating and simultaneous times .
                                                     4/14-5/7 1:40-2:10pm Act# 57284               the public can use the website as a
        Ages 6 months - 3 years                                                                    resource to educate themselves and the
                                                     4/14-5/7 2:15-2:45pm Act# 57285
    Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center                  5/12-6/4 1:40-2:10pm Act# 57290               community to work together to reduce
          8 Classes $54(R)/$67(N)                    5/12-6/4 2:15-2:45pm Act# 57292               the second leading cause of death
                  Tue, Thu                                                                         for children ages 1-14. This website
                                                           7 Classes $43(R)/$54(N)                 includes links to community water safety
    4/14-5/7 1:05-1:35pm Act# 57338                               Mon, Wed
    4/14-5/7 1:40-2:10pm Act# 57339                                                                information, events and resources.
                                                     5/11-6/3 1:40-2:10pm Act# 57289
    5/12-6/4 1:05-1:35pm Act# 57341                  5/11-6/3 2:15-2:45pm Act# 57291
    5/12-6/4 1:40-2:10pm Act# 57343
                                                          4 Classes $37(R)/$45(N)
          7 Classes $48(R)/$60(N)                                   Sat
                 Mon, Wed                          4/11-5/2 10:05-10:35am Act# 57301
    5/11-6/3 1:05-1:35pm Act# 57340                4/11-5/2 10:40-11:10am Act# 57302
    5/11-6/3 1:40-2:10pm Act# 57342                4/11-5/2 11:15-11:45am Act# 57303
         4 Classes $41(R)/$49(N)
  4/11-5/2 10:05-10:35am Act# 57346                      San Ramon Olympic Pool
  4/11-5/2 10:40-11:10am Act# 57347                        8 Classes $49(R)/$60(N)
  4/11-5/2 11:15-11:45am Act# 57348                                Tue, Thu
4/11-5/2 11:50am-12:20pm Act# 61915                  4/14-5/7 4:15-4:45pm Act# 57286
                                                     4/14-5/7 4:50-5:20pm Act# 57287
                                                     4/14-5/7 5:30-6:00pm Act# 57288
        San Ramon Olympic Pool                       5/12-6/4 3:40-4:10pm Act# 57294
          6 Classes $48(R)/$60(N)                    5/12-6/4 4:15-4:45pm Act# 57296
                 Mon, Wed                            5/12-6/4 4:50-5:20pm Act# 57298
    5/11-6/3 5:30-6:00pm Act# 57344                  5/12-6/4 6:05-6:35pm Act# 57300
    5/11-6/3 6:40-7:10pm Act# 61916                        7 Classes $49(R)/$60(N)
         8 Classes $54(R)/$67(N)                                  Mon, Wed
                 Tue, Thu                            5/11-6/3 4:15-4:45pm Act# 57295
   5/12-6/4 5:30-6:00pm Act# 57345                         7 Classes $43(R)/$54(N)
   5/12-6/4 6:40-7:10pm Act# 61917                                Mon, Wed                                  For information on
                                                     5/11-6/3 3:40-4:10pm Act# 57293                      Private Swim Lessons
                                                     5/11-6/3 4:50-5:20pm Act# 57297                         please see page 16
                                                     5/11-6/3 6:05-6:35pm Act# 57299
Tiny Tots                                                             San Ramon Parks & Community Services
                                                                                              Phone: (925) 973 -3200 or (925) 973 -3350
              COOKING                                           ARTS & CRAFTS                                       Preschool Spanish
                                                                                                             Instructor: A+ Spanish Academy Staff
       Preschool Cooking                                          Parent & Child                             This is a total Spanish immersion program .
                                                                                                             The curriculum consists of learning:
        Busy Bee Cooks                                          Specialty Art Class                          vocabulary words, exercise time (up, down,
Instructor: Lynda Rexroat                                 Instructor: Sharon Barker                          jump, etc .), hands-on activities, songs,
Cooking can be a lot of fun when you                      In each themed class there will be 4 to            art projects, and much more . All students
know your way around the kitchen . We                     5 activity stations for you and your tot to        must be completely potty-trained . A $10
teach all new recipes each class session,                 participate in together . Spend as much or         materials fee is payable to the Instructor on
so children will have fun taking the class                as little time as you wish at each station .       the first day of class .
again! Learn proper nutrition and healthy                 Make new friends and spend quality time                                Ages 3-5
eating habits while having fun learning the               with your child . This is a Parent participation           Community Ctr at Central Park
life skill of cooking . Chef Lynda was trained            class . A $4 supply fee is payable to the                    5 Classes $128(R)/$160(N)
at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris and               Instructor at the beginning of each class .        Wed 4/15-5/13 9:00-11:00am Act# 57841
is the former owner of Apple Lane Baker                                       Ages 2-5                                 5 Classes $102(R)/$128(N)
in Walnut Creek . A $24 supply fee will be                             1 Class $10(R)/$13(N)                  Fri 5/29-6/26 5:00-6:00pm Act# 57842
collected at the first class .                                                 DSCC
                     Ages 4-5                                    Flowers, Butterflies and Fairies
       Wed 4/8-5/27 9:30am-10:30am                            Mon 4/6 6:20-7:20pm Act #57800
                                                                                                                   Storytime with the
            8 Classes $221(R)/$276(N)                                     Fun with Food                                  Farmer
 Community Ctr at Central Park Act# 57837                    Sat 4/11 10:00-11:00am Act #57801               Calling all little farmers! It’s an exciting time
                                                                                                             to gather at Forest Home Farms hearing
                                                                     Cars, Trucks and Planes
                                                                                                             stories, singing songs, doing a craft and
                                                              Sat 5/2 10:00-11:00am Act #57802
                                                                                                             enjoying some refreshments . We will also
                                                                        Buttons and Beads                    enjoy a visit by some of the animals at the
                                                              Mon 5/4 6:20-7:20pm Act #57803                 farm . Children must be accompanied by an
                                                                           At the Beach                      adult but only children need to register .
                                                             Sat 5/23 10:00-11:00am Act #57804                                     Ages 3-5
                                                                                                                            Forest Home Farms
                                                                                                                            1 Class $5(R)/$6(N)
            A Parent Cooperative                                                                               Wed 4/22 10:00-11:00am Act# 62085
          Preschool serving families                                                                           Mon 5/18 10:00-11:00am Act# 62086
                for 47 years.

         VPPS offers Preschool, Pre-K
         & Kinderprep for children ages                                                                                   Starting Arts
               2.8 to 5 years old.                                                                            A free program for children from three
                                                                                                              to five years of age and their parents .
                                                                                                              The program will run for 10 Fridays,
            For more information or to                                                                        beginning Fri 3/27 - 6/5 at Dougherty
           schedule a tour, please call                           ENRICHMENT                                  Station Community Center, from 9:30-
                   837-5401                                                                                   11:30am . No class 4/10 . This parent/child
                                                                  Mad Science                                 class features hands–on art and music/
           www.valleyparent.org                               Preschool Workshops                             movement activities, along with parent
                                                          Instructor: Mad Science of Mt . Diablo              education presentations on fostering
                                                          We are going to uncover the science secrets         creativity and the arts in the preschool
                                                                                                              years . The program is being offered by
               935 Camino Ramon                           behind the magic of magnets, create
                                                                                                              Civic Arts Education Fine Arts Preschool
                Danville CA 94526                         amazing color potions in our Color Lab, and
                                                          even travel to space to find out more about         of the City of Walnut Creek and funded
                                                          the planets!                                        by First Five Contra Costa . Call Doug
          CA State License # 073400683                                  Ages 3½-5 years                       Rowe at (925)943-5899 X 471 or Cindy
                                                                Wed 4/15-5/13 1:00pm-1:45pm                   Schultz at (707)816-0473 for registration
                                                                   5 Classes $99(R)/$124(N)                   information . Space is limited to 20 chil-
Paid Advertisement. To place an ad please call 973.3370                                                       dren and 20 adults .
         or email nblazin@sanramon.ca.gov.                             DSCC Act# 57740
  Spring 2009
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                                                                                                                       Tiny Tots
               DANCE                                           Pre-Ballet II                                          MUSIC
                                                  Instructor: Heather Tabor, All 4 Dance
           Pee Wee Jazz                           Pre-Ballet II is for students who have              Kindermusik® Family Time
Instructor: Heather Tabor, All 4 Dance            previously taken Pre-Ballet I with Miss
                                                  Heather . Students will improve their                 Make Way For Music!
This class will introduce the basics of jazz                                                          Instructor: Lindsay Levin, MA
as well as explore dance in a nurturing,          techniques and flexibility as they begin
                                                  to learn basic dance combinations . A $30           You and your child will engage in
creative and fun atmosphere . High energy                                                             developmentally appropriate activities
rhythm and movement will enhance                  recital costume fee is payable to instructor .
                                                  Recital: Saturday, 6/13 . No class 5/23 &           that the whole family can enjoy together,
coordination and build confidence . A $30                                                             including finger plays, songs, circle dances,
recital costume fee is payable to instructor .    5/25 .
                                                                      Ages 4-5                        story time and more! A $65 materials fee
Recital: Saturday, 6/13 . No class 5/23 &                                                             (per family, not per child) is payable to
5/25 .                                                   Sat 4/18-6/13 10:20am-10:50am
                                                             8 Classes $96(R)/$120(N)                 the instructor at the first class . Babies 10
                   Ages 4-5                                                                           months and younger attend free with a
      Sat 4/18-6/13 10:55am-11:25am                              DSCC Act# 60068
                                                                                                      sibling that is enrolled! No class 5/22 .
          8 Classes $80(R)/$100(N)                                                                                 Ages 1 month-5 years
              DSCC Act# 60064                                                                               Fri 4/17-6/12 10:30am-11:15am
                                                                                                                8 Classes $129(R)/$161(N)
            Pee Wee Tap                                                                                Community Ctr at Central Park Act# 57688
Instructor: Heather Tabor, All 4 Dance
This class will introduce the basics of tap                                                             Kindermusik® Village
and rhythms of familiar songs by clapping                  Introduction to
and vocalizing the beats . Students will build            Dance Movement                               Hickory Dickory Tickle &
confidence as they perform their own tap          Instructor: Spotlight Arts Academy                           Bounce
solos for the group . A $30 recital costume       In this fun and lively class children will          Instructor: Lindsay Levin, MA
fee is payable to instructor . Recital: Monday,   be introduced to the wonderful world of             Did you know that children who learn 8
6/8; Saturday, 6/13 . No class 5/23 & 5/25 .      dance . Throughout the class children will          nursery rhymes by age 4 are better readers
                   Ages 4-5                       acquire basic motor skills and work with            by age 8? Cultivate your child’s language
      Sat 4/18-6/13 11:30am-12:00pm               the elements of dance, including jazz,              development through this celebration of
          8 Classes $80(R)/$100(N)                ballet, tumbling and song . We prefer that          nursery rhymes and musical learning! $35
              DSCC Act# 60065                     parents sit in on the first class only . Specific   materials fee payable to the instructor at
                                                  attire required . No class 5/25 .                   the first class . This is a parent participation
                                                                Ages 30-42 months                     class . No unenrolled siblings, please . No
                                                           4 Classes $43(R)/$54(N)/$43                class 5/22 .
                                                        Community Center at Central Park                             Ages 1 -18 months
                                                  Mon 4/13-5/4 10:00-10:45am Act# 59384                         8 Classes $119(R)/$149(N)
                                                  Mon 4/13-5/4 11:00-11:45am Act# 59385                     Community Center at Central Park
                                                  Mon 5/11-6/8 10:00-10:45am Act# 59386                Tue 4/7-5/26 11:15am-12:00pm Act #60741
                                                  Mon 5/11-6/8 11:00-11:45am Act# 59387               Fri 4/10-6/5 11:30am-12:15pm Act #60742
             Pre-Ballet I
Instructor: Heather Tabor, All 4 Dance
Creative dance and basic ballet positions
                                                            Junior Hip Hop
                                                  Instructor: Studio 8 Dance
will be taught as well as coordination and
                                                  Learn fun and funky moves to the latest
flexibility . Students will learn rhythmic
                                                  music . A fun, upbeat, high-energy dance
musical patterns that can be used to
                                                  class . Students will learn basic hip hop
coordinate with dance movements . A $30
                                                  technique as well as creative movement
recital costume fee is payable to instructor .
                                                  for the younger dancer . Age appropriate
Recital: Saturday, 6/13 . No class 5/23 &
                                                  music will be used . On the last day of class
5/25 .
                                                  there will be a performance for friends and
                     Ages 3-4
                                                  family .
                                                                     Ages 4-7
            8 Classes $80(R)/$100(N)
                                                           Wed 4/15-6/3 3:45pm-4:45pm
 Sat 4/18-6/13 9:10-9:40am Act# 60066
                                                            8 Classes $128(R)/$160(N)
Sat 4/18-6/13 9:45-10:15am Act# 60067
                                                                 DSCC Act# 60081
Tiny Tots                                                           San Ramon Parks & Community Services
                                                                                               Phone: (925) 973 -3200 or (925) 973 -3350
       Music Together®                                            Suzuki Piano I                                   PRESCHOOL
                                                      Instructor: Mary Chung Lee
Instructors: Victoria Barnes (Wed & Thurs),
                                                      This class is an introduction to the piano          Brain Power Engine-JELIC
MJ Johnson (Friday)
                                                      keyboard .      Through        theory      games,   Instructor: Kimberly Liu
 This is a fun, research-based Music and
                                                      improvisation and group playing, children           A fun enrichment program to help
Movement program for children together
                                                      will learn to recognize and identify notes on       children balance and develop their brain
with a parent or caregiver . Classes include
                                                      the keyboard . They will experience music           hemispheres . The JELIC program is based
instrument play, rhymes, dances, songs
                                                      through singing, listening, moving and              on hands-on experiences with many kinds
and musical fun of melodic, rhythmic
                                                      creating . A piano or keyboard at home is           of manipulation to help enhance children’s
and ethnic diversity . Classes consist of
                                                      recommended . Children need to know how             capabilities for procedural and creative
mixed ages . (Siblings under 8 months,
                                                      to read and write the alphabet from A to G .        thinking . JELIC stands for Judgment,
of an enrolled older sibling, attend free!) .
                                                      Parents must stay in the class with their child .   Emotion, Logic, Intelligence and Creativity
Winner of Bay Area Parent Magazine’s
                                                      A $20 supply fee is payable to the instructor       quotients . JELIC can help children sharpen
‘Best Children’s Music Program’ . A $40
                                                      on the first day of class . No class 4/7 .          their senses of observation, train their hands
materials fee for CDs, songbook, parent                                   Ages 4-5
guide DVD is payable to the instructor                                                                    for manipulation, enhance their curiosity
                                                              Tue 3/24-5/26 10:00-11:00am
on the first day of class . No Class 4/15, 16                                                             for discovery, build up self confidence and
                                                                9 Classes $135(R)/$169(N)
& 17 .                                                                                                    develop a harmonious personality . Parents
                                                       Community Ctr at Central Park Act# 60511
           Ages 3 months-4 years                                                                          are required to attend class with their
                                                                                                          children . There is a $10 .00 non-refundable
        10 Classes $170(R)/$213(N)                               Suzuki Piano II                          material fee payable to the Instructor on
                    DSCC                              Instructor: Mary Chung Lee
              Wed 4/1-6/10                                                                                the first day of class .
                                                      This is a continuation from Suzuki Piano
       9:30am-10:15am Act# 57756                                                                                     Ages 3½ months-5 years
                                                      I for students who have an interest in
     10:30am-11:15am Act# 57757                                                                                      4 Classes $70(R)/$88(N)
                                                      private instruction . A maximum of four
              Thu 4/2-6/11                            children will be in a class . The Suzuki I class                         DSCC
       9:30am-10:15am Act# 57759                      is a prerequisite . Students will learn how to      Tue 4/14-5/5 10:30-11:20am Act# 57445
     10:30am-11:15am Act# 57760                       read music . A $20 supply fee is payable to             Community Center at Central Park
               Fri 4/3-6/12                           the instructor at the first class .                 Wed 4/15-5/6 10:30-11:20am Act# 57446
       9:30am-10:15am Act# 60886                                           Ages 4-6
     10:30am-11:15am Act# 61225                             Thu 3/26-5/21 9:30am-10:45am                          Bumper Bowling
                                                                8 Classes $155(R)/$194(N)                 Instructor: Earl Anthony’s Staff, Cheri
                                                        Community Ctr at Central Park Act# 60512          Ferguson
                                                                                                          Children will love this unique introduction to
                                                                                                          bowling . Lane gutters are blocked by guard
                                                                                                          rails for gutterless bowling . Weekly awards
                                                                                                          will be presented . Class session is for one
                                                                                                          game or one hour which ever comes first .
                                                                                                          Parental assistance is required . Bowling
                                                                                                          equipment and shoes are provided .
                                                                                                                              Ages 3-7
                                                                                                                 Thu 4/2-5/21 11:00am-12:00pm
                                                                                                                     8 Classes $56(R)/$70(N)
                                                                                                             Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl Act# 57447

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Spring 2009
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                                                                                                                  Tiny Tots
                                                         Parent and Me                                         Gymtastic!
         Creative                                       Learn to Ice Skate                        Instructor: Gymtastic! Inc
                                                                                                  Gymtastic’s unique program combines
          Center                                 Instructor: Dublin Iceland
                                                 Each session will include a lesson for the       music, movement and motivation with
                                                                                                  tumbling and basic gymnastics . The
                                                 Tots followed by a supervised snack break .
                                                 During the snack break the parents will          objectives of these age-appropriate classes
                                                 take to the ice for a lesson . Both the parent   are to develop muscular fitness, enhance
                                                 and child will finish up with fun activities     motor skills and coordination, expand
                                                 and skating together with the instructors        the child’s social awareness in a non-
                                                 on the ice . Fee includes instruction, skate     competitive environment and build self
                                                 rental and snack for the children . Parents      esteem . Parent and child need to attend
                                                 must take the class with their child and must    together . Unenrolled siblings may not
                                                 participate . Additional parents/guardians       attend . No class 5/25 for 4 week classes .
                                                 and children from the same family require             Community Center at Central Park
This is a fun, ongoing recreational pre-         payment of an additional $40 per person .                       MiniTikes
school program for 3½-5 year olds that                         Ages 3-5 4 Classes                       Ages 12 months-20 months
not only helps enhance your child’s                     $80(R)/$100(N) Dublin Iceland                    5 Classes $45(R)/$56(N)
physical, emotional, social and academic          Thu 4/2-4/30 10:00-11:00am Act #57807           Mon 4/6-5/4 9:30-10:15am Act #57598
growth, but also helps prepare them for           Thu 5/7-5/28 10:00-11:00am Act #57808                  4 Classes $36(R)/$45(N)
entering Kindergarten . Most children                                                             Mon 5/11-6/8 9:30-10:15am Act #57599
enter this program in the Fall session and
continue through the Spring session .                   Introduction to                                          DynoTikes
                                                                                                        Ages 20 months-30 months
Continuous wait lists for each class are            Ice Skating—Tiny Tots                                5 Classes $45(R)/$56(N)
maintained for the 2008-09 school year .         Instructor: Dublin Iceland
Wait-listed participants will be contacted                                                        Mon 4/6-5/4 10:20-11:05am Act #57596
                                                 This class is designed for beginners as an
as spaces become available . To be eligible                                                              4 Classes $36(R)/$45(N)
                                                 introduction to ice skating . We will teach
to join the 3½-4 year old class your child                                                        Mon 5/11-6/8 10:20-11:05am Act #57597
                                                 the proper way to stand on skates, the
must be 3½ before the first day of class .       proper way to fall and get up, how to skate                    SuperTikes
To be eligible to join the 4-5 year old          forward, how to skate backwards, and how                     Ages 30 months-4
class your 4 year old child must have            to stop . No Class 5/25/09 .                             5 Classes $45(R)/$56(N)
been born before December 2, 2004                              Ages 3-6 7 Classes                 Mon 4/6-5/4 11:15am-12:00pm Act #57600
(child turns 5 before December 2, 2009) .                  $91(R)/$114 Dublin Iceland                     4 Classes $36(R)/$45(N)
Children must be potty trained and not            Mon 4/20-6/8 3:30-4:00pm Act #57630             Mon 5/11-6/8 11:15am-12:00pm Act #57601
wearing diapers . Child’s original Birth           Tue 4/21-6/2 3:30-4:00pm Act #57631
Certificate must be shown (to be copied)

                                                                      Gracie’s Place
at the time of registration . Registration for
the Fall session will begin in the Summer .
For more information on this ongoing
program, please go to the city website .            A fun, flexible, pay-as-you-go preschool!               open year round
        Ages 3½ years - 4 years                             For children ages 1-5 years               Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm
       18 Classes $378(R)/$472(N)                           Siblings welcome together                           Spring 2009
  Tue, Thu 4/14-6/11 9:00am-12:00pm                                                                     No class April 10, 24; May 15, 25
           DSCC Act# 57519                                                                                        and June 12.
           SRCC Act# 60765
                                                                                                                $9 per hour
            Ages 4-5 years                                                                              Call Denise Platts to make your
      25 Classes $525(R)/$656(N)
                                                                                                              reservation TODAY
        Mon, Wed, Fri 4/13-6/10
                 DSCC                                                                                      1-866-800-2896
     9:00am-12:00pm Act# 57520                                                                                 Register online at
     12:30pm-3:30pm Act# 60767                                                                        www .GraciesPlacePreschool .com
                                                                                                       Conveniently located upstairs at the
     9:00am-12:00pm Act# 60766
                                                                                                              San Ramon Library
Tiny Tots                                                             San Ramon Parks & Community Services
                                                                                             Phone: (925) 973 -3200 or (925) 973 -3350
               Kindergym                                    Terrific Two’s, Three’s &                                    SPORTS
Instructor: Diablo Gymnastics                                         Fours!
Your child will tumble and swing the                      Instructor: Sarah Buschini & Kimberly                   Sports Play Group
class away with this gymnastics-based                     Alexander                                        This class is geared towards children
movement education class . Trampoline,                    You and your child will explore art,             3-4 years old and will help the children
bars, tumbling, balance beam, music,                      crafts, movement and music in a creative         learn socialization skills while interacting
obstacle courses and more! Wear                           enriching environment . Each class revolves      with one another in a controlled active
comfortable clothing, no jewelry or belts .               around a toddler-inspired theme and              environment while having FUN! In the class,
                  Ages 4-5                                provides a great opportunity for children        the children will participate in a variation of
       Thu 4/23-5/14 2:00pm-2:40pm                        to meet others and begin socialization           games ranging in intensity from obstacle
          4 Classes $64(R)/$80(N)                         and preschool preparation .$10 supply fee        courses to games such as basketball, freeze
       Diablo Gymnastics Act# 57686                       payable to the instructor on the first day of    tag, duck duck goose and many more .
                                                          class .                                                             Ages 3-4
                                                                             Ages 2-4                                4 Classes $40(R)/$50(N)
                                                                  Wed 4/15-5/13 3:45pm-4:45pm
                                                                                                                         Pine Valley Gym
                                                                     5 Classes $75(R)/$94(N)
                                                                                                            Tue 4/14-5/5 4:00-4:45pm Act# 60651
                                                           Community Ctr at Central Park Act# 60505
                                                                                                                     Quail Run Elementary
                                                                                                           Sat 5/16-6/6 10:00-10:45am Act# 60652
                                                          Fun With ABC’s Continued:                                            DSCC
                                                                 Letters K-T                               Tue 5/12-6/2 10:30-11:15am Act# 60654
                                                          Instructor: Sharon Barker                         Wed 5/13-6/3 3:00-3:45pm Act# 60653
                                                          Experiment with the ABC’s letters K-T,
                                                          through tactile art projects, poem readings,
                                                          snacks, take-home activities and more . This
                                                          class exposes children to not only letters,
                                                          small/large motor skills, project building
                                                          skills, it also is a great way to introduce
                                                          your child to a classroom setting that
                                                          will prepare them for pre-school . This is a
                                                          parent participation class . $35 materials fee
                                                          payable to the instructor on the first day of
                                                          class . No class 4/8 .
                                                                              Ages 2-5
                                                                  Wed 4/1-6/10 9:45am-10:30am
                                                                     10 Classes $83(R)/$104(N)
                                                                         DSCC Act# 57566                              Super Sports
                                                                                                           Designed to introduce multiple sports to
                                                                                                           children . Staff has designed an excellent
                                                          Fun with 123’s Continued:                        curriculum, teaching the children basic
                                                               Numbers 11-20                               fundamentals through the enjoyment of
                                                          Instructor: Sharon Barker                        fun games and drills . A different sport will
                                                          In this similar structured class to ABC’s,       be introduced each week .
                                                          students discover numbers through                                   Ages 3-4
                                                          counting, sight, experimentation, and                       4 Classes $40(R)/$50(N)
                                                          more . We will create art projects, have                       Pine Valley Gym
                                                          snacks, decorate the number of the day,           Mon 4/13-5/4 5:00-5:45pm Act# 60655
                                                          and receive take-home activities . This is a
                                                          parent participation class . There is a $35
                                                                                                           Wed 4/15-5/6 9:15-10:00am Act# 60656
                                                          materials fee payable to the instructor on
                                                                                                            Wed 5/13-6/3 4:00-4:45pm Act# 60659
                                                          the first day of class . No class 4/8 .
                                                                              Ages 2-5                                     Souyen Park
                                                                Wed 4/1-6/10 10:40am-11:25am               Sat 4/18-5/9 11:00-11:45am Act# 60657
                                                                    10 Classes $83(R)/$104(N)                       Central Park, Diamond 1
Paid Advertisement. To place an ad please call 973.3370
         or email nblazin@sanramon.ca.gov.                              DSCC Act# 62067                     Thu 5/14-6/4 4:00-4:45pm Act# 60658
  Spring 2009
  Register Online: www.SanRamonRecGuide.com
                                                                                                                  Tiny Tots
    Little Kickers Soccer                             Tennis—Pee Wee                                           LIBRARY
Designed to introduce the sport of soccer             Advanced Level II
to children through entertaining drills        Instructor: Kris Milligan                          All programs are free and sponsored by San
and games . Staff will instruct on the         This class is designed for kids that have          Ramon Library Foundation . Call the library
basic fundamentals of dribbling, kicking,      taken at least one Level 1 class and or have       or visit ccclib .org for more information .
and passing . Staff will also introduce the    been recommended by the Pro to move up .
children to some basic rules of soccer .       The program will feature more advanced
          4 Classes $40(R)/$50(N)                                                                              Storytimes
                                               skill building drills including mini rally, mini        Spring Session: March 16- April 30
               Ages 3-4                        matches as well as contests and games .                  Summer Session: June 8- July 30
       Central Park, Diamond 1                 Participants must bring a new unopened
 Tue 4/14-5/5 5:00-5:45pm Act# 57713           can of Wilson or Penn balls . Racquets are         Registration is not required, but the library
                                               available to be purchased at the first class       asks that you attend the program intended
                                               for $25 . No class 4/6-4/11, 5/23 .                for the age of your children so the stories
Wed 4/15-5/6 10:15-11:00am Act# 57714
                                                                   Ages 4-5                       and activities are appropriate .
Wed 5/13-6/3 9:15-10:00am Act# 57720
             Souyen Park                                4 Classes $58(R)/$73(N)
                                                                                                               Ages 6 months – 2 ½
Sat 4/18-5/9 10:00-10:45am Act# 57718                        Central Park                               Tuesday, 11:15 – 11:45am at SRL
           Pine Valley Gym                     Tue 3/31-4/28 3:15-4:00pm Act# 60685                     Monday, 11:15 - 11:45am at DSL
 Thu 4/16-5/7 4:00-4:45pm Act# 57721            Tue 5/12-6/2 3:15-4:00pm Act# 60686
                                                                                                                  Toddler Time
 Tue 5/12-6/2 5:00-5:45pm Act# 57719                Dougherty Valley High School                                  Ages 2 ½- 3 ½
        Quail Run Elementary                     Sat 4/4-5/2 8:55-9:40am Act# 60689                     Tuesday, 10:15 – 10:45am at SRL
Sat 5/16-6/6 11:00-11:45am Act# 57723            Sat 5/9-6/6 8:55-9:40am Act# 60690                    Thursday, 10:15 – 10:45am at SRL
               Ages 5-6                                                                                Thursday, 11:15 – 11:45am at DSL
           Pine Valley Gym                                                                                       Preschool Time
Mon 4/13-5/4 4:00-4:45pm Act# 57715                                                                                Ages 3 ½ - 5
 Thu 4/16-5/7 5:00-5:45pm Act# 57716                                                                   Thursday, 11:15 – 11:45am at SRL
 Tue 5/12-6/2 4:00-4:45pm Act# 57724                                                                    Thursday, 1:15 – 1:45pm at DSL
                                                            Little Dribblers
             Souyen Park                                                                                          Pajama Time
                                                               on page 26
Sat 4/18-5/9 11:00-11:45am Act# 57717                                                                                All ages
                                                          for ages 3-4 and 5-6
        Quail Run Elementary                                                                            Wednesday, 6:15-6:45pm at DSL
Sat 5/16-6/6 10:00-10:45am Act# 57722                                                                           Family Storytime
                                                                                                                     All ages
                                                                                                          1st Saturday of each month:
 Tennis—Pee Wee Level I                                                                                 March 7, April 4, May 2 & June 6
Instructor: Kris Milligan
                                                                                                                 11:00am at SRL
Fun skill building drills and exercises help
students learn the sport of tennis . Games
and contests help round out the program .
Level 1 is for students taking instruction           Kids Take the Stage
for the first or second time with the City           Little Stars Theater
of San Ramon . Participants must bring a       Instructor: Kids Take the Stage
new, unopened can of Wilson or Penn Balls .    Big brother or sis shouldn’t have all the
Racquets are available to be purchased at      fun . The Little Stars class, exclusively for
the first class for $25 . No class 4/6-4/11,   4-6 year old students, promotes hand-
5/23 .                                         eye coordination, social skills, theater
                   Ages 4-5                    movement and performance . The session
           4 Classes $58(R)/$73(N)             concludes with a final class performance
                 Central Park                  on the last day .
 Tue 3/31-4/28 3:15-4:00pm Act# 60697                             Ages 4-6
 Tue 5/12-6/2 3:15-4:00pm Act# 60698                    10 Classes $145(R)/$174(N)
       Dougherty Valley High School                                DSCC
  Sat 4/4-5/2 8:55-9:40am Act# 60701             Tue 4/7-6/9 4:30-5:30pm Act# 61798
  Sat 5/9-6/6 8:55-9:40am Act# 60702            Wed 4/8-6/10 4:30-5:30pm Act# 62150

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