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      As per the Tender Notification No.10/B-2/GM(LMS)/2012.
Dated.08/02/2012. Technical cum commercial bids are invited from the
reputed agencies in transportation and Milk distribution field with
minimum 2 years experience for the transportation and distribution of
“VIJAYA” Liquid Milk and Milk Products in the following sectors for the
period from 01/04/2012 to 31/03/2014 for details please see APDDCF
Website http://www.apddcf

                     Sl.  SEC      ZONES
                     NO. TOR
                       1.  V  AZAMPURA

                      2.   IX   THIRUMALGIRI
                                (YR) Including
                                Military supplies

                        INDEX OF CONTENTS
            PART-I    TECHNICAL TENDER (in first cover)
                                                   Page No

 1. Tender Notification                                           1
 2. Declaration to be issued by the Tenderer.                     2
 3. Tender Terms & Conditions along with
    Earnest Money Deposit & Security Deposit Schedule.       3 to 21
 4. Particulars of the Tenderer.                            22 to 25
 5. Distribution specifications.                                  26

            PART-II COMMERCIAL TENDER (in 2nd cover)

     Commercial quote: To be submitted in separate cover.

                                                      (Page No.27 - 28)

                        THE ANDHRA PRADESH
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                        Direct Line 040-27019671
                         Fax No.040-27019414,
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Tender Notification No.10/B-2/GM(LMS)/2012.            Date.08/02/2012.

      APDDCF Ltd invites 2-stage sealed tenders from financially strong and
reputed agencies in Transportation of Milk distribution field with minimum 2
years experience, for the purpose of transportation and distribution of Liquid
Milk packed in Pouches in Sector-V & IX, comprising of Sector-V AZAMPURA,
without Cash Collection for a period of 2 years. Interested parties may buy
tender documents from O/o. General Manager, LMS, Hyd on payment of
Rs. 2100/- through D.D. drawn in favour of Managing Director., APDDCF LTD.,
Hyd. (Separate schedule for each sector) and can be download from A.P.Dairy
Website http://www.apddcf

               Sl.     SEC         ZONES              NO.OF
               NO.     TOR                           ROUTES
                  1.    V    AZAMPURA                   4
                             BALANAGAR                  4
                             CHANDANAGAR                2

                  2.   IX    THIRUMALGIRI (YR)           6
                             Including Military

      Download or Purchase
      Tender documents:
      Pre-bid Meeting:               23/02/2012 at 11.30 am
      Last date for submission
      of Technical and               Up to 5.00 PM on 27/02/2012.
      Commercial bids:
      Opening of Technical bids:     28/02/2012 at 3.00 pm

Federation Reserves the Right to accept or Reject any or all the Tenders or
postpone the Tender Submission / opening or to cancel the entire tendering
process without assigning any reason at any time.

                                                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


                                                    Date.    /    /2012.
        REF: Tender Notification No.10/B2/GM/LMS/2012,
1) I/we representative of M/s.__________________________________________
participating for the Tender having read and understood the
conditions as specified in the Tender schedule as per e-procurement.

2) I/we agree to keep this offer open for your acceptance till the expiry
of 120 days from the date of opening of tenders. The details of the rates
for the Sectors are furnished in the enclosed tender schedule of
Commercial tender.

3) I/we enclosed herewith a demand draft obtained from Nationalized
Bank / Scheduled Bank payable at Hyderabad, towards E.M.D. as
  NAME OF THE         D.D. AMOUNT       NAME OF BANK        D.D. NO. &
        SECTOR        towards EMD                            DATE :

 SECTOR-____         Rs.2,00,000/-

     E.M.D .is drawn in favour of the Managing Director, APDDCF Ltd.
payable at Hyderabad. I agree for the retention of EARNEST MONEY
DEPOSIT by the APDDCF Ltd. till the finalization of the tenders and
communication of acceptance.
     I/we shall abide by the decision taken by the APDDCF Ltd. in
matters relating to terms and conditions specified in the tender schedule.

Date:                         Signature of the Tenderer:
Place:                        Name of the Tenderer:
                              Full Address:

                              Tel No/ Cell No.
                              E-mail I.D:

I.     Each Tender Schedule shall be used for only one sector.
1.1    The A.P Dairy Development Cooperative Federation is marketing
       about 3.40 Lakh Ltrs of milk in the twin Cities of Hyderabad and
       Secunderabad and upcountry routes.          The milk is currently
       packed at Milk Products Factory Lalapet, Hyderabad. In order to
       meet the growing demand for liquid milk, sealed tenders in TWO
       SEPARATE COVERS containing Technical Proposal and
       Commercial Bids respectively are invited to appoint Transporter for
       transport and distribution of milk for Sector-V & IX (comprising of
       Sector-IX THIRUMALGIRI(YR) Zone) including Military Supplies
       With out Cash Collection. The details of Sectors along with number
       of delivery points and approximate quantity of Milk presently sold
       is furnished in ANNEXURE-A & B attached to the Bid. The Tenders
       are invited from experienced agencies in Transportation field or in
       Milk Distribution field having minimum two years experience for
       purpose of Transportation in the above Sectors.
1.2    In case of any clarifications sought by the Tenderers, the same will
       be clarified during the pre-bid conference to be held as per
       Notification in the Office of the General Manager (LMS) Lalapet,
1.3    The Tenderer should invariably furnish the break up for the
       rate quoted as mentioned in the price schedule of Commercial
1.4    Tender schedule is not transferable.
1.5    Incomplete Tenders shall be summarily rejected.
1.6    The Tenderer is expected to study the tender documents &
       understand all instructions, forms, specification, terms and
       conditions. Failure to furnish all the information required as per
       the tendering document or submission of a tender not responsive
       to the tender document in all respects shall be at the Tenderers
       risk and may result in the rejection of Tender.
2.1.   At any time prior to the dead line for submission of Tenders.
       The Management of APDDCF, Hyderabad may for any reason
       whether, at its own initiative or in response to clarifications sought
       by any prospective tenderer be able to modify the part of tender
       documents by amendment /s.

2.2.   The amendment shall be posted on Apddcf website.
2.3.   In order to offer prospective tenderer the reasonable time to take
       the amendment into consideration, the Management of APDDCF,
       Hyderabad may at its discretion extend the deadline for
       submission of tenders.
3.1.   The offer should be kept opened for acceptance at least for
       120 days from the date of opening Tender.
3.2.   In exceptional circumstances the Management of APDDCF Ltd,
       Hyderabad may in writing solicit the tenderer’s consent to extend
       the period of validity of offer.
       The Tenderer should fulfill the following conditions:
4.1.  Should be a Registered Firm. Copy of the Registration certificate
      issued by Registrar of Firms to be enclosed along with Tender
4.2. The Firm should be an IT Assessee. He should enclose copy of
      PAN No. allotted and should enclose last two years I.T returns
      i.e. 2009-10, 2010-11.
 4.3. The Firm should enclose last two years audited Balance sheet and
      Profit and loss account.
4.4    In case, Tenderer is Partnership Firm, the Partnership deed and
       Authorization letter to be enclosed. In case Tenderer is a Company,
       Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association to be
4.5    The Tenderer should have minimum 2 years of experience in
       Transportation field or in Milk Distribution field for the purpose of
       transportation including Loading, distribution, and bring back
       empty crates and daily indents of milk from milk vendors and
4.6    The Tenderer should furnish number of fleet Vehicle owned / hired
        or leased. (Documentary evidence to be enclosed).
4.7    The Tenderer should furnish available Manpower and Sales
       Manpower. (Documentary evidence should be enclosed).
4.8    The Tenderer should quote only a single rate per liter for Sector-
       ___ comprising of __________________________Zones as mentioned in
       commercial bid for twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
       a)    No other offer letter / percentage offer letter will be accepted
             other than the rate quoted in the Tender.
4.9    The Tenderer should enclose the ESI & EPF Certificate (If available)

4.10 The Tenderer who qualifies and satisfies in the technical proposal
     are only eligible for opening of commercial tender.
4.11 If the Tender Document is downloaded, the Tenderer has to
     enclose required fee of Tender Document i.e., Rs.2100/- through
     demand draft drawn in favour of M.D., APDDCF Ltd.
5.1   The tender should be accompanied by the Bank draft for a sum of
      Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees Two lakhs only). The EARNEST MONEY
      DEPOSIT shall be drawn in favor of the Managing Director,
      APDDCF Ltd, Hyderabad on any of the Nationalized Bank or any
      large and reputed Scheduled Commercial Banks. Cheques, Cash,
      Bank Guarantee or Postal Orders will not be accepted.
      Bank Draft should be enclosed along with relevant documents in
      sealed cover of Technical proposal. This E.M.D. of the successful
      tenderer shall be returned after submission of 100%
      Bank Guarantee as Performance Guarantee and enter into
5.2   Tenders not accompanied by the Earnest Money Deposit(EMD), or
      found defective in any other manner and treated as non-responsive
      shall be liable for rejection.
5.3   Earlier EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT, if available with APDDCF Ltd.,
      is not transferable against present Tender. Therefore submission
      of fresh EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT along with Tenders is
5.4. The     Earlier   defaulted   Distributor  (TDCC)/     Existing
     Transporter, who are participating in the Tender shall produce
     no due certificate from Accounts Officer, MPF Hyderabad duly
     countersigned by the Executive Director along with tender,
     failing which attracts disqualification .
6.0   EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT (EMD) / Security Deposit shall not
      carry any interest.
6.1   The Demand Draft/Pay order given towards EARNEST MONEY
      DEPOSIT of the unsuccessful Tenderers shall be returned within a
      week after concluding the Agreement with the successful tenderer.
6.2   The E.M.D. shall be liable for forfeiture:
      a)    If the tenderer withdraws the tender during the validity
            period of tender, specified in the schedule.
      b)    In case of successful tenderer after issue of Letter of
            Acceptance (LOA), fails to:

      i)     Execute the contract agreement & furnish the Bank
             Guarantee (Performance Guarantee) within the specified date
      ii)    If the declarations in Technical proposal by the tenderer is
             found false/ faulty.

6.3   The EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT will be liable for forfeiture, if the
      Tenderer after submission of his tender, backs out from the offer
      or modifies the accepted terms and conditions thereof.
6.4   During the course of investigation if it is found that the Tender is
      proxy of existing TDCC / Transporter or any other tenderer, it
      acquires disqualification and gives liberty to the Management for
      rejecting tenders besides forfeiting EMD.

7.0   BANK GUARANTEE (Performance Guarantee):
7.1   The successful tenderer shall have to submit 100% Bank
      Guarantee as Performance Guarantee equivalent to Two days sale
      value of stocks and two days value of empty crates for each
      Sector with in 10 days from the date of issuance of
      Acceptance Letter / Letter of Intent.
      A.P. Dairy will review the sales from time to time and as and when
      there is increase of sales quantity or value of stocks, the Tenderer
      has to submit additional Bank Guarantee immediately on issue of
7.2   The Bank Guarantee (s) should be valid for a contract period of two
      years with a grace period of six months.
7.3   Failure to comply with the above condition shall make the tender
      liable for Cancellation and forfeiture of Earnest Money Deposit.
7.4   The Tenderer should undertake to extend the validity of Bank
      Guarantee(s) in case of the Milk Transportation-cum-Distribution
      tender is delayed or in case of extension beyond the validity period
      of Bank Guarantee(s).
7.5   The Bank Guarantee(s) of the Tenderer shall be invoked on the
      following conditions:
      (i)    Non-supply of milk to the Milk Vendors /
             Institutions as per the Truck Sheet and sudden
             stoppage of milk supply.
      (ii)   Indulging in malpractices like adulteration, any
             violation in statutory payments.

      (iii)   If, there is any breach of terms and conditions of
              the agreement entered which may adversely
              affect the milk distribution and business of the

8.1   The Tenderer shall submit the Original Technical proposal &
      Commercial Tender duly signed and affixing the seal by the
      tenderer on each and every paper of Tender schedule issued.
8.2   Any correction, overwriting in the tender documents shall be
      attested by the tenderer or the authorized signatory by affixing the
8.3   If there is any discrepancy between words and figures the words
      shall be considered and same shall be final.

9.1   The Tenderer should invariably visit the connected operational
      work spots in the Plant/Market connected to Milk Distribution for
      at least three days to assess the exact scope and quantum of the
      work, distance covered and to estimate the number of workers
      required for the said operation, before giving their offer.
9.2   Both Technical proposal along with prescribed EARNEST MONEY
      DEPOSIT & Commercial Tender duly filled shall be submitted in
      two different Envelopes duly sealed and properly super scribed the
      matter over the Envelopes as i) Technical Proposal for
      Transportation in Sector-_____       ii) Commercial    Tender for
      Transportation in Sector-_______
9.3   The rate shall be offered on “per litre basis” for Sector- ___ in
      specified commercial bid/Tender.

10.1 The Technical proposal along with EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT
     (EMD) in the form of Demand Draft & Commercial tender, complete
     in all respect should be submitted at the Specified address not
     later than the time & date specified for receipt of the tenders. The
     Tender Box is made available at the Office of General Manager
     (LMS) for receiving the Tenders.
10.2 No telephonic / telegraphic / telex / fax tenders shall be

10.3 The tenders received later than the time & date specified will not
     be accepted.

11.1 The Technical proposal shall be opened on the date/time at venue
     specified, in the presence of the Tenderers or their authorized
     representative who opt to be present on the day/time at venue
     specified for opening of tenders.
11.2 The Tenderers/Authorized representatives present at the time of
     opening of tenders shall sign the register evidencing their
11.3 Based on merits and credentials furnished by the Tenderer in
     Technical proposal, the eligibility of Tenderer for opening of
     Commercial Tender shall be decided by APDDCF Ltd., The other
     disqualified Tenders will be returned back to the Tenderers
11.4 If the said date of the tender opening is declared as Holiday, the
     Tender shall be opened immediately on the next working day at the
     same time and place.
11.5 The date of opening of Commercial Tender shall be intimated to the
     Technically Qualified / Eligible Tenderers by letter /FAX / E-mail
12.1 Taking into consideration the Technical competence & the quoted
     price per litre of Transportation for the Zones of ____________
     in Sector-_______ the tenders shall be evaluated.
12.2 Not withstanding any thing contained in the tender schedule, no
     obligation in case APDDCF Ltd. to accept the lowest tender.
12.3 The APDDCF Ltd. reserves the right to accept or reject any or part
     or all the tenders without assigning any reasons, at the sole
     discretion of Management.

13.1 The APDDCF Ltd reserves the right to Award Contract for one
     Sector or more to the Tenderer to safeguard the business
     interest of APDDCF Ltd.
13.2 The APDDCF Ltd. may award the contract to the tenderer, whose
     tender has been determined to substantially responsive to the
     tendering documents and who has offered the competitive price,

      provided further that, the tenderer has the required credentials,
      capability and fulfill the prerequisites mentioned in Technical
      proposal to carry out the contract effectively.
13.3 The Management of APDDCF Ltd reserves the right to award a
     contract to one or more than one Tenderer to safeguard its own
     business interest.
13.4 At the time of inspection of the Firm by the APDDCF Ltd. official
     team prior to award of contract, if it is found that the declarations
     made by the tenderer in Technical proposal is false/faulty, the
     tenderer shall be disqualified & the EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT
     submitted shall be forfeited.
13.5 APDDCF Ltd. reserves the right to recover the direct losses and
     consequential losses if any, arising out of non performance of the
     contractual agreement in addition to the penalties. The recovery of
     loss could be from eligible Margins of Transporter or by invoking
     Bank Guarantee (s) or any other payment due to Transporter.
13.6 APDDCF Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the contract during
     the contractual period without thereby incurring any liability to
     affected contractor or any obligation to inform the affected
     contractor on the grounds of APDDCF Ltd. action.

14.1 Prior to expiry of the validity of the tender, the APDDCF Ltd. shall
     notify the successful tenderers in writing by Regd. Post / Telex /
     Fax that its tender has been accepted.
14.2 Notification of acceptance of Tender to successful Bidder shall
     constitute the formation of the contract.
14.3 After award of contract, if the Transporter is proved not having the
     infrastructure as declared in the Technical proposal to supply the
     Milk, the same shall be treated as Breach of Contract by the
     Transporter and the contract shall be liable for cancellation with
     penalty recovered by invoking the Bank Guarantee(s).

15.1 The contract is not transferable on any account whatsoever.
15.2 Any request for transfer of contract /deletion of routes and zones
     shall be treated as non performance or Breach of Contract and the
     Bank Guarantee(s) is / are liable for invocation besides
     termination of contract.

16.1 The validity of contract shall be for a period of Two (2) years from
     the date of approval.
16.2 The commencement of contract shall be from the date of execution
     of   contract  agreement   and     furnishing   of    prescribed
     Bank Guarantee.
16.3 APDDCF Ltd. reserves the right to extend the contract for 90-120
     days from the date of expiry of contract, for such extension the
     contract rate, terms and condition shall remain unaltered.
     The APDDCF Ltd. will issue extension orders in case it is needed.
16.4 APDDCF Ltd. reserves the right for premature termination of all or
     any part of the Contract and call for fresh tender without thereby
     incurring any liability to the affected Transporter or any obligation
     to inform the affected Transporter on the grounds by Federation.
16.5 For all the purposes the terms and conditions of the agreement
     entered will be final.

17.1 After APDDCF Ltd. issues the Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) to the
     successful tenderer. The APDDCF Ltd. shall send the prescribed
     format of agreement, which shall have to be executed within
     15 days time. The value of non judicial stamp paper shall be not
     less than for Rs.100/- .

18.1 The price finalized for contract shall be Net, inclusive of all taxes
     and levies. The Federation will not be held responsible for any
     further Taxes and Levis in what so ever.
18.2 Statutory recoveries like Income Tax etc., if any shall be affected as
     per the Rules in vogue during the contract period.

19.1 The Federation may without prejudices, to any other remedy, for
     breach of contract by the Transporter terminate the contract in
     whole or in part by written notice of default to the Transporter by
     7 days Notice.
19.2 Before or after finalizing the tender and even after entering into
     agreement, if it comes to the notice of the Management of any
     fraud or chronic default by the transporter, it will always open to

      the management of APDDCF to terminate the tender / contract
      agreement by giving 7 days notice besides black-listing the
19.3 If the Transporter fails to perform any other obligation under
19.4 The APDDCF Ltd. may at any time terminate the contract by giving
     7 days written notice to Transporter, without thereby incurring any
     liability, compensation to the effected Transporter.

20.1 In Case of any disagreement or dispute arising between APDDCF
     Ltd. and Transporter in connection with the performance of
     contract, the APDDCF Ltd. and Transporter shall make every effort
     to resolve amicably by direct informal discussions. However, the
     decision of MANAGING DIRECTOR, APDDCF LTD., shall be final
     and binding on the Transporter.

21.1 Not withstanding award of contract or any other clauses stated
     above, the APDDCF Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject any or
     part of the Tenders and to terminate the Tendering process and
     reject all the Tenders, at any time prior to the award of contract,
     without assigning any reason.

22.1 The Contract shall be subject to the principles governing ‘Force
     Majeure’. Neither party shall be considered in default in
     performance of its obligations, if such performance is prevented or
     delayed because of war, Hostilities, Revolution, Civil Commotion,
     Epidemics, Accidents, Fire, Wind, Flood, Earth Quakes or because
     of law & orders, proclamation regulation or cause, whether similar
     or dissimilar nature beyond the reasonable control of the party
     effected should one or either or the parties be prevented from
     fulfilling its exhausted obligation in a state of Force Majeure lasting
     continuously for a period of six months, the two parties should
     consult each other regarding the future implementation of


23.1 The Transporter shall have to indemnify and also keep indemnified
     the APDDCF Ltd. against any or all damages or losses etc., caused
     to APDDCF Ltd. arising from any omission or commission defaults
     of Transporter For which APDDCF Ltd. shall not be responsible in
     any manner whatsoever.
24.1 The Courts at Hyderabad shall alone have jurisdiction to decide
     any disputes arising out of this contract. For settlement of any
     dispute, out of the contract against this tender / contract shall be
     subject to jurisdiction of the Civil Courts situated in Hyderabad /

                                      I/C.GENERAL MANAGER(LMS)

The above Terms and Conditions are accepted.

Signature of the Tenderer (with Stamp).

Name (In Block letters).


1.     Introduction:
1.1    The Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation
       Limited (APDDCF) was started in the year 1971. APDDCFL has
       built up an infrastructure that could take care of Milk Production,
       Procurement processing and Marketing.
       The Milk and Milk products manufactured are marketed under the
       brand name “VIJAYA” – household name for millions of people
       across the country.
       “VIJAYA” intends to appoint Transporter for Transportation and
       Distribution of VIJAYA Milk in Sector-V & IX (comprising of
       Sector-IX THIRUMALAGIRI, Zone including Military Supplies) on
       regular 365 days operation basis. At present Vijaya is marketing
       totally 3.35 Lakh litres in twin cities of Hyderabad and
       Secunderabad and upcountry routes and desires to increase the
       sale by 30% every year over the present sale.
2.0    Role of Transporter:
2.1    The Transporter have to arrange for loading the milk and transport
       the milk sachet in Crates/Cans or any other containers from the
       MILK PRODUCTS FACTORY, Hyderabad to various Milk
       Distribution Centers and Institutions located in the Twin cities on
       the sector awarded to him as per the truck sheet and will have to
       collect back the empty crates and cans etc from the distribution
       centers and collection of next day indents from Milk Vendors and
       handover back to MILK PRODUCTS FACTORY, Hyderabad in the
       return trip within the prescribed time.
2.2    The Empty crates etc shall be returned on the same day after
       arrival at the Dock as a routine. The empty crates account will be
       finalized on day to day basis. Exceptions will be accepted solely at
       the discretion of the Management.
2.3    It is the complete responsibility of Transporter to bring daily indent
       and empty crates from the booths on the same day or else the
       Management shall recover the cost of the crates immediately from
       the Transporter bills along with fine of Rs.25/- per crate short
       returned for each day of default.
2.4    General Manager (LMS) reserves the right to modify the course or
       route, increase or decrease the distance on the route and such
       enhancement or reduction in the route length per trip as
       determined by the General Manager (LMS) is binding on the
       transporter and no extra rate will be paid for any additional
       coverage within the specified limit or mileage.

2.5   The Transporter Vehicles should positively report for milk supply
      before the Asst Dairy Manager (Despatch) by 8.00 PM. It is the
      responsibility of the Transporter to see that milk supply is carried
      out without disturbance. Penalty will be imposed in case the
      placement of vehicle delayed beyond 11.00 PM, as deterrent.
2.6   The Transporter will be responsible for the safe transport of the
      sachets, cans and other articles. The Transporter with the
      assistance of workers of his own will have to deliver the milk at the
      milk distribution centers (Booths) or other Institutions as per
      Despatch memo (Truck sheet) handed over by the APDDCF Ltd.
      officials for delivery. Failing which penalty for short supplied will
      be imposed at the rate of Rs.100/- per Litre.
2.7   The Driver and workers engaged by the Transporter shall be
      disciplined, shall not misbehave and be in sound health.
      Necessary identity cards should be issued to them as per the
      directions of the General Manager (LMS).
2.8   The Transporter should also supply milk to the Institutions or
      special orders of the consumers as and when required. Any breach
      in terms of supply for any reasons whatsoever shall attract severe
2.9   It will be the responsibility of the Transporter to get his vehicles
      loaded as per the Truck Sheet from the dock by drawing stocks
      from cold stores with his men and acknowledge the receipt of the
      articles loaded in the truck and deliver same at the distribution
      centers. While loading he should ensure that there is no loose milk
      in the crates or extra sachets. He should also ensure that only
      sound packets are loaded. The broken crates/other dairy crates on
      return shall not be accepted and the cost will be recovered along
      with penalty.
2.10 All the return vehicles should start from the last point at 7.00 AM
     and reach the Dock before 12.00 Noon positively and handover the
     empty crates. The vehicles should not be parked within the
     premises of the APDDCF Ltd. after loading and unloading.
2.11 If the APDDCF Ltd. authorities detect the adulteration or any other
     malpractices in connivance with the staff of the vehicle driver and
     crew members, the Transporter is liable for severe penalty or even
     termination of contract duly invoking Bank Guarantee(s) besides
     recovering the losses if any.

2.12 The Transporter will have to get his vehicle checked by the Officials
     of the Federation before placing his vehicle for loading and
     distribution of milk. The Transporter should see that vehicle
     delivers the milk at different distribution outlets as per time
     schedule fixed for the route. In case of delay in supply due to
     negligence of vehicle crew or failure of vehicle the Transporter is
     liable for penalty and recovery of direct or indirect costs of loses of
     milk if any. In case of failure of vehicle he should arrange
     alternative vehicle and ensure that milk is supplied in time.
      a) The year of manufacture of vehicle should be on or after
         year 2005 and vehicle should be of latest new generation
      b) Capacity of the vehicle should be of minimum 5.0
         Metric Tonnes.
      c) The vehicle should be of closed Box type for city supplies.
         The height of the vehicle from the base of the floor should
         be minimum 6.0 feet. Any temporary failure to provide
         Box type vehicle is liable for penalty @ Rs 100/- per day
         and it will be accepted at the discretion of the
      d) The vehicle should have self starting facility. The engine
         should be stopped while the vehicle is being loaded or
         unloaded at the dock. Penalty will be imposed at the rate
         of Rs 50/- per day for default.
      e) The Vehicle Should be provided with good tyres and
      f) The engine of the vehicle should be in perfect condition
         and should not emit any black smoke and confirm to
         pollution standards. The vehicle should be painted on
         all three sides with ‘VIJAYA” Art work given by
         APDDCF Ltd at the cost of Transporter. The A.P.DAIRY
         the top of front portion as ‘ON CONTRACT WITH APDDCF
         Ltd. ’ (Pl.see theModel Vehicle Photo ).
      g) The vehicle should have valid appropriate insurance
         without any liability to the APDDCF Ltd. at the time of
         accidents or damages.

Model Vehicle Photo

      h) The floor of the vehicle shall be smooth without any
         patchwork and obstructions for crate movement. There
         should be good light arrangement both in cabin and body
         for counting and verification of the crates/stocks. Penalty
         at the rate of Rs.50/- per day will be charged for default.
      i) All the distribution/Transport vehicles are subjected to
           periodical checks by Works Manager/ Dairy Manager(Desp.) of
           MPF Hyderabad, confirming to Model, Pollution, Insurance, Top
           hood, Closed Body, Doors etc for Road worthiness and suitable
           to transport Milk.

      a)   The Transporter should not be an employee of APDDCF Ltd.
      b)     The Transporter should provide a copy of the R.C. Book of
             the vehicles deployed for this purpose.
      c)     The Transporter should preferably provide uniform to vehicle
             crew along with compulsory ID Cards.
      d)     Lightening stoppage of vehicles lead to termination of
             contract and invocation of Bank Guarantee (s) besides
             forfeiture of all pending Bills /amounts.
      e)     The General Manager (LMS) reserves the right to reduce or
             increase the contract period at any time without assigning
             the reasons.
4.1   The Transporter shall have to carry in his vehicle other auxiliary
      material of the APDDCF Ltd. (if any) connected to milk sales in
      addition to milk without any extra cost.
4.2   The Transporter shall not carry passenger /material other than
      that of APDDCF Ltd during the period of milk supply. In case of
      default he is liable for penalty as may be levied by the APDDCF
4.3   The period of contract will be valid from the date of execution of
      agreement with the approved tenderer.
4.4   On acceptance of the contract the Transporter will have to enter
      into contractual agreement with the APDDCF Ltd.
4.5   The Transporter must possess the ‘C’ certificate of the vehicle
      and a valid permit of the vehicle issued by the concerned Road
      transport authorities and he must be owner/hirer of the vehicle.
4.6   The Bank Guarantee(s) will be returned to the Transporter only
      after the satisfactory execution of period of contract and as soon as
      the accounts are finalized.

4.7   When the APDDCF Ltd. authorities inform Transporter regarding
      awarding of the contract to him the Transporter will have to
      communicate the APDDCF Ltd. authorities immediately of his
      acceptance of the contract. If the Transporter fails to give consent
      or his acceptance within a week from the date of receipt of the
      order, his order is liable for cancellation without any further
      intimation or consideration and the EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT of
      the Transporter shall be forfeited.
4.8   The General Manager (LMS) reserves the right to depute his
      representative along with the vehicle if he so desires. This is
      binding on the transporter to accept.
4.9   The General Manager reserves the right to amend, delete, or
      substitute any of the conditions of the contract without assigning
      any reasons.
4.10 If the Transport vehicle is not engaged by the APDDCF Ltd
     authorities due to stoppage of distribution on account of
     strike, bandh etc the Transporter is not eligible for payment of
     transport charges for the days so stopped.
4.11 The General Manager can impose a minimum fine up to Rs 2000/-
     (Rupees Two thousand) per vehicle for irregularities committed by
     the Transporter or his employee basing on the reports and findings
     of the supervisory staff.
4.12 (a) Manpower Deployment: The Transporter shall invariably provide
      following manpower.
      i)    Vehicle Driver;
      ii)   two Helpers
      i) Four persons for each door.
      ii) Segregation and counting for each Sector 2 Nos.
      iii) Supervisors: 2 Nos for each Sector – One for loading
           operations and One as Sales Promotion Executive.
      b) The loaders and vehicle crew engaged by Transporter should be
      covered under ESI and EPF ACT by having separate respective
      accounts should comply with all the provisions of Contract Labour
      Act, 1970 amendments thereon. The Transporter will be personally
      responsible for any actions initiated by ESI/EPF Act departments if
      the provisions are not complied with.

4.14 The APDDCF Ltd. has general lien over all over all money payable
     to the Transporter for any losses /damages/irregularities/non
     compliance of statutory provisions caused by Transporter to the
     APDDCF Ltd.
4.15 The Transporter shall be held responsible for any claims by the
     third party / parties on account of the accidents, damages. Injuries
     and death of persons by the vehicle deployed by him, the APDDCF
     Ltd will not have any liability whatsoever.
4.16 a)     EXCESS LOADING: The Transporter’s trucks after loading at
            the dock is subjected to rechecking of the stocks /quantities
            loaded into the trucks at random. If any quantities i.e.,
            Crates/loose milk/ sachets is found in excess of truck
            sheets/ Gate Pass quantities penalty shall be imposed at the
            following rates.
            I)    up to 50 litres-   Rs 150/-per lit
            II)   51-100 litres---   Rs 175/-per lit
            II)   101 and above---Rs 200/-per lit
      b)    If any higher value stocks is loaded against lower value
            stocks the difference in the value of stocks which are
            wrongly loaded will be recovered besides imposing a penalty
            of Rs 100/- per crate.
      c)    After unloading the vehicle at the unloading dock if any
            excess loose milk or excess sachets or milk crates due to
            wrong loading are found the driver, cleaner shall put their
            signature on the unloading form to confirm their lapses.
4.17 If the Transporter commits breach of any terms and conditions of
     the contract, it is liable for termination and invoking of Bank
     Guarantee (s). In addition the APDDCF Ltd. is empowered to
     recover the losses or damages sustained by it from the Transporter
     on account of breach of contract in the Court of Law.
4.18 The Tenderer shall sign this tender schedule in token of his having
     read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions
     herewith contained.
4.19 In case of bundh or strike, the Transporter should provide his
     vehicle without any excuse for milk distribution. The General
     Manager (LMS) will however address the police and other
     concerned to provide protection for milk trucks. But the
     Transporter does not have any right to give notice of strike against
     the management during the contractual period, since the APDDCF
     Ltd. Services come under Essential Services Maintenance Act
     1971(Act 20, 1971) Govt. of A.P., wherein Strikes are prohibited.
     Failing which the Bank Guarantee (s) will be invoked and the

      recovery of losses incurred by the APDDCF Ltd. and appropriate
      legal action as per law will be initiated at the cost of Transporter.
4.20 After delivery of milk at sales centre and the Institutions the
     Transporter should obtain acknowledgement from the concerned
     on the truck sheet without fail to avoid discrepancy.
4.21 As a matter of policy one vehicle to touch the Zonal office during
     the return trip it is binding on the Transporter so long as the
     distance factor is within the permissible limits for the route.
4.22 The present prevailing price per litre of diesel will be taken as a
     base rate. In future when ever there is any cumulative
     increase/decrease in the diesel price by Rs.2/-per litre on the base
     price, 1 paisa will be added or deducted on the Transportation rate
     per litre of Milk to the Transporter Charges from the date of such
     order, revising the prices.
4.23 The Transporter shall carry minimum of 12 litres of milk in each
     route at his own cost on prevailing rate towards replacement of
     leakages at the time of delivery to the vendor’s en route supply.
4.24 The Payment of Transport Charges will be made once in a week
     after furnishing of the bill. The penalties if any imposed will be
     deducted from the Charges payable to them once in a week.
4.25 The Transporter while quoting the rate per liter of milk
     transported/distributed shall take into consideration on the
      a)    Loading of milk crates at the dock into the vehicle duly
            drawing from the cold stores and loading into the trucks
            deploying sufficient manpower.
      b)    Supply and delivery of milk to the vendors at the centers as
            per truck sheet and collecting indents by engaging sufficient
            vehicle crew members.
      c)    Cost of 12 litres of milk towards leakage replacement.
      d)    other expenses if any arising by virtue of day to day
            transport operations.
      e)    Cost of owning/hiring the vehicles including forenoon supply
            in closed Puff/Insulated /Auto/ Tata Ace vehicle.
      f)    No.of Trucks to be placed as per this Tender Schedule.
      g)    All the statutory taxes / E.P.F. /E.S.I. etc., as applicable.
4.26 The stocks as per the indent will be handed over to Transporter in
     the presence of Security, Prepac supervisor, dispatch supervisor
     which should be counted and acknowledged before loading into the

4.27 In case of any indents are received from the Market for day supply,
     the Transporter has to place one closed Auto/ Tata Ace/ or any
     similar closed type vehicle with Puff insulation to cater through
     forenoon supplies / day supplies to retail outlets and milk vendors
     in the sector/zone allotted, to promote the day time Sales in the
     said Sector. Further he should collect the forenoon sale proceeds
     from the market and remit the same at MPF Cash Counter on
     day-to-day basis duly deducting prevailing Milk Vendors Margin
     + Average Transport Cost of the respective Zone.
4.28 Whenever there is increase in volume of sales or increase in
     geographical area of distribution, the Transporter shall have to
     place additional route vehicle as directed in the Zones to capture
     additional market of Liquid milk and the same is binding on
4.29 The Federation will be having every right to delete Routes or add
      Zones/Routes if need arises the same will be binding on the
4.30 In case of default of service by any particular Transporter, the
     Federation reserves the right to terminate/Suspend the contract
     and the same will be attached among the existing Transporter
     either for complete Sector or part of the Sector. It is mandatory on
     the part of Transporter to operate the attached areas for a
     minimum period of six months at the rate as is prevailing for the
     Sector attached.
4.31 The Transporter should deploy persons for loading and distribution
     operations disciplined, shall not misbehave and be in sound
     health. Persons coming in drunken condition will not be allowed
     and the Federation has got every right to debar such persons in
     entering the Dairy premises. The vehicle crew members and
     loaders have to maintain proper discipline and should not resort to
     any assault or unpleasant atmosphere hampering the loading
     operations. Failure to do so the Federation will book police case for
     causing nuisance in the dairy, and also attract penalty of
     Rs.1000/- per person.
4.32. Due to formation of HMDA the Transporter is suppose to cater to
      the areas by extending the existing routes or by adding new routes.

                    2. PARTICULARS OF THE TENDERER


1.          NAME OF THE                :

2.   (i)    Office Address             :

     (ii)   Residential Address        :

3.          TELEPHONE No.              :

     i)     Land Line No.              :

     ii)    Cell No.                   :

     iii)   FAX No.                    :

     iv)    Email Address              :

4.          PAST EXPERIENCE*
            (Minimum 2 years in        :
            transportation field /
            milk distribution field.
            (Enclose documentary

5.          List of Clients of whose :
            transportation you have
            undertaken in the last
            two (2) years.
            (Enclose documentary
            proof of performance)

6.   (a)   Number of LCV Vehicles
           (Enclose   a statement
           mentioning   Year    of
           purchase and vehicles
           whether Open or closed
           type and copies of RC

     (b)   No.of LCV hired. (enclose :
           proof of      Evidence of
           hiring including details of

7.         Minimum and Maximum :
           vehicles that can be
           arranged (owned/ hired)
           on each day in case offer
           is accepted

8.         In case of Partnership :
     a)    Whether it has been :

     b)    If    registered   provide :
           certificate, extract from
           the Registrar of Firms

     c)    Name of all Partners       :

     d)*   Details of Partnership :
           If proprietary concern, :
           name and address of the

     *     If   Private  /   Public :
           Limited company, (Please
           enclose      copy     of
           Memorandum / Articles

         of Association)

9.   *   Firm Registration No.      :

10 *     CST / VAT No.              :
11 *     PAN No.                    :
12 *     Name of the Bankers / :
.        Branch      /   Type    of
         Account,             loan
         particulars, if any from
         this Bank or any other
13 *     Latest     Income     Tax
.        Returns for the last two
         (2) years (2009-10 &

14 *     Audited       Financial :
.        Statement for the last
         two (2) years

15 *     EPF / ESIC No. (if any)    :
16 *     No. of Skilled employees :
.        available        presently
         (enclose EPF / ESIC
         returns, if any)

17 *     No.      of      unskilled :
.        employees        available
         presently (enclose EPF /
         ESIC returns, if any)

19 *     Any business other than :
.        Transportation, furnish
         list  of   clients with
         documentary evidence of

20 *     Business      of  family :
.        members,     if any as
         proprietor   / Managing

           Partner     /    Managing
           Director of private limited
           company (Provide details
           of Business entity       as
           above 8 to 14 and list of
           clients with documentary
           evidence of performance.

21         Are any of the Managing :
.          Partner of legal entity
           mentioned        in     8
           associated with any other
           business form entity.
           Give details of the Firm
           as above (8 to 14) with
           list  of    clients  and
           documentary evidence of


         The above information is true in all respects and we undertake
to inform you, if any change in above particulars regarding our business
from time to time.

        The documentary evidence should be enclosed for the items
as (*).

                                Signature of Authorised Representative
                                 of the firm under proper seal

                                 Name                    :
                                 Designation         :

P.S.:    Management reserves right to call for additional information in
        support of Technical proposal at the time of assessment of
        technical proposal.


                    DETAILS OF SECTOR-V
     Zone            Route    Approx.     No.of   Approx.
                              Distance   Delivery   Sales
                               in Kms     Points   Qty in
                                TO &                Ltrs.
   Azampura          AP-1           50        19   2929.0
                     AP-2           40        12   4823.0
                     AP-3           60        23   3521.0
                     AP-4           60        26   2499.0
   Balanagar         BL-1           80        31   3610.0
                     BL-2           90        34   3879.0
                     BL-3          110        23   5129.0
                     BL-4           70        20   4936.0
 Chandanagar         CN-1          130        30   2141.0
                     CN-2           90        25   2703.0


                    DETAILS OF SECTOR-IX

      Zone            Route    Approx.   No.of     Approx.
                               Distance Delivery    Sales
                                in Kms   Points     Qty in
                                 TO &                Ltrs.
Thirumalagiri(YR)      YR-1         140       17    4441.0
                       YR-2          70       10    4789.0
                       YR-3         130       20    4499.0
                       YR-4          75       20    5047.0
                       YR-5          95       27    5273.0
Military supplies      YR-6          40        4    9000.0

              LALAPET HYDERABAD -500017
                         TELEPHONE No 040 27019851 Ext 247
                                      FAX No 040 27019414

                 COMMERCIAL TENDER (in 2nd Cover)

a) Please furnish in separate sealed cover it will be opened only after
  clearance of technical bid.
b) Date and Time of Opening of Commercial Tender shall be intimated to
  the technically qualified/eligible Tenderers by a letter or FAX or E-Mail.

                   PART-II COMMERCIAL TENDER
The General Manager
Liquid Milk Sales
Lalapet, Hyderabad.


REF: Tender Notification No.10/B2/GM/LMS/2012, Date.08/02/2012.

        With reference to above, I/We herewith submitting my/our price
per litre for Transportation of Milk and Milk Products under Sector-____
comprising of ______             _______________________ are here under.

        Rate   per     Litre     (in    Figures)     for    Sector-_____   for
________________________         Zones in twin cities of Hyderabad &
Secunderabad      under      Transportation   with    out    Cash   Collection
(Rs._________/- and in words (Rupees _______________________________)

        I/We hereby confirm that, I/We have read the contents of tender
document comprising of Technical proposal and Commercial bid, and
have understood the tender terms and conditions, rule of conduct for
VIJAYA Transportation Ship My/Our offer is strictly in accordance to the
terms and conditions of the tender. I/We hereby agree that the decision
of the APDDCF Ltd. shall be final, in any dispute regarding terms and
conditions of this tender.

Date:                                   Signature of the tenderer:

Note: The rate quoted “on per liter basis” for Sector-____ should be
single rate for twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad (comprising of


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