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					Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

                                     Strategy Six
Filter Twitter Tweets to Find Customers: Twitter Communication Tricks

We already discussed about what to offer, how to do the communication with business people
for the first time, follow ups and similar things. All we have to discuss here is the methods to
find the potential buyers to whom we can be connected on twitter and the ways to contact them.
We should know how to operate a twitter account for business development, how to find
prospective clients and how to narrow the list of business people in twitter according to our

So, why on twitter? Twitter has become an amazing way to learn new business strategies and
to keep in touch with other entrepreneurs. The reason why everyone is talking about Twitter is
because it connects people in real-time. The most beautiful thing about twitter is that a quick
response can give you a lifelong customer. Building new business connections has never been
this easy. Though twitter brings an easier way to connect with other business people, you have
to do the work for building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. Utilizing this platform we can
find and reach customers. We just have to take advantage of this to develop a long-lasting
business relationship.

A popular online magazine has published on its prediction that twitter will have a boring 2011.
Who cares? We are not going to care if it is going to have a boring 2011 or the same year like
2010. We just want to build more business connections and clients using twitter. It is possible to
improve our business with this 200 million users’ powered micro blogging (aka – micro social
networking) platform that is a 100% real-time network. The only thing I consider as an
advantage with twitter is the rapid action platform unlike any other strategies and the instant/live
user tracking capability. Facebook, IM forums, emails phone calls etc are almost live and
instant, but not 100% real-time like twitter. When using twitter we can immediately see
hundreds of users who are online using twitter right at the moment. The number of online users
depend on the number of people you follow. This is the greatest feature of twitter. Once you set
a fine twitter account, you can find lots of online people whenever you’re logging into twitter.
Operating this platform intelligently can help you to build many good business relationships and

Twitter is really HUGE for us even though people say that the place is now dominated by
spammers. One of the advantages with twitter is that you can find lots of people who are online
‘right at this moment’ (who may be business owners as well) who send updates/tweets on
twitter. Mentioning the usernames (including @THEIR-username) and Sending DMs (direct
messages) are the only ways to contact people on twitter. But this is more than enough for
someone who is looking for a way to contact a person who is interested in something that we
can do for them. And the communication platform that twitter has is instantaneous and more
efficient than any other strategies.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                 Mervik Haums

The Twitter Communication strategy requires:

   ●   A twitter account with enough details on the profile (that you already have)
   ●   Being active with a few good followers and some good interaction. Send tweet updates
       once in a while.
   ●   Reducing automated tweets and ads and sending real tweets as we have to concentrate
       on client building. If you’re using twitter to send ads and all make it on a different
   ●   Find people who are online, who are in your niche or those who are interested in being
       connected with your business
   ●   Communication with the business owners we come across (we might have discussed
       about this a hundred times in this module already. The only difference here is the
       number of characters are limited to 140 when we talk to them)

General things to take care while you are on Twitter:

Avoid sending useless tweets. People would be interested to know more about you and your
services only if your tweet updates contain useful information. Be helpful, clear and objective.
This will increase your overall reputation in twitter which is very important.

Being interactive and sociable is very necessary when you’re about to build business
relationships using twitter. What does that mean? Start conversations in twitter. For example
when someone mentions your name with something, send a reply to that. Also, when people
ask about something that you know about, reply to them as well. Such small activities can
improve your fame on twitter. If someone is good enough to answer you on Twitter, do the
same back to them.

Twitter can also be used to pass affiliate links and for promotional purposes. But you should not
have those tweets be more than 10% of your total number of tweets. You may lose followers
when tweeting lots of links, that’s considered spamming. Avoid sending automated DMs (direct
message) to your followers. Automated DMs are good in case if you build a twitter account just
for promotional purpose and leave it just like that.

Twitter is very powerful for gaining very good business relations if paired with good
communication strategies. Building more business friends is the key to successful client
building on Twitter. Being personal is important. Deliver your actual image, use your real name
and be yourself.

Usage of Hash Tags (# Tags)

You might have seen people including a # tag along with some keywords inside their twitter
update. Twitter users can make use of a ‘hash tag’ to categorize and connect tweets about a
specific topic. This makes it easier for other twitter users to find tweets on a particular subject.
The main use of a hash tag is to keep all the tweets about a particular topic in a single stream.
Anybody can include a hashtag within their tweet content simply by appending the hash symbol
to a word (for example, #SEO).

Hash tags can be utilized effectively to find tweets in your particular niche to promote your
business. Sites like Twubs (a hashtag directory) and What the Trend? (A wiki that attempts to
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                               Mervik Haums

list the trending topics on Twitter based on the hashtags) help you to locate and identify a topic
that is related to your business and services. In case some of the hashtags tweeted by other
users makes sense for your business, you can create tweets in the same topic and send it to
your followers.

How to build clients on Twitter?

Today, it’s necessary that you should have a twitter presence for your business. But don’t
expect clients simply by being there. In that case twitter doesn’t even guarantee a single
customer. To build your business here, the first and foremost thing is building relationships. To
convert a twitter user into a paying customer you have to show him what you have for him. Let
him know the reason for doing business with you and how this would benefit him. There is
nothing wrong in offering your service to a person you met on twitter once you’ve developed
trust and a relationship with that prospective customer.

First Attract and Then Convert

This is the perfect thing that can be done with twitter. First attract a potential buyer to your
service and then make them your clients. Twitter will help you attract the audience, then build
them into a community, and then turn them into customers over time. The key to convert
followers to customers is by offering something that they need. Using twitter you can show
people what they are missing and how your business can be helpful. Just engage with them,
get to know them, show them your personality and make them want to be a part of what you’re
doing. Customers will appreciate the ability to participate in a dialogue directly with your brand
and these interactions will show up on customers’ news feeds. The resulting brand exposure
and word-of-mouth will ultimately pay dividends in the form of new customers.

Finding the ‘exact business owners to connect with’

What we did with Google places to find and contact small business owners can be applied with
twitter too, but in a more effective way. The advantage here is we can get a response more
quickly and the delivery to the person is guaranteed. Let me show you the technique more
clearly. Say, I’m a search engine optimization service provider who works in the area of Ohio
and I would like to find, get connected, then sell my services to business people in the niche
SALON. So I’m going to find the twitter users who are from Ohio who own, operate or have
something to do with a salon.

I simply go to and shoot a query (an advanced search) for this and yeah, I’m done.
Here is the list of twitter users from Ohio:

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                  Mervik Haums

The search query I’ve used here is: (intitle:”salon * on twitter” OR intext:”bio * salon”)
intext:”location * Ohio”

See, it’s that simple. I didn’t develop this query. I found it online months ago and started utilizing
it in an effective way starting the very next day. (An idea can never change your life until you
implement it). Okay, now about the search query. Simply change the word ‘salon’ with the niche
you prefer and change Ohio with the city or state as you prefer and paste it into google search
box and hit enter. That’s it.

This is the perfect way so far I know of to shortlist business people from any city or state in any
niche or business. Isn’t it damn cool? Yes, it is.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                 Mervik Haums

First of all check the profile page to see if they are an active twitter user. If they are not active
try visiting their website (Most of the time you can find a website link with the twitter account)
and contact them, just like how we have done with Google places.

If the person has a website, then it can be taken for granted that he has included it in his bio.
That way you can shortlist people further. Also, the door to contact them has opened here.

In case the person is an active twitter user who often updates tweets, you can follow them. Go
through the tweets he/she has made so far and pick something that can be related to your
business or pick something with which you can respond to the person informatively. Just
mention his name (@theusername) inside the reply and send it. Keep an eye on their account
page to track their online activities or check your @mentions to see if they’ve replied to your

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                              Mervik Haums

Once the people follow you back you can send them DMs too. Direct messaging is also great to
get connections in case you want to avoid automated DM and operate it manually. This is a
screen shot of my twitter message board. Only a very few people would not send me a reply.
It’s because I’m choosy while following and contacting people. While choosing business people
to be connected with on twitter, make sure that they are active and have something to do with
your business and services.

Make them interested in your service. That’s the key to your business success. Or you may
give the free offer as we have discussed at the Google Places strategy. I (and sometimes my
team member who work with this strategy) offer them the Google news distribution service or
alternatively, to publish something on PRC (our press publishing service). It works like a charm
all the time.

Most of the time interactive conversations works better than Direct messages.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

So it’s not that big of an issue to build lots of business relationships as long as you approach
the challenge intelligently. Twitter Search is also a great tool for finding people related to your
niche. ( For example, I just tried searching the keyword ‘recommend
me” and the results are:

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

The main thing is that these are ‘just happened’ tweets. So once we get something related to
our business or service, we can jump into the conversation right away. A response to the tweet
may bring you a long term client. That’s the twitter trick. You can search for any phrases, niche,
places, business names, hashtags etc with twitter search. It will list you the very real-time tweet
results to start with. You can get connected with these people to improve your business and

An advanced strategy to filter twitter tweets using the Search Tool:

Suppose a person who uses twitter is searching for something that you offer. And he sends a
tweet regarding this when you’re not online. What could be done about this? The above tweets
are displayed because it was often happening. We cannot say that people won’t tweet like
‘How to rank my website on Google?’… Of course, there will be lots of people who would tweet
like this. But we may not see the tweets because:

   ●   We don’t follow them
   ●   We don’t search for something similar on twitter search.
   ●   We don’t know that twitter user

The only way to solve this issue is to get notified whenever a twitter user (he can be from
anywhere in the world, or you may customize it) tweets something similar. How to do this?

Go to twitter search and click on the advanced search. Give the ‘phrase for search’ in the All of
these words row and give the location to Places – Near this place. There you can find lots of
customizations like options to search tweets from a specific date to another date and etc. Use it
wisely. Here I’m going to show you how to get notified when a person tweets something related
to your niche. For example let’s give ‘how to publish an article’ and location ‘USA’. Hit the
button search and the results will be displayed.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                 Mervik Haums

In the results page you can see something similar to the above screenshot. We can make use
of this feed to get notified whenever some one tweets about the phrase we have given. Here is
how we do it:-

Add Google Reader Watcher to your browser using this link (I hope you are using Mozilla
Firefox. If not, open Firefox and do this stuff there)

Once you’re done with the add-on installation you can see a feed button on the right-bottom
corner of your browser in the status bar. Right click on that and click on preferences. Give a
gmail account information to get notifications, give check frequency time (15 minutes) to check
the feed and enable the ‘show notification window’ in the General Tab and save it.

Once you are done with this go to the other browser tab where the twitter search is opened.
Click on the feed link and you can add the feed to the Google reader. That’s it. Every time
whenever a new tweet happens in regards to the phrase you’ve given, a notification will be
delivered to you.

As I’ve said at the beginning of this strategy, with twitter we don’t need to learn new things other
than finding prospective business owners. Communication strategies, the way to offer services
and related things are very similar to whatever we do with the other strategies. But until we get

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                    Mervik Haums

their email or other contact details we are limited to sending everything in a 140 characters
length format. In case if you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to let me know.


                    ‘An idea can never change your life until you implement it’

Yes, you can find hundreds of useful business guides online. I bet, 80% of these stuff really
work. But practically speaking only 10 to 15% of the total buyers try ‘whatever’ is detailed
inside. If you are not going to try something inside a product, what is the use of spending
money buying it in the first place? Again, an idea will never change your life until you try it.
According to my knowledge, The 6 strategies I’ve explained here are the most powerful stuff
you can ever have to start, run and to build an online business regardless of whether its SEO,
Facebook, Affiliate Marketing or any other types of services. But only you can make this
happen. It’s my request, please spend an hour a day at least with this course and make some

You don’t even have to implement all these six strategies to build a successful business with
lots of clients. Concentrating on 2 or 3 strategies itself is more than enough to make $3,000.00 -
5,000.00 every month. Remember, if you are not successful with your current business, it
doesn’t mean that you are trying a wrong business. It’s just because the way you operate it is
wrong. Change the way, and you‘ll reach there. The tendency to quit something will be very
high when you’re so close to success. So don’t quit until you reach your goals. Whatever we’ve
discussed inside this are from my own experience. It’s how I build my business and clients
without knowing anything about SEO or marketing and without investing in anything from the
beginning. But I put all my effort into it, learned (and am still learning) lots of stuff and above all,
with the grace of God.

I personally thank and congratulate you for taking a bold step ahead to build your online
business. Yes, now you’re all set. Start it right away. I wish you all great success. Don’t forget
to share your feedback and experience with the whole G Squeezer Stuff and especially with the
Client Building Strategies with me. I can be reached at my blog. I would like to hear back from
you very soon. Let’s build a prosperous 2011 together. I’m here to answer your queries and
help you build a successful business.

                                                                                   To your success,

                                                - 10 -

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