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					Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

                                    Strategy Five

Pave Your Way to Client Building with the Term Google News

The strategy we’re about to discuss here is very simple. Yes, I mean it, it’s very, very simple.
But personally I feel that this is the most powerful one among these three instant client building
strategies. Especially so because of the way we can operate the strategy to remodel and adapt
it to any other service to build a good number of high paying clients. High paying clients? Yes,
here we can charge very high payments for very ordinary services. Do you know that people all
over the world (they can be found anywhere, in micro market places, on Twitter, on Facebook,
in Internet marketing discussion forums, in classifieds or whereever online) are ready to buy a
service if it ‘looks’ so great and costs ‘so much less’? Yes, we can build great business
relationships with just one or two ‘very ordinary’ services. You may offer several services like
the ones I (we) have. For example, I (we) offer search engine optimization services, google
maps listing and promotion, website development, application softwares, social media
marketing, video marketing and so on. But promoting all these services separately and then
finding business is really a headache. Yes, without going through such headaches we cannot
build a business. But the main factor here is, all of this is really time consuming. So the strategy
we should apply is, find something that’d be so interesting for business owners & webmasters
and then offer it wherever possible for the lowest price. Once they have bought something from
us, it is very easy to do follow ups and to make them our regular well paying clients.

Yes, this is almost similar to the methods we discussed with the first strategy here. But the only
difference here is, we can embed this with any other strategies as we are going to work with a
very simple, single service and offer it every where. That is google news distribution.

“Google news distribution? What? I can simply get my news/PR published and distributed
online via google news simply by using a service like PRC” This is what you are thinking right
now, isn’t it? Yes, that’s true. There is nothing hard about it and it’s not a special or secret
service. But, 95% of the business owners and 90% of the webmasters do not know that ‘Google
news distribution’ is this easy. So we can take advantage of this and build our business.

It goes like this (I believe you have your own website):

   1.   Creation of a very good and catchy sales page about SEO press release distribution on
        your website.
   2.   Distribution of an advertisement about Google news distribution for a few bucks (better
        give a single digit offer like 5, 7 or 9 dollars - I don’t know why I always use such odd
        numbers though, haha) to all possible online places like IM boards, social networks,
        micro market places, etc. The more, the better.
   3.   Give them a report of Google news distribution ‘ with a HUGE offer’
   4.    - - - - Getting ORDERS - - -
   5.   Simply buy some very ordinary press release services or do it yourself.
   6.   Build a very good report and impress the client. I guarantee 100%, the client will thank
        you for giving him such a great service and for making him save lots of money (you
        have charged him a lot and still get thanks? Yes, because it’s still great for them!)

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                              Mervik Haums

   Now in Detail:

   1.   Creation of a very good sales page for your SEO press release distribution service

   Remember, this is very important. You must create a page for an SEO press release
   distribution on your website and include an instant payment option if possible. A sample
   sales page can look like:-

   This is our press release sales page. We charge anywhere from 89 dollars to 149 dollars for
   a press release distribution service for SEO.

   What does the word ‘SEO’ mean in this case? Simple – We (I mean you and I) write
   keyword optimized press releases (keyword density) with 2-3 keyword links inside the news
   release content. Okay, now give as much information as you can on press release
   distribution and its benefits on your sales page. I mostly guarantee 500 published pages
   that would be indexed on Google and can be listed there. In fact this is nothing if you submit
   a press release to 100 top free press release services, the news will be re-distributed to the
   subscribed blog networks and other websites. That’s no secret. You can take this
   advantage and offer a guarantee that the press release that your client submits (or the one
   you write for them) will be published in well over 500 online news centers. This is really
   HUGE for any business owner or webmaster. In fact you can hire a person from any of the
   Internet marketing or advertising centers for this press release submission job at just 20
   bucks. I know guys who successfully do this for 350 dollars for their clients every month.
   The payment simply depends on the efficiency of how you are able to ‘show’ the power of
   press release distribution and the exposure it can bring to the client’s website.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                            Mervik Haums

   2. Start offering a ‘Guaranteed Google News Distribution’ wherever possible.

   Don’t worry, this step is actually quite simple and we have already discussed about this
   already. You can start by offering this service for about five or six bucks on micro market
   places as shown above, or on Internet marketing forums (there is really a lot of popular
   discussion forums which have an active market place) just like we discussed on strategy
   number 2.

   That’s an actual sales page of a press release distribution service. (the third one). But
   seriously, the SERP has got nothing to do with sales. So never bother with it. We don’t aim
   for clients from Google search. If that happens, it’s due more to sheer luck.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                               Mervik Haums

   Just wanted to show a few places where people advertise about their ‘great, guaranteed,
   google news distribution’

   So that’s not a big thing to do. Use Internet marketing forums, micro market places, other
   market places, freelance sites, social networks, classifieds, etc. Everywhere people would
   love to buy a google news package for just five or six dollars.

   1.   Sending a report with a HUGE offer.

I can guess, you must be thinking ‘is there a report for such a service? What else is there other
than the url of the published press release’? Yes, you’re right there isnothing else other than an
url. But still, why can’t you build a report with that? It can be like this.

This is how we send a report for even a $5-6 google news distribution work. One thing you
have to take care of when you send the report is to avoid sending the direct link of the
published press release page. Simply send a google news search link (go to and search the title of the published press release with quotes and
send that link to your client (check this sample link). The main advantage here is the impression
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

of Google news right in front of your client. Also, with the report we are giving the client a few
details about an advanced press release publishing and distribution with a guarantee of more
than 500 published pages.

Steps 4, 5 and 6 (Getting Orders – Getting it done for very cheap prices and sending reports)

We get ‘more information required’ replies in more than 90% of the cases. Only a very few
people will ignore this, and that might be because they are unable to spend more, so we’re
simply looking for guys who can spend and those guys will definitely be asking for more details
about it. So, when a client asks you for more detailed information on the advanced service you
can send a message like this:

Have you noticed the date of the email shown above? It’s almost a year now. We still send
similar emails every day to get our new clients. That’s why I said that this is one of the finest
strategies which works all the time to ‘make money online’.

This is not a perfect sales letter, but you know that I have got hundreds of orders using this very
same stuff with a price tag of 79/89/1219/149/249 or even a $349 per single work. I’m not
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                 Mervik Haums

kidding here. I have done this even for $54 and for $349. I meant it, the very same work, for
different prices. It completely depends on your communication, the way you present the
effectiveness of this ‘advanced seo press release syndication and the report you send. You
should always include the link of your website page where you have published these details
online with a price that is a little more than what you told your client in the email. This way you
show them that you are offering the service at a discounted price rather than at the actual price.
If you have a paypal subscribe button or buy now button inside the page, interested parties will
buy the service instantly. Whenever you get an order, send them an email telling the order has
been received and that you will be sending the report within a week or so.

I always include a google SERP screenshot showing the number of published pages inside the
excel report which contains the list of press release sites where we submitted the news content.
Including something like this is is a really great way to impress your clients.

Remember, client satisfaction is the most important thing we need to run a successful business.
Even if we fail to bring the agreed results, if our clients are satisfied with our services and happy
with our reports, we have nothing to worry about. That’s how ‘proper communication’ and
‘perfect reporting’ plays a key role in any business. Don’t think that I’m repeating this stuff all
the time for no reason. It really is the ‘most important thing’. You can always allow your clients
to subscribe to a monthly or weekly PR package (depending on their requirements) with a much
reduced price. For example, a client who is ready to pay $249 per single seo press package will
be glad if you send a bi-weekly PR service offer for a total of $429 per month. For him, he can
save almost 60 dollars and you are getting more works in return. How nice is that?

About the step 5 for buying the same service for a much reduced price, there is nothing to say
here. Go to any Internet marketing forum like Warrior Forum and you will never miss a $19 offer
for this whole stuff. Wow!! You will still meet hundreds of guys who don’t even know that IM
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

stands for Internet marketing and WF stands for warrior forum. So the price for any of your
service is ‘fixed by yourself’. Enjoy!

In fact, by experimenting with this strategy I know that it is so easy to find a good number of
well paying clients if we are ready to offer something good and cheap (only for the very first
time). To be frank, my guys are preparing almost 16 reports for this very same stuff priced from
$129 to $299!

The way I fix the price is through the way a client communicates with me. I don’t have any
explanations for this. However, I think a good business person should know how much a client
will be able to (interested to) pay for a particular service even if he had only a few words with
him. I’m very successful at this. It’s a good question that once my friend had asked me “Will he
buy this if you charge him almost three hundred dollars which actually can be done with just
$19?” Definitely he will buy this if you could convince him it’s really worth the price, with solid
PROOF!!. :)

Do I have to mention that you can also tell these clients (who are buying your seo press release
packages regularly or someone who bought it once) that you offer guaranteed search engine
optimization services too??


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