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									Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                     Mervik Haums

                               Strategy Three

Facebook Networking to Build Your Business

Why on Facebook? The social networking way of client building!!

Facebook, launched in February 2004 – has become the No.1 website with
more than 550 million active users. That’s exactly why we should care about
this social networking platform. Though it was just for personal networking
when it started, Facebook networking is not just personal now. Even the
founder Marc Zuckerberg clarifies this with his last speech at 60Minutes –
web2.0 summit. Facebook has got no problems with people who do use the
service for their business promotion or marketing purpose of any other
products. If we play wisely, we can utilize the platform to do our business in
a better way. Though it has grown even beyond the founders’ expectations
– the network is still growing and the team FB works on bringing more
innovative features. The upcoming ‘social media inbox’ will definitely be an
e-mail killer – which is going to boost this strategy as we don’t have to get
phone number or email address to contact a potential buyer. Cool huh!!

How can Facebook be utilized to find our clients?

Facebook is the most engaged website with millions of small business
owners online, all the time. We can apply the same strategy that works with
Google Places with facebook as well, in a different way. Because finding
clients using Facebook is not as easy like what we do with Google Places. It
can take months. The main differences with facebook are:-

   Using Google Places                        by Facebook Networking

   We can contact the targeted clients        It’s not recommended to contact
   instantly                                  potential buyers quickly

                                              We have to network first before
                                              sending our offer. Only after our
   Easy to find Contact information.
                                              first offer we can get their e-mail
                                              or other contact info.
                                              There is no doubt that more than
   We cannot guarantee that all the
                                              90% of the messages will be
   emails would be read by the client.

   Conversion Rate 15-30%                     Higher Conversion Rate 40-60%

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                Mervik Haums

   (i)        Using Google Places we can easily and instantly find potential
              clients – which will never going to work with facebook. At
              facebook it will take time to find the buyers – to connect with
              them and to make them buy our services. Comparing to Google
              Places, Facebook marketing is a different game. It’s more like a
              place of ‘known people’. So before we contact our ‘future client’
              or ‘business associative’ we have to be one among the ‘known
              people’ they’ve got. That’s how conversion rate is higher.

   (ii)       Higher Conversion Rate: Yes, the conversion rate is really high
              with facebook marketing. We can get a response from 8 out of
              the 10 people we contact here. That’s what I’ve stated above;
              it’s a place for ‘known people’. When we use Google Place we
              have no guarantee that 10 out of the 10 Clients we have
              contacted will reply back. It depends on the service we offer, the
              service they’re actually interested in etc. But at Facebook we
              can definitely get a better conversion rate. There is no doubt
              that 95% of the messages we sent will be seen by the targeted-

   Where to start with: I assume that you’re familiar with Facebook and
   using the system to network with your friends, already. If not, you can
   simply get an account. It’s that simple. Create an account, put a real
   picture of yours and include your business information in the bio section.
   Try to add maximum details about your business and services you offer.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies               Mervik Haums

   I didn’t try to use facebook to build clients at first. We’re (me myself and
   another guy from our team) applying this strategy for the last 2 months
   to find more business and we have got 8 well paying clients already.
   Especially for the SMM services we offer. I was using FB for personal
   networking – but once I felt the business potential - migrating to a
   business networking.

   While trying to promote your business on Facebook, you should be very
   careful. The extreme popularity it has got among the business people
   makes that necessary to approach with a good plan, for a long term.
   Don’t rush to sell your service – that is not going to work here. Most of
   the business people who use Facebook would like to do their
   communication only with those who they really know. Also, as we’ve
   discussed above the upcoming ‘social inbox’ can be take this strategy to
   a bigger level – so be patient and planned as communication here is
   ‘pretty face to face’ unlike emails.

   First and foremost thing with this strategy is – network to the maximum
   people. Yes, this will take time. That’s how it differs from any other
   strategy. Try to spend a few minutes everyday at Facebook. Regular
   interactions and updates increase your familiarity among the others.
   Always try to engage in discussions related to your business or so.
   Adding interesting and informative comments to the posts by the fellow
   entrepreneurs would help a lot to build a good profile. If you can make
   more business updates and discussions than your personal stuff – that’d
   be greatly helpful for you. I didn’t mind this till the day I thought about
   finding clients from facebook. I’m active at FB from last 2 years but
   never had a client there for more than one year. It’s just because I was
   utilizing it completely as my personal profile and was interacting only
   with a few people I know.

   This is a mistake. If you are yet to start with facebook to market your
   business give good care for business interactions. This is very important.
   Try to make it your business profile than something just for chatting and
   sharing information with your friends, personally (Excuse me, I’m talking
   about ways to build business relations though FB is actually for personal
   relations) Share some valuable quotes, information related to the new
   happenings in the IT and Biz industry etc. This will help you by making
   other business people to participate in discussions with you. You can
   slowly improve the number of guys you network with. The more the
   number the better the result you can make. Don’t simply send lots of
   friend requests. Be selective; try to add people who are active in talks
   with people who are already in your friend list. Being connected with lots
   of people who are having similar interests is good for you to widen your
   network. Remember, until people come to know that you know
   something, you offer something – you will not get any clients.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                Mervik Haums

   Networking can be done in many ways:-

   (i)        People who talk about business and information related to your
              niche. You can find this in their wall.
   (ii)       The information they’ve provided in their bio.
   (iii)      People who participate in your friends’ (those who are already in
              your network as friends) business related post’s.
   (iv)       People who have joined in Facebook Groups and Pages related
              business services or Internet marketing.

The last one is the easiest to find lots of business people in facebook. You
can find tons of people with business interests in Facebook Groups and
Pages. You can join there and discuss with others. This is good thing to
increase your popularity, to get noticed among the other entrepreneurs and
to increase the network. Please don’t go there and start discussing about
your business. Dropping your links is also not a good idea. Engage in
discussions with good comments and information. Slowly you can send
friend requests to the other active members.

You can send

   (i)        Friend Request (Add as friend)
   (ii)       Messages

Both of these are okay, but sending a message before you send a friend
request is better. You can send a message with content something similar to

Subject: Hello (Name)


Hi, how are you?

It’s always a pleasure to be connected with people who are working with
similar services/ideas/interests isn’t it? I could see that you are a successful
entrepreneur on (whatever subject/service he is with)/ I could see that you
own the website which is about (whatever the site is about).

My name is Mervik haums. I work with NewGenre Solutions (or whatever
service/website you’re associated with) – a business solutions center. Glad
to meet you here. Let’s be connected. I look forward to know more about
you and your services. Keep in touch.

Have a wonderful day!
Mervik Haums

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies               Mervik Haums

Than simply sending a friend request this is a great idea. It shows your
interest to get connected with that person. This works perfectly with me.
Many times they themselves send a friend request to be connected with
them. One important thing here is – this message gives you a beginning to
send another message about your service or offer after a few days.

Okay. So now you’ve got a good network with lots of business people.
(‘Lots’ does not mean that you should have 1000s of people in your friend
list. I have got only 250+ friends in my profile among which 10-12 are my
clients already and the other guy from our team has got only 600+ friends.
So the number doesn’t show the actual output. “It isn’t the numbers. 10K+
Random friends is nothing compared to 1,000 or even 500 people who
genuinely care about what you have to say” Isn’t it?

How to contact someone in facebook for the first time with your service
offer: - Most of the time I contact people offering my social media services
and news wire services offering a featured placement (for seo) at PRC. Also
a few times I have contacted people at facebook offering link building
services as well. The better you could convince the benefits, the easier it is
to get them as your clients. The general format of messages I use follows,

Hello Stella M,

Hope you’re doing great. As you already know, I’m working with a search
engine optimization company based in Bangalore. We are planning to bring
a few client testimonials before updating our new services and web portal.
We can give you a free service to boost your search engine ranking in case
if you could help us by giving a honest testimonial for our service. We can
offer you an seo-analysis for your website, search engine competition
report, content analysis or a complete on-site seo report for free of cost. Let
me know what would work best for you and we can work on it from there.
All these reports are in PDF format and there is no cost for you.

Awaiting your response, Thank you.
Mervik haums.

PS: In case if you’re looking for a keyword research or competitor analysis
report, we can do the same as well.

The main thing with facebook is (as we discussed already) people wont mind
responding to your messages as soon as they get it. Once you get the
response everything goes similar to the stuff we do at Google Places. Once
they respond to your message, reply with the requirements to send the
report such as Website URL, Main Keywords and you can also ask their
email ‘where we can send the report’ once done. Along with the report,
include a few seo suggestions, the services you can do for them in order to
improve the current rankings and etc. Believe me, the conversion rates are
greater than what we get with Google maps.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies             Mervik Haums

The other stuff I offer people at Facebook:- Social Media Services and Press
Release Publishing & Distribution service for SEO. I use the same type of
messages with a few details of what they actually get with the service.

The clients I’ve from Facebook are like my long term buyers. After the first
time service, they are interested in buying new stuff whenever I update
them about it. It’s not that hard to contact someone in facebook. But to
make them buy your services you should be in their network to be like some
one they know. Here is a message that I sent today to one of my FB Clients.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies              Mervik Haums

See his reply to my message. I was just sending a notification about my
upcoming service to make youtube videos go viral. Have you seen he says
‘Please contact me once you have this service running’??

I call this as ‘trust’. If you can make your client satisfied with the best
quality service possible – I’m sure; he will never think twice to buy the
service again from you. I’ve a few GOOD, WELL PAYING clients at facebook
now. Just wanted to say again, please offer good services – if you fail to do
whatever stuff you agreed – associate with guys who are expert at it and
deliver it as you’ve agreed to the client. Not just ‘business relations’ but
‘Good business relations’ are the most important thing when you’re doing
this as a business. Your success depends on the % of trust and impression
you generate with a client. Once you show your credibility with any of the
services including SEO, SEM, SMM etc. clients will contact you from their
end itself. You just have to update them about your services. You can even
contact the other seo service providers or even people who offer social
media services – nobody can offer everything. Only by collaborating with
lots of other businesses, people can satisfy their clients delivering whatever
the services they ask.

I don’t use facebook pages to find my clients. But we have created pages for
our business services just to make sure that we don’t miss anything for the
search engine rankings. But it is possible to create facebook pages to
promote business. So it’s necessary to give you an idea if you’re wondering
how to market your business, product or how to sell offers with facebook
pages. It’s easy and simple. So I have included the steps to create a
facebook page for your business, the methods to customize it and the ways
to promote it.
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                Mervik Haums

You might have seen people talking about their success with facebook pages
with their affiliate marketing strategies. Yes, facebook pages can do
wonders with affiliate marketing, Google adsense and of course, in building
clients. But practically, it is a little tough or less effective strategy if you
approach it just to build clients. The best thing is to approach facebook
pages for a combination of affiliate marketing, adsense and for building
client relationships. Good interaction in social media can also help your
search engine rankings. With the recent search engine algorithm update,
Google Caffeine – it is now a necessity to maintain good interaction in social
media in order to achieve good SERPs. So let’s discuss something about
facebook pages as well within this.

Facebook Business Pages: How to create a Facebook page? It’s very simple.
Visit this page. There you can create an official facebook page for your

Give details like Page Name, Page Category etc and click on the Create
Button. Now you’ve to add more details to the page. It’s just like adding
more information on your facebook profile. Once you have given all the
basic information and a picture for the business page (best format for a
profile picture of your page is 200X600) you can do create a good looking
landing page – which would be visible for the first time when people visit
this page. Till they join/like the page the landing page would be the default
page they can see (though people can navigate to the other sections like
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                Mervik Haums

wall, pictures etc.) I would like to use facebook pages more for Google
adsense and affiliate marketing. That’s why we need a better landing page.

How to create a good landing page for your facebook page? (FBML)

We have to use a facebook application (Facebook Mark-up Language –FBML)
in order to customize the landing page as per our requirements. FBML can
be simply edited with basic html codes. Click here to visit the application
page. Click on the Add to my Page Link.

If you have multiple pages choose the page where you want to integrate the
FBML application. Once you’ve added this, Go to your page and click on ‘Edit
this Page’ just below the profile picture. Click on Apps Link that you listed in
the top left and click on the Go to App link on the FBML app.

You can simply give basic html codes to create a landing page. If you are
good at html you can embed opt-in forms, tables, videos etc etc. It’s highly
customizable. I’m giving the basic codes below.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies              Mervik Haums

Put a good image (make sure that width is “520” that fits best) and link it to
your offer page or affiliate page. You can either use a single image in the
page size (520X700) or multiple images as per your convenience. You can
add as much as information as possible. That will make more people to join
the page. You may refer the AirAsia and Shakira pages in Facebook to get
an idea how they build business by highly customized facebook pages. Have
a look at the way they send updates via wall posts to get generate sales.
We have created this page for one of our clients in FB.

                                          - 10 -
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies              Mervik Haums

A customized profile picture in size 200X600, three pictures in size 520X250
linked to different pages. That’s all this page has got as landing page. It is
enough attractive to send the visitor to the linked pages and convert the
visit to affiliate sales or adsense revenue. The design also helps to get more
fans too. They try to change the linked pages from time to time and track
the results to know which is performing best. For the time being this page is
generating adsense revenue than affiliate sales.

If you are unable to create the page yourself you can outsource the work. In
that case, for a customized facebook page design created for your business
with all the basic requirements (professional profile picture + a landing page
+ a few fans to start the game) you may try some freelancers from fiverr or

You can greatly customize page’s profile picture and landing pages. You can
see lots of internet marketers using facebook pages to build their lists
adding an opt-in form to the pages by giving away something for free –
most of the times an ebook. This works great. The above page is mostly for
adsense revenue and affiliate marketing. The page has got thousands of
impressions every day and of course some adsense revenue as well. Just by
this attractive landing page. Also it is working great with the guys in
promoting other pages and some affiliate offers. We can send updates to
our fans offering something. That is the way they generate affiliate revenue.

To make a facebook page a place to generate cash you must gather lots of
active fans. Once you have done the page design you can suggest it your
friends. I don’t recommend spending cash by using Facebook PPC to
promote your pages. But you can find lots of free vouchers of 50$ and 100$
online. That’s a great idea to use these ‘free’ offers to promote your page
with a facebook pay per click ad.

Another thing is to send requests to your good friends to join and suggest
the page to their network as well. This will work like charm. Once you done
the basic number of fans start bringing interesting topics to the page (not
targeting sales or business) to make the users who are already joined the
page to engage in discussions. Also you can create interesting wall posts
about service updates or something informative to add more and more user
interaction. The better the user interaction, the greater the chance is to get
more fans. All the user activities will be shared to their friend network as

                                          - 11 -
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                  Mervik Haums

news feed. So more and more people come to know about the page every
day and lots of new fans can be gathered, and they’re targeted as we are
not buying them- they join the page just because they’re interested in the

Once you generate a bunch of fans – you can send updates periodically
about your service updates, discounts in your services and new offers etc.
Be intelligent in this - you wont be disappointed. I feel like still lots of things
are missing. Don’t worry; I’m always available to answer your queries. Buzz
me up here in case if you have a doubt or if I missed something.

                                          - 12 -

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